23 thoughts on “BAKKT Update | SEC vs Kik (KIN) | EOS Top Altcoin in China [Crypto News]”

  1. If bakkt caused bitcoin to drop, there are still a lot of vaginas that don’t need to be in the market.

  2. I like the video. Thanks for info. Finally som1 who understand how this things works. Good video bro keep it going :). I also giving some info. But on other subjects

  3. kik will win the SEC is supposed to obey and enforce laws not create them when they feel they need to.

  4. LTC halving, this is due Summer 2019! Then Bitcoin 2020! (also BCH, BTGold and BSV) The 500 per cent increase in LTC in the run up to 2015 mining reward halving enabled people to take profits and transfer them to Bitcoin! This helped pump the Bitcoin price (which increased by 40 per cent) and helped end the bear market!

  5. The US government is a joke. Take some time to read the bills on the floor most are loaded with special interest language so the bill can garner enough support to pass.

  6. EOS is free transactions thats why its number 1 in china. All you need is a account with eos a one payment of 1. 50c start a account and you got free transactions for life. EOS will be massive with rex around the corner passive income. i see eos $100 next bullrun and lets not forget airdrops.

  7. The USA could have dominated the world crypto markets. Instead they have allowed the SEC to obfuscate so much they are going to effectively put them behind some relatively tiny countries.

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