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started with some news because we have a lot of bullish things going on and I
wanted to sort of use this video to sum up everything that’s been going on 2080
and all the positive signs and why the inevitable Run will be here the
inevitable Bull Run will be here and why we should just wait for it now 20% of
British people or the Brits think that Bitcoin will be as common as cash or
card now 20% is higher than I expected ninety-three percent of respondents of
this researcher of this survey were aware of Bitcoin but only a very very
small amount actually held any with also a percentage of them
thinking about investing or wanting to invest soon now that’s obviously the
biggest downfall of most people is that they always want to invest later and
when the talk about time these people invest a lot of it will be at the
all-time highs there’s gonna be a bear market and then people are gonna regret
it they’re going to the lows and they’re gonna be angry does
that sound familiar yeah that’s exactly what’s happened in the last 10 to 12
months either way though there is a small amount of people invested in 20%
of Brits now this again keep in mind I don’t believe it’s gonna be 20% of the
whole British population I don’t think this survey necessarily might be as
accurate but I wanted to take this opportunity to ask you guys how many of
you guys believe that cryptocurrency or Bitcoin we’re not going to do
specifically Bitcoin just 8 cryptocurrency or crypto currencies in
general are going to be as common as cash or card I want to know your guys’s
thoughts and I swear I hope we have more than 20% of people believing that it’s
going to be as common as cash or cards let me know right now in the comments
down below what you guys think personally I have to side with the fact
that I think it’s going to eventually get there and the reason for it very
very simple is we always evolve we always have new technologies we always
make and make things better as years go on so I think the inevitable change is
going to be with everything moving online with e-commerce growing at a
rapid pace continuing to grow at a rapid pace I think it’s inevitable for us to
have digital currencies and that’s where crypto currencies come in so I think
it’s not gonna happen in one year but I do think eventually we are going to get
to that point in my opinion it’s inevitable it’s just the next step it’s
the right step for society to take now more bullish news actually going on so
reasons to be positive in 2018 for crypto is actually a very good tweet I
saw number one and we’re gonna talk about this one more in the bit but by
Nets has been seeing steady increase in number of users and Bitcoin deposits
business is still healthy and they’re still profitable so that’s still very
good to see from the largest exchange number two the general sentiment in 2018
is positive unlike 2014 despite the big price job now I’m gonna have to disagree
with this a little bit cuz I don’t think the 2018 sentiment was very positive
especially from the people that obviously were selling at the lows when
they bought at the high and a lot of people were very angry and didn’t
understand what was going on so I think the general sentiment might have been
negative still but I think the smart sentiment the sentiment from these
smarter investors which I’m talking about you guys right now those who
understand market cycles those who understand that at the lows you
accumulate and then when things return to the highs you’ve made profit the
sentiment between us I think is positive I would have to agree and then lastly
the crypto exchange plus over-the-counter OTC volume exceeded
twenty billion now there’s more news from this from the by Nance CEO himself
so not just a tweet we’re looking at cz the CEO of – the biggest cryptocurrency
exchange out there and my favorite one as well he is talking about the markets
still growing even though we’re not at the price point that we were previously
the market is still growing so he was saying that business is still very
healthy and it is still profitable and that even though the trading volume is
down by later nearly 90 percent compared to January it is still significantly
bigger than a year or two ago and cz obviously being his net worth I think
1.5 billion dollars as listed by Forbes he is the third richest person in
cryptocurrency again rated by the Forbes list and he built those largest crypto
exchange in the world in six months so with all this I’m gonna consider him a
smart guy and just by the fact that he is comparing things to one to two years
ago and not just month-to-month you can tell he has a long term vision
of what’s going on so he said that right now we are still signing up a steady
amount of new users every day from what we are seeing it’s very healthy actually
the number of new users and the amount of crypto we hold are increasing very
steadily so if you look at our cold wallets the amount of Bitcoin we hold we
have just seen an increase in people depositing Bitcoin to our exchange
although it might not look like it directly the overall adoption is taking
place overall adoption is growing they’re getting more and more signups
every day at a steady rate growing and that to me is a very good sign for the
long run now also talking about the real crypto trading volume and it might the
fact that it might be way bigger than the actual exchange because
obviously we get the exchange volumes all the time but apparently the OTC
market might be doing double what the exchange volumes are so there have been
numerous reports this year that the crypto over-the-counter OTC market might
just might be just as big as the crypto exchange market quite market cap and
other data providers use information from finance and other exchanges to
provide their report however the OTC market where big institutional investors
do business remains unchecked so again a lot of opportunity here again to show
you guys that the adoption is happening now the OTC market does not directly
affect the price but just the fact that the OTC market is there and that there
is obviously a lot of interest in buying crypto currencies from there shows that
there are a lot of big players out there with a lot of money buying into this and
understanding the direction things are headed well moving on talking about
ripples XRP a little bit of technical analysis I don’t go into too much detail
because these videos aren’t very technical analysis focus and again I
know a lot of you guys are interested in it though so I will talk about it here
and there but that’s not the primary goal of the video the overall part I
wanted to talk about are the takeaways which is that’s so far there’s been a
bullish market structure for XRP and if it does hit the fifty five cent mark it
would make a higher high which again is a bullish sign so now also there is an
XR p surge today and these guys claim that there is no clear catalyst we’re
gonna be talking in a little bit about X RP and why I think maybe we have seen a
clearer catalyst for it but overall nem is up 17 percentage guys to see that
straight away good things going for them XR P also up almost 5% you guys can see
the little bit of a pump here that we’re having and again that article talked
about having no catalysts but overall mark is at 213 billion dollars with a
52.2% big point dominance the biggest gainer em away C followed by nem that we
just talked about a little bit ago Mixon is up almost 14% as well as droppable is
up 5% still still under that 0.003 dollar mark
XRP then coming in in the top ten gamers I believe up a little over 4.5% we get a
refresh maybe it’ll be up a little bit higher let’s see what things are looking
now it’s down a little bit down to three point six five but again we have a sake
check look for the biggest losers we didn’t look at that wax is the biggest
loser Bitcoin gold dogecoin revena Walden chain Tasos which is a good
cryptocurrencies well it hasn’t been in the news as much recently so now let’s
talk about some specific all coins first one being basic attention token and I’ve
talked about them a while for a lot now because there’s been a lot of news going
on around them they’ve are a very good cryptocurrency again one that you guys
hear we say all the time but I am invested in disclaimer I’m invested in
it but I do believe it has some long-term potential if you guys haven’t
checked out the brave browser make sure to check it out down below it is a
fantastic browser I’m very excited to see it continue to develop and go and of
course using it means you are supporting crypto currencies and now they have been
listed by circle so the circle lists basic attention token just a few days
after the coin base listing now of course as you guys saw by the graph
basically tension token is still down not being able to sustain the growth it
got from the whole coin based listing and the coin based rumors that came
first so they are still down but again a good opportunity to pick some at lower
prices if you are interested in doing so now we’ve seen circle and coin coin
based partner on a few things already including the stable point that we
talked about not so long ago i don’t don’t–i go into detail about that but
the coin base and circle stable coin that came out and that was listed on
coin base now not too long after coin based listed dat
we are seeing circle do that again so maybe they’re working very closely on
things maybe you know once following what the other does not sure exactly
what that is but overall more adoption for basic attention token is a good sign
for me now Stella lumens is another one XL M is another one that I believe is a
very good crypto currency again disclaimer I’m invested all three of the
ones we’re talking about today basically changes token stellar and XRP I’m not
shilling them they are huge projects and they are very good projects now it gains
popularity and it leapfrog iOS into the top five so if
you look at the top five on coin market cap right now seller is up and it passed
us to break into number five deservedly so I think more adoption and more good
news has been coming out from stellar recently than yo s not to bash us
because I know a lot of people do still like it however there are a few things
that I know people don’t agree with but that’s not what I want to talk about in
this video the point is stellar past yo s good news for stellar again still
believe it is a fantastic cryptocurrency that will see adoption and for those of
you invested congratulations you have an it’s now broken into the top five so
it’s in the top five for the biggest crypto currencies in the world based off
of market cap now XRP had some pretty big news if we go to the last one day
chart you guys can see that there was a big surge going on over here now if we
were refresh and we saw that it was down in the last 24 hours a little bit from
the four point something it is now down to three point five percent gains so
overall again if you look at the chart this huge pump people were saying that
there was no real catalyst for well we know that ripple and XRP it likes to
fluctuate off of rumors and we know that the coin based rumor has been one that’s
happened like four or five times and every time it happens the price it still
has an effect on the price so we know that that’s the case now again I like
XRP in terms of an investment I think it’s going to return high rewards in the
future so looking at it only as an investment
I think it’s going to work out well now again I’m not going to come into the
ethics or the debate about it I just think it’s going to return a positive
returns and very good returns which is why I obviously have invested in it now
according to this article according to this rumor the Bank of America sends
representatives to engage ripple leadership payment system partnership is
discussed so again this is the very beginning of it but it could be another
big partnership for ripple we know they’ve partnered with a ton of banks
and a ton of companies already and we slowly started seeing that them get
implemented it’s starting to see actual results I think overall the results have
been shown to be positive otherwise I don’t think
they would get as many partnerships as they have now we talked yesterday about
I believe it was yesterday maybe it was two or three days ago not exactly sure
but the but we talked about the bank in Brazil and Japan using using their
technology for the cross-border payments there and overall again I’m excited to
see what happens I think they will continue to get more and more
partnerships I wouldn’t be surprised with a Bank of America partnership but
we’re gonna have to wait and see just a room just a rumor right now but I do
think this is what might be the catalyst for that little pump that we saw on the
XRP price I want to keep you guys updated on that that’s gonna be it for
this video hopefully you guys did enjoy if you did don’t forget to leave a
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