Australia’s 2017 Mabo 50 cent coin

so hello fellow coins like this this is
gladden back with the last or probably the last year that Australia has issued
decent coin commemorative coin and this is 2017 it’s probably not the last ever
issued to pop the Evans in the future and this is not the last 50 cent coin
I’m gonna do the year the 2001 state coins that I’m gonna do those with the
20 cent coins as well because they issued a 20 cent coin for each state and
a 50 cent coin for each state in the territories as well so this one was
issued in 2001 so let’s go try and get I mean this one is issued in 2017 and as
you can see let’s get a close-up has Eddie Mabo so any male basis guy here
it’s not and what you call on their original is actually at our strike
islander so is closely related to the people of Papua New Guinea and it
commemorates two events so the 1992 Marv oh oh listen it was a judgement pass
boys law by the courts I believe can’t remember and might be
decree and that allowed these people to actually claim ooh did territory of
where I live because I could um what could I have done they could have
demonstrated that they had a connection to the land going back before the
formation of Australia or something like that anyway and also commemorates a 1967
referendum that like that light need to get a new light so 1966-67 referendum
which is 50 years which allowed the Aboriginal people to vote and become
Australian citizens before that they weren’t actually classed as astray
per se because they couldn’t get a passport couldn’t get anything so here
we have detour stripes all on the flag and here we have the original flag so
that should be I think that’s black red and yellow memory and has 54 50 cent
coin so only a verse it’s just know it is with the second and the mintage of
this coin is actually quite low it’s actually the lowest mintage of any
commemorative coin we’ve think it’s 1.3 million coins let me have a look 1.4
million coins so how likely are you to get nice in circulation well probably
not likely if it’s very hard for you to get this commemorative coin this is 25
years and this side of the mintage about 4 million coins I have to look that up
again because I’m how they generally remember these things it’s not really
that important to remember mm um 1991 and I’m indeed your 4 point 7 million
coins the only ever lower coin that was actually minted for circulation is there
1985 and 1993 50 cent coins which I just you know kangaroo dues I’m so sorry
about that light it’s reflecting too much maybe but yes so this actually
looks a bit weird not to personally I’m not – I like what a commemorates but I
don’t actually like coin design especially if he’s heading here maybe
they could have put he’s farms or something there as well just and filler
there to be it just looks like that cut his head off so you can actually pick
these up for about 3 dollars on eBay and the reason why music was the mint
actually released these in the packs of ten dollars for just 20 coins and these
would have come from those packs so they’re actually quite long and then
that was snapped up by quite a lot you can’t get him now because I mean had a
problem some problems with the tax office and now they can’t actually sell
those on the internet you can still sell them at the mint Australian Mint in
their mobile premises but not online so I hope this helps you to find out what
actually did st. coins are already and encourage you to actually get it because
Sher Singh coin collector why not get this one it’s gonna be common for a
while yet and it’s not expensive three dollars is nothing these things not in
Australia anyway okay let’s say thank you very much how awesome
coin collecting down table check out my links below and give this video a thumbs
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10 thoughts on “Australia’s 2017 Mabo 50 cent coin”

  1. Like what your about but maybe a little bit of research on the back ground of the coin might of helped 🙂

  2. Such a low mintage coin with some real importance to the legacy of Eddie Mabo and his people. I have 3 of them now.

  3. I've got quite a few of the Mabo coins. I think I've got about 8-10 of the ram coins but not from circulation, unless you call buying coins from the bank for the purpose of noodling. I did have 2 in my album from when they came out. Thanks Glen

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