Bart Simpson Pattern Detected? – Tron Airdrop – LTC Dips [Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News]

all right good morning guys it is February 11th as a time again for daily Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news thank you for tuning in always appreciate support I love doing these crypto live sessions with you guys so make sure you smash it to like subscribe to the channel and hit the notification button so I could continue to thrive and make these videos alright guys thanks for tuning in there's a few things to talk about today overall the market was pretty stagnant over the weekend however are we seeing a Bart Simpson pattern and if you're not familiar with that term in the crypto world you should be and I'll tell you about that also trying to airdrop and that is going to commence pretty soon we have hit 6.6 million in black height so that will start unfortunately that does not help with TRX prices as it is dipping slightly today I'm gonna talk about that and also talk about a thorium and litecoin and how it's dipping a little bit and overall have have a good look at what's going on in the market and of course do Q&A afterwards so again thanks for tuning in guys let's get started and looking at my screen right now CMC we're at 100 121 billion so overall pretty flat over this weekend we didn't see any any excitement we didn't have really any ups or downs but you look at what's happening right now and it's hard to ignore that whatever pattern were in right slight ups and downs slight up and downs it's looking more and more like you know some of the these repeated patterns we've seen before right such as here and here and here where basically we shot up then kind of hover sideways a little bit and down and this is where the Bart Simpson pattern comes in because it looks like his spiky here now to lesser extents we have seen that before but now it's looking like it's a repeat I'm hoping I'm wrong I'm hoping doesn't happen but we do need to see something happen we need to see some move to the upside to make sure that hey we're not repeating the same pattern we saw before so that that's kind of what's going on in the BDC world we're slightly down less than 2% down we were hovering at 3,600 this whole weekend and I was waiting waiting for something to happen right something exciting some of the all coins did move pretty substantially but overall Bitcoin and overall market is pretty stagnant so let's hope we can get some volume back unfortunately with Asia and China having Chinese New Year so volume is probably gonna be a little bit less than normal but we want to see that volume we'd certainly saw a huge huge volume right that drove us up here could be a lot of short coverings whales putting in the money or baht movement in general but overall we need to see something like that happen again and sustain us and move us further forward so that's what I mean by Bart Simpson pattern unfortunately we don't go back up it's most likely go huh ver a little bit more and then come right back down right and that's where we're gonna possibly test that 200 weekly ma which is what a lot of people were looking at looking at to see what would happen and we never hit it so that's the next target alright guys so that's it for the smart Simpson pattern I want to show you guys right if you didn't if you weren't familiar that's pretty pretty common thing a lot of people talk about right it looks like a head now moving on let's talk about you tharam because even someone in the chat mentioned that you throw them did jump back up to number two because there is a slight slight gain while ripple is showing a slight decrease right so what's going on people are speculating most likely it's just because it's about time it's been down for a while but also constant opal is coming this was delayed so in case you guys don't know there is a hard for coming up there really nothing you need to do unless you're a minor if you're a minor you need to upgrade your code if you're not if you just simply have earth on an exchange or in your wallet it's okay so basically what what what was supposed to happen was this was supposed to happen January 16th but there was a big a big bug that was discovered so thankfully it was caught in time and they stopped it and laid it so it's supposed to come now in February 27th I believe place yeah here we go February 27 approximately black nope black hi black number seven 7.2 million and basically this will implement five different things a lot of it is just fixing bugs making things a little bit more efficient and so forth but the big thing the big thing what might affect price and why it might be going up now is because block rewards will be decreased by 33% which is significant the difficulty bomb that was supposed to be built in that is being reduced and trade-off is that the block rewards is is is decreased by 33% so just like the like coin having that's happy that's coming up in about six months this is pretty immediate so with by the end you know within the next two weeks if this is successful then all miners will be getting less for their work right so in theory if supply goes down the man goes up right so that's how it's supposed to work in theory however right now I know a lot of earth miners just simply left a scene turn off their machines so in in term there might be more struggles right because now you can even less for mining thorium's but it will adjust just like Bitcoin just like like one eventually will just and you know become profitable again you just need to wait for difficulty to drop down enough right so that is happening and this is and if you're wondering what is constable why do we need this because this is a that's needed to to be able to do Casper down the road so this is kind of an intern thing right and Casper's when you throw him truly moves to prupis stake and then eventually after that they're going to implement plasma which is sharding which will then scale you throw him but that's that's a lot you know let's see what what they could get done in 2019 hopefully a lot of this does not get pushed to 2020 because then the competition really really heats up right all right so moving on let's talk about trying a lot of you guys are Tron fans so this whole airdrop thing it's been ongoing for a while so the snapshot was supposed to happen six point six million black height which according to the blockchain Explorer happened today this morning right in Asia is probably the 11th already in Australia Asia was the 11th for a long time but really what's important is the black height at six point six million so it happened so basically you go get a airdrop if you are one of the exchanges like finance okay XY be or you're using one of the the wallets that they have specified to Tron wallet and there's another wallet that they listed in here but if you're on any of those your go get an airdrop it's it's not one-to-one so I made a mistake before I settle is one to one it is not as one two point one one and it's go go on its go be ongoing for a while right so everyone TRX would receive point one one B TT and this will be going on until February 2025 so approximately six years and basically you're just go keep getting more and more BTT and the thought behind this is basically it's incentive for keeping TRX right so this is Justin's Plan B's people are like why do you need to airdrop for six years why not just do it once or twice right why would you need to do it for six years this is just like a basically incentive for you guys to hold TRX long term whether or not it's to get that point one one BTT that's unknown right now B's PTT is not worth that much so getting point 1 1 PTT for every TRX is not that big of incentive however if you hold large amounts of TRX and then you get large amounts of B TT which then starts going up substantially then it will be worth it so right now it's unknown so that should be commencing pretty soon and overall B TT like I said early on an hour early on maybe a week or two ago I think this is a big BitTorrent acquisition is a huge one for Tron all right it's bringing a lot of excitement to them and the live people pay attention to this and plus it has a bit Torian has a ton of members and so forth right so we'll see what happens if Justin is able to implement B TT within BitTorrent and and get people to utilize it right and use it as an incentive mechanism for people to stream more or to host more it's gonna be a big thing because there are so many users on there so we will see what happens but that is the big thing that's happening with Tron today unfortunately because of this and this was to be expected I told you guys this because people were probably hoarding to your ex before you know waiting to get their airdrop and I said on the 11th it's probably go dip a little bit and it did it's not substantial we're not talking about like the 30% 20% drop slight dip because probably people sold off after this snapshot because they just wanted the B TT right but overall Tron is still holding very strong in the top 10 at number 8 which is pretty good right under tether all right so let's move on I want to talk about litecoin real quick all right and I saw this chart buy this buy by this person I don't know who he's when I did my litecoin video on Friday obviously it pumped 30 percent right and over the weekend it pumped up another 10 to 20 percent so today it's taking a slight breather it went down a little bit but still much much better than we're were say last Thursday and I saw this chart I think this is pretty pretty significant because you can't ignore I mean the pattern is is pretty similar though although you know some of these charts could be manipulate at times right but it's showing back in 2014 back in 2015 when litecoin had they're having back then right there was a slight bottom you know dipped a none you started seeing a rally up right but over keep in mind that is also when the market was coming out of the bear market and climbing into a bull market overall right so it could be because of that it could have nothing to do what they're having but right now it's looking very very similar if you look at it right we had a slight dip and we haven't reached quite there yet in terms of wetness gonna start breaking out and according to this is sometime in April right and it's funny enough because if you look at this as May and Mays that they amazed a month a lot of people think we will start really rallied mostly because a Bitcoin having and not quite quite having but I think this is this is pretty interesting that's why don't I show you guys but overall like coin also like I said dipped a little bit 7% because it's gone up so much you know after Friday 30% and then a like when went up was highest like 46 I think almost 47 this weekend so now is taking a breather but overall it's holding strong at number four which is pretty good for litecoin right alright so moving on let's see what else is there I think this is funny because I can relate to this for minors if you're running a mining rig okay you're running your GPUs 24 by 7 and it gets really hot and it takes a ton of electricity and that's one of the reasons why a lot of miners turned up because electricity used it's not profitable but once mining difficulty comes down it is but anyways it takes a a ton of electricity and not to mention if you have more than one rigs going the Jeep the Jeep use the fans are running full right so you go get very loud fan noises plus if you get a box fan and you put in front of it to cool it which is what you're supposed to do so every rig you have you need a box fan that's a lot of noise and energy consumption so so according this the shrill employees broke into this guy's house without warning because they thought it was a marijuana grow room only to see this guy had mining rig and this guy I only have one he has one mining rig when Anna ASIC I don't know how much noise or power it was making but they broke down the door and then they left a card saying that they and you know I think that this is funny because when I was running my mining rig in my basement I had probably twelve rigs going maybe like 20 fans and I had fan blowing in from you know from the outside because I wanted to utilize the cold air and it was you know I always joke that you know someone was go you know the police was ghosts think that that was growing marijuana or something or you know maybe the energy company reports it to authorities I always thought that it may happen but it didn't thankfully but that's why I think this is very humorous so those of you guys Australia watch out all right moving on so apparently you know we talk about bitcoin ETF a lot a lot of people want want a Bitcoin eats you have to happen so this California guy this asset manager thinks thinks he is smarter than everyone else that he found a loophole to get Bitcoin into ETF however you know after reading more about it it's it's not what we want basically he wants to invest 15% of his ETF with futures right with CBOE and CME's Bitcoin futures so it's not and we know those are based on index they're not settled in Bitcoin so it's just it doesn't mean anything even if you get a ETF what futures integrate it in there it doesn't do anything for Bitcoin so I don't know why this guy thinks this is so clever and you know if the SEC and s CFTC their de treading carefully you know involving any securities or any derivatives products like ETFs and the futures to have Bitcoin so I don't I don't think this guy has a chance so but I thought I mention it because it's kind of interesting and then lastly I mentioned this this was from last this was from last week but a lot of people didn't catch this so I wanted to bring this up this is this is wild ok mal Cox is the gift that keeps on giving in a bad way just like herpes in terms of destructiveness on the Bitcoin market he keep selling off as keep selling off it would not surprise me and other six months we find out that the the six thousand to three thousand drop that we all thought was caused by Craig right maybe that was my dock selling even more it would not surprise me because moremore just gets revealed that that that they're dumping is what's causing the market not to recover but anyways Brock Pierce who himself is is very controversial and one of the reasons why people don't like black one Oreos but anyways a lot of people didn't know he basically bought Mount Goths in 2014 in in his entirety he paid 1 BTC to mark cappellas for 88% of his shares ok this was back in 2014 and supposedly it was done but Mark Karr peles like doesn't recognize it like he doesn't talk about it because he thinks it didn't happen but apparently it did and then he paid 1 BTC to gem Mikayla for the other 12% so he actually owns a hundred percent of Mount GOx he wanted bringing it back so that this article goes on and on and on basically it concludes that there might be another five to ten years before the legalities are settled and the assets are finally distributed five to ten years that is a lot and afterwards Pierce fully intends to relaunch Mount GOx by then who knows you know by then probably all that all the changes we use our decks and centralized changes is probably irrelevant at that point I don't know I'm just speculating but I just want to bring this back to you guys because this mouth just won't go away and unfortunately there's so much Bitcoin that they controlled at the time when Bitcoin wasn't worth very much so now you multiply that by you know a hundred percent or no a thousand percent and we're talking about billions of billions of Bitcoin right and someone chimed in before one an audience member said that they are trying to get their money back and they're getting paid like ten or twelve percent on the dollar of what they had before I'm not sure how that comes out but it's just yeah hopefully this will go away this will go away all right that's pretty much it for what I want to cover so okay in case you guys are tuning in late you know actually picking one up slightly like twenty dollars since my since when I started but the Bart Simpson pattern which we saw here right it's pretty obvious up sideways down right and I'm here to lesser extents but if you look at like a one-hour chart you know they're more they're more apparent right you see it here right here and now we see it here so until we actually see another upside and bring us to you know 37 38 4,000 history is looking like it could repeat itself where we dumped down and then we get the Bart Simpson head pattern right here so hopefully that does not come but you know we have to wait and see volume is for mole right now there you know this is not not that much trading going on alright guys that's it make sure you smash up the likes let's do some Q&A I see you guys liked my analogy of mom Cox being compared to herpes looks like anti-communist yes you did you did this half so any question guys I know you guys love to just see me rant but Q a let's take the next five to ten minutes answering questions Todd says Brock Pierce's scam artist mount Cox creditors do not support him he is offering nothing that is not ready in the works well it doesn't really matter if they support him that you know part of what the article says and I'll I'll put this in the comments afterwards is the fact that he owns it so it doesn't really matter if if they support him not but he's gonna be part of their futures so but anyways I'm not a fan of the whole idea so hopefully mount gosh just repays and just close it down what do you think about the extreme low volume at XRP it's kind of interesting you know I didn't even look at that if you look at XR P 500 million five hundred million is no chump change but it's true if you compare to like coin III em and Bitcoin it is it is low look at this the second-most volume is tether people are just you know relying on tether like crazy basically all the traders even swing traders people that want to play these pumps basically they pump it sell it put a bag another use tether to pump a gun put it back and tether man the volume for tether is crazy but anyways to answer your question about ripple XRP it's just interesting I don't know why is so low just a whole whole lot of non buying at this point why is BMB going up and arrest the market going down that is a good question that I think right now is because people are getting in tune with this launchpad product which basically offers ICO services right so there's a next one coming up I think it called Felix AI that's coming in February 24th so we saw this when finance was doing the BTT I see oh it shot up and then it sold off and then now it's shooting up again but overall if you even discount that I think the reason why it's going up is simply because people trust and like like finance right so if you look at the last three months performance they hit a low right here for 24 December 7th and since then they have been on a tear for 24 now up to almost $10 that's almost a hundred percent and this is slow organic growth this is not something like one of the pump coin that goes up like 400% within a couple weeks and that's right back down this is actually really impressive for any project or any coin to actually have over a hundred percent gain probably 150 percent gain and overall I think it's just because it shows finances dominance people people hoard it people hoard it for for for this concept fees they do their coin burns and stuff which overall drives things up and now they have another reason they created another reason to to have people hold it and that's to participate these I see us on launchpad I think it's brilliant for finance I mean they're finding all the right ways to get people to hold on to finance despite this bear market you know since December 2 now look at how much we've dropped and look at how much finance has gone up so it's really impressive tone bass is crazy I do think so I don't think he's crazy I think he just he's just a little bit too outspoken let's put it that way um what do you think about ad Bank bleh browser I have no clue and I don't think it's I don't think it's gonna be better than brave let's just put it out way I have a theory they're radical for you what do you think the likely scenario will be for Bitcoin in terms of price over the next six months a year three years and beyond I mean the three years and beyond anyone could speculate you know a million dollars right I think five to ten years Bitcoin being a million is not unreasonable with the next three years 250 to 500 thousand is not unreasonable now what's interesting what most people care about is what's in store for the next six months to twelve months I do think let's just say by let's just say by the end of the year I think Bitcoin does have a chance to get back to where we were in 2017 which is around 19,000 20,000 I do think Bitcoin has a chance because we are still early and we have a lot of year left where big things can happen this year right we've been waiting for adoption waiting for an institutional money come in a lot of that could come in so I do think that is likely now in terms of 2020 and beyond if we do start rallying the end of this year and we start going up 2020 could be explosive we can see Bitcoin go from 20,000 to 50,000 by next year and then 50,000 to the 250,000 a year after that so I think I think then the rest of this year will be very interesting and hopefully some of these things that we've been hearing about really come into play Pedro Pedro you got to stop stop trying pump quants alright just for fun since I know you're loyal viewer let's see the six months performance for a quat well today it's not doing good – good let's start with that 15% and that's probably because it just got pumped up by some pump group that's probably the reason why but let's see one month pretty much and one from one let's just say two dollars all the way up to five dollars so almost 300% and now it's coming back down so it didn't really start moving until February so like last week so not to burst your bubble Pedro but I'm pretty sure started from here pump groups start pumping it up and now it's coming back down and let's see if it holds usually these pumps you'll go back down but they don't go back down to the original level so if you could hold at 275 three dollars great but it might continue down where where I started a DA or Zillah Zillah right now short term next six months I like still better than card on oh I like silica because there may not us out there's gonna be more things coming from that they could now start concentrate on partnerships and stuff so forth and their token swap is coming up so that is all coming within the next six months car Dada on the other hand is still cranking away so that I think Cardinals better set for the future long term I think let's go let's go probably now look like end of 2019 on 20 before they get everything done Ian Melania and richer heart I don't I don't know what richer hearts deal is you know his his Bitcoin hacks is just no one is buying into that right now it just looks scammy even if it isn't a scam it just sounded look scamming because everything elsa has happened right so this is the absolute worst time to be launching a coin like that and I hate any coin that has Bitcoin in the name other than Bitcoin itself and yeah and you know unfortunately he you know he just should what way one too many right and unfortunately you get that reputation of just being a Shiller it's really hard to come back from that and I'm really surprised like exchange like cool coin would still pay him to be ambassador because from from what I'm witnessing there's a lot more bad press than good press about being associated with them so I don't know what cool point is thinking about what's the next next big ICO I have no idea but I think the next big wave of really promising companies that look like they're gonna be good for the future I think they're all gonna be doing stos and not i cos I think sto is going to be a big part of of the Kryptos future what do you mom alright I don't I gave up on art they I think they spent way way way too much time to get their bridge going with the thorium to be able to utilize smart uther name smart contracts because arc itself needed Italy didn't have smart contract they spent so much time on that and then they were doing other things they had a one-click setup which I I don't really hear about them anymore so I think their time has passed I think a lot of these generation I would call them 2.5 coins it's too late for them because generation 3 coins are here and they're still trying to play catch-up so I think it's a little bit too late for them stos you need to be a creditor accredited investor right that angle work well it's gonna work for people who are accredited Buster's investors just so you guys know there's no you don't need to really do anything it's not like you need to go government or any financial institution and say I'm a credit Wester and and and so forth basically they want you to prove that you make over 250,000 a year or you have 250,000 in assets not counting our house so so a lot of people can qualify for that but I do know that if you just want to buy a few bucks of it it ain't gonna happen but let's be honest the money makers the true rich whales they're the ones that's driving the market so they're gonna be taking a manager of stos that that is what's a once a good known company have conducts sto like I'm hoping crossing my fingers someone like Tesla actually even mentions stos because if it does that could be a huge huge trigger for the crypto market and I think a lot of people be very excited about it what will what will Burge die I don't know Virge will ever died Virge you know a lot of people new to this space don't realize like some like merge you know even next RP stellar these these coins been around for years and years they didn't just come out 2017 we're time out 2013 14 15 a lot of these were out years upon years I Otis one of them and they just been doing nothing because they were dead until the i-17 came around there was injection of money and then they came back so it's really really hard to kill a crypto even if everyone stopped okay it would still be around I just sit dormant until it comes back that's just how it is same deal dogecoin what's your understanding of stable coins do you think their value can increase no that's the point of a stable point it's not supposed to it's supposed to be pegged one to one right that's why I always talk about when I see a stable coin that's like one dollar 1.01 and sometimes when we see in extreme situations the mark is dumping you'll see packs full or GG USD or tether shoot up to a dollar in seven that shouldn't theoretically never happen because it's pegged to 1 to $1 but I think as I think stos or security tokens is go fetch stable coins and I mentioned this in the in the past you know theoretically even though the dollar stays at the same so one tether equals one dollar but let's say tether pays you dividends to hold tether right because they make interest you know with that money they have and tether makes hundreds of millions of dollars or tens of million dollars per quarter with the their radical 2 billion that they have all right think about that 2 billion if you had 2 billion in cash you put in the bank even if you're collecting 2% interest that's like what 40 million dollars that is a lot of money and think about it rather than them just hoarding at all let's say they say well we'll offer you half of that 1% for just holding on to USD T a lot more people will hold on to stable points I think that will come in the future one security tokens and all the regulations around securities gets handled neo you know everyone's just waiting for a conference that should come the Neo Def Con right and people alerted me to this because people asked about Nash and I'm like what the hell is Nash it's not a coin Nash is rebranded the next you know the next exchange index that built on top of neo that's supported by neo they rebranded themselves as Nash which i think is a horrible name I hate that name I don't know why this is biased but I hate that baby they they're supposed to you know release their announcer release date during the Neo DEFCON so we'll see what happens that what about Tron Bart Simpson no Tron actually has not Tron just like by Nance if you look at the performance actually pretty good you know we're talking about just organic performance outside of pumps right so within one month they did dip down to what point two point zero two cents and now they're up point two one you know no point zero two five so good a good game let you go three months I mean it's pretty impressive they dipped at to like point one cents now points two cents again just kind of like by task point over a hundred percent in the last three months and you look at everything else it's been going down for last three months so Tron is pretty impressive and the reason for this it's Justin and BitTorrent the torrent acquisition is huge it brought back life back for Tron Tron was just kind of stagnant you know because the bad press Justin had in the in the past a lot of people didn't trust try and a lot of people didn't think that they had anything going for it and because the bits weren't acquisition abroad excitement he's able to do a lot of PR with it and that's the reason why I rx has been slowly going up so I think TRX is in a good position kind of like finance coin I think they will slowly trend up as long as the market doesn't dip too significantly if it market stays and continues to go up there they're in really good positions by Nasdaq scam not even decentralized when they own fifty plus percent of nodes I'm well they probably have some kind of schedule right just like if you look at neo neo owns five of the seven nodes that's powering the entire network right so how's that decentralized but they do have a schedule to open that up so to allow others to take control Neil's going the exact opposite of Yeo's and ironically enough it actually worked out Biggio Spacely just owned just gave out all the black producers right through voting and that's where people now complain about how there could be collusion stuff because they made it like to open right and kneel on the other hand close it down they own all seven notes and slowly gave it out they gave one to city as ion they gave another one I forgot to what other partner and then it goes slowly open up the last five but right now they dictate all the moves on the Neo Network so there are actually extreme opposite of someone like Yeo's right now I think I guess it works better that way then compared to us stop talking about London I gave up my lunar in case you guys didn't know because there's no adoption zero adoption and I think they even change it so you can't even access it online anymore any news on stellar softe coins no I have not heard anything else about it I mean you know to be fair whatever was being sold was like 20 million dollars so 20 million out of 1.5 billion market cap we're talking about few percent but it was pretty it was pretty significant for me to bring up but I haven't heard anything else anyone talk about you know who was actually selling off it wasn't from their dev funds that's the I guess that important note to take from that nano nano I haven't heard much I haven't heard much you know people people like tone bass like to pick on nano for whatever reason and you know when I attended at Chicago blockchain conference Colin of nano was talking and he was debating with man who's that who's that Asian cowboy that tone loves Jimmy Jimmy saw Jimmy song was just nasty with them and just said that you know any proof of stake set up even though nano I think has like two three hundred notes like even that can't be trusted like he was just getting nasty it really turned me off to – Jimmy song but anyways I think you know I haven't heard much like any big moves that nanos trying to do but overall I always use the example like if you want something that's fast and cheap that's supposed to be a currency that could be used anywhere right nano is perfectly suited for that but looking at the volume under a million dollars and that really shows there's not a whole lot going on nano you know unfortunately that that's when it comes to adoption a lot of these have a lot of volume because it's simply being traded right very little of this volume is actually from DAP use like DAP transactions or from people actually sending money to each other and nano even even with transit you know transaction counted from the exchanges that's very low that kind of shows you the market we're in right now it's like people are just simply not trading and people are concentrating on the safe havens which is you know pretty much the top top 20 I would say those have been the ones that's been moving the most all right guys I think that's it a little bit over 30 BP thanks for tuning in I bet you're missing insider alright so those of you guys are tuned in let me just wrap up basically a couple things going on right now Bart Simpson pattern that could be what we're looking at right now right be a lot of sideways movement it looks like if we don't go out right we don't go up it'll be very similar to this which looks like a Bart Simpson had which we have seen many times so we gotta watch out for that right hopefully we'll see some bat movement or whale movement that pushes us up but if we don't and we go sideways some more we might see a dip down and also what's going on today is Tron Tron is going be doing their airdrop of BTT tokens pretty soon and that's because they find hit the block height 6.6 million let's go beyond going for six years so there's really no rush for that all right guys other than that that's it you know we'll see what the rest of day brings and and we'll go from there all right like I said at the beginning in video I always appreciate your support I enjoy doing this live stream so make sure you support me in the channel by hitting the like and subscribing to the channel alright guys take care and I will see you guys tomorrow you loving a.m. Central Standard Time right bye bye

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