Ask Roger about BCC and Bitcoin future

so rajim thank you for your time today
thank you for your time today to Google and so you know we have been friends a
long time and I know you and so I think we are very kind and you are very good
to person but many Bitcoin I think you are very crazy person how did you first
hear about Bitcoin oh you tell me about Bitcoin yeah
in zero here all with Monica and the only people that think I’m a crazy or
bad person are people that are new to Bitcoin and are going on the forums that
are censored where people aren’t allowed to speak the truth and the people hind
block stream and supporting this one megabyte block forever are being silent
and not speaking out against the censorship so anybody who knows anything
about Bitcoin and hasn’t been indoctrinated by censorship knows that I
poured my heart and soul into Bitcoin programs to be honest and so I want to
give you a device today so maybe a countdown and there so talk is rolling
it is better to way to understand about to you what do you think I will try to
speak slowly for you yeah it is impossible to stay calm about Bitcoin
because this is such a world-changing invention that’s going to improve the
lives of every single person on the planet but a bunch of economic
ignoramuses from block streams are blocking bitcoins development to being
allowed to do this and it is a giant problem for all of humankind
so of course I’m incredibly passionate about this ok ok well let’s start so
today I have many questions for you our first question is when is a very many
composition from calabria under the conference table to
ever go from we are going the conflict is been brewing brewing for several
years and it came to become a giant nightmare maybe nine months ago when the
blocks actually became full so Satoshi Nakamoto the inventor of Bitcoin was
very clear that Bitcoin never really hits the scaling limit and can be used
by every human being on the planet simply by increasing the block size over
time as more and more people start to use it but a bunch of people became to
Bitcoin later and wanted to convert it from being digital cash to just being a
settlement Network and that’s a big big problem for Bitcoin and it became a
nightmare for Bitcoin when the blocks actually became full so many people so
miners Center ization is a really big problem
but what do you think – if you think minor centralization is a big problem
you’ve been brainwashed by the propaganda on the censored forums there
are more mining equipment manufacturers than ever before there are more mining
pools than ever before there are more miners around the world than ever before
there’s more open source mining pool software than ever before mining
centralization is is more decentralized in ever before in the entire history of
Bitcoin because how I’m keeping one megabyte
if website includes not within what pencil like unprofessional that’s
absolute nonsense if more people are able to use Bitcoin around the world by
making the blocks bigger you’ll have more Bitcoin miners you’ll have more
Bitcoin users you’ll have more Bitcoin pool operators you’ll have more of
everything so anybody that thinks that keeping the block size small makes the
coin mining more decentralized is living in la-la land they’re absolutely wrong
and they have no common sense if they think that and if some of people said a
broke stream is very centralized so what do you think about that they employed
the majority of the Bitcoin core protocol developers at the moment so
that’s very centralized sure you can say that but luckily they’ve
business community and people with common sense have rejected them and
we’re all doing segue to X at this point which has nothing to do with a block
stream okay and there so what is the number one you’re angry for that what is
number one it’s van oka their cousin I understand your question so I I don’t
think I’m so much angry as I am sad for the future of Bitcoin Bitcoin had this
amazing opportunity and had this giant first mover advantage so that every
person on the planet could be using it but instead that first mover advantage
is being destroyed and bitcoins ability to be used by everybody on the planet is
being destroyed by these people that are part of block stream and that want to
completely alter the vision for Bitcoin that was laid out in the Bitcoin white
paper the Bitcoin white papers titled peer-to-peer electronic cash not the
Lightning Network settlement system okay yeah okay and then so and listen Lee
beep ninety one activates it are you happy
activated I I’m indifferent activated I’m good to me
yeah yeah yeah what do you think about Bitcoin cats
I think Bitcoin cash is much more in line with the vision of Bitcoin that was
laid out in the Satoshi white paper and I own just as many Bitcoin cash as I do
Bitcoin it’s a little bit of a joke but I own a lot of Bitcoin cash ah so will you um question from my Twitter
I will use an old legacy Bitcoin for Bitcoin cash maybe someday someday maybe
yes depends so how W it’s Nana girl fuck that ass
we will you be selling all of your Bitcoin legacy for Bitcoin cash well I’m
asking you if you’re going to sell your block stream bitcoins for Bitcoin cash something like that are you going to
sell maybe you will sell whichever coins are less useful for ones that are more
useful okay answer is I will sell whatever coins are less useful for ones
that are more useful okay so end now today you lizzi’s fixed point of information is in
November how to book and don’t activate the two megabyte EU touch pick the coin
toss change mining of all it is easy I think not just change mining will change
all of our wallets will change all of our promotion will change absolutely
everything to support the Bitcoin that’s in line with the Bitcoin white paper not
this block stream settlement coin a settlement coin is not interesting
okay indicates maybe if it’s going just slightly higher you have played to me to
be justified without with Bitcoin 56 life is very low here recently and
there’s a lot of money for my tea no that’s not how it works and it shows you
completely misunderstand how Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash works so thank you for
proving my point and that’s why the people next to you are giggling at the
moment Jimmy completely misunderstands how the
whole mining system works for both coins power from Bitcoin core into Bitcoin
cash nearly remind Bitcoin chess right so instead the Bitcoin core you will
find it on cash and your first depend will depend on this point charge maybe
I’m not sure if it is pops not profitable
depend on the difficulty of each if one is priced lower than the other then the
difficulty will likely be lower for that one as well so the mining profitability
can be similar for both going to them it might be justified so to be honest it
sounds like you don’t know about what you’re talking about or maybe it’s a
language barrier and I’m not trying to be rude but I’m really really tired of
the whole debate and people that support 1 megabyte don’t even understand how
mining works it’s really frustrating for me and I’ve known you for a long time
Jimmy so I’m not intentionally trying to be rude but it just drives me nuts that
you support block stream and you don’t even understand how the mining works or
how the price of each coin works on on either fork here and I’m not trying to
be rude it’s just really frustrating for me so sorry Jimmy and I appreciate
you’ve been for people that are listening and that you can’t see Jimmy
Jimmy’s been involved in Bitcoin in Japan for a long long time it was one of
the first people so thank you for being involved in Bitcoin I’m not trying to be
a jerk even though I know I’m coming across a bit of one but it’s really
really frustrating for me because I poured so much my heart and so on
a coin and for people that understand how mining works I think it’s pretty
simple Jimmy always right you understand the boss position so today so she come
with me because my English is not the good he supposed me always and Sehun to
I interview to him so they may help me yeah veggie Jimmy thank you okay so many
news websites affair to secrete the to echo straight not so secure and not a
good what do you think which new sites and websites did you hear that from
Japanese critical media everywhere said sorry yeah yeah I seen it I think maybe
they’ve been influenced by Sampson Mao coming here last week if Sampson and
Luke were here in Tokyo last week I asked both of them to have a discussion
with me about Bitcoin and they both refused to do that and I suspect they
went around to the Japanese exchanges and probably to you did you hear from
Sampson and Luke that Segway to X is not safe oh no not the old soul only I don’t
know Samson and dude what do you say think about segue to it but many media
said see which two exhibits look good so cigarette – it’s okay but and
November’s hospital is not a good what do you think about I think they’re
fear-mongering hahaha fear-mongering me home maybe something like that yeah
I see ok ok ok um gasps hi go knee left to its own
fries um tell them your message could it be Davis don’t you know I
understand yeah so this the message is don’t believe censored forums don’t
believe Twitter polls I think for yourself right and it’s very very clear
that you don’t think of myself as we find very complicated right if you spend
the time to think about it you can do it and if you can’t think about it for
yourself then don’t just blindly follow others maybe just decide you’re not
going to have an informed opinion on something if you don’t want to put the
time into it I want to know about Bitcoin and therefore you know and
started a family I don’t expect big confusion you know I
made beautiful intonation website myself and so I want to
does initial system successful and now I also speak the contents into the water
so your your nickname is Miss big coin Japan right yeah how many years ago did
you hear about Bitcoin how many years yeah five years and who did you hear
about it from yes and how long has Samson been involved in Bitcoin about
two years and he has no understanding about what bitcoin is supposed to be and
has no understanding why bitcoin is useful and the entire Bitcoin ecosystem
would be viewed as much more professional if he would leave or at the
very least stop being insulting towards other people
so that’s my message stop being insulting towards other people charli’s
you know don’t get scared it takes time to learn about something
if you’ve only been involved for Bitcoin for two months how much did you know
about it five years and really defined and I think two years and six and a half
years are very different also thank you for your time little done Thank You
Fujimoto okay

99 thoughts on “Ask Roger about BCC and Bitcoin future”

  1. Roger Ver probably owns 100000x more Bitcoin than anyone commenting here. It is absolutely ridiculous to think he has "ill intentions". He wants scaling to happen in Bitcoin and not on a separate, privatised layer being created by a company (backed by banks). Roger Ver is fighting for Bitcoin's survival. The people who think he is "crazy and trying to destroy Bitcoin" are ignorant (and as he says, are probably new to this space). Research this, not by going to r/Bitcoin, but by going to r/BTC or r/BitcoinAll.

    edit: ohh ye. He is appearing defensive because he is surrounded by people from the investment bank backed company blockstream. Wouldn't you be?

  2. Roger comes out in this interview as a bitter, bickering man, But I will follow his advice to follow the successful bitcoin, and from what I can see most of the market is backing Bitcoin the one Bitcoin that doesn't hardfork and endangers other people's money doing so.
    So yeah, thank you Roger for showing me your impatient nature.

  3. Says jimmy is wrong. Jimmy is 100% correct, does this dumb fuck think bitcoin cash is gonna pay for electricity by itself?

  4. >bitcoin with big blocks aka bitcoin centralized inside corporate buildings because people can't run nodes anymore, aka "person A -> corporation -> corporation -> person B" is digital cash

    Typical big blocker nonsense logic.

  5. you can own millions of bitcoins, no amount of money can wash away the shame sticking to your face if you publicly showcase what a terrible empty fraudulent nut you are, especially when the underlying value network you're dealing with, is based on open-source, decentralized systems. you'll be marked for life, worst case the only way out of the pressure from all this shame, is drugs, alcohol and suicide…I mean I don't give a fuck about this guy, but he gives a fuck about himself, and judging his maturity he will have huge problems dealing with it. not even david hasselhoff knew how to deal with the fact he was this gay-ish knight rider and baywatch tool his entire career, but roger? he's like lex luther's idiot son in real life 😀

  6. I wonder if he believes the nonsense that flows so easily from his mouth. I know he is a convicted criminal for scamming others but I suspect he actually believes what he is saying.

  7. egomaniacal crybaby. i feel sorry for the poor interviewer. i think he's buzzed (in a bar) and the booz is amping his emotional tirade. he obviously has a bunch of his fanboys sitting across from him during this interview. what a bitch…. who the f%&#$ would wear that shirt anyway….

  8. All of you fucks talking shit about Roger will eat your shit when all miners ditch the Core shit and move to support what is best for them… which will be on chain scaling solution only of Bitcoin Cash. You are all fucking brainwashed morons… just how easy is to fool you lot is a fucking joke.


  9. anyone who thinks roger is a tool.. and has bitcoin in his wallet making good profits .. you probably forgot he was a driving force well before all you little kids knew about bitcoin and made you much richer

  10. wrong or right I dont know, but I really think you are a good guy roger and not the devil some people make out of you, fuck the haters

  11. this guy sucks. he acts like he's the only person to understand bitcoin's technology and no one else. he seems very butthurt. he probably lost a ton of money or missed on BTC's growth

  12. the message of the video: "stop being insulting to other people" and it gets downvoted to the ground and most comments are insults..makes me sad.

  13. I dont know what this is all about or who he is, but he's giving off some weird and kinda bad vibes. Also comes across as incredibly patronizing.

  14. Roger saw the beauty and elegance of Bitcoin long before anyone else did. He may have been lucky to hear about it sooner than other people, but he was also smart enough to understand the ideals and potential within it.

  15. Roger is just so fed up.. so am I.. the sheep
    will blindly follow the butcher. Everyone should read the white paper again and again until you understand what bitcoin is.. if you can't even read the title; Then you shouldn't be commenting on bitcoin. It's a peer to peer electronic system! Not a settlement later! Please Read the white paper..

  16. Why the thumbs down, besides his attitude? Maybe he having a bad day, but at least he was honest..He wholeheartedly supports bitcoin.. Look at His shirt.. I own a lot of bitcoin cash, lol

  17. Right from the very start he attempts to use an appeal to authority (an arrogant one at that, by assuming HE is the authority just because he was lucky enough to get involved early – which is actually completely irrelevant – I mean, I think that another public figure, Andreas Antonopoulos may have got involved maybe a year or two after him and yet he is far more knowledgeable, for example). I'm really surprised that a martial artist has allowed himself to become so wrapped up in his own ego. During this whole scaling debate I have heard mostly logical fallacies, whining and irrationality from Roger vs. mostly hard technical arguments and rationale from the vast number of much more technically competent people he disagrees with. This is what attracted the ridicule and jokes in the first place. I hope he chills out a bit, takes a break, and comes back with a more proactive, productive, friendly, and collaborative outlook.

  18. So Roger is saying Bitcoin Cash is superior and closer to Satoshis vision of a peer to peer currency. So the miners and the rest of the community should embrace it resulting in a much higher Bitcoin Cash price vs the Bitcoin we have today. So if Bitcoin Cash price for example is at 10 percent of Bitcoin price in late August, is it fair to say his ideas are being rejected by the whole community?

  19. Laugh, she is their PR department. Sorry Roger, we know the truth, we know the lies, we know the paid sock puppets, we know the entire script you continue to recite. You have gone full Keynesian and I believe you are now one of the largest threats to bitcoin. Please go away.

  20. Bitcoin was designed to scale on-chain with simple blocksize increases. It can and will do so, if we allow it.. segwit is not going to fix scaling issues. In short BCC is exactly how bitcoin should scale.. On-Chain!!

  21. When people start calling you bitcoin jesus it gets into your psychic. Prophet syndrome or whatever. Only thing bigger than bitcoin is ver's ego. He can't stand he didn't invented it, so he prefer to destroy it rather to watch it grow from the sideline. Because sure an 8 mb block really fixes things right? Whay a short minded scammer

  22. nice lady. Lots of patience and stays professional.
    Even though her face expression is clear about what she thinks. and Roger just doesnt pick up any of that ( expressive agnosia? autism?).

  23. The one who was once proclaimed as "Bitcoin Jesus" appeared to be Bitcoin Antichrist. So normal for this crazy world 🙁

  24. This person is dangerous. Has no regret in creating a crisis involving millions of people for his personal interest. Also, look at his face, how he moves. A clear psychi. Dangerous.

  25. I have watched over a dozen videos of roger ver talking to men and he seems the most angry and mean in this one while talking to a woman. Is there something to this. He is speaking to her like he absolutely hates her while she just smiles and giggles, its really disturbing and makes me think he is a sadist or something.

  26. I really appreciated this interview, keep up the good work Roger. Don't get to frustrated with all the debate. There will always be new and uninformed people and different opinions.

  27. Thank you so much for these interviews!!! Roger… you are NOT an engineer, it is you that does not understand. Heart and soul is not understanding science and code.

  28. They (Blockstream) employ the majority of the Bitcoin Core protocol developers at the moment…
    Pure bullshit.

  29. I don't think this chick deserves to earn a penny from the crypto revolution. She is just milking her pouty face to try to make a quick buck.

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