Bakkt Officially Delayed! Bitcoin BTC To $332,000?! (Cryptocurrency Price + Trading + News 2018)

what's going on guys Patrick here bringing you a brand new video today we got another killer video for you guys full of information today we're looking at back to being postponed again we're also be looking at Bitcoin going to three hundred thirty two thousand dollars as well as tons of other news that went on in the cryptocurrency space but guys before we can start with that if you want to enter a chance to win some free Bitcoin all you guys have to do is number one be subscribe the channel and have your notifications turn on number two give this video thumbs up and number three leave a comment down below saying something related to the video also if you guys are interested in making money trading cryptocurrencies even while the market is down make sure you check out the first link in the description or the first thing in the comments for the cryptocurrency trade alert group so far I've had an over ninety percent success rate and I post every single one of my trades that brought me to a six-figure portfolio in the group so that if you are a complete beginner if you don't have time to technical nuts or you don't know how to do technical analysis you can copy my exact trades we've had people make up to five hundred to a thousand extra dollars from one single trade which is phenomenal and if you have to work if you're stuck at your job so you don't have time to be able to trade it takes two to three minutes to set up each trade I show you exactly how to do it in the group after that you plug and play and it takes a Prophet's automatically for you so that sounds it's interesting to you guys make sure you do go ahead and check that out now let's get started with some technical analysis though you guys have seemed to really enjoy the technical analysis at the beginning of the video so I do want to start incorporating that into a daily thing make it so that every time we post a video we talk about the news we also look at the charts because although the adoption in the news part is great and a lot of people really love to see the adoption that's happening and the growth we've had in this space a lot of people are also interested in the trading and the investment side of Bitcoin so let's get started or cryptocurrency Jeff now let's get started what we see right here is we add a sharp spike drop today so you went from all the way to roughly $3,800 all the way down to 3,700 now this is seem small but it caught a lot of people off-guard and I want to share with you guys the reason that to me this was a hundred percent foreseeable and that is due to the wedge that we were trading it we've been trading in this you can actually extend this further to make it down but it within the last day and a half since you know roughly end of the 20th 29th of December we've been trading in this we've just been following it very very well look like we're getting to the edge of it and what happened well we had a breakdown and coincidentally if you look at where we basically dropped off – it was – the support at roughly $3,700 from that we correct it back up and now are making our way again trading in a very very difficult to predict range Bitcoin especially being the New Year happy New Year to everyone I hope you guys enjoy 2018 although prices weren't great adoption wise it was the same we've seen a ton of things happen we've learned a lot we've experienced a lot and let's hope for 2019 to be absolutely killer but yeah we're trading in a very weird region being as it is the being as it is the end of the year I expect we could see some very crazy things happen maybe not but we'll have to wait and see also we just finished the weekend where we had low volume very easy for after the weekend for us to see it's sort of a bigger move than we were used to during the week and weekend usually has low trading volumes we don't see a lot happen but that's basically what happened to Bitcoin in the micro level we had a little bit of a pullback to the support after breaking out of the wedge nothing crazy and for now still seems like we're trading in sort of the range we've been trading in for some time all the way since back here now we've just been trading relatively within the same range an interesting pattern though that came up that a lot of people have been talking about and it's been you know picking up momentum as we go in there Jah dies down then it picks it up again this has been here for some time this is the time cycle based on supply having so as most of you guys know Bitcoin is going to have the next having on in the year 2020 so it's not too far away so what this chart expects to happen and this is all the way from the beginning it's been drawn and it's showing that we have a peak we have the bare market this is the 2014 one that we saw happen and everyone compares what's happening now to then fast forward we had the bear market of 2018 you know hitting the low of what this chart says was between 2,500 and 3,100 so between 2,500 and 3,100 that's the range Brava right here bounced off that traded and you know a little bit higher star to pick up a little momentum as it went and then eventually heads all the way up to 300 and 32733 if a pattern if the pattern does continue to happen then that is in case what that is indeed where it looks like we could be headed now $332,000 bitcoin sounds insane right now but if you think of the fact that again in this period of time we went from Bitcoin being worth $100 all the way up to be worth 20,000 that don't think it's that crazy to believe that Bitcoin could go from being worth 3,000 right now 3,000 whatever it was at 3,500 all the way up to 330 mm although it sounds crazy we've seen Bitcoin do some crazy crazy things let's end the yarn a little bit of a positive note and hope I wouldn't mind for us to see this type of Bitcoin price let me know in the comments down below if you think we will reach that now this is saying by the year 2022 this is gonna happen to having being on the year 2020 never know what your guys's thoughts are in the comments down below I'd love to see how many of you guys actually think we could get to three hundred thirty two thousand how many of you guys don't believe we are gonna get there and again given the overall sentiment to the market right now I'd be surprised if we saw more people believe it previously you know when we were at these highs of people were you know excited everything I think three hundred thirty two thousand well something a lot of people would definitely believe could happen and now in this period of time a lot of people probably change their mind probably now don't believe we could see this type of price I personally don't count anything out with Bitcoin although it is quite the jump like I said look at all the previous events that have happened from 85 cents to a thousand 160 from you know $100 all the way to you know 20,000 so enough from two dollars here sorry from to two dollars here all the way up to a thousand one I know it's still insane there from 100 dollars up to 20,000 do we draw back to this zone maybe we might see a little bit of a further pull back to potential lower lows that people have previously talked about and then from there who knows it'd be really interesting to see obviously way too early on the technical analysis scale you're gonna have to play a day by day hour by hour that's the only way to make sure that you you know are fully up to date with what's happening but the pattern has gone on and on and it'll be really really cool to see if it does happen again like I said I'm sure $332,000 bitcoin is something a lot of people would love to see now Before we jump into the news because we have a lot to cover let's take a look at the market well surprise surprise we have another red day in the market now it hasn't been anything crazy for the most part like you guys saw the market follows Bitcoin and Bitcoin from the technical analysis that we were looking at hasn't been doing anything crazy it's sort of been trading within a range within a range right here with a few Bart's going on but for the most part it's still in that region currently on coin market cap at three thousand seven hundred and ninety four dogs able to refresh to make sure 3800 there ago that looks a little prettier just under 128 billion dollars in market cap with a 51.9% Bitcoin dominance now the biggest gainers of the day are mo AC is up almost eight and a half percent waves us up almost five and a half mol Mobil go is up almost 5% finance coin is up almost four and a half percent and so on someone but unfortunately after like ten kryptos in the grain we have everything that is in the red so Dex is down over 18 percent pivots that was up a ton yesterday down nine point nine percent and so on so on a majority of the market definitely indicating a red day in the market today no big news that came out IC e officially this is the official notice that Bitcoin futures backed officially has been delayed that is what's going over here this came out and notice on December 31st now a lot of people are wondering what's going on there's a lot of misinformation well according to this they don't have the the required approvals that they need in order to carry on with what they're doing so when they had previously delayed it to January 24 2019 they're going to have to amend that and they officially announced it depending on what's happened now what looks like damage control came how impact came with an article at the same time talking about how it raised 182 and a half million dollars from Microsoft and other big-name investors showing the interest in there and I do think back just want to bring a cool product to the space that's going to you know one thing do very well for the price and I'm hoping that a lot of people see them hopefully they will what they're doing is Bitcoin back future so they're gonna have to take us amount and an X amount a big point out of the circling supply probably a large amount out of the circulating supply therefore some basic supply demand in economics you probably learned in high school that means that prices will go up we're gonna have to wait and see the exact effect that it has I do believe they're bringing a good product and again being delayed but from what I was reading from my understanding it could only be a few day so still first in first quarter or first half of 2019 still very possible for us to see back to happen hopefully that is something we see again like I said it's a really cool product that thing to bring out that it's going to help one the market into the overall prices and although people like to pretend like they don't care about the prices and that the news and the adoption is what matters I know a lot of people are waiting to see prices go up also pretty cool too very big names number one Tony Robbins two of these guys guys that I've fallen for a very long time and I do like hearing what they say number one Tony Robbins giving the exposure to big coin on Tony Robbins comm obviously he has a website of producing an article saying what the heck is Bitcoin and how does it work now although this is probably just trying to grow his own brand and try and get more viewers attention it is creating a huge you know a huge amount of exposure for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency given that this guy has a lot of falls over three million Twitter followers and a ton more spread throughout several platforms another big name that's been in the mix Grant Cardone I don't know how many of you guys know if you guys know Tony Robbins if you guys know Grant Cardone as in not person but if you guys have heard of or if you guys follow these guys let me know in the comments down below now I haven't heard anyone talk about this but since I do follow Grant Cardone and I assume the you know based off Facebook data they know that I am into cryptocurrency I started receiving grant cardone cryptocurrency ads trying to promote his newest conference the 10x growth conference through I started get Facebook ads of Grant Cardone targeting specifically crypto investors so let me know if you guys have seen those ads as well it starts off literally with him saying something about talking to crypto investors so clearly he's being able to target Facebook has allowed him to target cryptocurrency in his ads as most guys know YouTube and Facebook don't and they've had a ban on it they're starting to ease up and allow some people to do it well he's apparently one of the ones that gets to do it so two big names in tony robbins creating a ton of exposure and grant cardone honestly tying in with the putting his name in and running ads to it does give it a sense of credibility in the ad he also does mention that it's been a crap year but that he does believe it'll go up and i don't know if you were saying sarcastically i don't know if he actually believes that what i do know is that he put on a story a while ago saying again this is a guy with millions and millions of followers he put out a story saying that he had accepted bitcoin one time in order for us to pay for a speaking event now these guys couldn't afford to pay his salary and cash so what they did was offered to pay him and bitcoin he didn't know what it was he accepted it and well this was a while ago so he made millions and millions of dollars off that one deal simply because he kept it in Bitcoin so he does have a little bit of a tighter cryptocurrency pretty cool to see that happen lastly dead coins this website is actually pretty cool I got sent this from a viewer and they were showing me that well this website lists every single project that has died if you go out with coin mark cab you'll see there's over 2,000 crypto currencies on there and well this website is indicating and this article ties in perfectly with it then nearly 1000 1000 crypto projects have been declared dead in 2019 now this website gives you not only the coin name not only the coin code but it gives you the summary as to why it died very notable one on here as you guys can see big connect right very very notable BCC is the code coin and the summary big connect that everyone always knows the meme from so that's there right there and the reason category is scam so you guys see there's been several scams there been several deceased as well you know some just had no training volume just died down got delisted whatever it may be there is a huge list of them so this ties in perfectly with what we were talking about before that a lot of cryptocurrencies are going to zero a lot of them are going to die not only have they died but there's several more that are going to die because they are either scanned or they're just absolutely tracks you know someone might have tried it didn't work out it failed it was it was traps yet that was it some people start a coin for no reason just creating hype a lot a lot of them are gonna die it's the good projects they're gonna stick around for the long run those are the ones they're gonna see the real long-term gain so that's why I focus on building my portfolio around coins that I truly believe have a value moving forward but that's gonna be it for this video guys hopefully you guys did enjoy if you did don't forget to leave a thumbs up and leave a comment down below in order to enter a chance to win some free Bitcoin also Happy New Year's again enjoy your day with your families your friends your partner whatever it is that you are spending it with but enjoy your days and I'll see you guys tomorrow for another video

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  2. i don't think the bitcoin will rise up so quickly. i do believe we are still in the bear market. We haven't reached the bottom yet.

  3. I don't know yet about Bitcoin I just have BTC Wallet can u give me any?

  4. I think I’ve said this before but again. Bakkt won’t be launched before the ETF, both of them are tools being used to manipulate the price. So now that “they” can’t delay the ETF decision any longer it’s time for bakkt, at least till February with the approval of ETF. The good thing is the tools “they” are using to manipulating the price to go down, are the same which will start the bull run.

  5. DigiByte anticipated the scalability issues that would plague Bitcoin adoption, so DGB designed its blockchain to handle Visa/Mastercard levels

    of volume, all while keeping transactions on the blockchain.

    The problem with the Lightning Network is that it is an off-chain (meaning outside the blockchain) "solution".

    This is no solution at all, for if off-chain solutions are okay, we might as well stick with Visa/Mastercard because they're already digital and lightning quick.

    Also, LN risks centralization because it'll have centralized hubs. If you believe in the true spirit of crypto, you should reconsider

    the merits of Lightning Network. BTC is awesome, but I think it's going to act more as a very lucrative store of value (gold).

    When it comes to day-to-day cheap transactions, DigiByte will dominate.

    DigiByte is sooooo undervalued. People heavily invested in tokens (who don't even own their own blockchains) are missing out on DGB's decentralized high-speed UTXO blockchain.

    When people intend to wake up?

  6. Happy New Year everyone ???
    I don’t think that BTC will hit 333k any soon but 33k it’s more possible

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