AWESOME!! The ELON MUSK FlameThrower G.U.N. Easter Egg – Legendary/Orange – BORDERLANDS 3

Hey guys, I want to show you a very cool legendary weapon and this is also in Easter egg And this Easter egg has quite a bit of a build from last year This is an Elon Musk flamethrower Easter egg. And it’s got some very cool backstories. I’ll show you guys the specs on this gun What all it can do the history behind it and where you might be able to find one? So this is a TDR SMG flamethrower and it will be the only flamethrower in the game It is a legendary and the title of the gun is fire cell long Musket plus plus this has a fire elemental ability and no matter what? Variation you pick up of one of these it will always be fire elemental. So let’s talk about the perks to this gun And the history behind it. So the red text says say cryptocurrency and then down at the bottom It says one free blockchain with every reload most of you guys may already know that last year Elon Musk was selling Flamethrowers through his boring company and he had made kind of a funny tweet about it saying but wait There’s more the flamethrower is sentient meaning it has feelings It’s safe word is cryptocurrency and it comes with a free blockchain. Blockchain is a term that’s used in cryptocurrency And it’s a system that keeps records of transactions Well a Randy Pitchford the CEO of gearbox The people that develop Borderlands said Elon I’m going to add this to our next Borderlands game super serious Let me know if you want to write in the flavor text you may have already done So we’ll just lift it from one of your tweets. What’s cool about this tweet from Randy is that it was made in January 2018 before Borderlands 3 was ever ever spoke about publicly this tweet was the first indication that yes they are working on a new Borderlands and Wouldn’t be hearing about it for another year or so But it was exciting to see that something was in the works behind the scene So that’s what the description of this weapon is referencing The title is fire-sale long musket, which is a play on words for Elon Musk And then thus a cryptocurrency is what he said in his tweet And then the last line is talking about the blockchain Next I’ll show you guys where this was picked up and then I’ll show you guys a little bit about what it can do It’s actually really powerful and shout out 200 writers He’s the one that located this he got it to drop from a creature boss in the map called Athena’s there’s a spot in the middle of the map called windward Plaza and There’s a crew challenge there where you fight a creature boss called the chupacabra from my experience this chupacabra will drop a lot of legendaries really frequently and This creature is not that difficult to deal with and kill you can make your way to this area right here there is some yellow paint to indicate you can mantle up and then you’ll find the boss here when Honda was farming this thing he Was on mayhem mode number 3 the highest you can go and he was on the first playthrough still and his rank was 50 so whatever this thing dropped everything was gonna be a 50 and when you’re on mayhem mode 3 the Frequency of really good loot dropping is increased to 500% And as far as how well this gun performs It does a really good job against flesh because it is a fire elemental. It will absolutely Melt enemies right here I’m on mayhem mode 3 all the enemies are my level and they all have a plus 45 percent health I absolutely mowed through these varkids and these barcodes are not easy to kill but this flamethrower just Wrecked them. So this does a really good job against the flesh But if you encounter an enemy that has a blue bar any kind of shield It’s not gonna do hardly any damage at all This gun will attack enemies when you throw it it jumps out with these legs and will run around shoot the plane through earth enemies It’s so cool But yeah if you guys are wanting to Possibly get your hands on one of these then I would recommend mayhem mode 3 and maybe try farming that chupacabraj But I hope you guys enjoyed this and we’ll see you next video Burger party and you’re super invited

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