Australia’s ASIO 50 cent coin competition problem

so gday people are you go on this Glen
back with a video actually wasn’t gonna make but then I just came across
something so the Royal Australian mean has this competition you buy this coin
and then you have to decode it somehow but there is one thing that a lot of
people actually did not know so you buy this coin okay there’s only twenty
thousand over mate it’s already sold out and then you go down here you read
information okay so twenty thousand blah blah blah blah then you go to the
website so let’s go to the website and here it is coin ripping competition okay
celebrate seventy years face you go okay okay we’ll give you exclusive
opportunity to win the only senior anniversary Asia 50-cent proof coin okay
so how do you into the competition a cr7 anniversary 2019 50 cent uncirculated
coin is the first coin ever produced the mint with secret symbols to discover a
coded message to break the coin design includes a unique one-time pad so you
need a pad with the coin itself you’re actually not going to be able to break
the code so they send you a pad pad key that was used by operatives during the
Cold War to encrypt and decode messages so that’s how you decode the message how
to enter purchase eight seven year anniversary coin from the Royal Strait
between a knight timber in the second December the sofa
yeah register your details so number three rich see details and win the
winner needs to provide proof of purchase from the rostrum meet and a
transcription data between 9 September and 2nd December the winner also need to
provide proof of identity and residence please note one entry per person only so
what’s the problem with these actual competition so if I go back you notice
is 20,000 of them minted but if I go to I’ll go to another website get here to 0
for a minute sorry I looked at I look at foreign coins as well and they say no
it’s a pretty good site to look at old coins this is sesame coins okay so we
know coins let’s see if they had it okay I actually do boy point release of place
a few times quite nice mmm however there may be also I’ve been
raised a search engine easier let’s say if they have the actual coin key today I
have the coin yes they do oh and there’s no check out so that’s
obviously sold out let’s click on that one
so quite obviously if you’ve bought the coin from Wynyard coins you could not
enter the competition because you cannot provide proof that so just check it and
see if it’ll go you cannot provide proof that it you actually brought it from the
Rost roam in and you don’t actually get the pad so and these guys are good
because they actually limit the amount of coins you can actually get so this
one’s one per household which is uh nice with this competition your board for win
yards you can’t actually enter it it’s a lot of people didn’t know that that’s
one problem with this competition ok so let’s go back to Ghost amen so another
problem is that you can see here there was a limit of 25 per customer so I say
people have actually mess purchase this because you just need to receive you
don’t need your name to be on the receipt so what they’re probably gonna
do they’re probably gonna buy it and then they’re probably gonna try and flog
them off to other people at a higher price so I would probably encourage you
not to do that but if you want to enter combat oh sorry with type do 1 enter the
competition and they’ve got the receipt and you did it I really don’t blame you
because the meat should have just limited this
– like one coin per account on one coin per address in which they actually
didn’t so a lot of people gonna miss out and really they stuffed up in this
competition although I think the competition itself is pretty good
you have to decode something you get to win a coin so I’m quite happy as as for
the number of people who were actually gonna enter it says 20,000 coins minted
so you expect that 20,000 entries will be had but no like 50% of the coin say
10,000 coins were sold by coin shops those people will not be allowed to
enter so theoretically just say 50% then it’s only 10,000 entries so that will give those people more of a chance 50%
more of a chance then they would if they’re worth the full 20,000 people
entry so the first thing about this competition is that if you had to buy
from the Australian they should have just sold it on the raw Australian meat
website and not allowed the coin shop so I actually sell them because those
entries are invalid so really three things that Royal
Australian me can learn here they can sell them just on their website limit it
to one coin per account or address and what was the third one again oh yeah I coulda told people that you
know to look on this website before tax your border so anyway I hope you
actually got the coin and you can interpret the competition I can’t
because I don’t have the coin so anyway would like to use and I hope
you enjoyed this video and thank you really angry at the raw stray mint
but this hopefully they can make a better competition next time now I say
thank you and have a nice day

3 thoughts on “Australia’s ASIO 50 cent coin competition problem”

  1. What a mess. Somebody didn't think it through!! When people buy something like this they buy up big!!! You always see the results on eBay. I didn't buy one because I object to buying a coin and paying $20+ for cardboard!! One police remembrance was $20 – so $18 for the cardboard!! Thanks Glen

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