Bakkt / TD Ameritrade Begin Testing And Ripple XRP / Wirex

ignition sequence start hey everybody this is the digital asset investor and I was talking to my father on the phone this morning and he had a question which I think that you all might have as well he was asking me what exactly is supposed to go on with back today now before I tell you what's supposed to go on the back today I wanted to make sure you understood that this and it's be a KKT calm if you want to go look at their website this company is owned by the the parent company of the New York Stock Exchange which is ice ice EE IntercontinentalExchange and and this this company right here is what is the embodiment it represents the coming of Wall Street into all of this and that's why it's so significant today you're not going to see digital assets go crazy just if they go crazy it's not necessarily because that you're not gonna see things go crazy just because of what they're gonna start doing today um but it is the representation of Wall Street coming in and for that reason it is huge its massive okay all right well here's what's going to happen on today and this is directly from backed website but again you can go and check out their their website on this bak bak Katie calm but this is from their frequently asked questions on their website when will testing functionality start user acceptance testing is scheduled to begin on July 22nd 2019 which is today I fus and I see us will have working group calls to help prepare for the new contracts and UAT clearing and delivery capabilities will be available in UAT access to backed warehouse will be available to all participating members to facilitate deliveries that result from trading activity in the UAT environment all member accounts will be loaded with test tokens to process test deliveries and then it says when will the futures contracts actually launch in production a launch date is expected in the second half of 2019 the launch will follow you 80 and backs receipt of regulatory approval from NY DFS as noted above and so the testing does begin today and that's progress folks we're heading down the line you're in a good place if you're a digital asset holder right now I actually bought more XRP this morning I am enjoying I'm enjoying accumulating my XRP because it's like to me it's like walking up to an apple tree and just getting to pick as many apples as I want at the price I want which is cheap cheap cheap so keep the prices low take them lower for all I care for now what's coming is going to be a monster I wanted to show you all this for those of you that don't use it I'm just now I was looking at coin gecko this is a another option for those of you that don't like coin market cap for a variety of reasons this is one of the sites that looks most similar to coin market cap and I checked it against coin market cap and it's also got a similar market cap there's some on some some of these platforms or some of these websites there's a pretty large discrepancy between different sites I see coin gecko which is it's coin gecko calm by the way it's very similar in the layout and also very similar in the market cap the numbers look similar in terms of it looks like they're pulling their data from the from similar sources and that's important so go check point gecko out if you haven't already okay I love these names that are takeoffs on Brad Garlin houses name this is bread garlic breath at Jo II blog ing lolz bread garlic breath has sent me this this is from crypt AAPIs at crypt topless underscore x breaking this is getting real now this is more exciting folks first I thought this saw this on my thinkorswim TD Ameritrade paper money demo account industry test then I saw this which was never there before today in my live real money trading account and I think that what we're looking at here is a TV Ameritrade account now we've already talked about how TV Ameritrade to my understanding is that TD Ameritrade is going to be the first the first traditional financial company to open up digital asset trading on to their retail investors and that is huge folks and and the reason I know that is because there was an article written about it they acknowledged it TD Ameritrade remember as well as Nasdaq is invested in eres X which is a new digital asset platform TD Ameritrade said that they were going to allow their retail customers there's like 11 million of them to buy and sell digital assets through on the you know ultimately it's going through error sex I'm assuming but now you're beginning to see he said that it's shown as an industry test but you're beginning to see it show up in their accounts and that is a big deal folks as I told the story many times on what I just said many someone did a parody video of me the other day where they said I say many a lot which was funny um so many many times I have told you that um that when I when I first got into the edge of digital assets I told my wife but if I was right about this one day we would be able to transfer our XRP into a Charles Schwab Macallan he trade account and when that time came it we would know that it was we were a thousand percent right about this and that's exactly what you're seeing that's beginning that's going to start happening and 2019 that is huge okay next now this I I'm just I'm still scratching my head on what the world this guy must be thinking the only way that he would have come out and been as arrogant as he is in this thing about this is if he plans on trying to compete with XRP it's the only way it's the only thing that makes me since then Tiffani Hayden tweeted something out that lets me makes me think that that's exactly what the guys trying to do what this was is it's a it's from ripple press a triple press tweeted this out yesterday yrx co-founder and CEO papel matt matt beef XRP is a good example here which is purely a security token he says they try to act like a payment to them but it's a security token it was a keynote speech at the Barcelona trading conference 2019 they don't have a date there but anyway he he it very clearly and he looked he's got this smug look on his face when he says it so I tweeted this out last night how to lose business for dummies I mean this guy has all kinds of XRP investors who have gone and become a part or downloaded his app and and really have helped the guy now he's giving them a slap to the face so then I saw this from Tiffany Hayden she had retweeted this right here from XRP research that Center and she says busted it's a tweet it says why except CEO was misleading two and a half million customers into believing X are piece of security without quoting any official criteria it says he has he has a hidden agenda this is the part that I didn't know he has a hidden agenda against XRP for many years he's just making it public now he has also refused to talk on his conflicts of interest with the SBI group and he's tweeting this out which is from someone named Samuel Connor says keynote CEO this is that key that thing I just showed you building a powerful network that will change the landscape of payments two and a half million registered users 3,000 corporate customers regulated coming in Japan in other words it looks like from the way I'm reading this looks like he is trying to he sees himself as a competitor to XRP and that's why it's coming out talking like this well I think this guy's in for a rude awakening oh well okay next I thought this was great from Sargent ob1 blockchain lunar registry promising to tokenize the moon own a piece of the moon everything will be tokenized and this these people actually put out a white paper down here it says them according to their white paper although the UN outer space treaty ratified in 1967 prohibits the ownership of the moon or celestial bodies by a nation it says nothing about private ownership this does not preclude the interpretation that private entities such as a civil as civil enterprises could exercise property rights over extraterrestrial resources that's pretty wild but anyway that's as far as i'm going into that i just thought it was funny but unless you have some kind of unless they really can prove any kind of real ownership I don't think the token sale is going to go very well but who knows there's been crazier things right twelve bullets left at twelve bullets left sent me this now this is interesting right here and you should all go and check this out the the website is down right now but you need to go look at it this came out yesterday Jon Salman at Salman jas the US SEC and FINRA have issued a statement on application of federal securities laws and the rules of FINRA to the potential intermediation of digital asset securities and transactions but if you click on this as of this morning even this website is down for maintenance and I'm not sure yeah the site is undergoing scheduled maintenance and so if you go down in here it says sign under maintenance and someone said let's see someone said something about how this might be a law firm or something I'm not sure but anyway right now we have no idea what this tweet was about or what he's talking about but it's just a link to a website where there was a blog entry or something I'm the digital asset investor I'm not an investment advisor this is for entertainment purposes only please subscribe and hit the like button tell your friends and family that the digital asset investor bought more XRP this morning and I was glad to do it thank you for listening you

25 thoughts on “Bakkt / TD Ameritrade Begin Testing And Ripple XRP / Wirex”

  1. Fun fact Xrapid is another product of Ripple and that is what all partners are running on and that isent their XRP!

  2. Funny when you wake up and check price on XRP and get excited when you see the price is down so you can buy more

  3. Has anyone watched what
    "The Cryptoviser " just posted … "Wirex CEO: XRP 'Purely Security Token'; XRP Price Not Reflective of xRapid Use" ..Oh Man !! He has sooo many valid point as to why the price of XRP is not moving and all the controvrsey arou No.3 top coin… no other coin has this type of controversey. You gotta listen to him people…. wtf is Ripple actually doing ?? !

  4. Hi all. I've mentioned in the past to get A TDAmeritrade and Etrade account. If for nothing else, as part of your exit strategy. Enjoy the ride all.

  5. the only way XRP is going up is if it gets pumped over an hour/day… I no longer believe in XRP … total shit being suppressed by all the holders that are given billions for free and resell to pocket the free money … thank you very much..

  6. That wirex ceo is an idiot. #XRP is not a security, the banks wouldn't be signing up to use it if they knew there was a chance that it would be. #XRP! I don't use wirex and definitely wouldn't now!

  7. By the way, for those who are interested in, Pasha Durov opened one more round of Telegram coins sale before floatation on www.toncrypto. site/toncoin

  8. Xrp is going to be big in 2022-2024 everyone needs to be more realistic and relax a bit lol these daily videos hyping it are only going to piss off the impatient investors.. good info today let's all keep building stacks and enjoy the ride.

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