Australia 2011 CHOGM $1 coin

so hello how are you going Dave my name
is Glenn today I am back with the one dollar coin from 2011 and as you can see
I have two issues so you’re like the kangaroo issue I’ve got more coins mixed
up so is this 2011 yes it is and so that’s see no more mob of Roos
and then we have the chaga McCoy so chocolate central Commonwealth Heads
of Government Meeting so it’s just basically and initials of it and it was
held in Perth Australia and this is the actual logo for the 2011 summit every
other year they actually choose their own logo depending on what country they
are in and as you can see this one’s actually
not a red corner actually got quite a few so that’s actually not what I have
for some other coins like the insect coins one dollar coins except for 2014
yeah every year sort of bit harder to get cuts although mintage but this one
it’s actually quite a common coin you can actually get it in high-grade steel
because it’s only eight years old but these coins back had gotten a lot
earlier then I years I’ve got them over the preceding and years itself like when
I used to noodle coins or surgical coins these actually come up quite often and
most of the eat poor grades I just chucked back into circulation so I don’t
keep him so the meat-eaters coin is actually nine point four million
he has a uncirculated value of about $1 but if you go on ebay you probably get
it for a lot cheaper than that five dollars I mean two or three dollars I
wouldn’t say to when you’re taking eBay fees
two dollars is really not gonna kind of so probably a bit too fifty three
dollars and it’s just a nice coin so these this one here is actually a very
high grade probably almost uncirculated add some scratches I should actually put
that in a pocket and keep it so what is coins just issued for circulation or
would they actually issued in a these type of coin packs should I say these
type of coin packs these ones here so this is 2008 so I know 2000 are free so
eat my nerve and why don’t you need to go to the Rennicks book so so full of
coins issued in packs we have a year of the rabbit which is the Chinese zodiac
coin stray more commemorate the Australian wool industry Rams head so
commemorating these shilling we have the bird series has six coins and dime Jen
Sutherland 100 years of census Rams head with PAE D and H mint marks presidential
Cup golfing and that’s Barry’s has two children but what I actually issued in
packs so there’s actually quite a lot of
commemorative coins issued at yeah and I don’t see those actually issued as a non
circulating coin so we fire a mint mark or something like that
no no so it’s just issued as a circulating coin and then the next thing
you need to find out is if it was issued in the mint sets and in the Redax
catalog if you go back it’s just before the actual um birth issue series on the
2016 issue it’s before hundred page 123 it’s on page 114 in 2011 we have no they
just said these circulating series so just the normal coins that were issued
for circulation so these ones were only issued as a circulating corner wasn’t
actually issued in any sets so it’s actually getting high grades probably a
bit hard so if anyone knows of any sets of these were issued in that we also
maybe they could have been issued at the children conference but I don’t know
anything about that so just surged on ebay there actually is
a little pocket with so something like that with cover and the coin inside so
I’m not too sure if actually that was packaged by downy so that’s not an
official one and they were actually issued in coin rolls so you could have
got amount of coin rolls someone selling them for five bucks so it’s quite good
and how much was a coin roll someone’s gotta 475 pretty sure we can get it for
cheaper than that so you can get in coin rolls in packs of issue by Downie’s hmm
anyway say thank you very much for watching my video now that’s tall and I
play subscribe to my channel so let’s see how many of these normal camera ones
are minted this one is a mintage of seventeen point nine million and it says
the catalog value is a fifteen dollars in uncirculated but this one has a low
mintage so really they should be more expensive but this one’s not a line
minted coin so you could probably get these for probably three dollars in
uncirculated condition as well I’m thinking of catalogs is that sometimes I
make mistakes so death $15 probably supposed to be
another coin anyway I’d say thank you very much in watching
my coins channel there will be 9 2012 $1 coins because they were 9 2012 $1 coins
issued for circulation and give this video thumbs up and subscribe to my
channel thank you very much never awesome coin collecting time bye bye

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  1. Australia one dollar coin is beautiful,
    But honestly my most favourite is Australia 50 cent coin, It's my second favorite coin after USA one cent.

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