Bank Hopping for Coin Rolls – Quarters and Dimes!

Hey everybody it’s Rob with Rob finds
Treasure and we’re kind of doing a little fun thing today
I don’t bank with Chase Bank and they have a policy that says as long as your
transaction is $100 or less you don’t need an account so I’m always getting
boxes of nickels and boxes of pennies and $1 bills and find our bills up to
$100 so I can get so I decided a little fun today I’ve grabbed myself an empty
quarters box and an empty dime box actually I got two dime boxes in case I
feel real risky but I’m gonna hit up I literally have 12 chase banks within 15
minutes of my house so I’m gonna go to all 12 chase banks and get $100 of
change sometimes I’ll get 5 rolls of quarters and 10 rolls of Dimes sometimes
I might just ask for $100 in quarters 10 rolls of quarters my point is my goal is
to fill up with just loose rolls customer wrapped or machine wrapped doesn’t matter I’m gonna fill up at least one box of quarters in one box of Dimes
maybe two boxes of dimes no nickels and pennies today I don’t want to get overly
complicated maybe if I get really if I have great success I’ll just start
asking for some of that as well but let me flip the camera around and let me
show you the boxes I’m gonna be throwing up and then we’ll give you an update
after every stop all right guys here’s a couple of boxes that I’m gonna be
filling up today here’s an example of an empty one and so we’re just gonna pop
into every single one of these chase banks get a hundred dollars in dimes and
quarters – I’m outside of a Chase Bank right now so I’m gonna walk in there and get a
hundred dollars and change all right guys first Bank is a success I
was able to pull out ten rolls of Dimes for 50 bucks we got four Customer wrapped and I also got five rolls of quarters for 50 bucks and we’re on the board let’s go
ahead at the next Bank all right guys another Chase Bank down and we end up
with seven rolls of quarters and six rolls of Dimes for another 100 bucks
we’ll get them into boxes and show you what they look like so now we have 12
rolls of quarters we’re getting there and we have 16 rolls of Dimes
let’s in another Chase Bank up all right guys another chase bank done we got
eight rolls of quarters and four dimes and when I get those in the boxes
that’ll make twenty and twenty so we’re almost halfway there and there we have
it guys another Chase Bank another seven rolls
of quarters and six rolls of Dimes we’ll get them into the boxes and I’ll
give you an update on I think we have now 27 quarters and 26 time rolls so
we’re more than halfway let’s keep going I was putting away the rolls and figured
you’d want to see them 26 rolls of Dimes all different ones customer and machined
27 rolls of quarters customer and machined and yeah so it’s looking pretty
fun you know what guys I’m not gonna lie this is kind of fun doing it this way
cuz you never know what you’re gonna get and I’ve still got about five more
chases I get hit up so for Chase is down five more to go maybe four if we get
lucky all right guys the Chase Bank down this time we got six rolls of quarters
and eight rolls of Dimes kind of mixing it up so that makes what is that thirty
three quarters and thirty four dimes now We’re almost there all right guys another
chase bank hit up this time we got seven rolls of quarters and six rolls of Dimes
they all were machine wrapped so that puts us now at 40 and 40 so I need ten
and ten I’ve got a bank that I know I’m going to hit up on the way to pick up my
half dollars and then across from my half dollar banks another chase so I’ll
be able to fill this up in no time all right guys another chase bank down
another bag of rolls here we got seven quarters and six dimes so now we
officially have 47 rolls of quarters and 46 rolls of Dimes I just got to hit one
more Bank up I was gonna make it fifty and fifty but you know what I’m gonna go
ahead and get the extra rolls and we’ll have a few extra rolls per box so pretty
cool and I’m gonna go pick up my halves right now super excited all right guys
final chase bank visited we’ve got seven rolls of quarters and
six rolls of Dimes so the final tally on the boxes we ended up with 53 rolls of
Dimes and 54 rolls of quarters so we did good hit up several chase banks that’s
how you build boxes of change with not being a customer at Chase you know a lot
of a lot of banks like Chase allow up to a hundred dollar transaction or exchange
without an account so you should always call ahead of time and if that’s the
case pop into a few banks now this is building a box obviously if I woulda
just went to a Chase Bank I could have got a $50 in dimes and $50 in quarters
went home and hunted those but I was trying to get full boxes and you don’t
always have to do that but I wanted to show everyone it’s pretty simple to
drive around for about an hour hit up some branches and build build some boxes
or don’t worry about walking into a bank you’re not a you’re not a patron at I’m
not affiliated with Chase Bank whatsoever but I know their policy is up to $100 no
account needed so I run in them all the time all right now let me go pick up the
half dollar box from my Wells Fargo alright everyone we’re done with our
Bank errands we’ve got our box a half’s it is the Harrisburg PA coin rolls which
I’m not too happy with it is the whole box which I’m not gonna happy with
either but you never know could get real lucky in there we’ve got the box of
quarters and a few extra rolls in the box of Dimes a few extra rolls and you
know it’s gonna be fun about these hunts as sometimes when you get new little
boxes you could tell it’s kind of a bad box especially if it’s a lot of custom
wrapped rolls you like these have been searched I know they’ve been searched at
least every seven or eight rolls from each of the denominations I’m getting
into a different Bank because I never picked up more than between six and
eight rolls of any number of rolls from any bank so every six to eight rolls
I’ll be into something different that’ll make it kind of a fun hunt you never
know what you’re gonna get now let me get home and hunt some rolls
all right guys these are the dimes that I built from all those different banks I
thought I had 53 before but apparently I only have 52 let
me tell you something something’s weird these dimes right here are machine wrapped and it appears as though we’ve got a couple of rolls that are pretty big and
they’re hand wrapped and compared to the other preformed rolls that are the same type of rolls they’re a lot bigger so I think we’ve
got a couple of bigger rolls than we thought
I miscounted buy one but I’ll prolly make up half of it back in these two rolls
they’re really loosely packed because whoever wrapped him didn’t know what
they were doing for sure they just stuck a bunch of Dimes in there and thought
when they got to the top that they could fold it over so they probably didn’t
even count him I’m guessing there’s five extra dimes or so on each of these rolls
I figured I’d have a little fun deal here and just go ahead and open up these
two rolls right now I’m gonna save this box or a dime but hopefully there’s
something in it and I’ll be doing the same thing on the quarters so before I
get these dimes rolls open up let me get these quarters in there and we’ll pick
the extra rolls out and open those as well but since they’re not right right
rolled I’m thinking someone wasn’t a coin collector I’m thinking these
weren’t searched because obviously you would put extra Dimes in if you were a
coin searcher so could be some luck you know dimes in there all right guys we’ve
got the quarters in here I haven’t checked for any Enders except for what
you can see here I don’t see anything we got the 50 rolls in here these are
the 50 rolls I’m going to leave for the box these are the ones that I chose to
pull out again we had two tall ones looks like there’s uh some extra
quarters and those as well if I would have known which Bank had
these rolls these tall ones put at I should have paid attention in the bags
either way though I also chose these two because they’re different than all those
as well just as far as the wrapper is concerned doesn’t mean that anything’s
in there of course but these are the four extra rolls I have for making the
box those are two extra dime rolls I’m assuming that’s from the same customer
so I’m going to open up in this hunt I’m gonna open up these six rolls and we’ll
end the video here and this will be a quarter search for another video and
then of course I got my box a house all right everyone let me go crack it
into these rules first we’ll start with the two least likely to contain anything
rules they move on to the other quarters they’ll move on to the dimes as expected
guys 40 quarters in each of these nothing worth looking at or saving no
Wisconsin’s to even look at no Minnesota’s to look at and really no old quarters
before 1970 so definitely nothing there let’s move on these quarters here
alright guys no good finds excuse me and the other two rolls of quarters that
were tall but they both had three extra quarters in them so it made a buck fifty
on the quarter search for just those four rolls or really just those two
rolls now we’re gonna move on the dimes and you know we’re gonna have extra
dimes in these two they’re too tall so maybe I’ve got three to five extra dimes
as well that’d be kind of cool to have a couple of dollars made on a few rolls
let me look through these see if there’s any silver or anything worth keeping
all right guys unfortunately nothing found in those two rolls of extra dimes
as well and we did have four extra dimes though in each roll so we made 80 cents in those two rolls of Dimes and a buck 50 in those two rolls of quarters and then
nothing in those as well so nice little mini hunt we’ll take two dollars and
thirty cents profit from that anyway I just wanted to use this video to explain
how you could build a box or you can use a banks rules around getting yourself
some rolls without being an actual Bank member there remember to always contact
your bank first or any banks you plan on hunting and find out what their rules
are for non-bank customers sometimes they allow you to dump coins sometimes
they allow you to get a hundred hours worth of coins as well sometimes they’ll
let you do nothing but you never know until you ask
and as always you can’t find anything if you don’t hunt it so you got to keep
hunting hope you enjoyed the video if you did please give it a thumbs up and
as always thanks for watching

51 thoughts on “Bank Hopping for Coin Rolls – Quarters and Dimes!”

  1. Just remember Rob people who don’t know what they are doing in counting coins are more likely not paying attention to what their coins are. But they were nice enough to give $2.30 to the cause. The change basically covered gas. Cool!😎

  2. I do this all the time. Though one of the branches got sick of me soo I only do that branch occasionally now and they are a lot nicer to me now. The only thing I do different is mark the rolls so if I find anything I know which bank I got my finds from. Especially useful if you find silver in customer wrapped rolls

  3. It sucks I can’t coin roll hunt, but I just found a 1945 wheat in change. Pretty dinged but a wheat is a wheat.

  4. Didn't know that policy for Chase banks. I'm filing that bit of knowledge away for when I'm out looking. Thanks!

  5. Thats great Rob. I do this too if I dont have time for the whole box I just get 10 rolls each (dimes, nickels and pennies) and occasionally quarters. Sometimes you win with customers putting more in the rolls but sometimes you could lose too with them putting less. I am glad you had fun getting all these rolls 🙂

  6. Chase is my bank. I'm having problems getting anything without an acct. I drive around and go in and ask. Banks in my area are cracking down. They want only to work with people with business accounts. You did really well. Wells wouldn't give me change, the guy was rude. I really don't know what to do any more. I guess There are still banks I haven't hit yet. Thanks for sharing this info with other people.

  7. I wish I had so many banks to go to in my town Tulsa Oklahoma I only have like 5 around where I live

  8. Guy is “super excited”. About what? Possibly getting one silver coin in all of those boxes that would get him X 10 face value. Go get a job.

  9. All the banks near me are smaller local banks. I would have to drive 45 minutes to reach a WF, Chase, or BoA. none of my local banks have ever given me trouble over boxes, except for the morning lady at my main bank, but she is crabby no mater what, so I won't begrudge her for that.

  10. Do you know if this works for non-US citizens or would I be SOL on my next visit? Either way, glad this popped up in my recommended.

  11. I always mark the rolls to let me know what bank and location that I got it at. In case I come across a collection dump or anything interesting so I can go back and get the rest. Otherwise you end up losing out.

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