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welcome to the new trust economy we're your hosts blockchain 101 author and founder of rise housing Monica profit and Inc innovation columnist and brand casting strategist Tracy Hazzard explore all things blockchain ICO ventures and cryptocurrency each week they explore businesses applications and venture built on blockchain or cryptocurrency and address issues like women and diversity in tech trust and distrust and the economics of access and value we would like to remind our listeners that investing in disruptive tech icos and cryptocurrency is speculative in nature and involves substantial risk of loss we encourage you to invest carefully and do your due diligence first now here are your hosts Monica profit and Tracy hazard hey everyone this is Tracy hazard on the new trust economy and I'm gonna do one of these double episodes again where we're gonna talk a little bit about blockchain when we're gonna talk Bitcoin and and Krypto here but we're also gonna talk about podcasting because that is of interest to my center of influence articles that I write for authority magazine and we've got guys who are tripping over into Bo so we've got the hosts of the bad crypto podcast and it kind of started out of you guys being bad boys so I've got Joel comm and Travis right and you have got 7 million downloads is that right yeah did you say we were tripping over your hit over 7 million downloads that's actually you know what that's actually not a bad way to to frame it because I kind of feel like we fell into the space that we're into and just started with discussions at Travis and I would have on a pretty regular basis you know on our mutual interest in cryptocurrency and blockchain and one day he says what are we gonna do a show and I said now and then that was you know that's how we got started so yeah about 7 million downloads in just under two years well you know and that's great because you guys are for the cryptic curious and the crypto serious you are blockchain Blockheads as you sell terms and you like googling stuff so we don't have to and we don't anymore we liked it we sometimes will being down with tyranny we're posted where the post Googlers and and you guys have been mean we're gonna talk about this because you guys have some great rankings you're in a lot of directory listings top podcasting crypto and other things like that so we're gonna talk a little bit about that but you um you've been doing this podcast we just talked about it you've done well over 300 episodes and you do it in kind of the main of the main podcast as two hundred and seventy at this time and you've got lists of specials and things that you do so I want to talk about that as well as we go forward but because we're starting at the new trust economy what can people expect from expect from listening to your show what's so special about you guys he likes red shirts I like blue shirts except cookies Travis as a as a Casey fan you know what makes us special I think we've both you know we've had a long and storied history in Internet and in marketing and technology and so a lot of people that are doing shows about blockchain just come into it from that purely blockchain space and they they talk about it at least they used to talk about it in terms that were over a lot of people's heads and so you know we came around just a couple guys that are technologists and nerds and are fascinated with the stuff but being professional communicators were able to speak in a language that people understand so maybe that's what makes us special Travis I think they were both sort where it's not only have you been in social media but we're also social comedians at least we think we're crypto medians crypto medians we like to crack jokes and so I think that's one of the things that is different than our show is that a lot of the shows especially when we started we're just so technical everybody remember usually I'm just trying to understand this thing well how do I get started they're like over on the blog in the shot and then people go on what and so I think that was our part was like hey let's come in let's digest it make it easy to understand for folks and have some fun in the process and we're having lots of fun in the process hopefully people are understanding it – yeah we're laughing whether or not other people laugh at our jokes doesn't matter because we're having a good time and you know people like to be around others who are having fun and I think that's one of the reasons this show has really resonated it's because hey you know I like listening to these guys because they just the camaraderie they have and the chemistry in they're just having so much fun and we need more levity we need more humor you know the world and the news and the politics and it's all so serious and we're like why so serious right well and I think it shows in the way that your your show comes across you you hear it you guys are having fun and when you're having fun with something that is being taken a little too Chucky and serious in other places why not why wouldn't want people listen more and that's why I think you guys have made the top ten cryptocurrency podcasts you wouldn't want to miss in 2019 and you're both listed as top 100 digital marketers in 2019 congratulations both of you and Joel you're killing it and number 14 hmm was it with a bullet or am i falling you've gone down from last year your preferred appointment you know those lists it's always nice to be recognized but those lists are such BS I guarantee that there's a bunch of people that are listed below me that are far more influential but hey if somebody wants to say I'm you know number 14 I'll take it absolutely I mean so I you know Pat Flynn fell below you John Lee Dumas fell below you so you got to be feeling pretty good Johnnie step it up Johnny good yeah so anyway I love I love that you guys made that list and and that you're cranking on that because that list is comprised of and that's brand24 is list and it's comprised of mentions about you not mentions you make so like I put out I put out over a thousand podcasts across my different podcasts that we do here but mentions about your heart had come by that means people are talking about you what do you think that has been the recipe to getting them energized and engaging and talking about you I think it's a matter of us being ourselves right it's like we don't pretend to be somebody we're not we even started the show out saying hey we're bad right we're not good we don't know about blockchain yet but we know about marketing and we know about technology and we know about emerging technologies and here's what we've done and collectively between Joel and I we've written 16 books right well Joel's written 15 but it sounds way better 16 that sounds good yeah don't know much cryptography don't know much about blockchain either all right yeah but you know it's interesting for something that is a little bit newsworthy right you know things change in the blockchain world things change in crypto regulations are shifting yet you still on your website recommend that people start from one from Episode one and and go through it why is that well because when we started the show we didn't know where it was going we'd this is where we were in our journey in the moment we were going down that rabbit hole was like hey you know what we're not financial advisors were definitely not experts and we've never claimed to be although we have learned a few things and in a couple years and we said come on this journey with us so it's really a great entry point for people that are saying where do I start well this is where we started this is what we've discovered and so you know come down the rabbit hole then we you know the next episode what is Bitcoin what is blockchain right what are these these basic concepts that you want to understand as we're figuring it out you're gonna feel like um these guys are just like I can hang with these guys because they're not pretending like they know it all we're figuring this out together well you know it's interesting because I you know started listening to some of your more recent episodes because I hadn't gone to the website first I just went to the iTunes and so went backwards through it essentially and yeah you guys were spouting I was like whoa these guys are into know so I guess you know 300 plus episodes later you definitely know some stuff I could almost tell you what blockchain is now about a thing or two well one of the things that I think is a great idea about starting from the beginning is then and you listen to all 350 that just it just adds a whole lot more lessons to our podcast yeah and then and then it's like it's better than crack you know go back and listen to like the first there's a out of the first fifteen there's like ten that are solid basic episodes so we put together a playlist that's bad Co ba D co dot I am forward slash basics and that'll give you the first ten episodes if you listen to those that'll give you a general understanding about blockchain crypto mining wallets how it all works why it's important and what you should know and that right there I think then you can go and start listening to the new episodes and you be you've got an understanding you don't need to go back and listen to a lot of those old old news episodes and stuff however there are a lot of really great interviews that we had in there over the past couple of years so you might want to hit some of those interview sites up as well but this is those first ten and I get you going I love it so how has this you know you started out without a lot of knowledge in the in the arena but how is it raised your authority in blockchain and in crypto well we're being asked now to be interviewed on you know shows and podcasts to discuss blockchain we're being asked to go to events to do bad crypto live on stage to emcee events to speak about crypto to do workshops on you know crypto basics and we actually do know you know a few things right now still not claiming to be experts but we do have a unique ability to make seemingly complex subject matter easy to understand and I think that's what really positions us uniquely because although there's a lot of people out there that understand crypto better than us many of them don't have the skills to communicate on a fifth grade level which is where you really need to be to make Bitcoin and blockchain easy to understand because it took me forever I heard about Bitcoin years ago Tracy but I didn't get the whole mining thing you know I'm thinking what are their little men inside my computer going I mean I didn't get it because that didn't connect with me I didn't pursue it it wasn't until I understood what mining really was that I was able to I'll put all the pieces together now I I get this now I've got the foundation now we can start from here and begin piling on more knowledge I don't to piggyback onto that was that was that exact same thing once you understand mining you really understand blockchain then you understand why bitcoin is important because bitcoin is really the incentive for those independent miners to verify the transactions it's on the Bitcoin blockchain once people understand that you go ah okay so everybody who has Bitcoin on their computers are verifying these transactions that means we don't need a centralized Bank Clearing House anymore because we're all independently verifying that everything is cool right but one of the things that that sort of we took that to another level was is that we've created our own coin actually and it's called bad coin right and I want to talk about that because that's what this is like once you understand mining you know I mined some Bitcoin back in 2010 on a laptop and it was fun you can't mine Bitcoin on a laptop anymore you can but you're not gonna get any Bitcoin you just gonna wish that story Travis what happened to that Bitcoin well you know I always always like to tell the story that I lost the Bitcoin but I mined a Bitcoin block and then you know a couple months later my computer died I forgot to get the Bitcoin off I got all my important files off of my photos and whatever but not the Bitcoin smart man so anyways I lost that but the important thing is it was cool to mine I like this like oh I mind I got I got some magical internet money here this is great and so we did you know we having some conversations in about a year ago we said you know there's a problem with Bitcoin today because it can only be mined by very powerful wealthy people who've got huge amounts of technology to be able to mine it now you gotta have so much hash power and computational power of mine it's impossible for regular folks to mine and a gigantic AC system yeah no kiddin so what if we flipped that arms race on its head and say let's see if we can get the baddest the worst computer who can mine on bad computers and mine bad coin and so we created our own coin that's a five algorithm multi-chain that any device can connect to our blockchain and you're gonna be able to mine fairly so if you're connected to the you know if you have like a big room of ASIC computers you're gonna be connected to the sha-256 algorithm the difficulty will be very high for you to solve the problem the reward will be lower if you're using a MacBook or PC and you're connecting to the yes script algorithm the reward would be much higher and the difficulty will be very low and so the s script blocks get mind more than the ASIC blocks and we just got it all sort of it's still a balancing act of bouncing it all out and we basically created the most fairest my noble coin in blockchain today I don't know that deserves to be called bad but I love it that that's amazing so you know this is something really interesting that you know too many people who become authorities and experts in the industry don't actually use it so like we get this point where where they're they they don't own Bitcoin they've never you know they've never mind anything they don't really actually know how it works and that is super interesting that you guys are not only you've been exploring it all the way but you're diving in so you're now users yeah yeah and that's that's you know as technologists as futurists as practitioners we're always saying hey what if we try this what if we did that could we come up with this and we play you know I think Travis and I both look at technology as this the the wide open Beach with all this sand and like what can we build here what kind of Castle got our pail and shovel and what do we make what would be fun what's going to get washed away with the ocean and what can you know stand the test that people will come by and take pictures of it and you know monetary gain that comes with success you know automatically a lot of people are trying to build something for the money I think we do the things we do because we know if we do what we love we're gonna it's gonna be fun and the money will come yeah absolutely well so you kind of told me a little couple little stories here but I'd love to hear the most interesting or the most funny story related to starting the podcast in particular funny story things that went really wrong things went just really at the show you know it's still around two years later so that went really wrong I would say the most interesting thing about our setting up the podcast was that we had the idea I made the comment to Joel about hey how long until we do the Joel and TW crypto show that wasn't about maybe three o'clock on July 16 2017 and the morning of June of July 18th two days later like 36 hours later we like launched the first episode but not just the episode we had registered the domain you know we took all the skills that we've had from our previous experience right so we knew about website so registry on domain setting up WordPress Travis did some you know graphic design to create our logos setting up the social profiles finding the place to record the show and then I produce the show found the music edited it all together found the podcast platform boom got it out we just took my 16th July 18th the first episode yeah massive action massive action yeah absolutely you guys had some skills though and that is truly a difference so I mean I think I have 200 podcasters on my palletized platform and you know I think 30 days for most of them is rushing it like it they take let's go let's just go let's go and you know what I think that that goes to our backgrounds is like Joel and I each have a background in broadcasting like so he worked at a college radio station I was at I was a country music DJ at age 13 to 15 and my mom's my mom's best friend's dad's radio station which was the LA kam kam Oh Ian Butler and so I think they just enjoy I don't know how many podcasts that he's done over the years and I know that I've done a bunch and we said let's just go and one-take here we go let's rock it and then maybe a little bit of editing and there's my cost or something but you know Mike's in front of either Joel or I we're not going to be too shy we're gonna keep talking we're both you know professional keynote speaker so we you know it Travis is a stand-up comedian I mean he's sitting right now but he can also stand and talk and tell jokes and so Joel was a porn star in the 70s that part is not true it was the 80s you guys have probably gotten a lot more speaking events a lot more keynotes and other things but has it increased your business opportunities oh gosh bottom line yeah any time I think you resonate with the public people start reaching out to you they want to sponsor the show we just were always getting inquiries every day yeah via email or via LinkedIn or Twitter and people want to be on the show we wanted to talk about potential joint you know ventures with us or asking us to go speak somewhere where we never know where we're gonna be I gotta ask to have smoke a joint venture yeah it was good that happens with Travis you know he likes the wacky weed and somehow the people they do have as they find him the joints find him wherever we are whatever joint were in they find him and so yeah the bottom line is I mean certainly during the the the timing that we had on starting the show was just it was impeccable you know who knew that we were coming in right before the biggest bull run in in Bitcoin history we could feel someone's happened to know man it's like guy you know who's know was yes we were having conversations and it was just it just consumed like literally because I had just launched digital since my book in January and here we are in July and my book cuz the farthest thing from my mind I'm like man this crypto world has consumed me I finally get it what you understand blockchain you understand you get on fire and you're like oh my god I gotta I got to know as much as I can and I think a lot of people were like that and they jumped on and started listening to our show yeah well you there wasn't a lot of places where you could get information so you know this is the thing you guys are authors and that's kind of a common place where people go let's go read a book about this but the reality is things were changing too fast for you guys even gotten a book published in time mm-hmm yeah and I mean I've done we you know as Trevor said we've done 16 books between us and it takes a lot of time and we've talked about doing a crypto book but honestly by the time it would come to press even if I use one of my methods that I can get it out in a few months it's gonna get dated so quickly I don't know that it's worth it yeah that's how I feel that's why I still haven't published my books yet they're still sitting on my credenza backyard yeah you know one of the best reasons for doing a book is for branding right and authority and the podcast has given us that already so I don't know that you know that reason it doesn't really hold up yeah absolutely well um even though this is a new trust economy I want to hit on the things that go into our center of influence article that will be on authority magazine and hopefully on BuzzFeed when they pick you up because I'm sure that they will pick up your advice so we like to hit on five areas that we could use some lessons on tips for how can you book great guests well you have to ask right that's the first thing if you want guests you have to ask and you can't be afraid to ask learn a little bit about the people that you're wanting to have on before you ask them so that you can when you reach out not just say hey I've got a show do you want to be on talk a little bit about them and what you admire about them and why you would you know be interested in having them on yeah absolutely I love that how about increased listeners you know I think I think really it's naming your shows in a way that people are searching for things right because they want to find certain pieces of content so you know who is your audience that's one of the things you really got to know what kind of content are they looking for now you're gonna do content that you're put out that's going to be uniquely yours that's relevant to you and interesting to you now if it's interesting to you and you need to you there's gonna be a tribe of folks out there who probably feel the same about that particular stuff so just make sure you do everything in your favor to to name it correctly so people can find it right and also keep in mind that you can take your podcast and convert that into a YouTube episode you can put that YouTube episode on bit shoot you can put it on D tube you can put it on real video you can go on steam it and promote your podcast there so just think of different places where where are other people that are gonna be listening located at and go connect with your tribe absolutely I love that how about produce it in a professional way now you guys are doing this yourself still well we actually brought on a an engineer that that takes our you know audio now I'm we're both very capable of doing it but it's time consuming and and it's just it's it's not fun if I had to keep doing that part of it and so we've got a gentleman air in the tech who who produces our programs and puts them out for us that's nice to have right is there any tips to how you produce it professionally though so that sounds like a professional show have a good microphone have a good connection right if you're doing a video make sure you have some decent lighting so it lights you up nicely yeah it just it's I mean we're using zoom so zoom has that built in that you can just have a nice little fancy background there but I would say you know definitely have a good microphone have a nice system set up and you know they'll be afraid to start learning it it's you know audacity is such an easy thing to learn to start out with so if you just starting out I know this is my fourth or fifth different podcast series that I've been a part of and I remember the very first one I used audacity way back in 2006 to create my cultivate greatness podcast interviewing people and just put it together it's like that's the fun part is the thing is is I realized well over 10 years ago that I want to spend a portion of the rest of my life interviewing people who are smarter than me in areas where I'm not smart in I'm not an expert in so I can learn from them and grow my network and also share that content with other people so that they can learn those lessons and so I think if you think about it from that perspective that's not just about you it's like oh my god think of the value I get from interviewing this person one of my heroes or one of my tech people I really admire an author that I really love or some youtuber that it's got my attention or whatever you start interviewing them and then you become them kind of in a way it's over time you grow all these unique skills and you stack these skills and like saying you know you can do all kinds of stuff online that's right how about encouraging engagement seeing you guys have you know been on the list of the most engaging people and market in digital marketing yeah well you have to invite people to engage with you right so every show it's like email us back go to podcast at engage with us on Twitter we have a Facebook mastermind group that you know we allow people to come in and talk about crypto we tell fill out the contact form we have a phone number we say call us leave us a message you know even if it don't scratches out in bathroom walls they scratch to call us were lonely we have stickers you know here's a bad queen sticker we have bad crypto stickers when we put them places and you know in bad places right because people to recognize you know in fact that was where I just was Travis in in in Toronto while I was walking back to the hotel one day somebody had put some stickers up on poles that were like about not eating meat and I'm like oh yes oh why not right there I loved it so how about best ways to monetize a lot of different ways you can monetize a podcast right if you have content that's relevant to some particular company if you are creating content in the interview your audience is relevant to some certain brand then there's opportunities to do sponsorships of course if you're in the crypto world and there's always somebody out there trying to get some exposure for something so you know reach out and talk to the people who are trying to do great stuff in your space that your audience is relevant to them and maybe there's a fit awesome well thank you for those I really appreciate now I just want to before we go talk a little bit about um how people can reach you and find you so besides your show where else can they find you what social media do you are you guys active in and it's you actually there yeah a Twitter Facebook Instagram I'm at Joel comm everywhere any yeah I am I am Travis right you can normally Google me for that as I normally the official Travis right there's other there's actually another Travis right on my street W right but he's like Travis Dee right or something literally I met I met he's at two houses down which is crazy but online I'm the number one Travis right but you can find me I'm I'm a TW te edu bya normally sometimes there's a W at the end because it that was what my grandpa called me when I was growing up 80 W absolutely okay great and you know is there anyone that you haven't been able to get on your show yet that you'd really like to get yeah the wincle vai Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss we would love to have either or both of them on I feel like as a pair they you know they go better but we'd be happy with one wow that's really interesting that that's the first time that one's come up I get a lot of the same people all the time right but wow that's a great we don't know we might have already had satoshi on so she what most people say I'm curious oh you know we get a lot of like you know Barack and Michelle Obama Oprah you know the in the women we get a lot of Brunei brown and other other people like that we've had a few people ask to have Tony Robbins on and kind of right now who wouldn't want to have him on because that'd be a scoop but you know on an ordinary day that's a pretty typical answer yeah I'm good yeah I think a you know interesting I I mean what would you ask him the wincle by yeah that's a good question right there what would we ask them Travis what would your first question be for the wincle by how much of a dick is Mark Zuckerberg that's good well he's got to get their own crypto coming on which is which is good so I bought a domain name eff Zuck box I'm ready for them to do as crypto if you had them this is really it's very curious I mean cuz what are they doing they're constantly staying ahead of technology so far ahead sometimes that they're getting stolen from right I'd like to chat about like the genesis of them understanding crypto because Anders they grabbed it at an early time right they got there they got that fat stack from from Zuckerberg and the lawsuit and then right after that they put like nine ten million dollars in crypto and it was like a hundred bucks a pop or really even lower so they were smart they got in and just gonna talk about where they'd been and where they see the road going and they've created their own exchange and they've done it in New York City where it's the hardest place in the world to do own any crypto trading business and so they've done a lot of really interesting things and so you found a chat with them yeah so last thing what kind of advice do you have for someone who wants to start a podcast well have something that you really want to talk about right don't start one just to start one and then take action don't hesitate like if you're really passionate enough about a subject don't worry about getting it perfect just start talking and if you don't have a team to support you in it you don't know what else to do there's a great app available on on the iPhone maybe on Android as well called the anchor app which lets you create podcasts directly on your phone yeah absolutely well thank you guys I really appreciate you coming on today and I just want to because this is a new trust economy is there anything on that side of of where we're seeing a lot of trusted disrupt it just trust in crypto or in blockchain but you think it's kind of dissipating it's disappearing and we're feeling a lot more confident in how it's going you know how everybody back in the day like oh only criminals have crypto right it seems like that that myth is being faded back in the day a lot of the criminals in eff crypto they still do probably have crypto but I bet they're probably going man how much did I buy that weed for 20 I bought I spent like eighty thousand dollars on if you figure out the price of Bitcoin now right I bet a lot of the criminals are sad that they spent so much money on the dark web they just held it instead you know so yeah you know what one thing that's always we always say is you know crypto goes up Krypton goes down the space is changing but blockchains not going away we think it's fascinating we love it we're in it and we're having fun with it and every day is oh yeah so I'd say this blockchain is here to stay it's not going away crypto goes up crypto goes down it's all it's all a magical magical roller coaster ride so just buckle in have fun and hold on that's kind of our philosophy here at the new trust economy too that you know that I'm personally much more interested because I come out of the innovation and technology side that you know much more interested in the use cases that are really showing that viability of what blockchain really means and what it can do underneath and underlying as a technology and so when you can see a use case that's coming up that's like wow that shows it to its best ability that's what I want to highlight that's my personal angle here I really don't know much about crypto on the other side of that I'm kind of a newbie into the market so I have appreciated your podcast to helping to enlighten me on that side of it yeah one of the things that I see is coming along and Joe and I chat about this is you know one of the biggest case studies for crypto and blockchain has been advertised there has been finance next one is advertising it's going to totally change the advertising game with that elements of trust built in click-fraud by that and so we've set up a new website where we're kind of curating some of that news around blockchain advertising and blockchain marketing and that's the blockchain CMO comm so we've set that up blockchain CMO comm and we're having fun sort of Kure and that's a si putting some brain power over there thinking advertising and blockchain who are they're going to be the winners over there because I want to start connecting with them oh well then I definitely want to talk to you guys more about that so we'll do that at another time though so everyone thank you so much for joining me Joel and Travis I really appreciate you guys here bad crypto podcast you guys have to check it out add it to your subscription list if you're listening box chain and cryptocurrency you got to be listening there so thank you guys mad Cornett also if you want to learn how to mine bad coin Oh see there you go learn how to mine and stay bad thank you guys so much for joining me and thank you all for listening this has been Tracy hazard on the new trust economy you've been listening to the new trust economy we'd love to hear your comments on today's show as well as suggestions for future topics and guests visit us online at new trust economy com or on social at new trust economy thanks for exploring the new trust economy with us you

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