"Bakkt Will Bring BTC to $10,000 First Week Of November" ? [Cryptocurrency News]

all right welcome back everybody to alt coin daily here at alt coin daily you subscribe for our daily videos on everything going on in the cryptocurrency space today I want to talk to you about Bitcoin and really the culmination of everything that's been happening around us because we're in a very unique time the fact is it's not gonna be like this forever people are gonna make a lot of money in cryptocurrency over the next five to ten years there's really no reason why you can't be one of those people but you have to be smart you have to be disciplined I want you to subscribe to our channel check in daily I want you to stay updated but really use our channel as a starting off point you're gonna have to make your own decisions now let's get into this do you realize that we are already in mid-october mid-october and that next month is November in November is when backed is finally set to launch now I've been saying this for some time that backed it's a game changer for cryptocurrency and when it launches bitcoins price rising is going to be inevitable now some people argue they say hey we've kind of we've heard stuff like this before we've heard about these countless events that were supposedly going to trigger some sort of large rally like you remember the Chinese New Year or these random crypto conferences or ETFs I mean is backed any different from those things or being too optimistic well I like what this random crypto enthusiast at online had to say and I generally I agree with his assessment check this out backed is a very different thing than what some people compare it to it has nothing to do with ETFs consensus Chinese New Year or anything speculative like that the fact is backed is owned by ice the same company who owns the New York Stock Exchange now the New York Stock Exchange that is the largest Stock Exchange on the planet money will essentially be liquid between the two platforms for investors backed will be allowing for Bitcoin to be bought and to be invested into 401k retirement plans as well what people don't understand is that backed will actually be the physical delivery of the asset which is Bitcoin so unlike most of the proposed ETFs which are not backed by Bitcoin except for the Vanek ETF which is still yet to be approved but this alone allows big time investors to easily invest in actual Bitcoin this will actually make Bitcoin more scarce on the market as we know them now also backed will be purchasing Bitcoin at market not over-the-counter backed also made it clear that there will be no margin trading so it cannot be manipulated as easily as it you know it is with ETFs and futures so what's the cherry on top the cherry on top is that they will be pre funding the platform meaning before and up to its launch they will be buying massive amounts of Bitcoin quote me now and feel free to say I told you so if I'm wrong backed will bring Bitcoin to ten thousand dollars by the first week of November interesting so I'm an active participant posting on reddit I wanted to share this with you I'm gonna like this post because I want to support this guy and I think that's the theme to today's video that the future for cryptocurrency is bright and really in the coming months a lot of people are going to be wondering is it too late for me to invest in Bitcoin so there's this old adage the early bird catches the worm and encrypt or currency the time of the early bird is slowly ending the earliest adopters of any new technology or investment are always the most rewarded in terms of Bitcoin if you had invested $100 in 2010 today you would have over 10 million dollars if you invested $100 in 2016 today you would have around $10,000 if you had invested $100 in early 2017 today you would have over $1,000 so as you can see the early bird caught the worm many times so to speak now that doesn't mean that there are no more worms to get according to the World Economic Forum and the World Economic Forum is an independent international organization committed to improving the state of the world by engaging business political academic and other leaders of society to shape global regional and Industry agendas so according to them cryptocurrency as a sector will grow by 2,000 to 4,000 percent over the next five years that's a potential for twenty to forty times return for anyone who invests and chooses the right coins to invest in so to answer the question no it's not too late and generally I agree with this sentiment that the fact is we are early investors and there is such an opportunity there however there will come a time when Bitcoin and the whole crypto market will cease to be so young I mean right now we are still very volatile every single year now in the distant future that's not going to be the case as bitcoins price grows we're gonna see we're gonna see the market start to get more mature and really the price is going to stabilize we're still in the early days but it's not gonna be like this forever so is it too late to invest in Bitcoin no I don't think so what do you think comment below is it too late to invest and as far as Bitcoin getting 2,000 percent to 4,000 percent return on investment hey that's not going to happen tomorrow this is a waiting game this is a game where the disciplined investors win now you know what Warren Buffett says the stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient I like that next up over 1 million people visit Bitcoin meetups annual so this is an interesting analysis that suggests that there are a lot of new interest in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency a growing interest so crypto enthusiasts are flocking digital currency focused forums across the globe according to the data from community building site meetup comm so you know meetup comm great way you can go online and whenever you're interested in whether it's the Beatles or Game of Thrones or landscaping you can find people in your area and go to a meet-up in real life so as of just the other day on October 14th 2018 there are five thousand five hundred and sixty eight Bitcoin meetups held worldwide with approximately one point six five million members registered local communities are most abundant in tech centric areas like Palo Alto and Mountain View the former boasts the world's largest Bitcoin meetup with 35,000 members and the latter finishes second with fifteen thousand four hundred members so this article goes into detail America is the most popular place for people to talk crypto currency as far as the data from meetup.com goes and also we're seeing more and more specific altcoin me Tom's altcoin meetups it's not just for Bitcoin but it's just interesting to see that there is interest there and the results can be seen and they can be measured now there is a counterpoint made in this article I think it's always good to look at the counter-argument critics argue results meanwhile critics argue meetup listings are not indicative of a coins popularity for some Google Trends is a better indicator of the public demand as most meetup registrants may be regulars divided between groups to debate or never even attend a meeting so they're saying there's one point five people who are registered not necessarily showing up or also one guy could be registered at five different crypto meetups and so that one person shouldn't count for five individual people interesting none the less all right so now for this final article this is the best one and I want to share it with you I think you're gonna want to tune in to all of this because Nick Chong from News BTC comm he put together a collection of investors commentators and industry leaders who all have the same sentiment that we are very close to bottom if we haven't hit bottom already now personally I'm not an expert I don't know my guess is based on all my research is that yes we are very near bottom but I want to know what you think has Bitcoin hit bottom go on our Twitter it's at Alta poin Daly IO and I want to see what you think I'm going to post the link to our Twitter right in the description so you can vote and it's going to be interesting to see the results do you think we have hit bottom no we haven't or close to bottom we're far from bottom let me know let's get into this I'm going to tweet this out at the end of the video so like I said this is a collection of investors commentators and industry leaders that have foreseen a bottom in the tumultuous crypto market Angelo BTC a well focused cryptocurrency commentator and analyst recently broke his 1 month long Twitter hiatus to claim that bitcoin was seeing its last dip ever alluding to the well read theory that crypto assets are finally starting to undergo a bottoming phase although some claim that this bullish call was fueled by hope and nothing more the fact is that such a prominent trader made his prediction making his prediction comforted thousands of his 124,000 twitter followers while angelo who is bit max's top trader by volume in early 2018 he failed to rationalize his calls with technical and fundamental indicators there has been a multitude of industry leaders that have done the job for him for instance Mike Novogratz a former Wall Street guru turned diehard a former Wall Street guru turned crypto diehard he revived his dust ridden Twitter page in early September to claim that this market put in a low clearly tapping into his knowledge of traditional capital markets the galaxy digital CEO explained that markets of any variety like to retrace to the breakout so seeing that crypto assets essentially retraced the whole bubble Mike Novogratz claimed that a reversal to the upside is imminent while critics of this theory may point out that the charge Novogratz highlighted is now one month outdated the point is still as valid as ever one week after he issued his hashtag calling bottom tweet Novogratz took to CNBC fast money to highlight the other side of the coin fundamental indicators a theme throughout this interview was consistent throughout his comments which that institutions are poised to allocate to allocate capital to the cryptocurrency market adding that institutional FOMO is proverb for proverbially right around the corner so he's saying that institutions are poised to invest and it's never really been seen in the crypto markets before and when that happens they're gonna be following in just like everyday average people who full mode in back in late 2017 so since then however Novogratz has since retracted some of his short term price predictions but investors shouldn't be wary as other industry leaders picked up right where the CEO left off longtime bitcoin proponent proponent Tom Lee the head of research at fun straddle advisors told his clients that $1,900 aetherium by year's end is a likely scenario despite not explicitly stating it it's likely that Lee also believes that his 25,000 Bitcoin prediction is still in the cards as well about this blockchain capitals Spencer Bogart also had bullish sentiment to tout recently claiming that while patience is essential the long awaited bottom is within the industry's grasp giving his forecast some credence Bogart explained that the positive developments the crypto market has undergone in the past few months will be kindling for kryptos next bonfire or growth cycle in other words and as seen by recent as seen by the recent news cycle this industry has undoubtedly seen its fair share of fundamental developments that will only better the experience for institutional and retail participants backed a cryptocurrency platform aimed at revolutionising how institutions retail investors and merchants interact with this industry is slated to launch its first product in November if the launch of the physically backed futures products goes according to plan the platform which has been formerly backed by IntercontinentalExchange Microsoft and Starbucks will only increase adoption in real-world use case for crypto assets in a bid to seemingly undermine backs launch or to hop on the gravy train American banking giant TD Ameritrade joined hands with Eris X which will reportedly offer Bitcoin aetherium litecoin and Bitcoin cash futures by q2 of 2019 now some argue that Eris X is even more bullish than backed as its futures vehicle will immediately be available to TD Ameritrade x' 1 or 11 million 11 million consumers upon launch that's interesting not only have multi-national corporations for raid into crypto through partnerships but Wall Street giants are willing to gain a vested interest in this budding space through the establishment of crypto focused products and services Morgan Stanley Citigroup and Goldman Sachs for example all recently began work on offering Bitcoin derivative swaps to their clients which will allow these firms to bring crypto trading to the mainstream it's important to note that the after mentioned development is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to positive crypto new news so make no mistake despite the dismal performance of the market the end of Street is far from dead in the water although the fundamental indicators are signalling Kryptos biggest bull run to date as pointed out by Joseph young the lack of volume is still one of the hurdles the trip to market needs to clear it before a bull run is all but confirmed so he's checked off everything except vol final shake out yes positive developments yes months of stability Bitcoin at 6200 to 6800 rage range since August 9th yes lower highs since January bottoming out with record low volatility yes now we're just waiting for volume all right so what do you think I think there's a lot of reason to suspect that the future is bright let me know go ahead and go to our Twitter participate in the poll either way I'll see you tomorrow

49 thoughts on “"Bakkt Will Bring BTC to $10,000 First Week Of November" ? [Cryptocurrency News]”

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  2. I'm not going to shit on you about your predictions but I will say one thing regarding these videos.

    Speculative investing is the worst type of investing you can do. *quote "liking what some random crypto currency investor" * says isn't

    This type is investing is poor.

    A created currency cannot be invested in on the format of value against another currency. It's ridiculous.

    Crypto has a place.

    It doesn't in the first quarter of the century.

  3. I think this was a risky video, title is click bait but it is November 18th now…i love your channel but better be more careful on how u label your videos

  4. Man all you guys predicting a rise of bitcoin don't understand the big picture. Well it's the first week of Nov 2018 and we are not going anywhere. $10,000 Not seeing it. A question for you about ETF's backed by bitcoin. What good did the etf's do for GOLD or SILVER? You don't understand how markets are run. The jury is out on what will happen with the crypto markets and believing anything else is just unsubstantiated.

  5. All thanks to Mr Garald who taught me on how to be successful on cryptocurrency. email him at ([email protected]) and he will give you a detailed explanation/breakdown on how to double your bitcoin investments as well as how other crypto-currency investments works.

  6. One day left of the first week of November, BTC still relatively unchanged, still $2000 below the July rally (or dead cat bounce).

  7. Bakkt could already be priced in and keeping BTC above 6k. Don't get discouraged though … I'm taking a hold position on BTC. A position I don't HAVE to sell. I do think current BTC price is still too high but I dont really know. So I have my minimal position and will dollar cost as BTC goes down and buy more … dont see it below 2k ever again.

  8. What happens if ww3 breaks out and countries power and internet were wiped out . how would people trade then ? or what if bit coin was made illegal for trade all over the world ?

  9. well it is the 1st week of November, and guess what… Bitcoin didn't do anything. Actually it went down a bit. This is all wishful thinking.

  10. I bet all of you sell your BTC within the next 6 months. Watch what I tell you. Everyone who has BTC will sell when BTC hits 4k and below within the next 6 months

  11. If you held through the 2008 great recession you made a lot of money. Crypto will move bigger because not many are invested. Imagine if investors have 10% exposure…25% 50%+ think of the expansion

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