Australia’s 1993 Landcare $1 coin

so hello people he going my name is Glen
and today I’m back with another coin video and this one is a 1993 one dollar
coin from Australia it was issued for circulation and it was issued in are a
few types ones we’ve out now with mint marks which are come in his cases for
collectors and one without a mint mark and these were issued for circulation
and had a mintage of fifteen million coins so if you go through your one
dollar coins that you didn’t change or you get in queen bags you most likely
will come across this one it has well the line case symbol here now link here
is a an organization that looked after well deal and it helped revegetate look
after water quality and stuff like that and I actually has waves of water in the
background and actually has the initial GE and that is just the initial of the
designer and that was bled amia got failed and he actually designed a lot of
Everest rain coins I ran the same time during the nineties as well and let’s
have a look at the coin that’s in this case so you got a bird it looks like it
might be a type of looks like a swan actually yeah in Australia swans are
black so that could be actually eat I don’t think it’s a heron or corn could
be cormorant maybe not here we have some kookaburras and you have someone pick
two people lightning grass looks like a two children lying in the grass and on
the reverse we have the specifications so 9 grams 25.1 2 millimeters aluminium
bronze yeah so this is pretty Joost on this mint press says it has 100
tons it just means this coin had 100 tons put on top of it so it’s like I
know putting a 100 ton car on top of a coin that’s how the coin comment with
this type of design if you have a like a 25-ton press the impression is actually
pretty shallow and you wouldn’t actually get a lot of this depth in the actual
coin so that’s all that means it was used for 16 years till 1990s so
from 1974 yeah to 1990 and there comment’ friend reclines per minute if
we have inside the coin cover it has what the organization is about so
environmental issues so the Kesava environmental issues pollution salinity
so there’s something called dryland salinity in any in many countries that’s
where you have a lot of water coming up and it brings salt conditions because
the group in some places is a lot of sodium and it’s actually makes the land
or the soil to Saudi for plant section single row and we get patches of our
whiteness and lack of grass that’s a dryland salinity okay so how’s the
designer Vladimir cofell beaches trees yeah okay oh sorry so that is actually
water in the form of a tree so that was my bad and on the other side we take the
coin out so on the other side we have the office if each of the crane who was
produced by Raphael mek’leth and the only really difference is this
one is this one has the same meat macchia so they actually come in the CS that’s it
and O and M midmark and this one has a mintage of about 91 million 91 thousand
coins so you if you actually see a coin with a mint mark on it it was a intended
for these covers and not for circulation so what is the value uptick these coins
well you can actually buy these coins here in the covers for about four or
five dollars and these ones here in circulate condition I’d actually just
sated two dollars you know circulated probably four dollars as well but yeah
there actually is in the high collectors market for these coins of course you can
get them in circulation people are not willing to actually pay a high premium
for these coins so I hope you liked this video I hope you learnt something new
today if you have these coins I just leave a comment down below saying I have
it or if you’re like s coins just wanna just write anything because learning is
good and I also need to learn stuff as well
so if you have any information about this coin that I do not know that would
be awesome I would like to say goodbye please I couldn’t subscribe as well have
awesome day people

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