Barclays stops its crypto trading project

i'm sofia done you're watching crypto market news berkeley is one of the largest financial conglomerates in the UK with the white representation in Europe the USA and Asia has recently stopped a crypto currency trading project that began in early 2018 according to the website blocked factors that may have led to Barclays decision to stop the project were a bearish cryptocurrency market unclear regulations and high levels of market manipulations these reasons are strong barriers to the legitimization of the new asset class and institutional investors remain skeptical about the cryptocurrency market Lauren Birkin a business consultant with working experience in investment banking and financial technology industry considers that the main threat to crypto is attempts of exchanges to interfere into the market and create artificial or false prices I think that the biggest threat I see would be market manipulation by the exchanges because when customers will see that they are getting fooled by crypto exchanges I think it will be extremely negative for the Ricoh system this is a big threats so either a crypto exchange regulate themselves or regulation will will step in nevertheless Lauren Birkin doesn't exclude that existing problems won't have any impact on the crypto besides he as the industry will have problems if regulation step in and become the limit of prosperity for me cryptocurrencies like pandora boxx once you open it you cannot close it so I don't see like eventually big threat to name the last threat I may see is if US and Wall Street let's I start to list ETF exchange-traded fund it would give the possibility to US entities to start betting on the price down of the cryptocurrency and one of my so one of my threat is that I'm afraid that if we give this tool to multinational banks to give tool to short the market we can actually have a problem with that what can threaten the crypto today in your opinion price manipulations lack of trust or high volatility share your assumptions with us under this video you've been watching crypto market news subscribe to our channel and don't forget to click the bell not to miss the most important news and trends of crypto I'm Sathya DOM goodbye you

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