Bakkt Gearing Up – Raises $182.5 Million in Funding [Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News]

good morning everyone Happy New Year's Eve it is last day of 2018 welcome to the daily Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news and there's a lot to talk about lots of talk about there's actually a lot of good news today and the topic the main topic is of course back now a lot of people are saying that back might be delayed once again and that could be true but today we're gonna talk about the funding the one hundred eighty two point five million they raised which is very very significant and why institutional investors are not giving up on Bitcoin so I'm going to talk about that and other pieces of good news and of course take Q&A at the end of the session but today because it is New Year Eve I am anticipating that a lot of people are probably drinking or at holiday parties or just off so it's probably gonna be a lighter day but that's okay alright for those of you guys that tuned in thanks for tuning in make sure you smash up the likes and subscribe channel if you're new yeah and let's get started let's get started so the first the big piece of news I that's you know swirling around is the fact that back did their first capital race and it came out to be one hundred eighty two point five million dollars from 12 partners who believe in the future digital assets and these are some of the names now you guys might have heard of before Pantera capital protocol ventures horizon ventures galaxy digital of course from Mike Novogratz possum it's although there's a lot of big big names in here right now 182 million remember funding doesn't mean that there's only one round so this there's usually like 2/3 and route you know funding could go forever so 182 million basically under 83 for first round is actually pretty significant pretty large it could be larger but keep in mind they're just getting started alright and basically what what does this mean they're gonna move forward now you know what is back I'm sure by now most of you guys know what backed is but if you don't just to recap backed is offering four things the one that most people are looking for is Bitcoin futures that settled Bitcoin that's gonna be a huge thing also custodial services which means that it goes store Bitcoin for customers that's a big thing and they're golfer shirts on that they're also gonna offer a payment gateway for companies like Starbucks which will be able to utilize and collect Bitcoin for coffee and so forth that's another big thing and they're gonna offer exchange services and consulting services that's kind of it one for institutional investors that's also a big thing so for big things basically now now the one question that everyone is still talking about is did they actually get approval so in this blog this is a very very very updated blog now people like Mike in the in in the chat and also on Twitter as saying while back is getting delayed again well until they actually list it out it's just speculation but they are saying that they are continuing to work with the C FCC to get approval so it is true it has not been approved but the official day they delayed to is January 24 so we have about a month left before you know it it's either approved or delayed but regardless they are not going away if it gets delayed another month so be it a month from there so be it it's not that big of a deal because back is going to go forward with this kind of capital raise with the CFTC being so pro Bitcoin they are not going to go away all right and remember back this is from the New York Stock Exchange from ice which is running the world's largest Stock Exchange in the world right so overall I think this is a good thing I think that right now the market needs an influx of cash and right now the market is looking for that influx to come from the institutional investors and there's been a lot of articles about custody services being a big thing because institutional investors don't want to store too cryptos they want someone else to store it safely for them so back just go off of that but also competitors like fidelity is – but there's a lot of things that's that backs will be offering that a lot of people are looking for so hopefully when this comes when this comes that it is all that it's hyped up to be right or all that we're hoping it to be so this is this is coming this is coming now this 2018 you know it seems like seems like we just gotta 2018 for me so we're actually moving on to 2019 so everything that we've been talking about that's coming next year in 2000 that is right around the corner so that is actually very exciting very exciting all right let's move forward what else is there I actually tweeted this out this is actually really interesting Wells Fargo who recently declared that Bitcoin was too risky and people should not be looking Bitcoin they were just caught and fine and settled to pay a five hundred and seventy five million settlement because for the last I think twelve years they've been frauding their own clients by opening up bogus credit cards and bogus bank accounts think about that so they've been a bank that's been fraud in their old customers they they were guilty of it and their order to pay about six hundred million this settlement yet the bank continues to operate so this is one of the things actually this relates to the next topic I want to talk about which is why bitcoin is important and why it brings out freedom in and basically a non-sovereign currency right he's right now everything we know all fiat currency is controlled by the governments and pretty much by the banks in terms of how you want to move money in and out and so forth right and of course the banks work with the Federal Reserve's or the reserves of other countries so it's all system right and there's this article that came out on Time magazine why Bitcoin matters for freedom and I think a lot of people don't pay attention to this a lot of people just don't get why bitcoin is important why it's gonna go up in the future why we even need Bitcoin why we need blockchain and so forth right so I'm a little post this article in my description and and and so you guys could take a look at it it's pretty interesting so this this author Alex Gladstein basically goes on and makes a lot of examples about Venezuela right how people are actually getting donations from their family members or from people from out of out of the country if Bitcoin because the banks and hyperinflation is just destroying their own fiat currency and it goes on from there and talks about some other countries as well that's that's also you know facing the same day I think they've names a bob way and also they talk about how like countries like China which is basically surveilling every single payment every single transaction of their citizens but if their citizens started using Bitcoin that is not so easy right and I'm not sure I'm sure that's not only in China I'm sure that's across a lot of other countries too but this is a really actually a really good article that kind of reminds us why big my matters why Bitcoin matters for freedom so I'm gonna post this after this video I'll put in the description so you guys could definitely take a look at it this is a good read all right and what brought this to my attention is the fact that a lot of people said Jordan B Peterson I didn't know who he was so I looked it up he's kind of a Bitcoin Maximus also a professor he's he's from Canada I think he recent got interviewed by by Laura should also on-off chained or something like that so this guy tweeted out he has a lot of followers so good good for him but good for people that you know there are gold get into Bitcoin by reading this right and also another kind of like celebrity much more famous Tony Robbins also just tweeted this out a day ago about Bitcoin and how people you know why people should care and dish and learn about and so forth to as millions of followers this is always a good thing too so I I don't know why Tony Robbins just it out of blue but it's you know it's showing that people are starting to come around so in terms of fundamentals getting better this is a good example of it alright so a couple other things I want to talk about because we are ending the year right we're heading into 2019 and and having okay bitcoins next having some people brought it up this is a little bit early but after reading this authors take on it I think he makes some valid points basically the halving of Bitcoin is not coming in 2019 he's coming in 2020 but this author argues that right before to having usually the year before you start seeing people okay like kind of like by the Seldon news right so that wasn't happening happens actually doesn't do anything but before it does people start by buying the rumor which is you know the having is coming so his argument is bitcoins having is coming 2020 so that means in 2019 somewhere around May time frame that we should we should see some results from it so it's not it's not pure science right then the last having was back in mid 2016 and we really didn't see anything happen I looked it up we didn't really see how anything happened until 2017 right so there was like a delay so I don't know if a year before it really did but this is something that you know for some of you guys that don't know having is when Bitcoin the rewards get cut in half which means basically the inflation rate decreases and he also argues that the inflation rate for Bitcoin will now be lower than anything out there so that it also gives more value to it so this is also a very interesting article that I'll put in the description the happy news video – I should have done this before hand I ran out of time but this is also very good article all right lastly because it is the end of the 2018 a lot of people are asking about crypto taxes now I've always stayed away from this topic because I'm not accountant I'm not a tax services adviser or anything like that but you guys could do your own homework write this article it just briefly goes over if you happen to lose money and this is just the u.s. so this is related to us only if you guys are from your up in Asia I can't can't comment on it but basically if you're in the u.s. you can't declare your crypto losses you can claim it but you can only claim up to 3,000 a year okay this is kind of just like kind of like stocks I know that for a fact back in 2008 when I lost a lot of money it was bad because when you when you earn a profit there is no limit on how much profit you can you have to put down but when you put it down a loss you can only put down 3,000 per year it could carry over into the next years right so let's say for example if you lost 30,000 you could claim $3,000 as a loss for the next ten years it kind of sucks that way but that's just how the rules are so if you're in the US and you do have crypto losses you could definitely claim it but you can only claim up to 3000 per year and then it just carries over so but do your homework there's a lot of Google articles you know we've used TurboTax you can find out too or simply ask the tax advisor if you do a lot a lot a lot a lot of traits all right oh yeah I mean I'm looking in the article like coin you know was featured in the UFC fight I was on the stage a lot of people made a big deal about it I'm not sure I mean me personally I basher anyone noticed that other than like coin fanatics and fans everyone else is looking at a fight and looking at two people beat on each other in the Octagon so I'm not sure what that did for like coin if it brought more attention to people they're thinking about Kryptos are thinking about like coin and now they're getting in because they saw that great if not I don't know how much it actually did all right that's pretty much it for what I want to cover today looking oh I forgot so because in a year let's look at this coin checkup this has a percent of all time high from all time highs of all the crypto currencies out there so just you know for fun I thought I list this up here and just to show you guys that right now we're Bitcoin stands about 3,800 a little bit on there 3100 we were at we're at 80% loss now remember the the biggest drop we had from Saddam 3950 was about 87 and we were close to there keep in mind people are still looking for that bottom right wondering where that is and when we were around 3100 we were right there we were like at 86 percent or 85 percent down from from all-time heisman right now we're about 80 percent so did we find that bottom maybe maybe now we're just go be hovering for this level around this level for a while we don't know but we are 80 percent down and then you look at other coins like Ripple even though ripple seems extremely strong this keep keep this in mind this is not year-to-year performance this is from all-time highs right so ripple is down 90% from all-time highs but keep in mind it had that crazy pump 2 3 350 or 360 right but if you look at year-to-year performance I was actually trying to look for a graph that shows all these in year 2 your performance I can't find it but ripple even though it's 90% down it's actually pretty strong compared to the peers and it is holding number 2 but you look at you thorium 90% down Bitcoin cash 96% a lot of that is because of what happened with it last month 87 87 you keep going from there now Bitcoin SV doesn't really count because it it just came out like last month but it is now 40 percent since it came out so I was looking at this is there any surprises like anything that really stands out some of these coins that's been around for longer than a year that that really didn't go down much now outside of you know stable coins we should not go down at all so it doesn't mean it makes sense but like Finance point which is one I said it's a great utility coin every one should hold it simply because if you're trading I'm finance why wouldn't you want some discounts on fees right and they they're down 74 percent so 74 percent 75 percent not good by any means but compared to his peers of 90 70 percent actually in the grand scheme of things they actually done pretty well for itself what else is there maker which is a stable coin it's kind of related it's a collateralized stable coin so it's kind of weird do they have a dual coin set up there now 72% what else we chained on the project I'm really high on they're down 79% again you know it seems I'm kind of fetching here right because I'm trying to find some good so there are some projects that's down whale that that's down a lot from their all-time highs but comparative peers they have done pretty well anything else in the 70s channeling I do like chain length down 77% what is it Aurora Aurora what what is this buggy era coin 0 somehow climb 270 okay inside chain Ally these are just popped up out of nowhere Oh dome is down 65% okay I don't know too much about them maximum quite okay these are all just pump coins at these point all right so I just want to show you guys again this is not a year to your performance this is from all-time high so some of this it looks worse than it is because of the fact that we had these crazy pumps in 2000 the beginning of 2018 in January right so some of these went up 10x within a month so that's why it does show we're down 97 percent but if you look at year-to-year from like let's see January 1st or you look at January 1st 2017 so let's say your two-year performance a lot of these are still hundreds of percent higher alright so that's pretty much it that's pretty much it let's let's turn it back to you guys for questions we're holding at 128 billion we've been having these these hump it doubts like we got up to like a hundred thirty something billion you know and then went back down now coming back up back down so we're kind of struggling here midterm but if we don't have back to 3,100 that's a good thing that means we're forming this base we're consolidating here could you be higher that'll be great so alright so let's start back to you guys what do you guys have almost Warner people watching I thought it'll be a lot less today because people are off so thanks for tuning guys make sure you smash up the likes yeah stellar now Susie oh that I missed that stellar down her stellar well so now 86 percent but stellar also something I really like Adam want major news from back am I am I missing is it because they're delayed because I did cover that but until they actually have it in their blog I'm will I'm will say that it is just speculation and to because the last delay was from them so there's no reason why if there is another delay and it doesn't make much sense either because Jan or 24th is the date and we're still a month off from there so mark thank you for that what are you taking out entry I don't know getting lazy that it's a gigantic tree so it's gonna take a lot of work and need to find where to store Krypto bull rod never coming again 2017 was the last alright if you believe that then you if you truly believe that you should get out but I don't think anyone believes that at this point it's it's really hard to actually find bears that could continue to say that because you know what look at how look at the past decade how can you argue anything every time just because you got in and highs and now it's lows doesn't mean that'll never happen again anyone that that's been following biklen for a while or just studying the history of it notice that every time we go through this it happened in 2013 2015 that's where I got driven out for the first time right sad to say me and a lot of people in 2013 when I first went up to 1200 people said the same thing you know it was done because it crashed to $117 from that and back then there was no fundamentals I mean there was none you didn't have back he didn't have fidelity or TD Ameritrade or any of these banks or any any payment gateways really or any any enterprise company stopping blockchain none of that was around in 2013 even 2015 that's why a lot of people exited say the bubble burst but of course it didn't and everything came back up and now we have a lot more coming so I just don't think that you can you can buy that argument that they know that another bull roll will never come that's just it's just I don't believe in it and I think you guys can see past that guys okay stop talking about what coin dust is reporting look at bat okay they just just released this right and it says they're working with a CFTC until let's wait give it time wait for back to actually post that they are being official delayed then and even even then so what they are not gonna go away they just raised a large amount all right there go continue forward if it's delayed another month or two so be it we know that CFTC is very Pro Bitcoin they have said it many many times in Carlo is actually very pro Bitcoin of kryptos so it's going to happen so let's just wait until it actually gets confirmed or released by back because they are the ones that actually said when they actually released though they released a blog last time one of those things will be delayed so let's just cool it okay everyone in a comment saying all coin they joined us said they're gonna be delayed Sol freaking what okay and let's wait for confirmation before we base everything on speculation I wonder if companies such as black one are buying back their token and the discount prizes a fun future project I doubt it they could there's just only two day Wow maybe you know because last time when it can completed their ICO their else's ICO you know a few months after that it's probably I don't March or April they have four billion in the bank and now that's probably dropped down to I don't know 400 million or something five hundred million so I'm sure they have a lot in the bank they're not struggling at this point Adam okay I got it so calm down calm down Jesus told you thank you know I you know it's it's hard I'll be honest say I shared this with you guys actually you guys need to relax like Jameson it's hard it's hard to continue to do these and it's hard to actually tweet anything when people are just so angry and it's so troll ish so so yeah I've tried to stake off so I did stay positive and a lot of you guys are just making it difficult I mean to be honest michael says i feel that i be the bear market is closed that's why I'm back here fingers crossed yeah I mean that's that's kind of the feel for a lot of people there was a lot of buy orders at like 3000 so that's kind of reason why we kind of bounced up from there a lot of people are looking at and what happened to 87 percent drop from 2013 right they're using that as indicator for this time so that's why if you took 30 80 80 percent from top it was about 29 50 or suddenly 29 something to 3,000 so so maybe maybe we did hit bottom maybe we did hit foul hey George how much do you think bitcoins will go down now I'm digging and this is just me and I've been wrong but I'm thinking maybe 30 100 is bottom so we at that we definitely didn't go up that much you know when I talked about Christmas rally I said hey up to Christmas probably go get something good and we did we got up to about 4200 it looked pretty good especially at the 4,000 I said we have some legs but I said it's it's gonna be if he afterwards if we're gonna continue to a new year and then sure enough afterwards you know you got some whales that just dump the hell out of Bitcoin and now we're kind of in between right so we're we're definitely not as close 3,100 3,200 but we're not at 4,000 either so what kind of just if either and and I think we're all just waiting to see some movement right to confirm if 30 100 was bottom or not but right now we just have to wait and see I will say that Earth has been you know so I mentioned about Earth Earth has been going up pretty pretty good like the last few days when it's been going up has been making a comeback and now now it's only 400 million away from ripple because ripple or XRP was you know almost like a billion off now it's been making it's making its making moves again so short term earth could be a good thing staging a comeback at least compared to its peers okay doesn't mean is go shoot up to 1400 tomorrow but compared to peers it could be you know after is one of those things I'm still Neutron to be honest because you guys have seen I reported in fit articles about how they need to figure out scaling and so forth and they still really haven't figured it out so we don't know what's what's to come of that right hopefully in 2019 it'll release something that's gonna help them scale because all these new dam makers are moving to other platforms the good thing is though right now all the daps out there are all like gambling Depp's and in texas so there is definitely still time but they you know the project themselves can't be waiting to fix scale in until 2020 or 20 to 21 because by then it could be truly too late so hopefully they can figure out scaling I mean that's that's the name of the game right now they need to figure that out and then once they do dam makers will come back right they do have a lot of dabs already but none that's really I guess I'll say a cryptic it easy you know there's there's not that many that's it's really well known or well used right now Crypton mining thanks thanks for tuning in are you uh are you drunk fees I don't want to I don't want to ban you man I don't want to ban you me because once that ban someone is forever so cool it mike says check out saw what on twitter his charts as bdz bottom to 2500 and then in third thirty thirty three hundred thirty thousand twenty twenty two before bombing the next video okay well that's death that's a mere off and and to make predictions like that it's gonna be really really hard you can't discount it though because I believe in people like Tim Draper who says in 2022 we will be at 250,000 regardless regardless this is 101 one of the reasons why well one of the reasons because I share my story about 2013 right how there was no fundamentals back then bitcoin crash and I got scared out and that's when I was in like like point so that was that's one of the reasons why I'm will be in it for a long haul because I don't want to be scared out and miss out on a life-changing wealth for the second time right so that's one reason and also I see a lot of these very famous tech investors that became billionaires because they invested in smaller unknown technology companies right that no one believed in okay these guys that invested in like Apple and Microsoft and even PayPal or Facebook all these guys and Tim Draper is one of them and he adamantly believes in Bitcoin and he believes Bitcoin he's go change a lot of things go go up substantially in the future so that's the second reason why I look at a lot of these guys like hey they didn't stumble upon a billion dollars overnight right it wasn't just it wasn't just pure luck because they had the insight to look at things and know where trends are going so that's also another reason why so I guess I can't discount that the ring thirty thousand prediction with ta I guess that's my point core base Thank You Samuel Virgil Pegasus that is that is what I've been talking about for pretty much the last year that when we see a bull run I know everyone would like to see would like to see a huge run up to 20,000 again right and beyond but it's unhealthy yeah I mean I know people aren't looking for that but it's unhealthy what's gonna be healthy is more sideways movement and slow upward trend that's how you build you know you build a stable base and then you start going up from there but that's not why people get into kryptos though because if cryptos was like that it would be more like traditional markets like just the stock market right and and a lot of people won't be enticed by that a lot of people get into cryptos because they want to see these huge run ups and hopefully take profits before it gets dumped right like in 2017 I know that's what a lot of people want to see it while I people want to get good why I live you are getting into the market but they shouldn't you know as a whole as we see some of these all points these projects develop you know we we would like to see them a healthy growth right eventually we'd like to see some healthy growth they're not just speculation of pumps and stuff like that so I totally agree I totally agree why does a costly solution need so much money because they're bad for institutional investors they don't they don't want to deal with retail vessel retail investors up to a certain amount you know you have safe ways of storing it institutional investors they have managers and brokers and all these people that's involved right it's gonna be really hard to safely secure out their own that's why custody services not only companies is did they spend a lot of money and time and hire people to do that you know it just it it wouldn't even make sense for you to try to put it in if you're a retail investor so that's the reason the lady try to put gasoline Tesla yes unfortunately I did see that volatility will slow down once more money and ejecting the market and I have a lot harder to move it at large a barn cap yeah eventually but you know right now with with the with the volume being so low and quite frankly you know no one knows truly how much money is in all kryptos because even though we're at a hundred and thirty eight billion or yeah 128 billion I'm sorry we really don't have 128 billion it could be 50 billion it could be 40 billion we don't know right but to these large guys right that's that's really a drop in the bucket a lot of these guys are controlling assets up to you know trillions so a lot of these guys they makes any significant moves into the crypto market it could really move it right it can really start things up and it can bring more volatility because really you know mobile is hard to control houbolt kind of dictates a lot of things or a lot of decisions in the crypto trading space so so that's not so it's a double-edged sword yeah basically it could it helps both ways let's just put it that way the problem with crypto scoville Bears are waiting go bears bears is looking very strong very strong X but mostly from deed their offense is kind of shaky bears just need to run it they didn't need to run it and play deed that's it big sports guy appreciate that I didn't need a resolution hopefully I'm think I'm starting to finally break my cold you guys see I'm still drinking water still coughing a little bit but not nearly as bad hopefully I can try to do some exercise and lose some weight Michael says I would take profit this time I made enough to buy a house and watch it go to nothing never never again why hold through a correction well I can't argue against that as well as long as you take something away right if you take something away you learned your lesson and you would go take a lot more profits before the next correction then great I'm great what do you what do you think about is our peace future price well I believe in XRP big-time XRP is really different from all these cryptos a lot of people get confused on the use cases for them right bitcoins use case is very different from earth which is very different from us which is very different from Ripple right so I kind of explain that a little bit in well I guess I don't know I released it gets us now we're in the video and XRP stellar they have a different consensus it and it kind of relates everything has a different use case a lot of people get confused and that's why they don't like certain points because they're looking at only one use case and ripples use case or X or PZ use case is to be like a like a currency that basically you know how all fiat currency they relate to I shouldn't say relate but kind of like the main currency right now it's USD right a lot of things are compared to USD it's almost like a base trading pair if you think about it what's USD so every currency in the world is compared against the USD and ripple or X or P is trying to change that rather than into USD you do it again X RP because everything is being transferred all the banks financial institutions they move money around from country to country and it gets very difficult to maintain all those nostro accounts and and exchange fees and all that stuff so they're like hey that's what use XRP instead it'll be a common denominator that's what to use cases that is what XRP is for they're not meant to be used for if they're not you they're not meant for deps okay they're not they're not meant even really for retail investors so if for day-to-day if you want to buy a cup of coffee or something you know ripple doesn't intend XRP to be used in that fashion right so that's the thing it's you know all these coins have a different use case so that's where like ether iam Neos tron card on oh these are enterprise platform coins what I call enterprise platform Enterprise protocols the kind of foundation for gaps so they're different right then you got like Bitcoin which is really Bitcoin litecoin which to me it's like more of a store value but when you look at maybe implementing lightning I work they can be used day to day right but there's other coins like that already a Bitcoin cash wants to be day-to-day to they think take a scale butter butter with their higher blocks also you got like nano that's also in that space so I mean there's different use cases for different coins of course that's why there's so many all points but then there's also too many of them and they're all kind of grabbed piece of the pie so to speak now I don't agree with I don't agree with tones and at 20 cents because he also said all all coins either die so that's why I don't agree with that yeah any company that is claiming they are the fourth generation or fifth generation platform coin those are the ones you probably would want to ignore because generation three just has come out and and they're not even perfected yet they're still working progress so any any company that claims they're already fourth or fifth you probably they're probably over selling it two years BTC prediction I would say BTC two years time you know assuming 2019 it's gonna be a good a good year a good rally year in two years you know we could be at fifty thousand right may mean you know 2.19 we break all-time highs get back to about twenty twenty-five thirty maybe even higher than that and then we could really build on from there in two years from now so Wow sold my Dodge Viper last week waiting outside breaker 1500 well wow that's it that's a good move and well I shouldn't say that's a good move but that's uh that's a bold move that's a bold move do I still believe in talu it aboard the Neil let's put it that way the more I look into Neil the more I'm turned off by it so I actually do like Anthology butter at this point there's a sock martouf also will be DC will we'll see there's been times you know what what really surprised me is when stock market like pumps we have seen that recently that actually be DC and the rest of Krypton market went down so it just shows that there's a lot of fear still that people will rather put money into traditional markets however if we see the stock market in you to decline because a lot of people are predicting it's a bear market for stock markets too Dow is still very low if it continues to decline let's say it goes below 20,000 and maybe it goes even as low as 18,000 who knows then right well people then start diversify singing and putting their money into cryptos well I'll have to see will have to see it could it could happen but right now right now it certainly looks like if there's no money in Wall Street there's no money in kryptos iota iota you know there's not much going out with iota I I do like I owe it up because their data marketplace they're working with some big companies to store and to license our data but that doesn't seem like it's ready yet their main network and wallet is not really ready yet so kind of petting and Ionis been around for like four plus years so they they've been around for a while and they haven't perfected anything so that's the reason why I'm hopeful I like I own up but they're not ready for primetime yet so hopefully they can get their act together because you got other guys like you know yo s– and Antron that is fully operational card ATO is going to be a fully operational in 2019 maybe second half in 2019 but it is and that these are big players to become peening with right so iota hopefully they can get their act together get their get something done pretty soon all right guys I think that's it today's a longer session hopefully I answer a few questions but well we'll see right we'll see beginning in 2019 which is tomorrow I think the big things are coming in 2019 I think we all see that we all sense it right and I think we're it's just to me at least to conclude it to me it just seems like 2018 ended really quickly time really flew but obviously we saw that most of these coins right most of these all coins have gone down substantially from all-time highs right 80 90 95 96 99 % now the reality is a lot of these small caps might not ever recover back to all-time highs or will take a lot longer than what most people are anticipating before it comes back up right but that doesn't mean that's that that's a Bitcoin death of the crypto market no more bull runs that certainly doesn't mean that at all but I think 2018 showed that yeah the market the market is definitely volatile it's controlled by FOMO it's also controlled by Fudd and going forward what we really need to do as a community is focus right rather than just talk about each other which is still I'm going to actually really come together and know what we're investing in right to actually look at the projects of one by good leaders and look at what they're trying to do see if they have the potential for the future right and invest in those kind of companies and make sure that we do it intelligently and while we're doing that make sure we follow certain things like taking profits and buying an increment and not falling the flood or FOMO and stuff like that and that's how we should all continue to hold and trade going forward so I think that's what 2018 really taught us is that you know what it is still early market it is very early it is volatile it could be manipulated and hopefully we all learn something from 2018 because it is a very important lesson right that that's if you want to stay in the market alright guys thanks for tuning in and those links have promised right I'm gonna put it in the description so you guys don't miss out these those are good articles you should read it and that's it right have a good New Year's Eve and have a good New Year's and we'll see what happens when 2019 rolls around alright thanks guys and make sure you smash with the likes subscribe the channel if you're new and take care alright bye bye

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    It's about Control, follow the money, fear, lack of understanding and a concern of the global effect that is going to happen no matter what they do. They don't determine Market Price. They are a Governing Agency and for the most part, it is hard to explain Block Chain functionality and Bit Coin to Government Workers who have always been paid for showing up to work more than for what they contribute to things of value in our society. 

    The current Madeoff Ponzi economic system is dysfunctional. They have abused it by printing money, put it in jeopardy in applying theory of how to manage it, and allowing liars and merchandising thieves to control a system that resembles more of a jungle than a mechanism of fair commerce.

    They are stalling in the face of a coming meltdown that will take the entire globe into destitution, war and starvation. And then Bitcoin decentralization will be declared the global Currency. Do you honestly think the IMF and their stupid little SDR's are going to be controllable? And we are going to trust our global economy to these nitwits? They are more inept than the UN for Pete's Sake! Do you think SDR's can compete against Bitcoin? Think about it. POWER TO THE PEOPLE—RIGHT ON!

    The less they understand, the more fearful they are about its uses and innovation. They are scared shitless of how this will change the world, and probably more importantly, how will they maintain their own relevance and control and of course how will governments tax it. Did you know that income tax was unconstitutional was dreamed up by the progressive left under Woodrow Wilson, about the same time as the creation of the Federal Reserve, which Bit Coin will replace Fairly and honestly so? Bit Coin will correct the sins of our economically inept Government!

    I warned people that when you take our pristine, personal control, and financial device and turn it over to the very highly regulated eco system we are trying to escape, we play right into their hands. They want to wreck crypto. We are disrupting their world. What would you do if you were them?
    I warned people that CME and CBOT traders would annihilate the price because they don't know how to classify Crypto, and are even more clueless about its innovative usage capability. How can you have a futures contract for something that isn't delivered? They will protect gold, which looks pretty, has a very limited physical functionality, cannot be transported or subdivided easily, etc.

    It is out of Pandoras box. There is no denying it. It is here to stay and will continue to grow exponentially. We should make even more strides to make its possession undetectable and private. Put that thought in the CFTC's Commissioners and Governmental Regulator control freaks head. They won't be able to approve Bakkt quick enough. Still my friends…. Be careful what you wish for… you might get it.

  2. The longer bakkt keeps getting delays, the more natural the price explosion will seem. If Bakkt was launched in November and the Price of Bitcoin exploded to $300k. Everyone would probably blame Bakkt. But if it gets delayed 6 months to 1 year and this time in 2019 it goes to $300k, people are going to say, "of course the price exploded, everyone was accumulating while bakkt was sitting on its heels."

  3. Thanks for another great video! So does anyone else watch YouTube on Brave Browser so you don't have to listen to ads? I love it since I listen to a lot of my crypto channels in the shower and there's nothing worse then a super loud ad you can't skip while away from your phone.

  4. Who cares if Bakkt is delayed. Pray it keeps getting delayed so you peasants can keep accumulating before they are $300k each.

  5. how can I capitalized on bakk what coin do you buy and what else do I have to do is it like the maker coing

  6. I dont know why people are hyping BAKKT like its going to be a positive thing for Bitcoin. Futures market are known for one thing. Price manipulation.

  7. Happy new year George. Thnks for your videos . your character is a great example to most of us here in this crypto community. may God bless you more.

  8. HAPPY NEW YEAR, George ! Thank you for staying strong for all of us and educating us about the industry ! Let's make 2019 the most productive year ever for Crypto.

  9. It's almost as if Bakkt is feeding into FOMO so the short sellers can get positioned just right. They should not be publishing launch dates without CFTC approval?

  10. I think it will go lower and all hope will be gone. then Bitcoin will rise again. thank you CryptosRus still hanging in there.

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