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running and see if I get this
going here, without any issue , not sure, have any issue here,
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so, chip always does a a intro
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on the stream on going to send
some excerpt he so on today is
Ann three times a week and sometimes
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streams going on all waste of a, always trying to
work out actually this morning,
I scanned my workout
specifically so I could make
sure that I d are eight, let’s see where we
add here , a OK so tough completely lost rack know,
it’s so so what I wanted to get
into today and really yesterday in on the past couple days,
we’ve really been you know
touching on some other topics,
and all when it comes to all
what’s going on in this Paso number one and
oh odyssey we just see a face
book , and the up and they would the
lever of launching and anno I
think we’ve all pretty much
discussed it done at length, but
I wan , and go for shot once a Manuel,
legacy one, and liaison and
early morning it is up over in
taxes and Slyke 7:00 AM so in a
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broug , so tell of being a second when he finds to close the chat by mistake Arrigo, yes of a and we get
coffee from overseas all of a
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trying to bait and switch my
espresso and noble grows tall tirade so here we go now are getting ready to talk
about what was going on over the
past couple days, talking about
the Lieber: up also going back
an tanks and and digital asset
exchanges on digital acid
exchange is getting more and
more involved are integrated into banking which is the
natural progression and it’s up an obvious natural
progression at this point
especially seeing a lot of the
add ons, specially considering
the fact, that the digital asset exchanges
are identified and recognizing
of the significance of being
able to all Landau, Landon and
and and aces partners somebody by
nance is partners somebody
others multiple exchanges other
getting involved in that plus
from a cu buying foreign eyes their
investing for the run for their
clients so there’s a lot going
on in the space and now I think
it’s in , coming out of central banks,
and we’re ready talked about
this a lank than deny Todd we’ve
all talked about it but II tally to put kind of a
final cap on it and know what
I’m seeing is that governments
and central banks are in
reactionary to pass number of years will
from the from the beginning you
think about the inception of bit
cloying and the response and and
I so bit cloying as a response to
the global economic cup of
collapse and what maybe not a
global economic collapse,
everywhere be and to you know what happened in
the a bank in the up and yell
and the banking mortgage prices
space and then we have big point on talking about bit cloying
replacing of banks on and that
people would be banking everyone
to be using big point to oh I
think and it was right now and we can
announce it first on the hull
report before anybody else news
is being released a leavened
1000 that’s our favorite stable point
moving up incrementally on and
then were to start seeing us
some big games 1150 and I’m
expecti keeps up a what’s so significant
about it and I believe the
markets are filing reacting of
the markets are responding to rectally to how the central
banks and that governments are
actually responding, to
you for that really appreciate
it really appreciate it and saw
some so yen and you know people are
waking up to ace book again about what we think about
and I had thought about zia that
forget about what we think about
the lever: and about will we t and eight states sell amazing
that you have all these of this
involvement of financial
institutions no banks anno cool
anno appl , you apple is trying to do if
they only get into this payment
space because as payment space
is so so vitally important and
whe the significance of the PPP
space wise it so important why
are people vying for it wiped
the people trying to capture it
and the 2010 we see big point come out
of the do nothing about it now a
number of years go by it’s too late now you have mass adoption globally all you
have that acceptance of it, via
digital assets you have more
digital assets being and, added
you is probably one of the more
significant on tech
technological developments of
our lifetime Unix to what the
Internet brought in what it’s going to you provide a
nicely in the payment space and
it means in the supply chain
space what it means and in the
in with this technology so
government still won a crushing
government are also realizing
that digital assets are our life
changing up and obviously we were also
seen some shifting dynamics of
we talked about this in the past
up economically speaking in terms of the division up of
the Euro zone countries going
back to their own currency but
can they go back to a fee a
currency an image all of the world from
traveling and and and just acts
and it’s just, crazy because and eyes as you go through this
be a currency, you when you travel you an almost
you would say to rare that you
touch sent via currency anymore
everything’s moving into digital
di , and I think that’s what we’re
seeing right now this responses
reaction and and face book has
just you know move the peace on
t anno of digital currency and
whether not you might think it’s
a paypal 2.0 whether not you
think it mayor may not even be a
of t and that of that movement that
that chess piece has just been
played and now you know we’re
moving into checkmate and Owen
and i and now they’re realizing wholly
crab and we Gotta do something in but
it’s too late in how we embrace
it then we have rumblings up
from within government the
Sherman to was own detriment to ozone
folly of because if anybody in
California if it’s in his
district decides to run against
and the need to run against them
on on, is yo representing a district that
should be reliant on technology
in California regardless of what party California ran you
know you’ve got a major
epicenter in silicon valley
whether it’s in your district or
not it is sig and if you’re gonna take a point
we don’t even know how face book
work you don’t even know and I have cool works and year
to sit up there and Capitol Hill
and you’re in a voice your
opinion on something you don’t
know y that’s passed you by the
lobbyist that’s paying your
bills in on just doing their
dirty work in and that’s the
Sherman eight are and up so he’s outspoken you
know and and he’s trying to
serve as a counterbalance up to
what’s going on all with Mccann
ray, wi a now you know when we go around
the world globally there getting
it and they’re moving in a light
years ahead been on terms of and am going back to you know
why our central banks and
governments anno terrified of face book
there really terrified a social
medium money and other so there
are there now are free to social
mon are afraid of, individuals being
able to transact between
themselves, without of full
involvement of a banking entity
up or ther of the government’s now taxation
is obviously something that
they’re concerned about there to
keep pushing Allies that bill
that up fully transparent dailies to
a face book and you know might
not be no fully of transferred
everyone else but if it’s truly
bu now the thing is that
governments can work with the
individual exchanges or the
individual apps that are going
to be used for pa you know in order to collect
other taxes and the thing is is
that a certain component within
up within eight a country within
so of you know of an AL in the
evening of maybe it’s due to two
in death for that is of all but
and any of the old so
governments h a spreading misinformation and
am getting individuals to pay on
tax on, and in doing it, and you know in doing it with
all with intent us so we have
you know there’s all these
ridiculous taxes out there and
to carbon when the government does
absolutely nothing with that
except are take that money and
and dump it into their coffers
and laugh th to pay a tax on top of all high
taxes are already paying so this
is why they’re terrified another
terrified what digital assets you know so the digital asset to
adapt the digital asset
exchanges have painted on target
a pond on the backs of central
banks o even the central banks and the
government of identified it and
they’re just not able to move at
the pace of its required and als tell a able to do to the bank’s
what Amazon date all these big
box retail and Amazon is
virtually destroyed the
decimated a big odyssey people still go out and
shop but they’ve had a change of
the structure of how they do it,
and then Amazon is ramping up , you know for these for these
banks at this point is like the
retail of it box yellow to
operate the function and so I can I see I think that
you know that’s you know really
really important you know for a
stall consider so all only does a set a low enough prescient in
a side eyes bounce in, young
George of Pacheco you glad that
you made on, and I think that’s
all you know when of , and so also wanted it for
those of you to just popped in
on just a restatement, Anna
lee’s of George first one on the
stream t and a compliment for for
everybody support here on Ralph
Raymond I thought this was an
important comments , we see here as a little blurry
for so it’s it’s hard to want
are for new school it’s going on
here for some reason, banks bein as they will be required to
notify governments of
transactions over $1000 it will
probably offer on exclusivity
like offshore as , and so there there really
isn’t anything you not
necessarily you know wrong with
that in terms of the lead that
this is how ev up you know some form of have
expected regulation on the
digital asset exchanges, to work
in a similar way, but these so
if they these digital asset exchanges
from print money people come in to a bank and
they’re realizing you know that
that anno they put their money
in there when they borrow money
at a to digital asset exchange as a
global phenomenon out that
attracting what the black chain technology
is but more importantly of
understanding the extent of what investing in digital assets
means and they’re so much that
that’s going on in the space
right now it’s every single day there’s new technology of
popping up all of that they’re
developing in this space and in
really in that again is why the
central their dir really hate you
identifying them as the biggest
threat onto their own existence
taste on your face book launch
in the and again they can pick on they
spoke because you have people
you can drag in front of them and in again that’s that’s the
most immediate threat but it’s
too late for them and others
there’s really nothing that
they’re g as an article that came out on
bloomer, and so this article
that came out and Bloomberg and
Marie the title of it up in the
in y a Goldman Sachs executive says
legacy Retail Banks are screwed
and that’s exactly what they are
so Goldman Sachs ease it Taranti too little too late and ’cause
it’s not the right thing but the
point is as if they’re again to
find it in the see what needs to to all here we have, and this is
this was the quo, and we’ll
leave it that no move on terror two kinds of incumbent
banks are banks that are screwed
and their banks that on other
screwed said entrepreneur Adam
Del and this too was speaking at the
fortune brainstorm finance, a
conference, in New York of this
past week and I was on Thursday
I that is this like that
summarizes everything a and in
one statement and up and that’s exactly where
the banks are right now because
they have another’s those that
are understanding if they’re
tryi there to keep going on to get
along and and they haven’t done
yet but that face book
announcement is what jog all of
them young so then we move on to what bank
of America and now to this as are clicking on
fortune and in that that a title here
that pulled out his statement
tank of America ceo te want a cashless society of
his me and of does that mean
that they want everybody to
function off credit cards is
that mean th that when we talk about the
digitization of money that they want a cashless
society that’s also you know
with that, in anticipation of their understanding that digital
assets are moving faster and
faster on to really taking over and so you know some of the
statements and on in their folks
in on you stay at some of these
apps that are also gonna be
absorbi of the MF it’s like payment
applications EL on one and said
the banking industry will
continue to move tour De digital tack enabled
models which as you noted are
cheaper and more patient than
traditional methods toe to sell
is chea to oh DNA I would summon a
legacy one , let me see here up only see
Wichita said because it says all
I wanna see a guy you’d mention
something prior to , before that though, digital
thoughts because his Australian
a strong in banks are in the
process of huge fines and the
reserve a lead you share that good
article a good statement shows
that you’ll banks around the
world know they’re trying to
hold onto wh when you try to hold onto the
old way you Gotta embrace no
current technology you got
embrace you know what’s good for
the peopl so let’s eat idea nine, these
new measures, virtual asset
service providers will be
required to implement the same
am LC a tea r into the mainstream of fact that
they want these measures of data
and see the dual acid exchanges
as a direct threat onto this i they’re they’re also trying to
level the playing field with what the banks of
expectations are however putting
this in place is also going to
push digital asset exchanges to
become FD you’ll have to keep their money all of you know externally on
offline wallets and manage of
their own deposits most people
don’t have that capability and you think about I just went
through an update on my lead
ledge and an OS and look at a
while holding down to the test
off th the adding you know each
individual wallet opening the
watts huge imagine the the
Sherman eight are trying to do
that forget abo and then there’s a lot of people
in the Sherman eaters position
that template from a technical
perspective they can even find have on their
phone level of little and use
that of ledger and the and
that’s a large percentage of
society s so having this regulation and
place thanks for sharing idea
night on out minutiae and,
commented colleges and three,
mission, di tiptoe currency providers in
traditional financial
institutions great point
appreciate that of WB all right
here we go and see I and typically don’t sell
withdrawals and like you and
your account for a review on
glad you put that up their
mandate that that and you’re going to told more
than $10,000 on that exchange of
that needs to be reported told
major you look it up talk to
your the data bank account that over
$10,000 or investment over
$10,000 of foreign exchange tied
to be reported so take those are and then odyssey
using a small exchange is more
and more is come out about
quandary go on and it’s it’s
shocking and you understand that has a
full corporate tanking like
structure behind it to oh up and
retain of a glad you made on its
alwa and it’s gonna be valid you for
the individual country but I
think when we look at
international guideline that
sell we we inter will be important and and I
think that it’s one more thing
again not torts mainstream
adoption so , let’s see here to think stable coins will say
the traditional currencies and
what the ad are USD a stable:
build the back of bill be backed
by , and whether not yet we start
seeing a transition I think a
overall meal countries are still
going to want a manage their own
c , Mckey I know I don’t know of
swift is I wouldn’t I wouldn’t
put pass to know the star work
with death at up with a car
three K , right back onto some of this
insanity I think there’s some
really interesting things that
are going on in the space on and
tha and one I wanna talk a little
bit about real estate up because
there’s a lot happening on the
real estate site, for a guy that
m its updated kind guidance of
virtual currency in virtual acid
service providers Friday , did I miss that can you up if
you have a link to a canoe
throat up your of the awesome , Ralph II feel judicial banks
and government, governments
regulators us be terrified over
leader: awesome yeah and that’s
to me that’s exactly why we’re seeing
the space blow up again and know
that that the cost me a raid on and what’s in a cost an empty and I do the auctions
from now on a great job
yesterday to sew and the Updike, you’re just
a capital of you again and I do I do believe all of
that you know that the space
they were seeing you know this
this big movement on in this
space righ you know a lot of it has to do
is a lot of different things
happen in the space and we
started odyssey to see some
important mov all the focus and it’s great too
because negative press spas and
press it doesn’t matter what
what matters is that people are
ta so, so right now if if we think
about all the that’s awesome
deny thinks they can very much the and I put up this of this of
link here on the NT FAA Tia on a
global all regulation that is
going to be eyed opted by to of the what is it was a task
force the financial ask action
on task force so awesome and
let’s go and if it’s going to a
real es , real estate here are ideas
this came out on Forbes is
interesting, just a day into a
mixture of got the right year
ago so this startups now, Property
Investment perspective we’ve
seen multiples popup of it in if you think about crowd
investment of the idea that you
know multiple people can invest
in up in something, and get in
yo other people go to prosper
because they wanna lend money
I’ve been doing that for a long
time of lending money and
prosper its a and it’s not bad to have a
continuous 6 to 7%, return on on
investment and out the best
let’s not horrible tell you you
know it’ on now and we look at real
estate real estate has some mass
a massive attention and there
there have been other types of
on inve and Allah blocking technology
that allows, whether not their
their planning and token is
there that optimization which is
really and that is absolutely
outstanding have that
opportunity ought to be able to
do that and now all the sudden
you what is that mea tears you there’s a lot of of
countries in the world they
could benefit up from new growth
new development, in you, in
their inf and deftly can return on lessons
of toll bridge or toll road of
maybe that’s a good idea of the
PRI if we cannot token eyes thes , think about how many millions
and millions of dollars in
generating on the school’s all
the time are portion goes to the
gover you go you make the case is what
we’re building and raise the funds of you got
the funding enough to worry
about going to banks and to do
it now they’ve raised the money
made t it’s unreal, the fact that that
were to be able to do that more
and more with real estate
changes the dynamics of
investing a on and up so when 12 Kay Mr. Be
hopefully by tomorrow at the
rate it’s going to die II firmly
a Sea of BT see head and of
12,000 I’ to and I could be completely off
base 99 any kind of financial
advice on this looking at it
does say here’s why this their
commu it does face book is being
dragged in front of the senate
as fake it may face book
announces big believer: July 16
is is the the and there to come in from the
Financial Services committee and
is Eddie spent a lot of time and
Capitol Hill all which is also a of that you know that that we’re
seeing the token taxonomy act
put on ice, directly due to a
Maxine waters on and I got that
inf as a direct result of of Maxine waters wanted to have
one and at a hearing, with a
face book was October now they
might say that senate hearings
and o to they’ll believe that the
other they’re better than
everybody else so based on that
alone other product and one from
sucker Be and educating on everybody ahead
of time prior to the hearing on
there’s a lot of support no seem
it can RE we see others that a so, Mr. Be so real estate is
over a overvalued right now it’s it’s insane at the peso
which Realestate has as
increased again toe, array so where were we are and
we talk about real estate bats
and upon real estate on this to
be a oh really appreciate that,
le that a weather happens and not
II believe that it will go and
the reason why believe it will
is because base book is
determined , to compete with others you
know in the payment space like
we chat and others that one have
a mechanism in place, because of all of the the article actually
Mr. BTU posted, Aunt Witter the
other day , which is the latino and I
wanted to share that here all
why the PP market is huge and
why it’s so important for face
book , me see those of and put in article up here off
from the payment source of the
other day and I in I think it’s great so
the massive market for cross
border PPP was the of the
articles from of again the
payments or sto , here and it starts off
specifically the market for
cross border a person to person
remittances massive I’d
experienced double as well as to escape political
and financial upheaval of the
speeches on responses about to
die to oh underwent saw some toe
to that the odd that the remains
payment spaces of massive and a
stand based on what rebel is doing on a larger
scale we understand what others
are doing on a smaller scale and bass book identifies what
can happen especially with the
that their subscriber base than
two plus 1,000,000,000
subscribers that are active daily there’s
over two billion that are active
active monthly that that’s a huge huge
subscriber base even if you get 10% of them to
start doing transaction a match
and what that means now son you
basically have you one of the
lar it actually you crush or lease
joining competition with , that the volume that western
union and moneygram are doing
now I’m not saying that people
are going to adopted because at
the a less wheels acting to Spain
and there’s a certain of you
know segment and IE you know
within society that are still not not just not have
the knowledge but they’re not
going to be comfortable all with doing it that way so
they’re still been one to rely
on , a more you know us a solid
mechanism that’s not going
through a baseball to all you’ll
face book it still be terrifying
for ot time will tell on and that’s
interesting is to be because you
are saying only now face book
base book is on their hit list
right a fact that that the face book
when pull down that video of
Nancy Pelosi and rightfully so
they shouldn’t pull it down and we talked about this the
other night you to those who is
it that is now going to be this:
quotes are a propaganda and make
a and make a determination as to
whether not its propaganda
Reiner tame and that’s a really
really dangerous especially if
someone how how things function within
this space they understand the
dynamic of a baseball its social media it’s meant as
an interaction between people
it’s meant that whenever did
share there is an may be truthful maybe not
truthful who cares you know but
the fact that they’ve been so
focused for the past couple
years on an care’s you know I mean it
again nine others you know of
the large percentage of people
that only read headlines, at CNN
you d these are the people that that
are you going to be in control
and try to make these
determinations and all but I’m
not all I wan anno and that’s fantastic bozos
guys are still stuck in windows
3.1 you know they’re still
trying to figure out Windows XP
and a , so on some positive of casa
positive news , so check this one out I love
this this is a brand new live
streaming company startup that
is annoying things and in such a
way and I thought as of this is
nice dost and they’re still
using dogs and that the they’re
probab I’m not really figure now you
know that that’s where the, got
lost to a com so years checked this is new
live stream startup called you
know and now I you know you now
what what’s great about it is that they filed for an SEC on
they filed, and and joinery this title, OS SEC
filing so they filed a filing or
the SEC filing for the filing
purposes within the SEC , when to make this title so
difficult to read, you now files
SEC filing for complaint are
compliant oak and earning for ad
user arrayed idea this is a up II
love it you know because this is
really geared up two content
creators and those that are
participa and right now participate in a
live stream let there be a mechanism or
compensation off for apt users
you if you’re using have your
engaged in the apt there’s a
mechanism and their filing other IP pork
with the SEC towing down the
right path, to make this happen
of this is actually, backed by
NEC, it’s awesome there so much going
on right now to see you know the
fact that they want compete
against you to tell plea will
get , in this live streams days are
so many that have made an
attempt on to compete against
you too, for live streaming
video and no is there something missing
odyssey the following is deftly
missing but there’s a component
missing all within each one of
these am staying war or many others and they just something missing
that just don’t they just don’t
catch anno like a you to which is
mainstream odyssey you’ll have
you certain people that are to
be more tactical move more upon
what’s tie that I just brought up you I
think as some some amazing
potential of this you now you
know maybe maybe not that
they’re gett and all it’s crazy I was a sum
that got up to a billion you it
was a telegram was a billion,
when they when they launched a
ride , as if I see O IP oic all of a so that you into just
unbelievable this scale of which
these these companies can grow
up and it just a just and a just
astonishi , Bright and early over there to
the 6:00 AM, over an L.a. almost
6:00 AM over an L.a. glad you
made on appreciate that Anna lee of neglect the component is
center censorship resistance,
true platform where no content
is censored of adults I choose what they
wanna watch simple decentralized
censorship route and and and as
deftly some significance of that
w tell either you know we have
first amendment rights or we
don’t yell to fact that that
that that done it for the four
that the p really of twisted our first amendment
rights, is is a little is a
little odd difficult, to handle
all of the fact that other
people think a no you can’t shout somebody
else down when they’re out there
trying to voice their opinion that’s not a first be not you
not exercising anyone’s first
and then righted the point now
it’s just a a freefall free for all we all
should fans at that point you
know but but they but the a
socialist elements out within
society o and I brought up this book
before I dreaded years ago and is called Demille free neo
which is this schizophrenic
nature of democracy was written
by OM Coll item for, and even
out the , and all but of recommended ill
for many people to read that
book because it shows the
transition within a democracy,
and it sh so then, a rape book Cid Jewry
that night seafood and read the Duma free on toe are we a 46¢, italy’s that,
we got beat EC is an 11,100
minutes can add 12,000, before
for the indicates more on the TV
ama range stream is is you know
there’s deathly ill some
excitement and that’s exciting
to keep going, and that’s
awesome see if I’m and a topic a in handy all had
to do with another country but
overall it also explored some of the things that happen
over in the UK there are more
were to up the ante choose to
just amazing your people willing
to g it just doesn’t happen a REIT
end up on 55 dollars from from
yesterday to oh yeah Anna lee is
deftly appreciate that , anybody up coming in the room
if you haven’t the thumbs up yet
make sure yet the thumbs up if
you’re new in the avant subscrib to a hit civil raids on
everything from comic books to
cereal boxes and that deal for
you, fell right in writing the
middle ther of a of a awesome and presto appreciate
that glad the glad you joined in
a show on jay, good to see here
on so let’s let’s let some this but no reason so I was gonna
mention what DF ATF rules and
their global ox changes that now
up to share customer data and
you kn , which is really now also gonna
score wash on any of those,
those mouthy of you know one
misinformed of anno voices of
Congress of a, but this one wariness were
in a wrap up with this bizarre
this interesting article that
was on bloomer, and, and then I thought it was
it was great this came out
yesterday June 21 , Zimbabwe leader wants new
currency of crazies that you want a new
currency are eight take a new currency and not
stopping you are making a new
currency I am at flown in
revival bits and wants a new
currency and and the once an IMF loan in
order to all revive his country
Zimbabwe some bob ways
interesting because they
destroyed their coun to and bob wade if you go back
to rue III did in a piñata grad
school for a while but I did a
lot of research and economics
the Botswana happen to be another
one of um, I was really hyper
focused on on what these
countries, had in terms of of
natural resou on but some bob away is interesting and ’cause it’s Zimbabwe all be of the the
displaced there were there are
many, you know well told over on, new European of
you, it had been there for years
but a European descendants a
farm owners, and and leadership
in Z it wasn’t a major issue, type
the powers that be decided today
wanted to change all of the
structure of how things were it wanted to change the economic
structure in terms of ownership
of a lot in new leadership a new
leadership does decided that the
one and all their friends on
these farms and strip the rides
up f , and within a very short period
of time , because of this this gasp of
mentality, based on making
decisions by adding your friends
in position to where they didn’t
belo , and it basically turned a
prosperous to what happened in Venezuela
recently to the completed
recently over. 20 years 20 years
plus a lead the country upside
down, ma still struggling ever really
turn to the handouts yet but
that’s happening as we speak
because the destroyed their
country tem bob Waite same thing I think
it’s interesting because now we have, at you and your
president of the the unseeded of
the of a robber Donald Abbe it
was in charges and bob wait for
a l , and it was done militarily
they removed, that that done the
leader on and now we see that
you know you have a anew
Zimbabwe that wants to really a talented young New Zimbabwe they
really wants to move back into why shouldn’t they have you’d
walk are too many within the
global economy to get back to you know a
position where are benefiting
their their population of their
trading with their neighbors are
trading to build themselves into a
prosperous nation and no similar to you know any
other country around the world
so what I think as it is most
interesting about this though is that they wanted in you and
they wanted on implement a brand
new currency because their
currency forget about it in
itemize w to who you know if it basically
has no value to our economy basically as zero
by they’ll have an economy are
economy is basically a IMF to a
handouts of you over over a long , that there there looking at ways that they can take this
economy and and and rebuild it,
and and and the reason why I
thought was interesting is
because is , but hand and others that you
know others in the space and
talked about as well but it really brings to light
the fact that you’re toting a new economy and one a new currency carts to stop them, utilizing
the digital asset as a new
currency , am putting into place and seen
the Marshall Islands do it, we
saw Venezuela unsuccessfully use
of false of the faux feig of di to try to implement it away ever
it’s it’s possible anno be
really interesting, to see a day
the country that begins to grow
up and this goes back to you know
the IMF can the IMF up you
actually a new something positive in this
in this scenario where they and to where they
direct the Zimbabwe and the direct the leadership
the delay a direct a President
Emerson up the model a mistake
when I’m got a lot to land of
law an now may on a match and if it was
a of magic it was a stable point
and Majid if it was a no base top of you know the
excerpt the ledger in all
mention to the attitudes and has
it’s really enlist what they can potentially do if
they build it off of the excerpt
the ledger a mention of the
first time in history elaborate
a g taste off of complete
transparency would be amazing up the DB I thought that South
Africa with a white farmers are
being attacked in having the
farms taken away then Russia
takes t to that at this point it comes
down to racial tension it comes down to anno in their
in their minds you trying to right a wrong up of segregation
is on a lie to wrong is
utilizing another wrong and in
trying to do that on and in just
a you’ll anno and int rider to revive
there’s a a hearing and cat on
Capitol Hill com last week and and it’s coming at the time
noticed to knew what was it
spoke the got up their steady
and voted for obon on but air
you know and is discussing not reparation
and they say don’t go out there
and speed because you’re to be
perceived by the democrats as a as a downer of Brea of woody
said about the republican side
of it this guy came up there any
doubt booed it was talking about
wh and here’s a guy city groping it
in in a good household you went
to an ivy league school had a
great education has a great job
i and a one and not take money
given to him the way the way he
explained it was really really
interesting, you know but what
they’ based on emotion you know forget
about where you stand in the
party just look at that you know innocence on the on the
tactic that they’re using right
now politically speaking and dredging up on motions from
history and they’ve successfully
implement a lot of back into the
millenia Lyon said that really teams that happen over history
and trying it in now that I
implement wrongs in order to
right wrongs that occur in the
past, I b and that’s why recommend people
read it because a lot of things that happen
politically don’t make sense and in it and it’s the kind of
disturbing similar to what the
BB is saying you know in terms
of you know the fifth white farmers
and South African a fleeing for
their lives, because their farms
are being taken away all but a new party had the
transitions of those governments
and also again you know what you
do we do talk about this
forever, people don’t wanna start people
need to work together again
about all the animosity of the
past we live in the present we
don’t and we don’t live 50 years ago
we live in the present meaning
that we all need to coexist and
we ought to work together torts
th because here we have a group of
people right now we have 44 the
stream win over 50 a little
while ago but people from all over the
world and all and all I see are
high comments I could care less
you know what people’s audio,
but w all I think it’s amazing that we
have people from all sorts of
cultural backgrounds that are
here whether you’re in the
United S on if you’re in Germany if
you’re an Africa if you’re in
Latin America tuning if you’re
over in Australia if you’re in
Thailand transacting with one another
discussing with one another
sharing commonality with one
another and that’s what’s
important that’s how we grow and that’s
what the digital assay committee
in my opinion has done because all for this and get on and you
get none sure those topics
you’re interested in the tiger
fee you’re interested in racing
you’re we have to respect each
individual’s nation state if I
say I’m from the United States
and I’m proud of my national
identity of b you know and Carl Lewis to think that
joke should be available to all
the exactly to the thing is is that as that,
the deal brings levity hill
brings you know everybody can get along
we shouldn’t be afraid you know
that interaction and
communication with one another
you know wh you know of and you historically
speaking up to learn from
history you can relive history yet to
learn from it because again we
live in the present and delving into the future with
the learn from history so we’ll
repeat the mistakes learn from
mistakes of the we make today and
tomorrow better, there’s those
within society that 12 and learn history and RE
implement history and and and
that’s a negative anno and in
detention the division of design, country likes
Zimbabwe that needs to rebuild
from the ashes the potential
that it could be walking a
community bring but there there looking to
restructure other economic well
being to get back to a point
where they were successful
hopefully fro because of they’ll make their
changes politically to allowing
all people to work together it
doesn’t matter how well their
econo that sit and an hour 20 to lead
prescient everybody before you
for being on really love it you
know, great engagement great
feed different viewpoint is a
absolutely outstanding, you know
and an even even Carl Lewis so
even Carl lewis’s welcome your
of I tri , birthdays and Christmas , I love it so a a a a a, it’s
outstanding to 01 as a young
again think thank you guys they
said they’d everybody, a Monday
eyes Saturdays at 8:00 AM eastern
standard time , chip excerpt the minute is
Tuesdays and Thursdays in this exact time spot about
not today Tuesdays and Thursdays
10:00 PM, gray auburn rain great
stream last night Fridays at 10: of entry guys tune in, and
actually not this next week and
the weekend after ice of
Saturday and 9:00 PM I know the
date is wher , I’m going to have robbed cash
on the set and redo a Saturday
evening all live stream at 9:00
PM will get that message out I’m and made the announcements
announce for real of a toe
anyhow again really appreciate
you guys being on let’s keep our
eyes out f


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