24 thoughts on “Bakkt Could Custody XRP And Ripple Wall Street Ties”

  1. Good stuff Brother?? Get to Staples and foot 50 bones for that Mic! Although I might miss the “across the room” vibe

  2. bro, when i'm on a diet i bring carrot sticks and broccoli to the movie theater. it's only half the time. sure, i'm a dork for doing it, but i bet i'm healthier for it. and how many 50 year olds have a 6 pack? So, i'm happy for the choices I make. also, you eat popcorn every trip to the theater, i abstain half the time. who do you think enjoys popcorn the most? delayed gratification is a thing. thinner waist and orgasmic popcorn. LOL> cheers DAI!!! thanks for all the great content!

  3. if someone was rejected for all these opportunities this means this person is a dumb. This is a fact. However there is always an  exception for all facts and rules and in this case Jack Ma is this exception. exception means 1 in  1 million. So do not make of what happened to Jack Ma a rule but a good  reminder of " do not give up" as he mentioned at the end.

  4. How long have we been hearing all this good news, what´s about to come and yet the price of XRP is not going up, I ask my self why that is.

  5. Crypto Eri had a video and researched a influencer who wrote a negative article on XRP, published in Forbes . She discovered the Influencer wrote another article with a positive spin on crypto. They just televised a segment on my local tv news channel about how influencers give 90% bad advise on diet. Influencers will sell their soul to make a buck.

  6. Bitcoin going parabolic. All other crypto will not move an inch…. and then…. they will go absolutely insane. BTC always goes parabolic then right after, it dumps into ALTs.

  7. Have any of the Ledger Nano X’s started shipping?? I ordered mine in January and it still hasn’t shipped. 🙁

  8. Good evening Digital Asset Investor, what do you think about Love for Crypto's video? In this video he says technically XRP could go up to one million dollars, and shows all the nostro/vostro bank accounts, non-cash global transactions, etc and he does the calculations. I would like to know your take, I have seen your video and I really believe that it was designed to be at $10,000+ eventually. If you type in "Love for Crypto Ripple XRP to hit $1000+" you will see the video. He provides great insight. @

  9. DAI can you shed some light on Polysign .. PolySign's digital asset custody platform is a step-function above other solutions

    Leading blockchain architects Arthur Britto and David Schwartz designed PolySign's solution for securing digital assets. https://www.polysign.io/

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