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gonna take a look at Bitcoin technical analysis I don’t do too much in depth
chart analysis on this channel but we’re gonna look at some right now because a
lot of you guys want to know when Bitcoin it’s going to start rising again
as much as I covered it in previous videos you guys I still get asked so I’m
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that in there real quick now the rest of the video only cryptocurrency related
are props now I want to first start off with something that you know is huge in
cryptocurrency and a lot of people are talking about and it honestly grows more
and more every time and that is your safety your safety your coin security
your token security just your security overall and that’s because there’s a lot
of scam accounts out there here’s some example I took Tron because they just
post about this and a lot of you guys really like Tron I know that a lot of
you guys also really don’t like Tron but still we’re going to talk about innatron
so the point being is make sure every time you see a tweet or something and
you’re gonna see a lot especially on Twitter of tweets such as if you send
500 Tron to this account we’re gonna send you back 5,000 shot and I like I
said I’ve covered this before in the eye on this channel but I want to
make sure that you guys my 10,000 852 subscribers are all 100% safe
so also make sure you share this video around to other people to make sure they
don’t fall for this but make sure you see the verification sign you know Tron
has that not every if it’s a small cryptocurrency it’s not gonna have that
I understand but if the original accounts have that make sure no matter
what you see that the account you’re talking about also has this and make
sure there’s the correct spelling of the username now examples they put down here
is Tron Foundation spell with the one has a six at the end one is just spelled
incorrectly spelled found new Dacian right
that’s not Foundation it’s not how you spell that and the third one says Tron
underscore TRX zero zero so this is not even close make sure you check the ID
and make sure there’s the verification symbol on whatever Twitter account you
are following because otherwise it is not verified news it could be fun
it could be a scam it could be a lot of things so make sure you guys are safe
and another quick way to look at it is the followers you know Shawn’s not gonna
have an account like I guarantee you if I were to click on here let see if I can
do it real quick if I click on here do we have a faith we
have a scam post um I’m about I look like a dumb there we go
if I say I’m about it look dumb if it isn’t here we go instantly we found one
and Tron foundation spell trow Foundation does not this is nice belt
right over 10 million Tron users we’re giving away one thousand at their um why
would they give away theorem and not drop a lot of them we’re gonna say
strong so don’t fall for that either to identify your address just send 0.4
to 0.9 aetherium to the address below and get four to nine aetherium back to
the address you used for the transaction and then you click here to find it oh
it’s at least this person you know scams detected they caught on twit but guys
don’t fall for that type of stuff you’re gonna see it all the time on every post
now let’s take a quick look at the overall market cab there wasn’t
too much news so I’m not gonna cover anything obviously there were news
articles but nothing too crazy came out however in the last 24 hours we are
seeing some great amount of green and I like that I like that you guys know
we’ve had a rough week we had a great week and then we had a rough week so if
you guys see the last seven days percent changed a lot of coins are in the red
we’re actually at a little bit under 450 billion dollar market cap Bitcoin
dominance went down a little bit and that is because you guys can see a lot
of all coins are green so Bitcoin dominance is gonna go down we were
almost at 40% yesterday I believe it was and that’s because all alt corns were
bleeding and bleeding hard Bitcoin wasn’t down to much was down a little
bit but it wasn’t down to much and then now bitcoins up a little bit all the
other all coins are up a lot more so Bitcoin dominance is a little lower it’s
still not as low as we’ve seen it before and you know the run we had previously
for all coins of Bitcoin dominance we’ve seen it and down to like 30 to 34
percent maybe that’s gonna happen again who knows depends on all coins decide
they are going to moon but I’m looking right here Neos still dropping a little
bit up today every I mean most all Quinn’s up today except for Manero
surprisingly enough who was holding out so strong it’s not down a lot though so
I’m not too concerned but a neo man I want to pick up more Neil but $119 is
still not the cheapest I think it’s cheap for neo don’t get me
wrong but it’s gonna be hard to pick up you know 100 neo right now because
that’s like what ten thousand dollars something like that not everyone has ten
thousand dollars to just drop from their bank account anyways the coin I wanted
to talk about most today which we’re gonna get to in a little bit though nano
and I’m gonna tell you guys how you can identify this type of pump how you guys
can identify this is going to happen and yes it’s up a ton it’s up 41% 24 hours
and bringing it to a total of 29 percent in the last week Nano has been bleeding
a lot but it is pumping it is pumping hard right now and it wasn’t too hard to
predict this like I said I’m going to show you guys why in just a second first
just a quick you guys know bitcoin we’re gonna talk
more about it after we talk about nano so just want to share the graph because
the cryptocurrency market as always does follow bitcoins want to point out a
little under 188 billion dollar market cap you guys see we had the you know a
little bit extra of a correction here now we are looking like we’re trying to
move up our position but I’m still not confident in that position just yet we
need a few more days to you know see more green and start to establish a
general direction this is not enough to judge anything by so still a lot of
things up in the open for cryptocurrency we’re and see what’s gonna happen but
nano guys is up 42% one point six billion dollar market cap it’s almost up
50% all honestly it could you can look at that graph just we saw it start to
believe a little bit yesterday found mistake in 21st yeah eight seven dollars
and 22 cents now it’s at $12 but basically almost doubled if you take it
from two days ago that’s absolutely ridiculous and I’ve been talking about
nano and I’ve been you know I posted even in the cryptocurrency Facebook
group I posted nanos mooning and because I was talking about it so much in so
many videos saying that it was so cheap and like I said we’re gonna talk about
it in just a second I just wanna point out again the graph by Tom in the
Facebook group I’m gonna leave a link to that in the comments down below you guys
can go check it out join the Facebook group it’s a great group ton of value
and everyone in there is always up to date with all the cryptocurrency news
because that is the easiest place I can just write a post and everyone can see
it and other people can contribute contribute as well we have a ton of
people who know what they’re talking about guys a lot of people in the group
know what they’re talking about that well know what they’re talking about
they’ve been in the cryptocurrency game for some time and they’re killing it
they’re crushing it with the posts and Tom is one of them he’s not the only one
but he is definitely one of them that is contributing a ton and if you guys want
to know more about the graph guys I talked about it in the previous video
more in depth basically what we’re seeing right now the last week of read
maybe it’s gonna hold on a little bit more we don’t know how many more days
we’re currently right here and we’re hoping to enter the IV 3 or the 4th 3rd
edition of the 4th car I don’t know what you guys want to call it
calling a high V three we’re gonna start moving up here which is gonna be the
bull run that tests and hopefully passes all time highs according to this chart
which is you know it’s made up of a lot of technical analysis I know it looks
simple you know it kind of looks like it was drawing on like paper like this but
it wasn’t it wasn’t this is technical analysis but just very simple looking
technical analysis but its technical analysis now I want to talk to you guys
how you can identify a pump such as nano and this isn’t even a pump and dump
don’t get me wrong there’s probably gonna be a correction just because it
moved up so much but this by no means a pump and done so 1.6 billion dollar coin
is very hard to get at 1.6 billion dollar coin to pump to be a pump in dump
because look at how much volume you need it’s two hundred thirteen million
dollars of volume that is not an easy pump for most people you they’re better
off going into you cash that was worth nothing
you know pump it there and all of a sudden thing explodes and maymay
everyone makes a lot of money except for the one the people who fo mode and you
know didn’t know what they were investing in but anyways how can we
identify Nano so you guys know Nano is rate blocks rebranded you know so can
check out more rebranding information over here it is just rate blocks now
it’s a great coin as a ton of potential it was moving up steadily
you know obviously every coin had a bad February and January and February but
this coin has a lot of potential because of its transaction fees
there’s none and the speed of transaction which is really really fast
at legal is like five seconds something like that crystal this coin doesn’t have
a ton of potential and I’m a big fan of nano now what happened is nano got
stolen from an exchange that got hacked was that nanos fault no right the
exchange got hacked that’s not nanos fault that’s more the fault of the
exchange that didn’t have their security good enough to prevent hackers but what
happened is you know this goes all over the news the
the name nano was thrown in there because that’s the coin they stole you
know the people who stole the coin probably instantly tried to sell it just
to not have to hold on to nano try to sell it to you know cash in on their
profits you know they stole money they just want to take the money and leave
which you know it certainly helped to the big dip that we saw in the market
for Nano it’s set it’s a great coin but it did experience a lot of fun but for
those of you guys who understand cryptocurrency and you guys understand
trading and you guys understand markets in general maybe you messed around with
a stock market whatever it may be you guys know that that is just that is fun
and that is a perfect opportunity to pick some coins up so I just got on the
cursor to show less than seven dollars Fernando I’ve been buying Nano
you know I was I was dollar cost averaging I explained this all the time
I was buying it in chunks as it kept going down because I didn’t know when
the bottom was going to be now guess what I bought it oh I think the first
time I bought Nano it was like sixteen dollars I believe it was like somewhere
over here I picked up a good amount of Nano but then he dipped all the way down
and you know what I picked up more Nano and this whole period I’ve been picking
up Nano of up till the 21st yesterday I was behind more nano and that means that
right now at twelve dollars and 44 cents I am in a decent amount of profit right
now because of dollar cost averaging my first investment of Nano was you know
there were still three and a half dollars away from reaching that for me
to break-even but because I dollar cost average sit down I’m down a profit when
Nano so everything else I am just happy if it keeps going up I’m just making
more profit so that’s awesome now you guys could exceed that this was gonna
happen because one it’s a good project – it’s not their fault what happened it
was fun you know their name just got thrown
around because they were the coin that was hacked but it was the exchanges
fault which makes it really easy to predict that once all that goes away
Nano is going to you know it has a long way to go to recover where it was at and
I’ve explained this in yesterday’s video two or the day before I don’t remember
which one he was that when the markets start going green Nano is going to it
has a lot of ground to catch up so it’s going to be one of the biggest movers
that was my opinion and look at that we have one green
today and it’s up 42% so those of you guys who picked up nano and a cheap
price congratulations on your profit those you guys who missed out don’t
worry I wouldn’t recommend faux mowing right
now I don’t know how much more it’s going to go up before has a little bit
of a correction because it’s up 50% a lot of people are gonna cash out their
break-even point or even some profit point and then they put that they got
right here so I would I wouldn’t FOMO I don’t like buying coins when it’s up
this much just as a principle it’s to keep myself safe but you are gonna have
another opportunity to buy Nano and a lot of other coins no bad news comes out
daily for some coins and their their price reflects that so definitely a good
time to pick up any coin that you guys are really interested in picking up now
let’s go into some technical analysis before you guys can see in trading view
I love this place to do technical analysis because you see other people
other people’s Semco analysis and they have you know this person is a pro I
know they top I don’t exactly know what this means but I know it means that they
are very reputable they have 211 thumbs up here 578 thumbs up here and it’s just
people who are good at technical analysis every time you type in a coin
here I’m gonna show you people who analyzed it before and kind of the
breakdown of what they think then you guys can do your own technical on that
analysis and compare and whatever it is and this kind of a great way to learn I
learned daily still looking at other people do this now everyone has a
different opinion of where it’s going you know it’s hard to tell where it’s
going from here but you guys can see one chart here saying we’re going down I
have another chart here this is going up who knows um that is up for you to do
your own research own analysis and to make your own decision but one thing I
want to point out I think is fascinating one thing that proves that this thing
isn’t perfect cell they’re saying it’s time to sell your Bitcoin at ten
thousand dollars it’s time to sell your Bitcoin that’s a bunch of mumbo-jumbo
guys this is I I don’t think I don’t think so especially long term hmm I
don’t think so I think it’s a bad idea but I decided to do some technical
analysis of my own for you guys and kind of show you guys where I see the market
heading for Bitcoin bitcoins gonna lead the market so I’m just tweet
analysis for Bitcoin it pretty much sums up technical analysis for the market now
what I wanted to show you this is the descending resistance point right here
and this is the descending supply line basically Bitcoin was following in this
channel for some time you guys can tell bounced up here bounced up down here
bounced up here bounced down here if it was staying within these lines now it
still hasn’t broken out of it but on the way up here it was building another sort
of tunnel which was moving upwards now we did break a little bit below that
when we got to this resistance point right here did break a little bit below
that which is unfortunate how do we broken this we would have been ready to
go but it is down a little bit maybe we can still recover it we don’t know
what’s gonna happen it’s gonna be you know this is the time where you keep a
close eye to see what’s gonna happen or if you’re in this prolonged run like me
you don’t need but you just open it once a day
check what’s going on doesn’t matter wasn’t planning on selling anyways then
you move on but moving up here it’s broken down a little bit from this
channel let’s see if again if it recovers and stays on track to break
this resistance or if it’s gonna drop back down now this is the 200-day moving
average to the huge support line for Bitcoin so again I don’t see us breaking
down below this at all what could happen is you know we’re at the ten thousand
range right now what could happen if we break down the ten thousand support we
could go to nine thousand five hundred I don’t believe we are going to be seeing
too much lower at least not in the coming days I don’t think so especially
with the Lunar New Year coming to an end guys we’re gonna see a lot more money
hopefully entering the cryptocurrency market now I’m gonna say it’s at the end
of the video I’m not a financial advisor this is not financial advice make sure
to do your own research before you put your money in absolutely anything guys
the safest way to make sure you don’t lose money is to do your own research
and to get better and better at doing research every single day don’t trust
what anyone says on the internet this is just my opinion my technical analysis
what I think is going to happen that’s it make sure everyone has their own
opinion so make sure you guys do your own research
when it comes to that obviously tech technical analysis is it easy to learn
it’s not hard either just take some time take some practice but you guys have got
it I’m here to answer any questions like I said hit me up on Instagram if you
guys have any questions or in the facebook group also I try and be as
active as possible in there and if it’s not me we got a ton of smart people in
the group they’re absolutely good they’re gonna help you out and answer
many of your questions so guys hopefully you enjoyed this video make sure to
leave a thumbs up if you guys did subscribe down below like I said before
if you guys want to see daily cryptocurrency videos now it’s gonna be
two times a daily I don’t even know how to say that two times a day videos on
cryptocurrency make sure you subscribe hit the bell icon to get notified when
those videos are released guys thank you so much for watching I’ll see you
tomorrow for another video


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    **DISCLAIMER**: I am not a financial advisor nor am I giving financial advice. I am sharing my biased opinion based off speculation. You should not take my opinion as financial advice. You should always do your research before making any investment. You should also understand the risks of investing. This is all speculative based investing.

  2. Man if people keep falling for these random accounts that promise to send back ETH/TRON/BTC or whatever if they send some to them they kind of deserve it lol people have to think in crypto and stop just running for every little thing man. I see it all the time and it's just ridiculous. But i respect you for trying to save them lol

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