20 thoughts on “Attacks Against Bitcoin And The Cryptocurrency Space”

  1. Where is the safest place for my cryptos?? Are wallets safe, and if so which wallets are the best?? Thx. HODL

  2. As of this writing bitcoin has fallen to $9,655 and falling. What's up and how far do you think it'll fall?

  3. If you want the easiest way to hold and store crypto off an exchange print a paper wallet or get a physical Cold Storage Coin that's hack, fire, EMP, and flood proof as well as insured.

  4. The first time sending money to your ledger is kinda nerve wrecking. Do a small amout as a tester….i have a treasure map tattooed on my arm that leads to a haunted cave that is where i keep my ledger s

  5. The world is being fun by information warfare… much of it is sent into overdrive this year with bots, and obvious old guard stakeholder influence. Trust no source, question everything. 1984… don't go batty in the process because it feels like you have no anchor, but it's better than seeing the world through lies and falsehood

  6. I have said it before, and I'll say it again, big institutions are going to do everything they can to lower the prices on cryptocurrency so they can get a good position. They get first choice on the stock market and then retail investors go in. I'm not selling my crypto, no way, im holding tight for the ride!

  7. dude you have this ability of seen the unseen…and articulate it so well…you should be in Marketing…excelent work 007! super!

  8. Some one is spreading FUD for real and those websites are in it. It’s really fucked up. There forcing fighting again the price increase which attract more new users

  9. Because of all the negative press on the crypto, I will buy even more TRON!! It's weird Justin Sun is now in trouble.. really!!

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