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happy with the profits and overall getting a ton of a ton of messages from
people who are enjoying the profits now let’s get started with some news the
first one is about fake news so Elon Musk’s flamethrower company isn’t
accepting Bitcoin now there was a big thing going around that apparently the
boring company which is a Elan musk company that was selling the
flamethrower they were apparently accepting Bitcoin a lot of people
apparently fell for this turns out this was not the case this is another time
that Elon Musk’s name has been used to for a cryptocurrency scam apparently it
works really well so there’s no reason for them to stop using his name his name
is one that generates a lot of traffic to
people trust his name so they’re interested in those things and overall
all it led to is people getting scammed now don’t get me wrong I wish it was
accepting cryptocurrency because I would love to pick up a boring company not a
flame thrower take a look at that thing looks pretty cool
I wouldn’t mind picking one up let me know your guys’s thoughts in the
comments down below should I pick up even though we can’t buy with
cryptocurrency should we still look to pick up a flamethrower and not a
flamethrower and bring that on to a video on the channel let me know your
guys thoughts are down below I’m not gonna lie it sounds pretty cool now the
next news is about Tron and etherium so trunk trumped etherium in daily
transactions for the first time now one thing we’re gonna preface this with is
it’s just so we don’t spread Fudd its number one this was an anomaly right so
it was you guys can tell that there was an anomaly and Tron did indeed have more
transaction more daily transactions than aetherium Tron had five hundred ninety
nine thousand three hundred fifty four while aetherium had five hundred and
sixty-five thousand seven hundred and ninety one so still was close but truant
did beat aetherium then again obviously we had just the Sun tweet out saying
this the first time Tron has surpassed a theory of in daily transactions it’s
just the beginning now the reason for this people are speculating is probably
because of the partnership with Bay do now they did put partnership in
quotation we’re gonna talk about that in just a little bit but they do say that
that could be what led to the spike in transactions and that it’s not something
that should or that we will see happen again that you know the next day and the
next day the next day it was an anomaly as of right now no this brings up a lot
of controversy because I know there are a lot of trans of Tron supporters up
there and there are a lot of Tron haters out there there are both sides and it
basically comes down to I’ve noticed most the time is do you like Justin son
that’s usually the big thing behind is do you trust in Justin son do you
believe in Justin son now he does have his specific marketing techniques which
is like we said the whole partnership with Bay do was interesting and if we
take a look at the criticism that came out we remember that he tweeted
finally first time to partner with tens of billions of US dollar valuation
industry giant guess the name now according to another tweet that came
that came at him after they released the information about it assuming the below
is accurate this deserves to be called out as misleading marketing if I buy a
computer with Microsoft Windows installed I should not claim to have a
partnership with Microsoft without clarifying the limited nature of the
partnership so again another time that Tron has hyped up or that Justin son has
hyped up a partnership for Tron and either it under delivers or it doesn’t
seem to be exactly what he hyped it up to be and that’s what causes a lot of
people to dislike Tron however the project I think is growing in popularity
I think a lot of a lot of influencers in the space a lot of youtubers initially
weren’t fans of truant they didn’t like it and again it was because of Justin’s
son so something to keep in mind however I’m noticing more and more people are
shifting into it I think it is aiming to do a lot and if it does succeed it could
be a very very good project comparing itself to aetherium right now I think
obviously aetherium is at the top what of who who they’re
trying to compete with so it makes sense that they have aetherium on their radar
but I don’t think aetherium has that has Tron on their radar yeah I think there
still is some growing to do and that spike in daily transactions was a
one-time thing not I’m not saying in the future it can’t pass a theorem but I’m
saying right now it was also a little overhyped as the reason to why it
happened was because of the bay du partnership but anyways let me know your
guys thoughts are on the partnership down below I know we have a lot of tron
supporters in of as subscribers to this channel as viewers to this channel and
as you guys know I also do hope to see Tron and patron perform and I hope to
see them accomplish what they want to accomplish and I do have a part of my
portfolio invested in Iran so we’re gonna see how all that plays out now
let’s talk about back to because I got a lot of questions about this asking me is
back to postponed until December now this was a an article released by Kelly
who is the CEO at back now they were talking about the team the launch and
every that was going on so first of all they
have gotten coin based veteran as you guys can see right here in the article
they have confirmed a coin based veteran has joined ICS crypto platform back now
it’s really cool to see again having a big name that’s already in
cryptocurrency come in here and join what i seee is trying to do they believe
that ICS new venture will be the catalyst for those institutional
investors that have been waiting on the sidelines and trust me guys that is a
lot a lot of money to enter the crypto space he quoted as saying that in 2017 I
saw a big shift the interest in Bitcoin and other currencies started changing
from retail to the institutional side but the level of infrastructure of the
existing trading sites often didn’t meet their expectations so once that mean
they waited on the sidelines and are waiting to find the optimal opportunity
one low prices and to when they think things are a little more secure to come
in when things are easier for them to jump in to commit and that’s what I see
is trying to do that’s what ice is trying to do get institutionalize make
it easier for institutional investors to come in the market as well so white went
on to tell fortune that he believes traditional banking giants have been
waiting for crypto Trading security standards to reach the mark of more
traditional markets such as the equity market or bonds claiming that’s why I
joined back so that’s why he joined and again they have a veteran on there from
coinbase which is always good to see now in terms
of the actual lunch and what is going on the the stuff going on in November what
I understood for me is that November will probably be a softer launch so
they’re saying we’re taking a transparent approach to engage across
the industry as we begin testing and onboarding in November and then what
everyone’s talking about December that’s when trading and warehousing
that’s when that is expected to launch now again this is subject to CFTC
approval now the good thing is that these guys are being very transparent
with what is going on when they’re trying to have everything happen how
they’re trying to have everything happen that is all being very very transparent
which I like and it makes it easy for us to
keep up to date with everything that’s going on like I said for those of you
asking if it’s been postponed until December not really it looks like
November is going to be these like I said soft launch and then in December
they’re gonna have the trading and the warehousing so again very interesting
stuff a lot of people expecting this to be the catalyst that will bring Bitcoin
back to over $10,000 start us in the bull ranks as you guys know 10,000 above
ten thousands well I think we’ll solidify the fact that we are in another
bull run break 10,000 get in that bull run start seeing all-time highs and
bring all the excitement back into cryptocurrency and hopefully once we get
more excitement in and once we get more education and people knowing what
they’re investing in knowing why they’re investing we’re gonna see a little bit
more of a stable market without having to have that one too big huge spike and
then the correction that came to fall out for the several months we have to
wait that happens back still looks really really good I’m very excited
again not enough people are talking about this especially the beginning when
it first was announced I was highlighting the fact that nobody is
talking about how big this is now we’re starting to pick up a little bit more
attraction which is always good to see and I’m very excited for how things
continue to play out 2019 even maybe the end of 2018 but 2019 should see a lot of
money entering cryptocurrency and again 2019
2020 2021 2022 I expect things to just continuously improve in terms of
development continue to grow continue to grow interest continue to grow
adoption education all that part and continue to help the market grow and
grow so I’m very excited to see what happens next year and I’m even more
excited to see what happens five to ten years from now let’s take a look at the
overall cryptocurrency market two hundred and nine billion dollars in
market cap with a fifty three point seven percent
Bitcoin dominance so it looks like we’re kind of leveling off right here not too
much movement going on in the market again we had a little bit of a downward
pattern but as of right now barely any change Bitcoin change point four percent
this looks like a stable coin this looks like the stock market I don’t like it
when things move 0.4% we’ve gone to use to those crazy ups and downs trust me I
don’t mind if it’s up or if it’s down we can make money trade
either way with that but trading sideways is the most boring thing to
look at for Bitcoin 0.4% change absolutely sucks but if you look at the
biggest winners salt is up 30% bytom is up almost 17 eternity wax raving coins e
cash is another one that has been performing very well and one that I
think will continue to perform actually picked up a bit more recently and
already seeing some nice returns from that basic attention to open another one
that I’m very very bullish on and I have picked up as well and I talked about
that a little bit yesterday zero X’s up as well overall it looks like a majority
of the market is in the green with only a handful in the red such as futures is
down Komodos down polymath is down drop those down myth rolls down but only a
handful and not much losses but again even in the green we see a lot of these
very very small percentages which overall indicates that we’re having more
of a sideways day than anything else and a few cryptocurrency of course
outperforming the market because of news coming out and so on Power Ledger
however Power ledger is ranked number 88 there are they are in the green of
almost 2.5 percent today they won Richard Branson’s extreme tech challenge
2018 that is really cool to see Richard Branson is one of my favorite
entrepreneurs out there definitely someone that I look up to and follow in
terms of what he’s accomplished very successful guy always looking at
innovation always looking at what’s next and so he’s been looking at the
blockchain technology and cryptocurrency we talked a little bit about that he is
interested in it I don’t think he’s necessarily jumped into it maybe he has
maybe he hasn’t they haven’t disclosed that yet obviously he hasn’t disclosed
his his investment or a lack of investment yet but either way para
Ledger won this year’s extreme a Tech Challenge hosted by Richard Branson very
very cool to see right here it also saw a little bit of a jump in terms of
market cap went up to rank number 86 I believe it is still somewhere around
that range now maybe a 88 I don’t remember what we just saw it at but
these crypto currencies guys a good crypto currency one that again I’ve been
invested in for a while now not a huge investment I wish I had more
of an investment in it but obviously you can’t I can’t put as much as I like you
to everything because there are a lot of good products out there but I do have a
small chunk invested that I invested some time back and overall I am holding
on to this and excited to see what the project continues to bring I heard good
stuff from it before and again this is only more confirmation and
congratulations to the power Leger team for winning
next up light coin I’ve talked about this as well a lot like coin always had
that they’ve been developing a non-stop they’ve been working on adoption
non-stop in the bear market as a lot of cryptocurrency either one died down or
two haven’t done much like one has been one of the few and again the base few
are the ones that I’m really looking at that are making developments that are
making improvements and preparing for the bull market they’re doing all the
all the tech side all the adoption side you know all the dirty work behind the
scenes work they’re doing that in the bear market well their fees are about to
get reduced ten times with the new litecoin core launch due to a surge in
its fees after like when hit its all-time high at three hundred and
twenty dollars like Quint is down a lot from that and this could possibly be a
cows for light point to have a little bit of a run as well to continue to have
maintained its spot in the top ten I believe it’s number five right now
number seven right now sorry about that number seven right now good
cryptocurrency overall again a relatively safe one because it is high
up there and Charlie leave behind it like you guys can like memory you guys
can dislike him given you know his selling of his light coin but the guy is
smart and he knows what he is doing now lastly stellar has been outperforming
the market a ton they’ve been up there actually up a ton this week they’re up
today as well over two and a half percent they hiked again by 4% to round
off a weekly growth of 17% so stellar lumens xlm has been surprising it’s hard
less with the impromptu price hikes over the last week now this is another good
cryptocurrency one that I have invested more into stellar and XRP both ones that
I’m very bullish on and I have I I have invested and I can disclose that
I have invested a good amount into as I do think they will continue to perform
well especially when the bull market comes but guys that’s gonna be it for
this video hopefully you guys did enjoy if you did don’t forget to leave a
thumbs up and leave a comment down below in order to enter a chance to win some
free Bitcoin and of course be subscribe and have your notifications turned on so
you can check back in to see if you did win so you can go ahead and claim it but
guys thank you so much for watching I’ll see you guys tomorrow for another video


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