Australia 1970 50 cents Captain Cook coin

so I like people here you going today
and today I’m gonna tell you about its Australian 50-cent coin this is a 1970
50 cent coin and you can actually find these in circulation in this condition
here so this condition is like high very fine – nearly extremely fine some coins
are extremely fine and if you will be uncirculated but there will be very few
coins that will be below very fine grade like fine or good condition I’ve just
never seen any now this coin here when issued in 1970 there were 16 and a half
million issued and was 1969 issue which was 14 million so in 1917 this would
have made a bit over 50 percent of the 50 cent coins in circulation and because
of that and because it is a commemorative coin people kept them as a
collector’s item thinking that no 20 foot is time they’ll be able to make
lots of money bit like they do now sometimes I get people asking why is
this coin valuable blah blah blah and I’d say no it’s only worth face value
depending on condition so in uncirculated this coin is has a book
value of about eight dollars but you’re probably unlikely to get that more
likely five dollars for uncirculated but this coin here probably one or two
dollars to sell probably two dollars more likely in grades were Sonesta for
any worth face value we’ve 16 and a half million minted you
know these would not be worth collecting if it’s probably lower condition than
this you can actually get these in circulation still I get about one or two
a year because I of the heavens have been 37 years since
this was minted this hell of a lot of 50 cent coins at that dilute this number so
if you come to Australia or if you’re in Australia I encourage you to actually
look for this coin it’s quite easy to see you can see it’s a Captain Cook’s
head and I’m at the Australian that has dotted lines around ya
this represents the trip that captain cooked took around Australia so he was
the first Englishman to actually make contact with Australia and 18 years
later they sent in the first 17 years they sent the first flight and arrived
18 years later so as the signature here he has the denomination
the type that he took the trip contact Estrella
so bottom base rainy did actually come to Port Phillip where I live then all
the way up because Queensland and he skipped Northern Territory cuz ya don’t
know why and over where his head easiest Western Australia so this commemorated
the 200 anniversary of Captain Cook sighting Australia and traveling around
so all this area would be mapped by cook and the rest of Australia would have
been met by other people using ships and satellite technology has confirmed their
maps to be pretty accurate and then here’s elizabeth ii ins head pretty
standard so if they deplane strange could sink coin from 1970 if you collect
Australian coins I encourage you to actually get this one I’ll leave a link
down below to ebay if you’re in a foreign country to see if you can get
this coin in good condition for a low price if you like this video please give
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and banknotes from around the world from all different
periods from China Rome to South India into the current era thank you have an
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  1. Got 1 of these, just recently, for the first time (that I'd noticed) in regular circulation.

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