BankRoll Network Rolls out CASH to Buy and SWAP BTC, ETH, and TRX

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what’s going on guys so huge huge huge announcement tonight
bankroll Network announcement so if you go to bankroll dot Network you hit ctrl
f5 and you do your refresh you will see a new program and it’s called cash and
you’re like what is cash you can now swap BTC East and TRX frictional
frictionlessly on the bankroll network so this is really really really cool
news because what this allows you to do is let’s say that you have well first of
all you can now get you can get BTC TRX and eath with your credit card which you
know there are some other sites that are you know allowing you to do that but the
cool thing is is this change Lea has been integrated into the website in the
whole network so that you can now effortlessly swap tokens and buy tokens
as well so if you had no crypto knowledge at all and you wanted to join
the bankroll Network you could come here use your Visa card and buy some TRX and
buy some credits so that’s totally awesome and it basically why this is
such an important step is a lot of people you know in the road to mass
adoption using exchanges is just very very complex for people that are just
getting into crypto so something like this just makes it super duper easy so
like I could come here and you know used by TRX eath use the US dollar as with
the Visa Card get that go to credits boom you’re in it
doesn’t get much simpler than that and this is the perfect onboarding tool
for people that want to get involved in cryptocurrency and involved in a stable
product like credits where every credit is backed up one-to-one so give this a
look go to bankroll Network check it out you can now get BTC East
and TRX at just like that no problem through
change Li on the bankroll network this is huge news so check it out if you
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3 thoughts on “BankRoll Network Rolls out CASH to Buy and SWAP BTC, ETH, and TRX”

  1. Oh wow but conversion rate sucks at the best . for 100 euro i get only about 5200 trx instead of 6200trx on my exchange. Thats scammy sorry.

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