Australia rare incuse millenium 2000 50 cent coin variety

hello people just Glen here today I just
want to show you the Australian coin 50 cent 2000 millennium incuse coin and
I’ll show you with a normal 50 cent coin what is the difference in these two
individual coins okay so as you can see I have two coins together
the main difference you can see it’s in here the Union Jack as you can see here
the main cross is impressed in cused that means it’s a press down the metals
being pressed down but in this one it is raised can you anything that’s pressed
down at these lines here and then also this line here going straight down there
straight here straight up there and here is also in cused I mean to press down
bit here there there there they erase not only thin lines that actually press
down and you can see that the star is just a little bit larger than this stuff
it’s also more clear and these stars are also a little bit larger and also a bit
more clear and that’s basically the difference now this coin was actually
made for some type of set probably uncirculated set but they did not go
with that and apparently they meant it about 2000 coins I’m not not two
thousand two hundred thousand coins of this one
that’s a rough estimate so Danny may one died apparently and edited though they
got two hundred thousand coins and all of those went into circulation so it’s
actually pretty hard to find one of these that is in good condition okay so
this one is worth probably about twenty or thirty dollars and this one worth
only fifty cents so that is the difference okay see this Union Jack and
you see that one hope you can tell the difference I certainly can okay the
reverses of these coins same just normal standard dies now this coin is not an
error cause it was made on purpose and error coins are coins that are not made
on purpose okay so that is the 50 cent mm 50 cent in case millennium coin I
hope this makes you what to actually collect one I just got this one just to
make this fear okay thank you and have a nice day

12 thoughts on “Australia rare incuse millenium 2000 50 cent coin variety”

  1. A couple of months ago I picked up a 1966 wavy after looking for them in my change for about 25 years or more…
    I'd given up hope of ever finding one in circulation and the one I got is in pretty good shape, so good I wondered if it was spent by accident out of a collection by someone unaware… or worse, stolen and passed over for a cheap McDonalds meal.

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