Banks going Crypto!!!

and we are alive I believe it tell any help to those that are
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and as always I really appreciate
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one and actually a listen up to
what I have to say about my
opinio up in a residual and a George R.
Anna Anna lee’s George sorry, of
a bra Tina eighth on by daddy guys I’m glad that
you guys chatting nuts deftly a
great morning, last night was
kind of a crazy so , II decided that I had something II had the
discuss when it came to up in
the eye and relation to some of
the things that were going on,
you just of a lane of a good and laying a good that deftly helps to a 10th of fleet helps the eighth a case of sailing a
heave the day eve or I’ve terry difficult third of all of
a over here in the U.S. I think we
need everything translator 80,
and said it is spelled out
because those translator aided
that w so any also yes so I got on the
cape the it is up and Britain and Lena
eve of K done it to oh and signed as a last night
so at this link the conversation
on about done about India , and then I ended up by a
related that a little bit to one
Brad sherman’s up a craziness
right now in Washington as east
Reina , is also crazy based on the
policy that one of our of a
congressional represent is in
the United States alike to up
would like a set of course all bouts of
yours will be a nice extension
of talking about token taxonomy
act, so bounced in there we
started , tight ship, an excerpt the minute I’ve been
talking and that a gimme on the
stream and so on tie to get ’em on the stream
didn’t work, we’re about a if we
start a little bit late, with
rain, history and crashed so I
ended and then up and we got jungle in
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excerpt the minute Auburn Range
of one myself, on the chat last
ni and thanks Jeff I appreciate
that , they got a couple rents on one
on mine as well as on nine of
auburn rains a directly after
that what’s up in ski and to see one row Noah and
oleo, from the Philippines it’s fantastic good to see
excerpt the of been overrun and
Jan seen some momentum in some
quarters over the Philippines,
be free , what if banks create their own
solutions and AB excerpt you
whenever Monet you know what,
anything is possible, but what
were , a little bit more only get a
little bit more in depth and two
competition , and why competition is
actually healthy, and further
proves all of the use case and
and really up opens up the
space, even fur , you need a little bit of
breathing room , so to speak so, since city can
morning good to see one crypto
and on awesome it to see you
here, another all rainy day over
in and assuming it’s a prod a
little bit chilly was a prodding
the 5060s over there tell a rate on city and to the movie, and he
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here an AL of a array let’s see where are and got this going here Mr. Dee
Oates going on but have you on
the chat this morning , Donna like great things to
want to talk about and we’re
going to go into a little bit
more in depth of this morning on
some re on last night and kept the real
light and got a little bit to if of a tanned, you know what I get
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the p eye to audio channels going at
the same time and I thought that
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page ad that their own
individual a an itchy and on identical back
and see if I should of added it
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section by thing to add a little
to t , be free and you very much , and so , would see a day of up to give
Sony also we made it through all
of the insanity, once admitted
to the insanity , then we went on to one then we
hatch went on to some great
things , in the stream as well because
it’s amazing if we can engage
more people, whether through
video or through audio if there
was a I’ll be accepted animal fat will
be, but I’ve reached out to warn
davidson’s office ought to see
if you go up if you be willing up in a a in a roundtable type
discussion of that would be
streamed upon you to Aunt Witter
all with with a an amazing hour
each , yet so on there is something
coming on in the in the whole
play in the near future of the
we’ve been working on a project
that , so and and really in the
sharing of information and an
excel recite think that there
can deftly be some of some grade
of the t but needless to say wing of
streaming until about 2:00 AM
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legacy one on ice Mary nice so yes and this is great off of
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sure to oh but that that’s all
relative I think great, says
that m if the IP the 5 May be out of a typo that when I lived up in the
north and was cold out and those
first days it was 50 , Cromer getting on and on and
going out sailing when it was
like to you know 40° I’d never
get the jackets on adds the
first t , and then nine or you know any
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and you’re e , and all Joshua Lin of Dana
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getting up c to be really cool to see , italy’s George I know you’re
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great I’d like I like this the
early morning of time because we
get a lot of engagement a for people around the world
and to me what this space is all
about when you were up in Ashley
E work and an accompanist and bu , when and loving about you the
the live stream participation,
is that we’re able to engage
within the digital assay
community w of looking for the development
of the space but were loaded as
we’re bringing people and all over the world its
outstanding and also some really
really happy on to see everybody on and be
free from Belgium Allison of calm and was there in and in
nine and nine Brussels on when to that the grand place
and then not I use such an
interesting trip over there and
we ended up big doubt we we look
for and Anna knows that was really
really cool on and off you go to
one if you go to be freed you go to
the been to one had you been to one to leary am
of the bar it’s it’s a crazy
over there that guy like 2000
years ago to this Cajun order
and the which is pretty cool a are eight lets you we’ve got
here , see where’s my a token lets up
the study did in your little bit and talk about traveling all
those other great things, so you
know what I wanna start out with
only keep it a little bit light
b and the topic of the USC Point
came up I talked about it, a few
streams both of back on when I
talked about 63 on 1,000,000
reas , and so were to talk a little
bit more about that, there is
one specific topic and it’s
interesting, and and the reason
why it so we get more and more
uninvolved of a CHP was
streaming their last night to a and it’s funny , let’s see here Vance key token
tack six era dozen Congress
allow schedule time for public
comment and so prep for
presentation of us so for right now one
engage to wreck lee, with up a
number of congressional offices
on at least getting updates
providing and then our initiative right
now than is to try to get
together on a video series of
the week in getting from a
Congress to rea , I’m talking about people from
rebel, and another a large major
corporations that are in DC on a regular
basis on meeting with a
different congressional offices
in helping to educate am a high level car initiative is to come in from the
grassroots and show the
congressional representatives of that the constituency up also
won and also know and understand
the dual assets so it’s one
thing when you have a major
corpor and he was right now until
passes Congress oh, get a little
bit more attention are sure we’ll get attention,
but it this point it’s a
bipartisan initiative which are sure will get a media
attention because the media
wants you to believe that
republicans and democrats in
Congress to nothing not the working together so
things are getting done, and
there are denied Jan does on the
floor on and handbills on the
floor th and out this one is is very very
critical to oh, when and why did talk a
little bit more about it off for those of you did that
and get on last night all will
talk a little bit about the
token taxonomy act, as well so
on Edwar toll it see here, array where real case all of
this this kind of relates back
to one of the first videos of
that actually made and when I
was firs , is one of those companies that
we would really a consider
almost defunct you would think,
because Kodak other entire
business was based on film, and so they
had their than other entire the
film industry which was
obviously everybody in the world that had a camera used film and
use Kodak use a Fuji used up
whenever other of film that was
available but primarily , was on anno primarily was was Kodak now and then you you fast for number
years Kodak odyssey gets into
and starts buying up other
companies like, you big gun
major corp , just right in thinking and in
print and 90 you’re in a Storage
Solutions, though there’s a lot
of other businesses that, I got and so they got into the of
digital space on a digital
camera space years ago that the
maintain their relevancy , were seen the same on types of
up of a scenarios unfold, when
it comes to let’s say a face book, it’s a Jp
Morgan, let’s say many the banks
out within the financial space
globally are are attempting to up look for and develop, and
continue their presence in
relevancy up in the world, and
so they don’t wanna go on a
business obvi cards and noble held into the
terry a bitter and and and
Barnes &Noble probably be out of
business in their days of taking
over will lose the relevancy for sure
and a good example of this on if
you if you’ve ever been to Dubai
and he’ll have to go to Dubai to prints are working in Dubai
what if this goes back years ago
I remember there was an
interview on and he’s talking
about what it is in the Asian was off or do
by hand and a part of his
concept was that he believed that, that that
oil was going to eventually run
out of that the country needs to
develop themselves they can re and developments taking place in
Saudi Arabia right now in Saudi
arabia’s attempting on two
western eyes of themselves which
the in order to attract people from
around the world to one to do
business in Saudi Arabia most
people are would be concerned
and an of that you’ll even the smallest
infraction you yet the study
upon on a lot of blood on the
legality of you know and so in a
it bec but the thing is is that that’s
changing to other there
attempting to change their image , through diversification on in
through the identification of
two love again to allow people
to see it as something bigger
the u of the bill artificial islands
like the palm island, to build
on and they made it so
attractive sake of the Dubai
today and you and they have one major city
editor unbelievable you know what they come out of
money the port in their , and as you go there you see
people from the sea people from all over the
world of their traveling and
living in Dubai to work in Dubai
people on vacation in Dubai you
g and Kobe to sin city on but you
know but that’s what
diversification is all about
because again they saw the
writing on the wall the Enos a very very start, you
know of a contrast ought to look
at you know of countries that
are doing the exact opposite you again Saudi Arabia for many many
years of you know they were just
the UO focused on your religious
intolerance and an oil produc to so any help so Kodak like
many these up companies like
banks are trying to find the
relevancy in the world a similar
to let s are going to view a fadeaway and
a history like borders, and some
of the others so than a lisette for sure anybody
who’s new to the channel two
guys haven’t been in before you
please subscribe on if you wanna
be , so hopefully I’ll get back to
throwing up some videos on and
the am planning on dawn thrown
out, a number of more of live
stre up, and this was bag in one
lifers videos they developed, a
solution and they they develop
the Kodak Point to call that
point th which was the crypto currency
digital asset, and then they put
on hold due to love certain
internal reasons, but they had
unveil and a black chain based Tonkin
and management platform onto where they can even store
images, and they and it’s
interesting because not just
images of its images to allow
artists on t of their image storage and and
Kodak really is in the best
position taught to be able to do
something like this mainly
because they’re known for image
is not to say that they will be
the most succ to all of this was so the
initial database and inheres
from this article were defined
as on yahoo finance so the more
we’re seei to build a copyright in help
photographers monetizing help
that IRAs monetize the work
known as Kodak one, generated
about $1,00 , and so Kodak Point had been
upheld back on their eyes Co.
actually the day prior, but now
it says here that last month the
pol and the European Commission to
further develop on its own black
chain document management system
and has nothing to do with Koda you archive date and update us
probably one of the most
important of all of things that,
that an organization that’s in a
90 sup cannot do all with their data
allowing photographers to
monetize right now you have to
go through web sites and yet the
register of three black chain in micro
payment I yield these up, Artis
of wall or photographers will be
paid on every time a photo is is
purchased their money will go
right into their wallet, which
is awesome and also odyssey
there’s others you know it is spent a long time
trying to explain of the
relevancy here on in pudding of
you Kodak into the limelight but
I thi tell , it’s so, just ideally wanted
to point out enough I was
thinking about the you mention a
non all it stay focused here so on
other things, Eric Kistler you
need to be careful with database
vs. black chain when dealing
with and I think that you know the
two of you have and that that
support because data bad
database, will a ¥you know exist
and a out , I think one thing that it does
do though is a Lao, for more
control over idea, and and
really then also been at the end
to me up the transparency their of all
of you should have of being able
to store data and having easy
access to the data having contro to like Alpha records, things
that need to be shared readily
and easily on individuals
storing there are other photos
that they and stuff like that’s not as
relevant, however, an
environment where you wanna be
able to monetize and provide
efficiency in tra , let me let me die than just a
little bit here on into the U.S.
SQL and I talked about this
again I mentioned in the
beginning why banks wanna get into crypto
currency and are getting into
crypto currency and you know in this scenario on
the USC cloying on is without a
doubt , you know the USC Point is
without a doubt the engagement
of banks of moving into and wine
to move into a more on untrained
sit and a and a lower cost of men
fit of moving money on and so when we look at USC
cloying, it was actually I’ve
developed by a group of banks
back in 2015 , now as I started digging down
the Isaiah as try to figure out
you know where can we really up
to draw a comparison between wha with USC all with his USC
cloying to that’s a jp employing
all because as a group of banks
that one I utilized as
technology and , all of the eye USC a point on
is to provide , you more of the of more fluid
movement, in a cheaper the gnome
or less costly movement off for
settlement may want immediate s update look at somebody up to
the pros and cons of of the U.S.
SQL and as a project on and
looking at us some of the of
banks th on and what what this really
means and so the USC cloying up
will be and they’re going to
really get a it’s going to have
a digi and no other all which
differentiates itself
significantly from excerpt he
that is has a use case that ran
sends all businesses a solution all wear is so USC,
they’re going to then initially
have a digital version of five
currencies the Canadian dollar
the this USC cloying us so in a
sense of being able to all of
you, regulate or are again
simplify the movement but
they’re gonna hav on where where we still see off
from a competitive perspective where rebel net a stands out
from what all leads all of these
banks are trying to do on their
own is look for a mechanism of the
they saw the importance and
significance of what rebel was working on and are
trying to maintain their own
relevancy by reaching out and
figuring out a methodology on to
try to network or have all of the
software or all of the
wherewithal 12 developed on this
solution of it’s really going to
be built war of four of you for a much
greater of a focus when it comes
to moving money to oh , we see here and ski um, and this is that it
be freed and I miss something
all, by more excerpt year BT see
up one day as he said, I think
al and one to provide the financial
advice but not in my opinion
comes down to utility and it’s gonna have to really be
based on what happens, with
excerpt he up through ex wrap it
is right now that the biggest of
a , obviously we seek while and
cinnamon and there’s to be all
these other up entities that are going to be
developed on up on the excerpt
the ledger on an utilizing
protocol in utilizing excerpt in
the so in this USC: which I find is
interesting, and and we really
have to keep focusing on anno 54
to talk about rebel and we want all we need to talk about your
least you educate ourselves
about other potential
competition that is out there
odyssey, none of , why it’s important to look at
the others are moving in the
spaces because of competition up
crews of the use cases
functional all have a set in a you’ll
previously in and a stream ago,
I’d mention the top 10 of
corporations up from each from
2018 that ha tore 14 banks, that the that’s a
list of 14 banks a shares eight
members, that means exactly,
it’s confusing, former members
tha of the of the development of the
space although hear this is
interesting to so this was as
ceo that was a bit with the
Deutsche to regulatory approval process
right away look for to
connecting to the first business
application as soon as possible and all here USC will be an
enabler for token eyes markets
and also offers a significant
opportunity to simplify liquidity management
using one cash asset or as many
sentiment needs as possible but
that’s expected to be next year they still seem they get, the
whole concept of linen, see
these guys are a lot smarter of
that I am in a in the banking
space bu on and yet there’s there’s
there’s still a missing element
that you used only the
conversion process and exchange
process used a on multiple those five Malta
those five original currencies
so it’s tough to move your money
into Wells currencies if you’re
in a different country , and in so it’s some point
there still an exchange been
made on and whether not that’s
going to have to take place to
the regul other going to need and no shore
or boast row account whether
it’s gonna do away with
attitudes can provide a true
liquidity it doesn’t it and I just want to
dig and Moore also to really
look at whether not it has the messaging component as it have
you know the full liquidity
component of you is it is
enabled for full equity doesn’t have a a a fee of a
Forex like exchange and, you
baked in the two their solution
to simplify the exchange process and then we have to dig in a
look it was actually running who
developed it, and is this
company that developed it did
they build terror, so to sell some of the founding
members that did not participate and funding, these are former
members a way of HSBC Deutsche
bank I can happen next, and then
we have, newcomers to this to
them , and then I would see some of
the current members were
Barclays be and why Mellon CIBC on again Commerzbank read its
Wes IDG which I mentioned KABC
Group to mention a lloyd’s and
tried mention a venue of
gymnastics Todor deftly a lot that moved in
their audit says here that the
project was initially founded by
UBS , and so then there was a
company called clear Mattox, and
they built this on a permission
to version of a theory of anno
so to , and see here, so clear Maddox
to a clear maddox’s interesting,
despite clear Matic stock com,
we design protocols and build pl and I’m not sure it up, I wanna
look a little bit more into this
to see, exactly a know what else
they they above the bill, what of it is developing these
solutions now a clear Mattox was developed in
2015 on incidentally which is when
UBS started looking at the
technology so it’s hard to
determine whether not clear
Mattox, was some , Artie those architecture is
grounded in protocol. Your
architecture removing friction
and market in efficiencies a
strong secu on to really ask you if they’re
utilizing a decentralized or a
centralized platform on it there
that the attempted to build on e which shot in essence will allow
them on to control the ebb and
flow of of everything that
happens within the space all
within n as to why, another they’re
trying to establish basically,
an alliance to trying to
establish some sort of a am up
the of the swi it’s interesting that they’re
developing on in the space
another four years in all rebel
is is is more than seven years
and are are position already with 200
plus customers of these guys
odyssey banks that are dabbling
trying to figure out the
solution, an cell with it doesn’t seem like
it’s a huge sum of money of that they’ve invested so far
on to develop an import space to
try to roll out a platform it’s going to be a bear fruit
and then be in a significant in
the in the flow of blood and
money globally, even outside of
of th , and that and it that that
number of transactions that they
would require Natchez can ought
not major but any house of the
left and then tried to develop the
peel multiple aspect so it’s
really hard and to tell you know
exactly what to tell what the what this platform
is really gonna be all about so
I think they’ll be important
U.S. is they drill down but it
all to oh, crypto announces the
aisle pi will I change the face
of money transfer trade and
investment convert anything
token eyes t , and you know and we’re seeing
you know with the I’ll be they
in the deftly established a
solid a platform on to allow all
of t and then be free you know what
about creating interest on your
coins and the Celsius network I
love the idea , the hood of this late to know if you’re gonna hold
money even like a odyssey be a
currency it’ll just wanna hold it in all
you wanna be able to one to oh
invested and then generate a
little bit of interest, off your
mon so so I think the oats interesting
with the Celsius network would
nexus are dabbling their learning are
figuring out the space , I talk about this before this
is finding that relevancy as is
where banks and my opinion banks and digital
asset exchanges or gonna going
to see a blurring of the lines
to O’dea’s digital asset
exchange up the digital asset exchange
understands also that to be the
bank’s if they’re at their game to digital asset exchange isn’t
brick and mortar and we’re
moving into this digital economy the bar going to behold the
holding digital asset and won a
converted into a fee a currency
of those digital IDs G exchange
is i , so on with the thing about
mortgages with the thing about
car loans and to think about
bank loans and to think about
people st an on these exchanges of that
now the money the money is
basically just sitting there,
and they should put to use so
then a Lao up in lane that help up in it
the same time offer interest on a two those that are that are
keeping their money are their digital asset on the
exchange so you’re getting the
7% interest 10% I even even 3%
is a heck of a lot better of the
on now the only issue, say the only
issue but one of the primary
issues of that that I have with , with these up organizations
like Celsius and X’s is up to
make sure that their FDIC in
short and all up to a in IE there’s still that in your
wrist, in this space that the
than those organizations
relatively new, anything can
happen , but if their FDIC insured and
the money that you put their
will deftly, be a secured from
anything happening just like if
you , and that’s the that’s the
security they they give you a
for offering you a place to toe
hold your your of your money
digital o a Natalie Seuss 8. base will one
day become a bank, for sure,
there there almost there,
they’ve already made that major
leap, an all your paycheck go into a
$8.00 account and they’re going
to have more flexibility of the offer up a debit card of
the begin offer of credit cards
on it the offer of interest in
their tiny like uphold his tiny
w , if you look at some of the
platforms of the U.S. next OS
and not another want it’s
actually offering up the
possibility of mor and order to borrow as know all
real weights to establish a
credit with these organizations
yet once they find that
mechanism to establish credit for people
and they’re going to all locked
in and and then they’ll be able
to low now without the
collateral they want collateral they want
two for every one digital asset
so you need to store to digital
assets to borrow one digital asset now
that’s not a bad day necessarily
so if you’ve got up ex number of
big point next number at whene you can cash out of that of that
1,000,000 you know or you
knowing that lets you wanna buy
real estate or you can try to
buy rea on to maintain the transactions,
put up two of my digital assets
and AMA bar one for every two
that I store there on and now
I’m Carlton ago to whenever I need
to do with it now, pay myself
back to only issue with all that
is that you’re putting up a
signif now that doesn’t make sense to
me but it it does from their
perspective in a speculative nature right
now because if there’s a change in value in
their make an assumption that
they’re not going to lose up 50% plus of the bat of the of
the value you know somebody
still want that 2 to 1 subbing
take 1 to 1 and the value
plummets b Jan Bennett doesn’t doesn’t
really matter so if you bought
you put two bit point of our one
date: it is paying back the big
poin on so I think that it’s an
interesting dynamic overall, but
things that you know much more
people are enough to figure out , how they only work fee that
watts of Mr. Be glad to see one coming up here on an hour since
I started the stream of data
start about 5 minutes late, I
started a 05 so much as
roundness out if you take a loan and a against
your holdings a tax benefit I don’t know
that’s a good question it’s a
great question we need to bring
a CPA on, and and hassle those
question a fake though the, I’ll really
good a question I’m sure that
would be a really of the
relevant you country to country
because ev as turvy man not really good to
see you, and I remember now I know I can
remember what was , excerpt he as a warrior are
excerpt he and there’s somebody
else up in Orlando on that
actually works with Sergeant
Obie one a others, cool , CPAs all really know Brian
exactly a CBA still only need to
find one that does , you doubt be a extremely
helpful so, its ear , what I miss, and just bounced a few times
here , are a , ship the only it’s a good point, crypto not a
good point here is if we have to
consider why they want is to
lock it away, Moon will be good
en Teflon possible Texas excerpt he
ought tired from ago still might
end up a and we had the up a little bit
of an echo issue, Mr. Be a ship,
you might miss last night but lesson we need of streaming
alike got midnight , and we were on with up with
the auburn rain and an excerpt
the minute, and then we either
we got jungle and is well, so an excerpt the minute what’s a
man again think you’d be out
this early and had it since they can I tell
you I you know it was it was
crazy and I accuse I woke up I
woke up today are then I use a
devi and you guys will let me hang up
and and nine and finally I just
a lot of now is awesome win
awesome, awesome call yesterday , we you know with jungle on and
you talk about the four horsemen and a chip Nidal that EC and
also there’s there’s deftly some
of great stuff up on the rise
since here, it’s it’s been so
great and also, I spent way too much
time talking about , Kuwait and Saudi year the
Dubai in Saudi Arabia oz the
example, for trying to maintain
the relevancy in an ever
changing marke selloff of a toe anyhow, it is 9:00 I get a
wrap it up again somewhere I
Gotta run to one good tennis and
10 to oh, I will I deftly check
all a cypress, we got good
representation here Netherlands
up, bill john, got people from
all over the world is far away
as sun is o until lot until next time of
Monday night all be on at dawn
and 10:00 , for whatever reason I get this
include one a stream tomorrow
night would shun I probably will
of the if this point but I know if you knew the channel and you
haven’t subscribe get on deftly
subscribed on and of tiny type
something akin to I’m typing and , and you should be a DM any
info you see any you anything
that you Cedeno of lobby here
about this, let’s dig into a
little bit and until next time you guys know what to do people
on how to lane tour crypto and I need some out out music
are something

2 thoughts on “Banks going Crypto!!!”

  1. Great points is always Jeff, I believe to gain FDIC Insurance, there will need to be some common rules and minimums for security among the exchanges, that will be acceptable to the FDIC. If you're going to try to get some of the pro crypto congress persons onto a live stream, it might be a good idea to get the Shermanator on to a Stream and let him explain his position and let some of the members of the community provide a rebuttal, however unlikely, maybe we could change his mind.

  2. Right on brother, sorry for keeping you up so late.. It was an amazing time streaming all night long. 6 hours for me, Hahah, you rock Hodl!! Watching you now.

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