AT Device Feature | Coin-U-Lator

This is the Coin-U-Lator. It’s a fun and interactive coin-counting calculator
that allows you to learn about money and the values of different coins. *coin sound*
Here’s how it works: Turn on the Coin-U-Lator by pressing the On/Reset button. From here, you can press any of the money
buttons and see their values added on the screen. You can either add or subtract with the switch. The oops button allows you to undo one mistake. You can also put the amount in dollar format
by pushing the Dollar Sign button, and you can clear the screen by pressing the On/Reset
button. There are also two games included. The Matching game gives you a random amount
of money. You then have to add up to that amount using
the money buttons. *coin sounds* Way to go! The second game, Coin Count, also gives you
a random amount of money, but you must add up to it using only the coins, and not the
dollar bill. You can mute the Coin-U-Lator pressing the
speaker button. Once you’re done, just hit the off button! The Coin-U-Lator is one of many items available
for loan from Oklahoma ABLE Tech. To learn about ABLE Tech’s Device Loan Program,
go to

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