23 thoughts on “BAD NEWS for Bitcoin and Crypto…!?”

  1. Coindesk FATF Article: https://www.coindesk.com/beyond-kyc-global-regulators-appear-set-to-adopt-tough-new-rules-for-crypto-exchanges
    Forbes Facebook Article: https://www.forbes.com/sites/ktorpey/2019/05/27/facebooks-upcoming-cryptocurrency-has-nothing-to-do-with-bitcoin/#79e5da955d0b
    Bitcoin will be worth $1'000'000 Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-lTFw327OWI&lc=UgwHtQqFtt1jAHtIbR14AaABAg
    Bitcoin in Microsoft Excel Tweet: https://twitter.com/sunnydecree/status/1132937787748093953

  2. 1 – withdraw whats left on exchanges before that regulation happen,
    2 – delete exchanges accounts
    3 – will trade on DEX

  3. OTC BTC will have more value. BTC to 1000000$ can be tomorrow if all the $ leave the financial markets and goes to the real economic market

  4. I had this theory, that crypto is the future of money but it may be not much better for average people than having some inflating paper money in your pocket, because now in the digital world people with power like influential companies love to see what you doing with your money so they have even more data about you to know exactly what and when you buy something, so they can make more profits. This could lead to a huge privacy problem where people are so consumer oriented and manipulated they don't even know why they buying something. I have this concern that this new wealth which is build on top of that new monetary system will cost us personal freedom. If you take a look at the planned social credit system in china it would make sense to see more such developments. Maybe crypto does not provide that freedom we hoped for in the future.

  5. One thing I just realized and watching your video for a third time is that you’re basing these price predictions as if everything stayed the same in the last couple of bullruns. With all the new on ramps, infrastructure, trading opportunities, exposure and adoption. I can’t even imagine where we could end up. I use Joseph Hill’s strategies after trying so many. I chose Joseph because he is the best and at another level of exchange with signals that are 98% accurate. Your signals are easy, accurate and accurate and I'm sure you're having a big impact on the cryptographers community that you're already with. For all investors, this is the perfect time to increase your holdings. Not only wait for the bull race, but take advantage of it and make the most of it. I urge all of you to want to do this to contact you through ([email protected] or Telegram/WhatsApp +1(941) 363-1471) for your signals and tips on how to quickly create a work strategy to increase your portfolio and earn profit Consistent and consistent-your prediction is logical and backed by the data of the past, the bullrun will surpass previous all time highs, i can see BCH and EOS being top performers.

  6. BTC really needs to become a privacy coin and slam the door on most of the surveillance rather than living in a "glass house".

  7. Facebook coin will just be another paypal for all practical purposes and we already have paypal. They can just join in with GPay and Apple's and Amazon's similar "services". None of them are private. None of them are decentralized. MEH

  8. this is bullshit, if i was to buy bitcoin was to hide it from the man, big F to the man, and facebook coin i will never use it, i even cancel my facebook account, they are traitors just like banks and gov….

  9. Hey sunny ! Excuse me, im french, usually i can easily understand someone speaking english, but i dont know why on this video i didnt get a shit ? not because of you but cause my english is shittier than i though.. anyway in simple words, wth is happening please ? Thank you for you daily advices !

  10. This goes against everything Crypto stands for. I don't understand the technology well enough but there must be a way around it.

  11. Typical as soon as they see where bitcoin can go they want to control everything.
    Sunny I am looking for some info about which is the best way to pay out your btc (incl. taxes etc.) and wanted to asked you if you have any info about this thanks and cheers

  12. Lol – loved your "mining gold in space" but now the 380 bigmacs actually top it. Big Macs and Space Mining to the moon!

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