Bakkt Moving FORWARD Despite CFTC Delay – Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News

good morning everyone it is January 14th it's that time again for daily Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news a lot to talk about today and the topic is definitely about back there moving forward to split despite the CFTC delay they're not sitting on their hands they're actually made their first big acquisition and also there's a lot of news surrounding Tron and other pieces of news and overall today is actually is actually looking like it's trying to recover from this horrible horrible weekend that we we saw a couple of big dips so I'll talk about that as well but thanks for tuning in guys always appreciate your support let's get started and and do Q&A afterwards all right so let's start out with backed and Kelly who is the CEO Peck just released this and they are talking about their first acquisition which is interesting your figure they're not really off the ground yet yet they're making their acquisition well that's because she wants to show people that they're she's not just sitting around back is not just sitting there doing nothing we heard of they just raised 182 million not too long ago so they gotta do something of that money obviously to go use that to operate but they are acquiring rcg ratha know Collins group which is an independent Futures Commission Merchants with nearly a hundred years of earnings client trust and why did they do this specifically I highlighted this paragraph this acquisition underlines the fact that we are not standing still as we wait for regulatory approval by the CFTC for the launch of the regular training in our crypto markets our mission requires significant investment in technology to establish an innovative platform as well as financial market expertise to deliver the most trusted FinTech ecosystem portage acet so it sounds like two reasons one is is basically they want the people okay financial market expertise so basically our cg has a lot of people that's been that's been in the space for a long time serving clients for a hundred years so they want that they're doing it to acquire two people and all sell technology okay and I think this shows that backed is serious about what they're trying to do right because see FCC because maybe because a government shutdown or other things kind of dragging their feet on this and and Kelly wants to show that hey they're moving forward despite but despite everything and who knows who knows maybe they can they could do some other stuff maybe like what coinbase is some of these other changers doing maybe start buying start buying other companies that's are ready in this space and maybe they'll speed things up but this this fortunate article also talks about this and this was just released and this is interesting because it kind of tells you what they're trying to do and really write it says Roth and all columns specialize in managing commodity accounts for investors and institutions by moving money handling collateral and steering trades through bank owned clearing houses minimal risk of default so basically they're experts at handling money institutional money right the hundreds of millions or tens of million one hundred millions billions that come in and they need to be moved around right this kind of stuff is what they're dealing with and this is what they're really good at so let's close that all right so yeah so this makes sense obviously back to something someone new in this space and the cryptocurrency space to go be handling a lot of money for a lot of institutional clients specifically revolving Bitcoin right so they want all the expertise they can get and I think this shows this is a very positive thing all right because even myself included I was theorizing last year maybe the drops we were seeing is due to some kind of delay would back right maybe people know packed is delayed or maybe even worse that back is or let's say ice is rethinking what back is going to be doing or maybe they're having second thoughts about back altogether this definitely shows no none of that is true they're moving forward so I think this is very positive very positive all right so let's move on from here let's talk about Trond okay so Tron had a good last week and then it tumbled because everything else fell back down good morning guys for those you guys tuned in and the ex-employee which is one of the executives okay a BitTorrent basically said that there is no way BTT can work on Tron's network because it can't handle it can't possibly handle the number of transactions that's required right so this comes down to scaling and this is one of the things that it's Achilles heel of basically all projects right now especially tharam and Bitcoin but Tron and euros and nulls and Cardno and you last those and all these other generation 3 coins they're trying to solve that right and Tron basically you know what I don't know what they advertise in terms of transactions per second but a lot of these projects because they do a Sept side-chains basically it links up and you can have infinite amount of transactions so I don't know if Tron actually actually published what their official transaction per second is and we don't really know because the network's just getting started but basically this this ex-employee is throwing shade at but at this project that says is nothing but marketing right so I tweeted zombies I actually thought this is interesting is this true is this just a marketing employee or can try and do it only time will tell but my gut tells me yes they can do it this is this is a huge huge thing this is something that Tron spent a lot of money on and this will propel Tron forward because there is a lot that they're going to be doing with BitTorrent not just not just delivering content but also storage possibly proxy and there could be other things for this right in their introduced a new token which is gonna be a currency so there's a they have a lot right in it so I'm pretty sure just in them team is trying to figure out how to handle transactions and and this is like the double-edged sword because one of the reasons why BitTorrent so attractive is because they say they have a hundred million a hundred million users per month and and with that comes with a lot of transaction so you better be able to handle all that transactions right so this is a double edged sword but I think Tron will figure it out but this is one of the reasons why Tron came back down and now it's coming back up there is also this there's a lot of fun on Tron basically they're having a dab contest a 1 million dollar dad contest so there's some controversy where the number of participants was increased I guess apparently from 56 projects to a hundred which I don't think it's a big deal but then there's some allegations like one of the top winners who won two hundred thousand dollars is basically no name company and people are wondering if it seemed a legit company or what we don't know so again stuff like this that's affecting Tron overall I mean if they're giving away a million dollars to DAP makers you know why are people complaining and also in this article accuses that a lot of thorium developers simply ported their app from ethereum to Tron and they also won again I know that that seems like it's kind of like a cheat like a you know it's like a clone right but this is how developers do it just like those of you guys have Xbox or ps4 game makers they create the game once and they ported to all the systems they're not gonna rewrite the game for all the all the systems it's kind of same Dame you have a working DAP and e3 them why not ported to Tron right and then once you import a Tron you can have it actually being used by a lot more people because they can handle more transaction so again I don't I don't find that that's really a Qi maybe some people don't like it means they didn't develop it from the ground up but again a lot of fun or shade thrown at Tron and I guess I don't know I don't really think I don't really think it's a big deal but maybe some of you guys do so just want to bring that out okay moving on and I tweeted this and this this goes with what I've been saying holding Bitcoin for a long haul for life-changing wealth is Tim Draper that's what he has done he has made 89 million dollars from Bitcoin investment five years ago and that's after this 85 plus percent drop okay he sold but imaginable before that this was hundreds of millions of dollars right so he is one of the guys that's an ultra Bitcoin bull and of course he's already rich so even if this one to zero is not gonna affect him but he truly believes in it and this is this goes with what I've been saying never invest more than what you could afford to lose and that's what you can afford right and that's what he did so remember the u.s. US authorities they they had all this bitcoins from Silk Road once they they they closed down and there was a lot of BTC being auctioned okay so he purchased 30,000 bitcoins 30,000 and he was paying 632 per Bitcoin and that is actually at a premium because other people are offering lower like 500 550 600 so he wanted it he wanted it and that 632 dollar per Bitcoin is is is looking very very attractive at this point so even with Bitcoin being at 3,600 right now that's $3,000 per Bitcoin so you take that times 30,000 that is how much he made right so this is a prime example and this is five years guys okay it's not 50 years it's not like what Warren Buffett how he made his billions over course of the last 50 60 years no this is just five years so just put that in person like to think about where you were five years ago and probably not a whole lot of change right probably not that much change and and this kind of shows why you want to why you want to stay in it for the long haul right despite what we're seeing despite the volatility so really like this story and these and Tim Draper if you guys don't know who he is look him up he is a very famous investor divesting a lot of tech companies early on and made his wealth that way alright so moving on showing other people that's not giving up Michael Arrington he is leading $1,000,000 funding round ok along with other people such as neo global capital Goran helm ventures and so forth so basically the companies in this space and I got a mention Mike Novick at Scouts in digital right those of those people that's in this space they have created – these VCS they're definitely not giving up they're continuing forward this is actually the time to actually invest in these companies because you could they could probably get in get a larger majority share or something for for next to nothing because people are desperate for money and this is go lead to huge huge profits within the next few years so so there dot definitely not be giving up because they're in it for a long haul thanks for tuning in guys make sure you smash up the likes okay that's always appreciated moving on I talked about the OTC market a lot because we want to know what's going on in OTC market right right now there's a whole bunch of bitcoins being bought and sold in oldc market and I reported last week circle and also some other major OTC market forget the name but they've been reporting that their OTC volume has basically doubled in 2018 versus 217 and it continues to go up so that's probably not gonna change in 2019 right but the one thing that's lacking it's insight into what's really going on now we're seeing all these exchange coin base getting at OTC finance going and only see now bit tricks who used to be one of the biggest exchanges in the world is now launching their own OTC trading desk and I think this is positive right of course anything anything I allows institutions or large whales to get in is positive but these exchanges are pretty forthcoming in terms of giving information insight into what's going on it's in their best interest to write so I think this is this is a positive as we get more and more of this we're go see a lot more reports come out and actually get a clearer picture of what is really going on alright so moving on we got bit Bane more bit main news is they're closing their Amsterdam so we heard of closing we heard of them close Israel now Amsterdam and who knows I mean it's more and more bad news coming out now I had a lunch with I mean dinner for with a friend who is hearing that that you know the to seal include jeff wonwoo that stepped down the cofounder has stepped down I heard not only are they stepping down but they are also leaving the company entirely or leaving forcefully than being kicked out that's what I'm hearing I don't think that has been reported yet so so it's rumor ville speculation right now but it's looking like bit main is in the world of hurt right now and there's a real chance that hey maybe maybe they don't even survive 2019 if this crypto winter continues fingers crossed that doesn't happen because they are still very important to the overall overall crypto ecosystem let's say so we don't want that to happen but but I think I think the founders were a little bit too greedy they overstepped in a big way they couldn't predict a future along with everyone else they they backed a lot of things they just shouldn't have back like Bitcoin cash right and and they're paying dearly for it right they're paying dearly for so we see but I you know right now it's just endless bad news for bit made all right moving on lastly this is this is really funny so we heard a gate you know coinbase get hacked with or a 51% attack of ether named plastic with coinbase and and Columbus was the first to announce it then half of gate IO and then gate IO said the hacker returned it so maybe they were just trying to prove a point that that gate IO was was open to the same type of you know hack or whatever so they actually received $100,000 back which is really funny so they're thinking it's a white hat hacker that's doing it to just prove a point not really to do it for malicious reasons so you don't hear how it's very often so I got I got a report that but I talked about you thermoplastic and overall proof of work coins in the past they're successful to 51% attacks and that will continue to be a theme I believe going in 2019 because actually some of these approval were coins is dirt cheap to do a one-hour attack or a few our attack dirt cheap we're talking about just a few thousand dollars per hour to do and I'm honestly surprised you don't hear a lot more about it that's really really really uh really interesting alright so lastly let's talk about Bitcoin and overall market Bitcoin as we saw out of the blue out of the blue we saw a huge sell-off and another Cuse off and then we stabilized and then we saw another huge sell-off so just what the heck is going on I even tweeted this I'm like who is selling at these levels right when you're at 3,600 how could you sell to 3400 right but today we're seeing some of those whales decide to hey maybe maybe that wasn't such a good idea let's buy back so we do see a big green today but however we're still not at 4,000 we're kind of waiting we're still hovering around that point right I said between 3,100 4,000 I don't know there's someone at large right but that's we're hovering right now and we're not really seeing traction either way and that's just gonna be the name of the game for a while for a while and maybe that's until back finally gets approved maybe we haven't heard a lot about the Bitcoin ETF maybe it's those things maybe I had nothing to do with those things maybe it's some other trigger like today I heard Trump came out and said he thinks the trade war will be over soon he thinks that they will be 'no gonna go xi ating a new deal between the u.s. and china maybe that's first up maybe the stock market goes up like crazy afterwards and maybe it will affect Kryptos so I think we're all waiting for that right now but overall if you look at CMC 123 billion which is better than where we were yesterday we see a whole lot of greens but to put things into perspective let's not kid ourselves we are still much lower than where we were just a few days ago right but glad to see this bleeding stopped you have some recovery like I mentioned Tron that went off huge last week with the font that came out right it kind of came back down now it's recovering you thorium is also going up pretty good because they had a really horrible time in the last few days and so forth so right now the overall market is still weak but those of you guys I always reinforce this those of you guys that's in it for long haul continue to do so these guys like Tim Draper they have done it and a half it hasn't changed their life because they're rich to begin with less to be honest but they made hundreds of millions of dollars with what their investments but just simply by holding right so this is the type of stuff I advocate this is what I do hopefully you guys are staying in it for a long haul I think you guys are by now you guys know the message you guys are staying for a long haul otherwise you wouldn't be watching this so all right guys that's it for what I have to say almost 500 people tuned in today so this is good day thanks for tuning in make sure you smash it alive subscribe Channel let's take some questions and I'll just recap real quick because some of you guys always too late in terms of back moving forward this is based on Kelly her Blagh basically they have acquired a company called rcg and she's doing this she's basically purchasing the back end okay first she's gonna get the expertise she wants from the personnel who has been in this industry for a hundred years in terms of helping clients secure move funds around and to they don't get some infrastructure they need in terms of technical stuff so this is the reason why and she basically said we're not standing still right we're not waiting for a CFTC before we make a move we're gonna continue on we're gonna continue out with our business we're gonna move forward and I think this is very very positive so those of you guys turned in late that is what the main topic is about them all right so let's get back to you guys give me give me your questions let's do Q&A Bruno says finance is getting ridiculously lately seriously I don't know what that means ridiculously good or bad what what do you mean by that yeah Mike mike says all BGC Forks are trash yes but but keep in mind yes like one was also for points of the day okay but I think we're a little past that now we can see that Charlie its competent somewhat maybe a little bit shady but competent and and litecoin is definitely helping Bitcoin right now in terms of testing new features and so forth so George if you notice many times the last couple months you will see Bitcoin and most others drop unexpectedly but oddly beat cash and be crappy cash has V rise it's because big Chateau she is selling yes that could be true although although I reported that Craig right so a lot of people okay and these emails coming out of this lawsuit because the claimants Dave Clayman was a partner of Craig Wright and claimed his sister basically the claimant estates now is suing Craig Wright and there's emails coming out which makes it seem like Craig Wright was or is Chateau XI and he brought in Dave Clayman to help him okay because he didn't know how to do it himself so basically those two combined is the true Satoshi but it seems like Craig Wright was the first to come of the idea to and he approached even anyways my point is they together mine 1 million Bitcoin okay and after Dave claimants death cry right took the key and took 1 million Bitcoin away for a while but the thing that might be stopping him is the fact that there's this lawsuit going and and they've claimed and sister is suing him for like billions okay I forgot how much because of how much Bitcoin you know he stole so basically that's ongoing and while he's in a lawsuit he can't really he really been doing a lot of shady things with that maybe without the lawsuit maybe you know remember he said he wants to see big hyung go 2-0 maybe he would have just dumped at all and caused it crash down to zero but because of the lawsuit I don't think I think that actually helps this case because you can't just sell off hundreds of thousands because then the lawyers and courts will say what the heck are you doing so that might be helping at you right now and hopefully what's coming to them will come why so much funny guys trying you know people like to pick on tron people like to pick on tron but some of it to be fair some of its warranted because justice Annette Shannon against okay Justin Sun has pulled a lot shenanigans he's a young guy he's brilliant on one hand but immature on another hand so some of you know I even called him out on some of his tweets so like there's a Twitter account for Tron and it sort of account for himself and his chronic how will congratulate his regular account for reaching a certain amount of followers like stuff like that why would even announce that yeah I mean you have control over both accounts come on so stuff like that obviously plagiarized whitepaper so forth but moving forward they actually have a product they have a network out they have a lot of stuff out they've obviously paid a whole bunch of money for BitTorrent which is a legit company and project so they're definitely moving forward but there's still people that's throwing fun for example one of the Ox employees throwing shade on the project saying that they can't handle the transactions well well we have to see you don't know that and and this is just a it sounds like a disgruntled employee just throwing shade yeah I don't even know why he's disgruntled you know everyone from BitTorrent probably got huge payout from the acquisition and they agreed to it's not like they were forced to sell so I don't know why people will be disgruntled and then there's some you know shade in terms of this dab contest which is Tron giving out a million dollars for free okay so why why are people complain about that I you know this kind of relates to me like I get it like you know in the past now t-shirts right and people would do stupid stuff like do a chargeback on shipping or something like that and I'm like I'm giving out for free I mean just accept it at least right but now some people just want more and more and more less than Craig right guys a winner like Trump okay why does bi and Laker suck so bad who are you fern to enter the VIII the Lakers suck so bad it's because LeBron us out that's that's it do you know the u.s. citizens are eligible for be to the airdrop that is interesting I actually don't know because yeoseo says uh there I co was four were you know was forbidden for u.s. citizens BTT airdrop should be open because I actually I'm getting confused so BTC has nothing to do so forget scratch that but ish I'm thinking airdrop should be should be open because you're not paying anything for so I actually have to that's interesting I'm not doing more research on that uh no my shipping was not and I didn't control it it's all through a third party and I was like three dollars okay so that is not a lot no Jake well actually yes I see him one person hopefully that's not you that keeps pretending like they didn't know about it but yet they're working for hydrogen so I'm not going to respond to that od uh regardless whiplash yeah it's not good up and downs not good but overall you know my real thoughts are right now is you know might be a while before we get past this it seems like because of the low volume because of the fear from retailers right and you can see there's a lot of a lot of sign that pointed us first of all look at look at the stable coins you know I don't know I I don't think I touched his pond I don't think I'd touch upon this recently but tether has been slowly getting up there again almost two billion right and for it to be at 2 billion means that there's 2 billion of retail Wester their money just sitting on the sidelines and that does not include all the other ones that which are increasing to look at the USD coin almost 400 million now and this was just a hundred million not too long ago truly USD at 200 million so people's retail investor packs those a hundred I think Gemini's up there too so 86 million so think about how much money is actually seeing just unstable coins alone from retail investors but I'm about over two billion dollars so retail masters are fearful institutional investors and not quite and yet because of all this delay and so forth so there's a lot of money a lot a lot of money sooner unfortunate because of that because people are a lot more careful about that for moving and so forth and people are sitting on the sidelines you got a couple whales it's just driving things up and down and maybe they're not even selling or buying too much but with some leverage they could definitely move the markets right now unfortunately until we get that sparked or trigger and get that money to come back in like if we have a sustained rally for example right outside of everything else let's say we have a sustained rally back up to six thousand or even ten thousand by I don't know March or June of this year right if we can have a sustained rally that will also cause people to come in to so right now I think we're goes we go see some weakness or continuously weakness for a while we need something to kind of drive us up so many new coins a top 100 mostly because most of because they're they're either stable coins or their pump coins coins that just pumped up for a week or so and they drop back down and then some others pump up drop back down the main ones i've been talking about is still in the top 100 but you got a lot of a lot of these ones that just pumped up for no reason it's interesting to see that the you know the hundredth coin now is that 32 million remember some time ago I said it dropped as low as 40 million and now it's at 32 million who knows if this crypto winter continues all coins man it it could be like at 20 million or 10 million to be just the top 100 it's actually it's really sad to see compared to where we were before where you had to be at like 250 million plus to even be on the first page rich the ruler I have no idea what those currencies are so no buzz around that who saw that these prices I mean that's that's what I'm trying to figure out it I guess it's the whales that they're driving things up and down there I hear you know I hear a lot of things about bot movements too right bots are programmed to sell and follow Elliot waves or and so forth like that right so that's why some people say well ta shows that we're gonna do this and do that well if that's true it's because bots are programmed that way although I'm still not believing it because the way we fall like this okay within a certain day within a few hours and falls like this that is not natural that's not natural something like this it's something like this so it's it's if you right now it's anyone's game it's anyone's guess right now because unfortunately it's the way of the few that's pulling the strings that really know what's in the market so we really need to get past that I mean we I know you guys know that but that's what we're waiting for and my cure yeah yes I'm not sick anymore but I still get sinuses and congestion the morning maybe do the coffee I don't know that's just how it is for me because the market is making me congestion so AGI seems to be a good coin I'm not sold on I'm not sold on e aí coins I think we're too ahead of the curve although there's so many movies so many topics about AI you'll have moustache by AI everyone makes it seem like we're like right right they're like we're at a breakup trading a guy but to me no I think we're a were really really far off still so am i involved with masternodes no master nodes nodes staking not really involved I know about them but I have not been doing too much of it Joe yes it is covered up in the winter if you actually checked my my my car channel I actually started up recently start up recently it took a lot of slack people didn't like the way I was rubbing in my engine snow but half the time people don't know what they're talking about but yeah if you're interested check on my car channel um linking you make me a lot of burgers recently well good for you um do you know the beta of singularity is coming in February okay I mean you know those of you guys that don't know singularity along with bah-bah toes and there's a few others there they're basically marketplaces for AI for AI algorithms and so forth to be traded in a market place and so forth harpoon those whales are code market I mean yeah I mean they're having a time right out there having a ball right now right I'm sure some of these guys it could be Wall Street guys good could be groups of people could be pub groups or dumb groups wherever you call it right you have a few million laying around and you leverage that bit max goal hundred acts right you can definitely sway the market one way or another unfortunately they're there controlling it as everyone else is sitting out silent waiting right think about I just showed you guys over two billion dollars close to three billion dollars and just stable coins alone that doesn't even count how many people haven't fiat right so we're talking about billions upon billions upon billions of retail best their money that's just sitting there not even in a bank account it's actually sitting on the exchanges waiting to come in and because people are so fearful to reach them you don't the retail investors confidence in a way that's kind of why we're not having any sustained rallies because people are a lot more careful about jumping in and so forth so unfortunately because of that the whales are just controlling the market we really need to have some trigger or sustained rally or something to cause us as money to come back in what we really want to see is when we're now once we start recovery to start going up we want to see that stable coin count go down like go down to to as low as possible because that just shows that people are actually putting money and holding in cryptos rather than the stable coins when the hell is excellent buying equipments they already announced it it's guy least go go unplug Bass Pro I don't know usually announcement they have it up for you know within a week so it might be on point miss Pro you know everything they announce that all those 50 coins that's go beyond limits Pro does not seem like all 50 will be on coinbase so I don't think they actually you know said which ones will be you know which one was will be listed which one will not be so gotta wait aka super Chad George would you continue to cost average or wait I mean I've been cause a virgin and waiting both it really depends if you're holding if you in holding since $20 any of you holding since the top this is definitely a love we want to take advantage of but short term short term we could still have all Tilly we can go back down to 3100 right will you go to 3000 but if you look at a long haul you look at a bigger picture this is this is all dirt cheap right now so if you want to cost average you want to buy right spread out your sprout your bias right let's say you have five thousand dollars spread out five ways make $1000 by now if it goes down to let's say 3,100 another thousand buy if it goes down to twenty-five hundred thousand by your cost averaging or lower so now you're getting lower and lower that's the name of the game what you don't want to do is let's say you have five thousand dollars and this is what almost everyone what everyone does why everyone gets so pissed off and I fall for it too so I'm not just go excuse myself but you know you see like oh I think this is the bottom we'll put all five thousand eight and then tomorrow it drops to say 3,200 you're like like like dammit why did I do that now I lost money right and now you're fearful of it now you're like okay we'll sell and what what's gonna happen the next day after you sell it comes back up to 3,700 and then you hate yourself even more so so don't fall into that trap because a lot of people do that right they try to time it they look at charts or whatever and they're like yeah this is the bottom or this is gonna be the start of the next wave or whatever we're gonna bounce off some retracement period or whatever people do that and trust me a lot of them get burned so the the true way is you know you're gonna from long haul cost averaged out right and hold and that's the name of the game anti-communists I appreciate that thanks for a super chat and yeah I mean right now right now I mean this is this is kind of a message a lot of people don't want to hear you know a lot of people think that they can you know do quick flips or get insight from some of these expert you know ta people but right now it's anyone's game and it's because it's controlled by the whales try to move you up again yeah I think they're recovering because they actually took a bigger job because they put they took a bigger dump because of this fund that came out about they can't handle BitTorrent and so forth but now people are realizing well maybe we overreacted so they're getting back in so if you look at CMC today so since I haven't done this in a while I'll just do this real quick let's look at the top 100 real quick right so you thirty of them is actually well let's start with ripple ripple is still holding above ethereum you throw him climb back up now back down in my opinion ripples go stay a number two in 2019 I think ripples go have a big year ether iam just like my shirt they're trying to come back with scaling is still name the game just like how it's affecting or supposedly effecting trauma bit torn but that's a lot of transactions they have to handle but you thorium is still trying to solve scaling so 2019 I don't know I can see because of the way they are to go stay at three I you know it's hard for me to see any huge moves with yo so stellar or even like corner Tron in the short term just a pasty thorium that is gonna be a huge jump I don't see that happening anytime soon maybe towards the end of 2019 but early 2019 that's not gonna happen so I think ether names go stay where it is now this is where it gets interesting discounting Bitcoin I'm not gonna talk I'm gonna cash it Bitcoin SV I will skip over those two but look at these yellow stellar like coin only a few hundred million off from each other right so there are there all day they have a lot of followers right a lot of there a lot of holders Tron I think Tron could be making big moves trying to certainly move up here and be with neck-and-neck with us I could see that I actually st. ron has has a lot going for it right now because a bit torrent card ah no still kind of ways off I know they've been coming up with new developments here and there but seems like though the bigger picture is still way off ioad us I don't know what they're doing I don't hear anything about them recently so and even though they've been working on their network for four years I'm still I'm gonna give them time I like the data marketplace but I think it is kind of dragging her feet a side note about privacy coins all right and that's just not just manner owned – and Z cash and and horizon all these things right because I remember hearing coin check or the coin check or bit hum got their official license from Japan and one of the things they did was to remove remove Manero because the regulator's didn't like that so going forward in 2019 if we start hearing a lot of exchanges start being regulated by the government they're not gonna be so keen on privacy points right because they want to be able to see transactions so not to say that they'll be weak in terms of price action but I think that would be interesting trend into now 19 and going forward is if you start seeing exchanges the list these privacy coins so knio knio num I don't know too much about them I know there's a lot of Forks in them now like pun D is moving to them right I don't know if it's a fork in them but they're they're definitely moving to them which is interesting but Neil I think it's gonna be I think it's could be week actually I think they actually might come down okay they might they might come down but seeing were where the people are below them like T Zoe's and me chained I definitely think we chain is gonna go up there I believe in a lot T Zoe's I don't I don't know I don't know too much about t Zoe's I I do an adult but right now I don't know if they could go up I actually said that I think T Zoe's move down but so did everyone else doubt dogecoin is gonna stay forever otology I actually like I like a lot I think Oh bees go silica chain link chain link is very interesting I actually like chain lock 0x still like them because of their coinbase ties basic attention token I like a lot you know recently have been thinking about lists I'm like what the hell is let's do it this is go stave a long time because last time I reviewed list and this is when Bitcoin was still higher at 10,000 I saw was somewhere around there this had like a hundred million in the in the foundation in the bank because they raised a huge about a Bitcoin I believe 1 million in Bitcoin during their IC o—- and this was a years ago when big hole is next to nothing so liske wall survived for a long long time but I just don't know who actually uses list or talked about list anymore do it if you guys hear about gaps or icos or significant IC O's that's happening let's let me know because I don't hear about it you want going to list so ya know I like icon I know a lot of people are I con fans and they have government ties which is why I like him in the first place but they go have they have a lot of competition in Asia right we got a lot of Chinese based companies that's in the same space well they expand to Korea we haven't heard that yet but we'll see we'll see I I'm honestly surprised romaine is up here and they've been going up I have no idea why what's the big hype about them they they help people create surveys and stuff my belief yeah I think surveys or not surveys or reviews reviews they're kind of like Yelp decentralized Yelp they fell off the face of the earth for a long time and now they're back up and we'll top 100 not only that they're not top 50 which really surprised me so I think I'm gonna do more research on them and possibly talk about them and my insider program uh you got stable coins Hollow a lot of people like hollow chain which I talked about it's quite interesting in terms of their their non blockchain Network but again comes down to adoption pun D I know a lot of people like but I think one square a subscript owes that's gonna affect them no idea about repo status I'm not high on because it competes with basic coinbase Quimby's wallet hyper hyper casual pumped recently I have no idea what they do factum looks pretty good order I'm surprised still up here it's like the next gen come from next and they've been they've been doing nothing when their network for a lot while Kauai shares pivots to mix another privacy coins Ark I don't know next CEO kind of like a bot I think it's like a bot not a fan of any BOTS cash it's used on this liquid exchange it's kind of interesting they have this world book they're trying to do but it's mostly it's mostly in Asia not so much here crypto calm I'm glad to see their bum tedx now because 10x it's just in a world of hurt you guys should be out of time X if you're still in 10x and rounding out the table what else do I like I'm neutral I like Raven Raven coin I think they're pretty interesting you last us I like theta like crimson chain loop ring and win chain win chain used to be like the top top 20 top 30 now they're to rounding out top 100 and something that's competitive win chain is fusion which is up-and-coming it has fallen drastically but they're finally making moves so so that's a top 100 I haven't done at a while those of you guys that stayed here through this session hopefully you learn a thing or two job says just chiming here have you discussed the ten billion investment by Russia no because I also saw that it was fake so I don't know if it's true so they're supposed to be you know there's regulation on Russia is getting involved with Kryptos but then it's coming out that is fake news so I don't know what to believe in right now any news on kidnapping normally Sweden I think it was criminal demand of material is payment actually no there's a lot that's demanding Bitcoin as payment to so unfortunately you know these type of things what there's actually two major canapa and when they when they ask for crypto so this is what this is why a lot of people are fearful of crypto B's they only think it's used for illegal activities so unfortunately that it's also going on right now yeah make sure you guys smash up the lights guys subscribe to the channel you're new I mean that's pretty much it right so for those of you guys that are around then you know join in late my topic goes back moving forward you know despite CFTC delay and that's certainly true because Kelly just announced that she has bought a cor CG it doesn't it doesn't say how much but they've been in there independent Futures Commission Merchants with a hundred years of experience yeah and she says you know we're not standing still they're not sitting on their hands they are moving forward their goal bulk up their team their infrastructure as much as possible to be able to handle the the billions to trillions that might flow in from institutional investors into Bitcoin and crypto so I think this is very very positive what we want to see this type of story doesn't necessarily help the price but improves the fundamentals the foundation right that is big built right now to handle the future this is what we want to see from projects right most people just the only contract price and say oh this is all nonsense but look at the fundamentals looking at foundation you know does this even exist in 2017 or 15 right or 13 when we had those pumps no none of this existed this is all now coming and being built and arriving 2019 this is all very positive very positive all right guys that's it so those of you guys that stayed thanks and those of you guys are tuning in now make sure we watch this you go learn a thing or two hopefully make sure you smash up the likes and then I'm not gonna have a live session until Friday 10:30 a.m. throughout this week I'll try to do some something either a topic video news video something like that the topics I've been introducing people haven't seemed to be liking so I might just do news videos but not live ones unless unless the market really pumps up or dumps then I will make an exception all right all right guys thanks for tuning in and take care have a good rest of the day and I'll see you guys later all right bye

18 thoughts on “Bakkt Moving FORWARD Despite CFTC Delay – Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News”

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  2. One of my greatest fears today is what cryptocurrency is doing to this generation of business people. When ever i go online to read the news on cryptocurrency (i follow some in particular), i notice a lot of nonsense and untrue things being said and to crown it all, the news always ends with the acronym 'Hold On For Dear Life' which in my own opinion isn't a bad idea but holding on its own as done with stocks has its guiding principles which of course, nobody follows with crypto. People are not willing to find mentors, or learn the hard way but somehow believe buying and accumulating an asset as unstable, unpredictable and speculative as bitcoin will someday make them millionaires. One that particularly drives me nuts is a particular Wilson going about all channels and flooding them with 20,000 xrp will be life changing in 5 years. The truth is that holding onto 20,000 xrp or 50 btc in 5 years time may altogether wreck you emotionally because nobody can boast and say what the future holds for cryptocurrencies. What you should do is make use of an opportunity that presents itself while still in its useful state. Trading with the right combo of expertise, tools and advice is what will change your life not in 5 years time but perhaps in 5 weeks time if you know just what to do. Today, bitcoin is struggling with shifting supports and resistance in and around the $4,000 region and this is currently bitcoin at its most predictable state and position to realize great profit in trading. This is quite risky for newbies and intermediates so i would recommend an expert like Mr Allan Shaw whose signals and trade strategies today are some of the greatest and most accurate in the crypto space. All you need to do is find such a person and seek his opinion and guidance on how you can get good and consistent profit trading bitcoins and you would ultimately see reasons in your results why hodling is such a risky move to make. You can mail Mr Allan Shaw on [email protected]

  3. bittorrent > tron, so tron is selling bittorrent as lightning network for tron, and its not even tron tech… sheeple should wake up. They are chinese and they will plagiarize anything in the name of profit.

  4. I have been trading commodities for 25 yrs. The volatility in cypto is just beginning. Windowmaker moves soon!

  5. i ride the bulls its mesmerizing,
    Buy low – its energizing , sell high – its tantalizing,
    I see the Moon is slowly rising !

  6. there are just too many coins. Market won't have traction until at least 1,500 of these coins die out completely.

  7. Saw this, this AM. Thoughts George? “[The] Russian government is about to make a step to start diversifying financial reserves into Bitcoin since Russia [is] forced by US sanctions to dump US Treasury bonds and [take] back US dollars,” Ginko said. Quoted by The Telegraph, Ginko said he believes Russia’s de-dollarization decision is fundamentally a move to "protect its national interests" due to a possible interruption of “US nominated payments flows for Russian oil and gas” and claims that the investment in bitcoin could be as much as $10bn (£7.8bn); a material enough amount to send the price of bitcoin sharply higher.

  8. Tron has over 550 bugs, Crypto Chico had a vid where lots of platforms have bugs – so before you all praise Tron go take look first.

  9. Tron is trash so tired of hearing ab a project that no one knows anything about just bc of Justin and his marketing shenanigans. I think traders would respect the space more if Trx, bch, btc sv, and all of the garbage went away. I really hope this bear markets cleanses the space like it’s intended to do

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