Australia 2000 ‘s – 5 Cents to $2 coin collection

Hello all you coin aficionados out there and Welcome to the DC Coin World International Coin Channel Today we’re going to look at some Australian coins from the early 2000s and as you can see these all have the Queen Elizabeth II portrait on them they’re all the 4th portrait so we have a 5 cent, a 10 cent, a 20 cent, a 50 cent, a dollar and a $2.00 coin All from Australia from between 2004 and 2006 so let’s take a look at them individually Of course this fourth portrait here
is a portrait that’s the same on every one of these coins and it’s an Ian Rank-Broadley engraved portrait of the Queen She is facing to the right and if we look at the crown she’s wearing it is the Girls of Great Britain and Ireland
Tiara and you can see the two points up there to kind of signify it and we can
actually see the initials of Ian Rank-Broadley down here so we’re not going to look at the front of all of these coins we’re going to mainly concentrate on the
back of them this coin is a copper nickel coin and on the back we see the let me get this light a little bit better There’s a beautiful picture so
we see the engraving on the back from Stuart Devlin and this is the short
beaked or spiny echidna and it’s beak kind of poking through the 5 here. When
you look at these you see that they have a reeded edge and they flip from side to
side this is the 2005 they flip from side to side rather than up and down so
if you flip it over you’re gonna come up up to down you’re gonna flip it and make
it upside down so there it is in 2005 they made 194.3 million of these next up we have the 10 Cents
coin and that’s the male Superb Lyrebird on that 10-cent coin again Stuart Devlin
design and we can see I Stuart Devlin engraving and we can see that right down
here where it says the SD on here and you can see how the birds feathers come
up through on this particular coin the 20 cent coin I mean the 10 cent coin
they made a 157.1 million of these in 2006 again it’s a copper nickel coin with the Ian Rank-Broadley front image now we get to the 20 cent coin and the 20 cent isthe one that’s famous throughout the world for the Platypus collectible by all kinds: it’s
collectible by wildlife people it’s collectible by engraving enthusiasts
it’s a collectible by Australia coin enthusiasts and it’s collectible by kids because they love to see the Platypus on there and so there’s a 20
there’s a platypus coming up through and again the Platypus coin is another
copper nickel coin and in 2006 they made a 102.4 million of these and it’s a getting to be a bigger coin it’s 11.3 grams next up we have the Dodecagonal the 12-sided again Ian Rank-Broadley down here you can definitely see the initials IRB there 2006 and this is the 50 cent coin and this is
just a superb engraving also when you look at this engraving you see the red
kangaroo on the left and the emu on the right again it’s the Stuart Devlin
engraving and in 2006 they made 59.3 million of these and so
none of these coins we’ve seen so far today have much value beyond their face
value and all of them are still active as currency in Australia so this coin is
going to be worth less than a dollar u.s. but it is it is a little harder to
find in the US but it’s it because you can just bring some over from Australia
right now if you wanted next up we have the dollar coin so in 1984 Australia went from the dollar paper dollars to the dollar coins and this again
1/4 portrait and this has the male Aboriginal elder on it on the back OOPS! I skipped the $1 coin and went to the 2 dollar coin. How did I do that???
Anyways this is the 2 dollar coin and it has a male Aboriginal elder on the
back another Stuart Devlin design and then this one of course you can see the
five stars everybody knows that that the one dollar coin is the Mob of Roos so
we’ll save that to next and I think I’m just gonna leave that in a video and
just kind of get right through it alright so this also has it has a male
Aboriginal elder has the five stars of Australia and then has some native grass
trees that are over here on the right says $2 this coin has the segmented
reeded edge so it has the reeded 4 grooved, 4 reeded sections with five
grooves each going around it and then finally here she goes is the $1 coin and
of course this one is a 2001 in Australia does this once in a while they
put out these commemorative coins and in 2001 they put out a bunch of them on on
much of their coinage and this is the centenary of Federation one dollar from
2001 and guess what it doesn’t have the Mob of Roos on it because it’s a
commemorative coin so you can look at our Mob of Roos video if you’re looking
for the 2006 $1 and if you look or 2004 or 2005 or whatever it just has the mob of
Roos just has a bunch of kangaroos in the back But this one because it’s a special commemorative coin has a Centenary of Federation on it and there’s the star in this line is in the shape of Australia
alright that’s all we have today from the DC Coin World International Coin Channel

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