Australian error, flan flaw on a 1985 $1 coin

say g’day people are you going now I was
just going through my change of Australian coins that I have in before I
actually spend them I sometimes just go from and I come across this curious one
as you can see here there’s a flame floor starting from here you can see the
marking and it ends we’ll need a fate of the second kangaroo so this is quite a
interesting fine so sometimes when you get coins
they’ll have faults on them you can actually get cards and B which are bits
of metal that extra caused by damage to do actual die but this one is actually
damage to the metal probably because we’re now poor in the
middle we had some impurities or something on it it’s causing it to us
like off when I first looked at this sort of Medina post me damage which
might have been like a someone got a nail and just scraped across it or
something like that but mmm on closer examination
looks like the metal has a problem so I turn it upside down and you can see
there you go oh that’s even better you can see that the has a lamination
floor so something wrong there metal there so it’s kind of been fine I’ll
keep that done your dollar can’t really buy much with it so anyway in on the
other side no mainly just in mockery near but they have to probably just do
to build up of a crap on it the powerfulness I’d say anything else
of interest on this coin so looking your change you might find something
interesting and worthy to collect thank you very much watching this video you
feel like arrow coins please give this video a thumbs up
there’s guide to my channel because if I find any more I will show you so you
know what to look for in your change and maybe someone might want to buy this mmm
probably in the future feel a little bit more than face value so thank you very
much and have an awesome coin collecting time
who remains

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