Australia 2005 error coin, collar break

hello people are you going and today I’m
going to show you this arrow coin that I’ve got here as you can see just but
look at the reverse you can see that there’s extra metal here and it’s
missing metal here okay if you look at the kangaroo focus your bastard let’s
see you can see that this room here has been struck twice and you can see here
can’t really see it down here nope this part here is just a second leg sighs
coin has been struck twice but it has been struck clearly if I show you the
obverse you can quite clearly see the problem here a lot of the metal has been
pushed this way okay so this is a color break in which the color is not been
able to hold the metal in you can see both sides have quite clear imprint of
the image and this coin has really been circulated much and here the the rim
totally non-existent yeah it’s in excess okay if I show you
the sides and see here the rim all the metal has been pushed through the rim as
striking is good outside the actual rim is just filed itself but the entire con
was within the UM within there in within the holder even the colour shall I say
yeah and it was not actually out of the color and it wasn’t actually um pushed up or down and it was now over
coin in the color because both sides have been clearly had the design
imprinted so this is a caller flaw okay these are not that uncommon I’ve
never seen another one in circulation but I’ve seen plenty of them on internet
from various countries majority of them a European and United States because
that’s where a lot of people run into okay so that is my error coin for today
I don’t know many error coins but I hope you like this one okay thank you very
much and have a nice day

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