Australia’s New Wallaby $2 coin September 2019

so hello fellow calling collect this
discipline back with the new two-dollar coin that come out today on Wednesday to
do what’s the date a night the 18th of September now this coin is actually been
known for probably private one or two weeks
oh and you got wind of it on the weekend but they released it today you can go to
Woolworths and get your coin they’re only three dollars each and you can buy
off the Royal Australian mint but I’ve seen it if you go to the coin shops
they’ve actually doubled the price so I think Downey’s was six dollars but down
is is expensive anyway and then you have and the other one I look those win yards
then that was five dollars so it is a I don’t know why they actually put up the
price but anyway you can go to Safeway will worse whatever you want to call it
and pick up your own coin so if we have a look at the cover I’ve got a few at
the back and a few people have asked me to get them sorry Tim BT I also want you
and Raj free bus stuff I believe you from India I’ll send one to you all I
need is your personal address all over my email down below just soon be it but
I’ll only send it to people overseas cuz in Australia you can easily get it and
people overseas know they can’t easily get it so at the moment and that will be
my five thousand sub each place or as I see four days in Australia I will have
to come up with something else something that’s probably not Australian that will
be very interesting but anyway any suggestions would be nice but I’m not
made of money no one is made of carbon
Helen’s so anyway that 2012 Australian issued their first colored coin sorry my
nails to be 30 because I was doing the gardening looking up and doing piping so
that the red poppy you make that coin is actually like $100 now because well it
is the first coin there’s only like half moon but every year they’ve been issuing
colored two-dollar coins but if you go to Canada they’re Canadian Mint that you
should have a lot of color coins and so does the UK not too sure the United
States mean I’ve seen issuing colored coins for they’ve trouble just meeting
coins in the first place so do do they’re like in the 1800’s like their
banknotes so anyway on this coin pack we have the inspire through unite so this
is the Wallabies if you’re not too familiar with a Wallabies it’s like a
small like kangaroos some of them are in the genus my crocus but this one’s
probably a kangaroo in its own genus wallaby a bicolor it’s actually a
solitary species so they don’t actually jump around in a big mob a group of
kangaroos is called a mob and our Wallabies actually a solitary so they’re
not that my three moms but then you have the rock wallaby which jumps around a
rock slide just a hangry need small group betting that that’s what the
Wallabies and as you can see it’s a wallaby with Iraq people show us I I
fuck Bebo I to me if the game of rugby not interested in it but anyway this
boys boys um the World Cup that is occurring this year our life okay so
here we have some information okay Australia played the first rugby
international a ninety nine so that years one hundred
twenty years ago whoa and okay the rabbits boyish press
decide you name would not stick you cleared themselves the Wallabies so
there you go and not too sure yeah that information doesn’t have wider actually
issue in this coin okay so you got some information down here but I would say
it’s raise money for the World Cup and here we have guys ham on a rugby ball
okay so just a trademark so some of the profits probably go to rugby Australia
it’s pretty good and here we have some information so it’s an uncirculated coin
or that’s the finish if the coins damage in numismatic service is actually called
circulated or pop in damaged coin minted unlimited so not too sure what
immediately based on the ever corns could be between one and four million
probably roughly two million coins and this one it’s the coin up there and on
the reverse we have just a barcode produced for Worcester I mean as you can
see has IRB FEG in ramp early and they haven’t issued any of the new entities
of circulation yet so I reckon it’s 2020 they’ll actually will but let’s have a
look at the coin close up and so yeah I actually went and purchased some rice
because I eat a lot of life having you have a half of ham been China he had a
lot of rice but here is the actual coin as you can
see it’s tricolor and you can see it has a bit of a paint damage so this would
have been from the bag marks others back in so you got paint missing there you
got paint missing up there there there mr. popper be the normal occurrence of
the actual coin but as you can see it’s pretty much undamaged
does have a scratch Danny whoops drop the coin that’s what you’re not
supposed to do anyway so these stars represent the Southern Cross which is on
the Australian play and here’s the logo for the Wallabies if you’re not – for me
at the colors Australia they’re green and gold so he’s a green and gold day
that green light green and yellow or gold ish color but that’s a nice coin
Annie it’s breeded and if we look at the reverse or obverse to say this is the
obvious the reverse of the coin is actually what I just showed you it says
IRB if eg 2019 so this is the lightest colored two-dollar coin the third one
this year actually food there’s six one this year seven fun hmm anyway so that’s
a nice coin no I don’t that’s okay but it’s not as good as the other ones so if
I show you D Paralympic coins it so this is all 2016 1 now you can still get
these from for a bit six to eight dollars
really and this coin this coin is actually a bit of coined in the current
ones so if we put them both together I’ll get D go went flying somewhere else
so let’s have a look at them together as you can see this one the color
calibration is actually a lot there a lot finer and the design is actually a
lot better then this will be coined anyway I hope
you enjoy this review that’s pretty basic you know just a nice coin set the
cover is better than the paralympic one yeah free does yeah why not go and get
some these will be quite common for tens 20s years in the future I believe that
there’s 125 thousand of these produce in these coin covers but just don’t get
them from Louis and ever awesome when collecting time people thank you and bye

9 thoughts on “Australia’s New Wallaby $2 coin September 2019”

  1. I don't go to Woolworths, it's too far away. I'll get one off eBay when the prices are lower. I know, I'm dreaming!!! I couldn't get a red poppy as it was too expensive. I've got a few of the Paralympics and they are nice. Thanks Glen!

  2. Did you end up getting the new 50 cent coin? I'm fed up waiting so I paid $2.25 on eBay. I guess the coin is ok but not worth $2.25.

  3. Very nice review thanks for doing that. I will try and see if a woolies here has any of the cards left. I am a huge Ruby Union fan and would like the cards for my coin collection. I usually would buy the carded coins from the Post office but they don't have them. Apology for the absents from your channel, I went through a series of bugs that knocked me around. I ended up getting very far behind on my youtube channels I enjoy watching. It was seeing your promo for the coin that alerted me that the coin was out, I appreciate that, Cheers matey

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