Automated Cryptocurrency Trading Signal Provider – Feature Walkthrough is an automated cryptocurrency trading signal service provider. By quantifying profitable and time-tested trading strategies, made by veteran cryptocurrency traders, into fully automated algorithmic signals, provides accurate, robust, reliable, consistent and highly profitable cryptocurrency signals on a daily and intra-day basis, with multiple features and trading strategies to suit each of your different trading styles and individual risk management needs. To begin, click “REGISTER” to create a new account. Create your username, enter a valid email address, and choose a password. Click “REGISTER” when done. Voilà! Your account is now being created! Please be patient while the page loads. (loading intensifies)
In the meantime, check your email and click on the activation link to verify your account. Welcome to the “SIGNALS” page. This is the backtesting engine where you can see new trading signals and its historical performance. You can toggle the “Base Currency” from Bitcoin, to USD, or Ethereum. You can toggle “Exchange” to CoinMarketCap, Poloniex, or Bittrex. CoinMarketCap represents a basket of exchanges which can be customized from your account settings. For now, there are Three types of signals, Heiken Ashi Daily Trend, Turtle Mid Trend, and Turtle Long Trend. You can also toggle by volume groups, which are dynamic and calculated based on the average over last 30 days. Toggle “Market” against which the “Base Currency” is traded. Toggle “Signal Status” showing All, Open, or Closed only. Or toggle “Start Date” and “End Date” for the backtester and data that will show in the tables and graphs below. (takes a quick while to load) Our flagship Heiken Ashi Strategy uses a trend-following method and daily HA candles with a high accuracy and win-rate pushing 60+% (70+% in bull markets). Averages out to about 1.5 signals per day, win-rate of 60+%, and a combined profit of over 200x in BTC over the last 4 years. (this strategy aims to get in and out of trades fast, with an average trade duration of ~7 days compared to the 22 and 30 of our turtle signals) Our Turtle Mid Trend strategy has an average win-rate of 56+% and over 300x returns in BTC over the past 4 years. (noise trades reduced tremendously by signalling only in bull trends and by having additional entry & exit conditions) Our Turtle Long Trend strategy has an average win-rate of 46+% and over 446x returns in BTC over the past 4 years. (lower win rate due to more noise signals, but manages to catch a larger part of the trend and hence a larger profit) Scroll down to view signals. For FREE accounts, open signals from within the last 7 days are masked. To unlock all new signals, click Subscribe or visit “ACCOUNT” page. In the “MARKETS” tab, you can make use of our free charting tools to follow the Bitcoin market, or view the charts of any other crypto listed on coinmarketcap! Scroll to your desired timeframe to view price, market capitalization, and trading signals all in one place. Altcoin charts? No problem! We have them all! For more information, visit the FAQ page, or to find out more about the service and how or why our strategies work. In your account page, you will be able to set up Telegram notifications (after upgrading your account). Upgrade your account by generating a new Bitcoin address, and sending the appropriate amount of BTC as stated in the Rates table. An email with the payment information is also sent to your email address. (Rates change every 15 minutes) In the “EXCHANGES” tab, you can configure which exchanges to receive notifications for, and which to include under the “CoinMarketCap” basket of exchanges. In the “NOTIFICATIONS” tab, your timezone should have been set by default, otherwise you can change it manually. (once page is fully loaded, all options should be ticked by default if you are a new user) Here you can choose which “Base Currency” and “Methods” to include when receiving notifications, and change email settings. Lastly, each account has a unique referral link that can be shared with friends and on social media. When that person signs up using your link, you will receive 20% of his/her subscription fee for forever! That’s it! Thank you for watching! Please visit and leave a Like if you enjoyed this video!

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