Audits, reliability, and software excellence in Cardano

One thing that I also wanted to talk
about was this idea of auditability so this idea in a previous video I
think we were talking about use cases for contracts and how let’s say small, medium, or large enterprises are building their smart
contracts solution on top of Cardano as blockchain and this idea that they’re
going to be able to audit whatever smart contracts they have before they release
it, so they’ll be able to put it in a playground or a testing environment and
run multiple simulations to find out exactly how it’s going to work so let’s
say financial institution A is building a smart contract platform within Cardano
are they going to be able to let’s say they have a customer base of 10 million
customers, of which you know that smart contract will apply to maybe let’s say a
hundred thousand people they’re going to be able to run simulations within the
Cardano test net or the playground whatever playground’s being released to
understand exactly the economics behind that smart contract before it’s actually
run and I’m sure with the advent of Shelley they’re also going to understand
exactly maybe how much interest or how much staking rewards would they get basically for deploying their smart
contract while at the same time tying up the small contract within a a staking
pool, or delegating, or creating a staking pool I mean that would be very
interesting you know like I think that would affect balance sheets and
they would be able to predict with accuracy AAA you know BBB and
understand where everything is moving so I think this is huge the idea for I
don’t know who works within big companies but you know I don’t have a
lot of experience but I can assume that big companies products before they’re
released are tested repeatedly especially the bigger the company the
higher the test you want to know why your display on your car is not like why
don’t they just put an iPad I know like Tesla’s that pretty much have like that
huge screen in their car it’s because the safety and
regulation committees behind driving they want to
make sure that every aspect is tested before it’s released so before they add
one new feature it has to be rigorously tested to make sure that it’s not gonna
increase the the crash rate or basically they’re saving themselves from lawsuits
and what better to save yourself from lawsuit then deploying a smart contract
on top of Cardano which is going to tell you exactly what this contract is
going to do so you can put all the different parameters in there before you
deploy and and get it done and at the end of the day it’s going to be easy and
simple to deploy the smart contract so there’s going to be none of this six quarter rollover period what do I mean by this you know like when a
company announces that they have a product coming and it takes like six
quarters or you know like I don’t know a couple years to to move forward with
that particular project is because all the dots all the i’s need to be dotted and all the t’s need to be crossed and at the
end of the day it’s their developers that are creating the solutions but it’s
cardano’s developers that are creating these entire ecosystems secure ecosystem so they have very limited work so if a company wants to release a smart
contract it’s Monday you know they can have it same week same week they can
test, deploy and and get ready to go get ready to go I just don’t see why people
don’t see this like there’s so much hate for Cardano and I I just I
think it’s just a brilliant, brilliant business model so if we accomplish what
we’re supposed to accomplish I think that this is a huge this is a huge leg
up for us so I’m excited about the future and you know let’s get it let’s
get it let’s go Cardano is Coming you better believe it you know if crypto succeeds I think Cardano will succeed I think it’s
steps ahead of these other cryptocurrencies and especially
in the use case of what Cardano does I mean the competitors the other
smart contract competitors I just don’t see it I just don’t see it so you
know enlighten me if it is you know like I see people putting crypto
currencies in my comments all the time but you know it is
what it is.

8 thoughts on “Audits, reliability, and software excellence in Cardano”

  1. Is not hate against Cardano, is just that people arenโ€™t patient and they just wanna make a quick buck… and not well educated on what they are investing…. just check out EOS community… lol ?Great Video my Friend ??

  2. Love Cardano as a contender for a real player in the space heading into the next decade.. they have all of the right starting principles and 2019 will be a period where we all watch their capacity to implement … if you're a speculator, I believe this next year will be a good period for accumulating. The hold here is 3-5 years min while vetting the team's performance along the way. Most won't have the patience, nor understand that next 'moon' is 3 years out at best. Love your vids and I hope you keep posting.

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