Basic Attention Token Soaring Into 2019! Nevada & Colorado Bullish on Crypto! Coinbase Debit Card!

we are at the forefront we are in the early days of a cryptocurrency revolution now as you know I have turned into somewhat of a Bitcoin maximalist as in I believe the majority of your portfolio should be in Bitcoin I mean Bitcoin has led the charge for years I think it's gonna continue to lead the cryptocurrency charge for years if not for decades and it's really the only coin at this point that's truly seen as a store of value in Bitcoin is the one that everybody wants to hold now I think the majority of your portfolio should be in Bitcoin yes but I do think that there are select few altcoins that have real use case and real value that are also going to lead the charge going into 2019 and one of those is basic attention token so some big news coming out of basic attention token and brave and we're gonna talk about that right now and if you want to be a part of the cryptocurrency revolution feel free to subscribe to the channel join our team we show you the green flags we show you the fundamentals on a daily basis almost trying to prove to you that cryptocurrency will rise again bigger than ever so let's get into this let's talk about basic attention token and see if you don't agree with me that basic attention token is one of the alt coins that will lead the charge for cryptocurrency going into 2019 in this in this whole next decade so you can't talk about basic attention token without mentioning brave browser because the two go hand in hand and brave browser is so good people they've had they've had great growth up until this point and they're gonna have even better growth and people are gonna come normal people who aren't involved in cryptocurrency are going to come for brave and then they're gonna stay for basic attention token so let me tell you about brave so brave is a superior browser to that of Google to that of Safari and I've always thought that they were just as fast as chrome if not faster and apparently they are faster but more than that unlike Google brave doesn't harvest your data you're not a product to them so why use a browser that treats you like one I mean we've seen throughout even just this past year that Google has been hacked and the data that they collect from you has been stolen by people and that's worth a lot of money and I don't like that and it's so besides that brave is just generally too focused on privacy they're focused on user data protection they're focused and this is the this is the biggest one zero ads so with brave they've built a better mousetrap with brave ABS are a thing of the past and I just got this laptop so I haven't my estimated time save is only 16 minutes at this point because I just downloaded this but it it tracks it for you how many ads were blocked how much time did you save plus you can also use this on your mobile device which I do and if you do you can listen to YouTube videos on your phone with the screen locked or turned off which is also really nice and you won't see any ads which is detrimental to the few cents I make with you know the ads that run on these videos but still use brave browser anyway it really is really good so the question is where does the cryptocurrency come in well here's the thing once you download brave browser if you want you can opt-in to seeing some ads and if they do show you the app if they do show you the ads and you opt into that you will get paid in basic attention tokens and you can see right here that they have a basic attention token wallet built right in come standard when you download brave browser plus if you are a content creator or if you are a publisher as they call them if you're a publisher you can be tipped in basic attention tokens from people who appreciate you and we're gonna get into more of that in a second so brave and basic attention token they just had a great 2018 and I'm gonna show you what growth they've had this past year despite a down market and you tell me if you're not bullish on them going into 2019 so let's check this out and by the way if and when you receive value in this video hit the like button it's a small thing you can do that says hey I appreciate you going over this stuff with me because the mainstream media listen there's gonna be a cryptocurrency revolution but it will not be televised because the mainstream media doesn't cover any of this anyways let's get into this so brave in 2018 or throughout the past year brave passes 5.5 million monthly active users and features over 28,000 verified publishers so 2018 highlights include 5x Mau growth major products redesign and key partnerships so as we look ahead to 2019 and our upcoming brave 1.0 release with brave ads that will reward users for their further attention with basic attention tokens so this ad thing I told you about where you can opt into ads that hasn't been implemented yet but it's coming in 2019 and we wanted to share with you some of our 2018 milestones and thank our users and partners for their support in this last year so 2018 brave and basic attention token highlights include 5x user growth within 1 million with with 1 million monthly active users at the beginning of 2018 now they have over 5.5 million monthly active users and we're excited about the further growth in 2019 that will be fueled by the release of our 1.0 desktop browser as well as bat rewards the users will be able to reap from our upcoming opt-in brave ads besides that they have improved their speed 22% increase in speed for their desktop browser also they support nearly all Chrome extensions which is why I'm able to highlight right here and as you know brief awards are coming mobile growth so within the past year 10 million downloads in August so probably a lot more by now 20% of our users on desks on desktop and 80% on mobile and we anticipate even more adoption on mobile platforms as brave rewards and basic attention to are coming to Android and iOS this year 7x growth for verified publishers so if you wanna be if you want to opt into this and you know be tipped by people who support your work you can become a verified publisher and what at the beginning of the year was 4,000 now is 28,000 verified publishers including YouTube channels twitch streamers who they just added support for in March and yeah we actually are one of those people that you could tip with basic attention token you don't have to you know we don't do this for tips but it is a pretty cool feature and you know this is also why I say this is going to lead the cryptocurrency revolution because more youtubers and more influencers and more content creators are going to be getting into this in 2018 and I'm not talking about me I'm not talking about tone vase or Kryptos or us or crypto Chieko I'm talking about other content creators like PewDiePie or like you know steven crowder or the young turks or anybody like that you know Joe Rogan or David Rubin or any of those people will be able to opt in to this as a way to you know just reap some rewards I guess for creating content and as you know you know patreon a lot of people don't like patreon anymore this could be a solution besides that of course expanded privacy work they have new partnerships you can read about that on your own time basically that's the stuff I wanted to cover with you you can hear more about what's in store this year by listening to our CEO Brendan Eich it's recent presentation at the Web Summit the coming privacy by default era which is pretty cool so right now basic attention token is trading for 13 cents if you're gonna get it on an exchange I would probably recommend finance and if not just download the brave browser and you can just get some basic attention token added right to your wallet pretty interesting all right let's move on I wanted to highlight two US states that are bullish on cryptocurrency you know as you know the u.s. is kind of dragging its feet providing clarity with regulations and they're dragging they're dragging their feet in supporting cryptocurrency which might turn out to be a bad move for America because then these other countries are gonna pull ahead when it comes to technology but on the state level two states are bullish on crypto currencies so Nevada and Colorado let's see what they're up to so Nevada issues almost 1,000 marriage certificates on aetherium and I mean really the story is the headline right there but just so you know blockchain technology has already found its way into local government services in the United States but Nevada particularly is proactive specifically the use of blockchain to issue digital merit certificates marriage certificates to counties in the Silver State had already integrated the technology or were running trial so in total nine hundred fifty such digital certificates which use smart contracts on the etherion blockchain for security have been issued two couples residing both within and outside nevada since April of 2018 however according to local official according to local officials willingness to automatically accept the new format is mixed some people say nah I don't use email so I don't want it alright whatever in 2017 Nevada became the first state to exempt blockchain transactions from tax obligations another reason why Nevada is doing good lawmakers in nearby Colorado are reviewing plans to exempt digital tokens from various security laws as well which brings us to our next story Colorado considers bill giving cryptocurrencies limited exemptions from security laws so we know the problem is that every transaction every time you send cryptocurrency to a new wallet in America I know it's crazy it's technic a taxable event which certain lawmakers and the public in general think is outrageous now Colorado is trying to do trying to do away with that so we salute you Colorado we salute you Nevada next news story pun DX has recently premiered a prototype further new blockchain based phone at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show and this just got written up on PC Mag dot-com so this is interesting you know this is again cryptocurrency becoming mainstream so Pandya X X phone an Android based phone that uses a blockchain technology to create encrypted phone calls and send texts has just premiered at CES Consumer Electronics Show and this is the write up the device we saw was a prototype and Pandya x wouldn't talk much about the specs it was big but handsome with unusual square corners the phone won't come out until the third quarter of this year and the hardware specs could still be updated said Markus LeBlanc acting manager of global support at Pontiacs the point here is the software the phone can be operated in normal Android mode but swipe to the side and you're in blockchain mode which uses Pondy X's distributed ledger to make end-to-end encrypted calls and texts to other X phones the device's individual block chains don't hold the entire ledger rather the phone's act as nodes on the network and request other information from other trusts and nodes Pandya X's blockchain based networks create an encrypted mini internet within the within the Internet LeBlanc explained the phones find each other using addresses stored in their block chains then you can make voice over IP calls or access public content stored on other X phone devices using a proprietary protocol everyone has their own unique handle the chain so this is just a prototype at the moment it will be interesting when this comes out and if people have a good experience using it it is an interesting concept and even if this I'm rooting for this one but even if this prototype doesn't work you better bet that tons of competing companies went to the same Consumer Electronics Show and this is all on the radar of the big guys that's what I think you know we're priming the pump right now the snowball is gaining traction next up so this final piece of news that I wanted to share with you is called top 5 Bitcoin debit cards 2019 edition and it's just a really nice curation and collection if you wanted to do this you could carry around a debit card that would allow you to spend real Bitcoin or real alt coins which is pretty cool you know this is what everybody thinks of when they think of adoption and you know it's just interesting to look at so the first one I actually wanted to go to number I'm not gonna go through all of these but I actually want to go through number five first which is shift cryptocurrency card you can see this right here it's really nice you can see how it connects to an app in your phone or you can spend it on crunch fitness and what I liked about it because a lot of people have coin base is that shift cryptocurrency debit card is created by coin base cryptocurrency exchange the largest in the United States so the visa debit card allows users to transact across the world in any acceptable store using visa payments the shift card is available in only 46 states and limits the physical card to the US alone the ATM withdrawals within the country are charged at two dollars and 50 cents with the international withdrawals charging at three point three dollars and fifty cents for fees the card costs a flat rate of twenty US dollars and no monthly maintenance fees so the pros the card is pricey but saves user money in the long run as it has no maintenance fees it's connected to your coin base account directly and you can see this nice little app right here has no conversion fees for international withdrawals and then the cons are it's only available in the US which I know most of our subscribers are there's in the US and then we also have a lot in the UK and Australia and all across the globe coinbase another con is geographically limited to only 32 states in Europe and North America so that was the one card I wanted to show you but there are plenty of options it would be pretty cool whipping this out and paying in Bitcoin of course you know you're using you know visa payments which you know is a third party kind of goes against the purpose of cryptocurrency so you know whatever use it if you want I just wanted to point this out to you that this is a thing and you can take advantage of it all right thank you all very much once again this is Aaron at Alta coin daily did you like today's video let me know what you liked about it will you be using one of these crypto debit cards will you be moving to Colorado or Nevada or will you be downloading brave browser or putting basic attention token on your radar

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