Australia’s New $2 coin, Wallabys Woolworths issued 18 September 2019

so welcome welcome welcome to the
amazing adventures of Glenn in shiny little coin objects hmm am i sane today
my stable okay so that should actually creep a few people out gun oh my god is
he sane what no this is how I keep saying I keep saying by being in the
same so anyway sorry sorry gotten off-topic
but today we’re just gonna talk about the new two-dollar coin that’s coming
out at Safeway no well should I say wool whoops but I’ve always known in the
Safeway so I still call it Safeway Woolworths just sounds like a terrible
name just a terrible name and here it is this is the actual coin as you can see
it has green and gold for the Australian colors this boy if you’re overseas and
you see your strange plague you think the highest rain colors a red white and
blue no no that’s not the Australian colors the strange colors the green and
gold for wattle so wattle the flower is yellow green is footy leaves I just made
that I put that non-whites green and blue Wow yeah green and yellow then
anyway as you can see and it has a kangaroo the logo of the wallaby so the
Wallabies is the rugby team maybe they should wake one for the cricket team and
make one fall and I eat off the AFL teams though that would be very popular
that’d be don’t know why they haven’t done that mmm anyway drinking my milk
coffee meat coffee awesome used to be able to get it in Hong Kong but that
shop shut down and I’m really sad anyway so let’s have a look at the Kuppa so
these are the actual covers you’ll get so I believe from what I’ve heard that
they are three dollars each and just person down here who kindly well they
gave me alike so I’m just going to use it Michael Frater
he got some from ya for $3 but tomorrow I’ll discuss on Facebook but tomorrow
you can actually get this coin at Safeway 8 o’clock in the morning
apparently and it will be going on in for I know two weeks or something now
this isn’t the same mint mark this is just a normal coin you can also get it
fruity kills has changed so if you go to Safeway I would also use cash
I wouldn’t use card because then you won’t get any extra coins so how is this
going to perform in the future well considering I have the 2016 Paralympics
I still have a lot of them they’re very hard to sell now on the actual cards
because there’s just so many of them made all the collectors already got them
but if anyone wants those so I can sell them to him for three dollars plus
postage you know whatever I got on for but actually no anyway that’s the only
one per person so I like to say pink and Rachel isn’t watching my video and I
hope tomorrow morning you can go in there because I will be and getting some
of these two-dollar coins and I’ll do a review I’ll upload that tomorrow
actually I’ll do a review of the actual coin set and I like to just say keep up
coin collecting thank you and bye bye

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  1. On second thoughts, I've never been able to resist one but I wont be paying the ridiculous amounts they're asking for on eBay!! Thanks Glen

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