Australian worst commemorative coin, the 1994 50 cents

hello people going today
this is glam from cumali coins and banknotes and today I have the next coin
in a series of Australian 50 cent coins this one is the 1994 50 cent coin and
had a mintage of about 20 1.3 million so it is quite a common coin in circulation
and you can get it readily in change from pretty much anywhere in Australia
now as you can see from this design these
are basic it looks like a charge the design was actually designed by an adult
so has the father the mother with a baby inside and a young child and the family
dog and this coin was designed for the International Year at the family in 1994
in quite frankly and is the worst designed Australian 50 cent
commemorative coin ever that I’ve come across this coin I personally don’t like
so I do have one uncirculated in my collection good that’s about it the rest
of them I just down spend get rid off cuz we’ve 21 million it’s really not
worth keeping knows that low-grade so this is the obverse of the actual coin
as you can see pretty standard for a strainer 50 cent coins so here is a
close-up of it as you can see is pretty much like one of those stickers you have
on the backi you can with the family and up the top here we have the logo for the
international year of the family looks like I love hot house up or roof
or could be the Chinese young which means people so that is the worst 50
cent coin Australia’s ever minted hope you like it
have a good day

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