Audi Going Blockchain for ALL Things – Crypto Payment Methods Next?

now I might be highly biased having owned many different Aldys in VW products in the past I mean Lamborghini is basically an Audi which is basically a VW they're all kind of the same guys but I'll tell you in my opinion now let's just look at the the main three your mercedes-benz your BMW and your Audi in my opinion and this is just my opinion for all you other car fanatics out there you can disagree with me in the comment section below but in my opinion outtie is the best German car manufacturer out there aside from Porsche but that's a whole different segment we're talking about just BMW Mercedes and Audi Audi is the best and they do have the best-in-class technology in their cars we already know that don't lie you knew that you knew that so in my experience Aldi has generally led the charge with technological advancements in car manufacturing and it doesn't surprise me guys that Audi is exploring blockchain for its distributional network big deal what's up crypto nation it speed up going to centralized TV your best place for news on Bitcoin blockchain and cryptocurrency car information howdy is exploring blockchain hey but we already knew that I talked about that last year German Ingolstadt based car manufacturer Audi is testing blockchain technology for its physical and financial distribution of processing coin Telegraph off doosh doosh doosh doosh reported today March 30th with this new solution out he claims to increase its security and transparency ins global supply chains the car manufacturer released a proof-of-concept POC of its blockchain system last year after successfully testing the technology based on hyper ledger fabric due to its positive feedback outies management decided to advance the project beyond the POC stage and for our patrons on patreon calm / pub I give you guys an insider information on that before it was even announced because I have insiders in howdy because I've spent so much money with Audi I have earned my right to rub shoulders with the leadership in the executives of this company such as the nature of the the research team comprised of representatives from various organizational units such as finance production logistics and IT are currently exploring the representation and documentation of internal logistics processes including financial settlement furthermore the team is exploring various uses for blockchain to improve the safety of data transfers effectiveness of supply chains management of local energy grids and for the management of digital entities alexander deep meyer head of group treasury at audi ad stated in an interview with dye production that blockchain has potential to change various operating principles within the industry industrial companies and opens up new possibilities deep meyer also stressed that he believes that is likely that howdy will be offered cryptocurrencies as a payment method in the near future Wow [Applause] he also stressed that he believes it is likely that adi will be offering crypto currencies as a payment method in the near future guys its cryptocurrency taking a hold is cryptocurrency expanding his cryptocurrency going to be included in my next car I hope so other German car manufacturers such as BMW Mercedes and Porsche have recently hit the headlines with announcements of their own experiments with blockchain technology those Germans guys those Germans where the hell are the Japanese I talked about that in a stream previously why are we not hearing blockchain news out of Toyota and Honda and Yamaha why is it only these Germans guys we have to wonder guys we have to wonder mercedes-benz a subsidiary of the Automotive Group at Daimler AG is issuing its own cryptocurrency a mobi coin to reward drivers for environmentally cautious driving what a lame pursuit why would you want to be environmentally cautious when driving if you drive a nice car drive it hard car a car maker Porsche is exploring the utilization of blockchain apps in its vehicles and cooperation with the Burling a basic start up a Xeon BMW is reportedly planning to expand its portfolio by partnering with a blockchain start-up and jointly developing a system for ethical sourcing of cobalt for its products I'm telling you guys I'm telling you it's only a matter of time before the car manufacturers are going to be using crypto currency in all sorts of ways from tracking things that are happening in the cars to services to logistics to payment systems guys it's coming it's coming guys crypto in cars yes sir absolutely I'll take that every day I love crypto currency I love cars put them both together and you have an explosion in your pot geez I think I think I need to go change myself right now I think I just did a little bit of a tinkle than my Fonzie's guys smash the like button for the tingle in your pod juice are you feeling it I'm feeling it

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  2. today it has come 900 tokens from their airdrop! Is it better to sell them now or to store them for a long term?

  3. Землекопы, ты видел, что телеграмма открыта общественная ИКО? Я еле-еле, чтобы купить 5000 жетонов) буквально за пару дней они уже продали почти все маркеры на

  4. I had an 03’ Audi A4 1.8 T and a custom 93’ BMW 325i.. They’re both such solid well built machines but, if I had to choose, I would go with Audi.. Hey Peeta, YOU SHOULD LET US HEAR THAT BEAST OF A VEHICLE START UP n REV A FEW TIMES! Thanks for all the dope info n vids man.. Always much appreciated..

  5. Thats all very well Peter – But will the audi drivers in the uk start using turn signals? And the R8 does cause explosion in the pajees…..

  6. Disagree. I had a 2002 Audi A4 and it was a piece of crap. The best German car I ever owned was a Mercedes.

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  8. Owned not one but (2) 1974 Audi 100 LS …Forward thinking for a 17 year old kid…Now at 62 years of age I listen to this guy…
    Another forward thinking guy!!! Thanks for the lessons in crypto Peta!!

  9. Today I sold my Toyota Camry! And I invested all the money in ICO Telegram on tokentelegram. net Many experts say that this token has great prospects. I hope cash in on Lamborghini Aventador

  10. Audi engines are less reliable than bmw or Mercedes. Audi's I have only had 2 and both gave me tons of problems, Mercedes and BMW I have had many many and still have Mercedes and BMW's and not a single major issue with them, just some electronics and little maintanence things but no big problems like with Audi

  11. Hmmm interesting, I did not know that about Audi, VW and Lambo, interesting? Is that like Jaguar and Ford and Lexus and Toyota kind of thing? Interesting!

  12. The best car overall that last for years and won’t cost you a leg and arm is Toyota and Honda. Hence, bmw, Mercedes, and Audi lose most of their value

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