Australian Stag Beetle coloured commemorative $1 coin

hello people and you’re going and today
I’m gonna show you this new coin 2014 $1 that commemorates the stag beetle and
this is a beaut it is pretty common in charlena and he has these horns here
that I used to battle or wrestle ever steak beetles over probably mating to
get a female so because I don’t think these animals are territorial insects
generally and not territorial well on the whole and she’s one of the few that
are but they generally move around as well so if you have a look at the actual
coin itself so we have a steak beetle it’s been colorized never look at that
beautiful that’s quite a well colorized coin I
actually like this series this is the only coin I have of this series but if
and when I get yellow coins I will show you and hopefully you’ll get excited
about these coins and add them to your collection so in the background me about
two steak beetles justing fighting and this one seems to be in a concentric
ring so maybe this is part of its behavior to attract females maybe makes
this ring and just sit in it or maybe it’s a challenge ah Donna in here it
looks like a lighter impression he’s the larvae well maybe this could be a nest
underground not too sure so this coin you will not find in circulation you
come to Australia and II was only issued with disa coin cover
here so here we have the holographic sticker that represents of its authentic
item from the Royal Mint and here we have the reverse and he says it’s
frosted and as you can see from that it actually is frosted so this is different
from proof coins the fair they seem long but these ones here you can actually
take out the discover okay it has their specifications which is pretty normal
for one dollar coin as a mintage of 30,000 which is a pretty standard
mintage for these commemorative coins so beautiful coin so if you have any
comments please leave it down below and this is one of the better coins on the
roster I mean thank you for watching and have an awesome day

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