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Oh what is going on ladies and gentlemen crypto Kirby here your cryptocurrency expert back with another edition of the daily livestream what is going on my friends today I'd like to discuss Bitcoin and why I possibly believe that we are going to see fireworks here in the price coming on August 23rd that is correct ladies and gentlemen three days from now on the Thursday August the 23rd I believe we are going to see a pretty significant volatile day there in the market let alone the price action that we are seeing here today I will discuss the intraday action right now with Bitcoin and the rest of the market taking a plunge dropping back down below 6300 temporarily Bitcoin dominance is on the on the rise and all coins are getting smashed so we're gonna discuss all of this of course my trading strategy you know our technical analysis and of course guys why I do believe that Thursday August the 23rd is going to be one volatile volatile day here in the market so you guys already know the deal if you like these daily crypto videos and nightly live streams smack that thumbs up button click to subscribe tick the little bell and let's get this crypto moving the likes ladies and gentlemen Munem up alright so we'll begin with our Bitcoin technical analysis now guys we are looking at the one-day chart right now and I have to tell you that you guys know I have been looking at this trend right now with an extremely bearish bias as the trend overall in my opinion is still headed in a bearish direction and of course I have been following this bear flag potential formation that's been forming here and what I have to say is that today's action guys is once again leading me to believe that this type of pattern is becoming more and more probable now the reason that I'm saying this in terms of why it looks more probable now than it did even at you know earlier in the formation is because now we're starting to see several highs consecutively right keep in mind guys these are the one day candles this is a lot of trading data crammed into one candle each right so we had our ultimate high here at about 6700 we created our lower high here back-to-back days then the consecutive next day a lower high again consecutive next day lower high again and what appears to be now guys as we are going to close this day consecutively lower again and this is the kicker for me guys is that if this candle body closes below this support / resistance line at about 6300 if we close today's candle underneath 60 300 ladies and gentlemen put the battle helmet on the rubber boots the water is getting muddy this is going to be some time here in the market ladies and gentlemen as what I have been calling for a potential bearish breakdown seems to be in absolute full effect ladies and gentlemen if you are just tuning in now don't forget to moon up the likes moon them up smash those thumbs click the subscribe button take the little bell let's get this crypto I'm fired up here if we take a look on the 4-hour chart what we're gonna see is we have now flush broken down with the red candle that took us all the way down below this support line and we are now looking to close our four-hour candle body underneath that line guys if you actually take a look here since we had our rebound reaction rally from the 5800 level we have not closed a complete candle body actually we had one right here alright I'll give him that we had one we have not in quite some time had a candle body close underneath this support / resistance line and this one to be quite honest I'm not even giving that much merit because we had just seen a significant pull back look at the wick on that thing that was coming off of the ultimate high of this trend you're in particular so that is the only candle body that's closed completely underneath the support and resistance line here at 6350 so if this next for our candle body closes under 6300 that is in my opinion definitely significant here and is leaning me to believe that the Bears are still completely in full control here and are certainly dominating the trend now once again guys for a bullish perspective I do not ultimately see much bullish sentiment at all right now I believe that this choppy range we're in is certainly just going to wind up being a continuation pattern for the overall trend right now which is a series of lower highs over and over again 1 2 3 4 and ultimately I believe we are gonna get a another lower high formed I cannot give you a valid prediction or probable spot that I believe this is going to wind up but what I can tell you guys is that I believe that that is certainly in play rather than starting to create a higher high that would take us above 8500 right now and begin a true start of another bull trend that would be a consecutive series of higher highs forming all the way back up to 20,000 I do not see that in the cards right now ladies and gentlemen personally what I am seeing is that this trend does have a favored bearish bias right now and the patterns here with the lower highs forming over the past few days with a fall-off in volume right the only day that we've had volume that broke the descending volume trend was yesterday's candle well technically today but yes yesterday in terms of what the candle is representing this was the only day we've had any significant volume come back into the trend and what do you know it's cell volume heavy cell pressure ladies and gentlemen this descending volume with descending price action here with the RSI getting rich ejected at the key levels that I have outlined here for you guys now really testing the bottom of this channel old support potentially becoming new resistance if we get rejected there again and go down from the 40 RSI level there is a lot of bearish factors here for me ladies and gentlemen and that is what I'm seeing here in the chart today of course when this thing breaks out of the equilibrium you best believe that I will be keeping my VIPs updated in absolute real-time with all of my personal entries exits targets insights positions stop losses etc on the Bitcoin and altcoins market shout out to everybody there in VIP I absolutely love you guys and it's my pleasure to be with you all each and every day now guys let's get to the elephant in the room the sec faces the Thursday deadline for the proShares Bitcoin etf decision now guys the pro shares bitcoin etf is an etf proposal that's going through right now the the proposed etf is based off of bitcoin futures pairs I'll see if I can find it here and highlight it for you guys if I can read through this real quick whatever it doesn't matter just understand that the the this ETF in particular is not backed by physical private keys of bitcoins this ETF is backed by paper futures contracts for Bitcoin it's not great and in my opinion I do not believe that it's going to get passed but could it get passed absolutely so what I what I want to point out here guys that's the most important part of this is that this is the last chance for this ETF here there is no more extensions there is no more appeals that they can file as this was already dismissed sometime last year this is their final go here when the SEC makes this decision by the Thursday deadline it does not have to be Thursday August 23rd it could happen tomorrow or the next day but generally these things do tend to drag on until the very last minute you know sometimes a day or two early but generally very close to the deadline so I am shooting for Thursday myself looking for this decision now being said guys they cannot file another another you know what would you call it a they can't get approved anymore that's the only way to say it so with the bearish bias in this market right now and with the market sentiment overall with this this whole market just seeing a lot of downward sell pressure the trend overall right now guys has been that good news does nothing for the market right a great a great piece of bullish news comes out everybody's excited yet the price doesn't move then when we see bad news come out it seems like the market is just going to freefall and never stop going down that has been the trend for the past several months and that is the type of action that you guys you know we would tend to see here in a bear trend as the market right now is just not driven by fundamentals ladies and gentlemen and I have been saying that if you guys are subscribed here and follow along on the streams you guys would understand now that the market is is not rational in the sense that it takes fundamentals into consideration right now and by what I mean by that it's obvious that when there's great catalysts that come out in the news that very positive things are being built around the blockchain space for Bitcoin just the infrastructure of the cryptocurrency blockchain space as a whole we don't see any reflection in upwards price action back last year all you had to do was say Oh Kirby this all coin is rebranding there's gonna be a new website Kirby they're making a new logo Kirby they just hired somebody I don't know what his name is and I don't know anything about him but they hired I'm Kirby and it's going to the moon and all it would take is for one little itty-bitty piece of bullish sentiment like that in 2017 and these coins took off not even just Bitcoin I'm talking the alt coins which are getting absolutely decimated here today ladies and gentlemen so what I'm taking away from this is that with the prior history of these ETFs right now all getting denied with it being backed by futures contracts not physical private key Bitcoin like some other ETF proposals that are going to be being looked at here over the course of the next few months my personal opinion either I do not believe that this is going to get passed could it absolutely but I personally do not believe that it's going to get passed now that doesn't even matter that's just my own opinion but let's cut to the chase here guys I believe that on Thursday when this decision hits social media and we all know what happened here we're going to see fireworks we're either gonna see pretty parabolic action upwards or pretty parabolic action downwards now if the news comes out that it was denied I don't think that the price should move down but this market is definitely not rational right now and I believe that the market makers the whales the big boys in this market are certainly going to take this Fudd and look to drive the price down in order to shake out weak hands into a panic Oh Kirby oh they died ETF Kirby is at 3,000 is it 2,000 by Sunday Kirby that's the type of reaction I believe we're gonna get ladies Joan and the thing is is that when things hit the fan you best believe that I'm sitting here salivating mine on the money targets in sight and ready to get this crypto when I see things like this ladies and gentlemen I see it as an opportunity to create prosperity I see it as an opportunity for the Wolves to feed on the Sheep I see it as an opportunity to play this game like a game of poker and I'm not looking to be the fish at the table I am the shark at the table and what I'm seeing here right now is that if this etf proposal gets denied we could certainly look to retest the bottom of this channel especially especially if the daily candle body today closes underneath the 6350 support if we get a full candle body close underneath 6350 today ladies and gentlemen just a very bearish signal in my opinion all the lower highs right all of these lower highs followed by a candle body close under the prior is the support level which should now act as resistance and then you get slammed with an ETF rejection right in the midst of all this I think we're going to see extremely volatile action potentially bringing us down to test the bottom of the channel here at 6,000 and potentially a little bit lower maybe to test the ultimate bottom once again of 5,800 if this does come to fruition ladies and gentlemen if you are just tuning in now don't forget to moon up the likes moon them up smash those thumbs click the subscribe button take the little bell let's get this crypto grandma's cookies in a bottle of yo-ho-ho I'm fired up today if you guys can't tell it's this type of action and this type of catalyst that gets me excited because I see opportunity in the crosshairs ladies and gentlemen now let's say that this actually goes through right this actually gets approved and the ETF it's all good right it's all cookies and cream it's all fluff and puff marshmallows marmalade a bottle of yo-ho-ho a couple of rainbows and a unicorn ladies and gentlemen average Joe FOMO Joe and dreams at the water cooler I believe are gonna fire up the all coin base and look to be buying this quote unquote bullish etf news now you have to ask yourself right eye out lined it earlier any bullish catalyst that we've seen happen any bullish news that's come out in this market over the past eight months has done nothing for the price whatsoever so in my opinion just so you understand – just the fact that they approve an ETF does not mean that the ETF will be being traded very shortly thereafter they're still going to be a lot of work needed to be done to get this ETF onto exchanges and trading it's not just like a one or two day thing ladies and gentlemen this is going to be a process and this is only the first step in a long process just just to get that out there now being said there really shouldn't be that much of a boom in price off of that fundamentally in my opinion you know I mean I don't believe that what we'd see here should induce a huge amount of buy pressure now being said if average Joe and James at the watercooler wind up following into this trend I believe we could have some short-term upward action which in my opinion will be short-lived just like the rest of the catalysts that we've seen throughout this bear trend because we cannot forget in a bear market it's very hard for any type of bullish catalysts to actually move the price because sellers are still in control there's more people that are wanting to sell on the pumps than buy the pumps but that is why there's winning traders that is why there's losing traders ladies and gentlemen and the thing for me is that regardless of this action if it goes up I'm gonna look to potentially take a long and short the retracement if we look to just it gets denied and we're gonna go right down I'm looking to get aggressive and short that when the bottom falls out I'm ready to get this crypto ladies and gentlemen absolutely and like I said I will be keeping my VIPs updated in absolute real-time with all my personal entries exits targets positions stop losses etc on the bitcoins and all coins market no more wreck City ladies and gentlemen let's get this crypto if you can tell I'm certainly excited about this date and also bit Mex one of the largest volume exchanges in all of crypto they're having a maintenance break guys the day before this happens and generally when bit max does have a maintenance break it does cause for some haha I have what's the best word for this some some craziness in the market as them closing pulls a lot of liquidity and volume out of the market and then them reopening booms a lot right back in very quick and it causes for a lot of volatility and turmoil in the short term so we are gonna have that coinciding with the etf decision coming out the very next day so ladies and gentlemen i set it at the beginning of this stream strap that helmet on put your seat belt on – ching – ching get ready for some volatility in the next coming days especially like I said with the lower highs and the candle body potentially closing under this support resistance level at 63 50 I'm excited here the altcoins I'm not touching them right now guys I'm just not touching them we need to watch what happens here with the Bitcoin dominance of course guys this is not investment advice none of this is investment advice this is only my own opinion and observation on the market always do your own research in your own due diligence before investing or trading in here as it is incredibly volatile and can really crash at any time guys savages only being said ladies and gentlemen that is gonna wrap it up for me here so if you could one last time moon up the likes moon them up smash those thumbs click the subscribe button tick the little bell let's get this crypto let me know what you think about this guy's I think this is gonna be the most volatile stretch of days here we've had in quite some time and as always I'm ready to get this crypto so until next time my friends I will be in the VIP for the remainder of the evening and of course I will be in the VIP throughout this craziness and this volatile debacle that I believe we are going to encounter here over the course of the next few days and I will be keeping them my VIPs updated in absolute real-time with all my entries X's targets positions etc as I take them as these candles develop as the news drops and I'm ready to get aggressive and get this crypto so until next time my friends be safe be happy be healthy it's your boy Krypto Kerby peace and love my friends curbs you

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  2. cryptocurreny is good, but the way bitcoin is set up is irresponsible. the amount of energy it uses is completely unacceptable now

  3. Great Video Kirby, you're TheeMannn, Yeah Baby, is going to be a Funky Rest of The Week . ETF gets approve, Pump & Dump for sure, ETF Does NOT get approve, Big Dump for Sure. FireHouse Boots, Hat, Rain Coat are ON, ready for the battle, Peace. Always Looking Forward to Your Videos MR. CryptoKirby, the man with a MISSION.

  4. I think it well get approved because I read an article a month or two ago about how CBOE said they were afraid the ProShares ETF would beat them in being the first ETF to the market.

  5. ETF will be denied. This market will be bear market for the whole next year as well. Too many new traders that bought at Ath lost all their money and will only tell their friends and family. Early adopters didn’t make the market soar but James at the water cooler did

  6. they will probably sell tomorrow, or will stay the same, and it should go up the 23th or so, as you didn't take in account the break out of the falling wedge, after that, when it forms a symmetrical triangle, it will always go up… and it is perfectly in line with the announcement on the 23th… but in my opinion, most important institutional decisions are made on Monday…

  7. Hi Kirbs don't look to good at the moment trying to buy the dips haven't lost Faith yet lol all the best m8 peace

  8. just short it guys . easy money . less worries . dont catch falling knives. dont play bounces unless your know wtf your doing SHORT AND RELAX. and keep making money dont be a long on hodler and losing money. NEVER TOO LATE TO SHORT ALWAYS TOO EARLY TO LONG .

  9. Brother I'm right there salivating over the 1 days and the bear play to roll through. As a super green horn seeing this last month play out w interesting swings as well as how the bots work on the interday noise has been such an eye opener. Up down its all good just bring on that epic volatility ?. Thank you so much for what you do for the community ?. Much love n respect ?

  10. I agree with you 100%…Shit hits the fan Thurs after the ProShares ETF rejection. Whales will play on the FUD. I appreciate your 100% transparency with us Trading Newbs.

  11. As always, love the streams Kirb. For last 5 months I come back to you every day and follow you through new channels because your sentiment is always realistic. I have found myself thinking much like you when examining the market. To many moon boys out there. Why no live Steams lately? Much love from Montana Kirbs. Peace!

  12. if we break 5700 our next significant source of price action is at 4400, which would line up nicely with our bear flag extrapolation their on the daily. a drop is looking more and more likely 🙂

  13. Bitcoin just waiting for next ProShares etf news and ofcourse the insiders will dump or pump 1day before news.
    The way we seeing right now is clearly signs etf rejection .

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