Awesome Trading Platform: 100X to 1000X Leverage on Crypto, FX, Commodities, Indexes

Awesome Trading Platform: 100X to 1000X Leverage on Crypto, FX, Commodities, Indexes — PrimeXBT — hosted by David Moadel hello everybody and welcome to looking
at the markets with David Modell what a great day it is to be a traitor
man bitcoin is up four percent against the US dollar I’m making money I hope
you are too if Theory emisn togedda dollar and look at that chart look at
those beautiful green candles there this is a great trading platform by the way
if you want to get this it’s called prime xbt it’s available at prime xbt
dot-com you could type it into your browser or you can just go to my
referral link which is in the description below this video if you
click on that you can get prime xbt for your phone for your laptop for your
desktop and you’ll get this amazing trading platform I mean you could look
at all all the different charts either you know I’m looking at the one-minute
if you’re maybe more of a day trader you can look at the one-hour chart
you got the MACD down here you got the volume bars all that cool stuff all
kinds of different indicators man if you’re a swing trader that’s okay you
can go on the daily chart that’s what I like to do and as you can see bitcoin is
just doing great but it’s not just about Bitcoin and aetherium and crypto
currencies sure you can trade those on Prime xB you could do those but
you can also trade commodities indexes Forex you could trade so many different
things on Prime xbt dot-com I mean this is the number one
Bitcoin based platform for active traders you can trade 30 plus assets
with leverage on their fully customizable powerful trading platform
it’s so easy you just hit that blue button register or open a trading a open
a trading account try it today man what a great trading platform innovative
tools with advanced features I just showed you what it looks like I haven’t
account there you really should check it out and you can get some serious
leverage starting at 100x and it can go up to 1,000 X depending on the product
depending on the circumstances ultra fast order execution real time risk
management you can trade safely and top tier liquidity open your free account
today you’re gonna want to check this out I mean look at all the things you
can trade it’s more than just Bitcoin sure they trade Bitcoin you can do that
on prime xbt but you can also trade but besides
crypto currencies you know your Bitcoin your aetherium your ripple litecoin a OS
with 100 times leverage and the lowest fees you can also trade indexes popular
ones like the S&P 500 FTSE 100 Japan and much more Forex go along or go short on
25 forex majors and here’s where you can take advantage of leverage up to a
thousand times serious leverage and commodities speculate on the prices of
high profile commodities such as oil gold and profit from their growth or
their decline you just hit that blue button and start trading and check out
all the different markets you can trade on too many dimension right now I’m I
mean you’re trading with the number one platform 100% privacy access to global
markets highest leverage low low fees free account start trading literally in
three steps register fund your account and trade takes only minutes and I
talked about security this is so important to me with prime xbt you get
wallet security the majority of the customers digital assets in Bitcoin are
held in their offline storage system that is cold storage what a safe and
secure way to keep your assets only a small portion of the digital assets are
held in their online or hot wallet they also use multi signature assets as
access multi-sig to provide both security against attacks and tolerance
for losing access to a key or facility eliminating single points of failure all
transfers from cold storage too hot wallets are handled manually and require
the coordinated actions of multiple employees here’s another safety feature
2fa two-factor authentication dual factor also known as two FA or 2-step
verification this is important to me it’s a security process that requires
the user to provide two different authentic authentification factors to
verify themselves it’s a higher level of assurance compared to single factor
authentication methods alright so this is what it looks like and it is more
secure you need two steps to get into your account and that’s a good way to go
it’s very simple and very important all right so they have all the instructions
on there but you first have to register that blue button right there I mean I
can recap it really quickly for you the features of the prime xbt platform
user-friendly interface you saw what that looked like fully customizable
layout suitable for professionals and beginners too many analysis tools many
tools besides crypto we talked about that commodities Forex all those I mean
I could show you those again right now all the things that you can trade
commodities Forex indices indexes and of course crypto currencies you want
leverage you got it on a 100 on a 100x crypto on FX CFD etc up to a thousand X
secure infrastructure and security systems we talked about that that’s
super super important privacy no kyc or no your client high liquidity and
instant execution of transactions due to aggregated liquidity and four level
referral program you want to get into the referral program you can do that
four levels where you can make money and low commissions we’re talking the lowest
Commission’s here okay so what do you have to lose you should sign up you
should check it out get the low Commission’s if you want to use leverage
you got some serious leverage with prime xbt fantastic security dual factor
authentication user friendly interface and man bitcoins
still up over 4% a theory I’m up over 3% if you want to make money if you want to
use these awesome charts if you want to get a great top trading platform prime
xbt dot-com type it into your browser or go
to my referral link it’s in the description below this video you’re
going to want to get this today thank you so much I’m going to keep bringing
you these awesome platforms awesome charting tools and fantastic
opportunities like prime xbt calm thanks a lot I appreciate it I’ll talk to you
again soon

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