37 thoughts on “BAKKT Testing Launch | U.K. Wants a Word With Facebook | Much More Cryptocurrency News! (07/22/19)”

  1. Excited about BTC halvening? Are you excited that CSW has stated he will sell btc and bch 2020. Shouldn't your viewers be aware of this potential? In one statement I read he said he will sell at time of halvening too? Is that exciting?

  2. 4:02 Acceptance testing is a technical term: "In software testing the ISTQB defines acceptance testing as: Formal testing with respect to user needs, requirements, and business processes conducted to determine whether or not a system satisfies the acceptance criteria [2] and to enable the user, customers or other authorized entity to determine whether or not to accept the system." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acceptance_testing

  3. What do you mean you cannot stop developing bitcoin? There are only 5 (five) people controlling commits to bitcoin hub. I'm pretty sure they can be found, manipulated, and convinced to make certain choices so bitcoin will stop being used.

  4. Sometimes I wonder if btc will still be that interesting for next generations if banks and institutions that are getting in now start to chill it to their customers to inflate their own balance sheets. At some point a generation will trash on a collusion between mining and legacy finance and flock to new standards. Your beard needs a trim!

  5. The India thing is going through the courts so the government might find that the courts don't agree with them like what happened in China… If the courts rule that Bitcoin is legal then it puts the Indian Government in a checkmate situation! And if the courts don't rule it as legal and uphold the government ban then it shows that their court system is corrupt because Bitcoin is a human right!

  6. if they govs really want, they dont need to call bitcoins CEO. they can just go and sue the hell out of core devs and make their life miserable. isnt that a chance?

  7. User acceptance testing is a software development step where end users or stakeholders are using the product in a way that tests the requirements for public release.

  8. 00:00 Introduction

    00:33 Market Overview and Bitcoin Halvening
    01:36 BAKKT Testing Launch
    06:10 Coinbase 30M Users / Trace Meyer / Trump
    07:25 Free EOS on Coinbase
    07:35 Indian Govt. Panel Suggests Crypto Ban, Advocates “Digital Rupee”
    08:37 BitMEX Bitcoin Volume Slumps 33% After CFTC Investigation
    09:32 Circle Moves Exchange Operations Offshore With New Bermuda Office
    10:35 Bulgaria Has More Bitcoin Than The Stock of Gold
    11:38 Warren Buffet / Justin Sun / Circle CEO eToro CEO: Dinner This Week
    12:27 Conclusion

  9. User Acceptance Testing is a standard stage in software testing you can search it up. Usually pretty late stage from what I understand but may or may not involve actual users.

  10. Trace Mayer is indeed one or the top influencers who always had something great to convey and teach.

  11. Hey crypt0 🙂
    Not sure if you have a github account, but could you check out the blockchain program I wrote? Took me months to make it and I need feedback. A star would be appreciated if you like it!


  12. We should all be happy India is banning itself from Bitcoin. They are shooting themselves in the figurative foot.

  13. User acceptance testing would be the system testing. Testing the systems for bugs. Btw, thanks to your channel, I’ve discovered city skylines lol.. I was always a simcity nut way back in the day haha

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