Australias rare low mint 5 cent coin 1972

so hello people how are you going today
and look good I have here I have a 1972 coin ooh what coin is that do you know
what coin it is I’ll give you five seconds
tik tok tik tok tik tok yeah yeah yeah it’s an Australian five-cent coin 1972
and if I just show you the other side mm-hmm yep
wasn’t clean but my lights gone bloody I hate winter in Australia to play cold so
the reason why I’m showing you this coin is from all the coins that were actually
minted for circulation this one is the lowest minted funny eight point two five
million minted yeah I know it sounds like a lot but Australian 5 cent coins
if you collect five cent coins this will be the hardest to collect now they do
have a 1985 and 1986 5 cent coins which were never released in the circulation
but you can get those coins you know mints mint and proof sets quite easily
you can also get your swanee now I’m in set and proof set but they’re actually a
bit harder to get oh yes so the mint set for this one only about 39,000 were
issued but that AE 586 about 180 to 200 thousand were issued of each so this
one’s going to be harder to get in high quality grades and this one I’ll
probably classes fine mmm mainly because yeah you see the crown
I’ll just get a pin yeah you see the crown here
that’s generally pretty worn so that indicator it’s low quality coin and
uncirculated this will sell for about 45 bucks well that’s what that’s what the
book value says but phaser bit down so maybe you can get one
for a lot cheaper yeah that seems to be better resolution focus yeah there you go
so if you’re gonna click the strain coins and click fighting coins you need
to get this one as well okay so thank you very much and let me know what you
think of these five cent coin okay

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