Asia putting gas on the Crypto Asset Fire

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and zenith earlier today or
yesterday so are a year ago and we always
takes a few minutes to get like
to giving up and running so times a stop to talk about
his usual, I wanted to you get
into law a some of the different
things that have been going on
in one and one area that always
seems to want stand out to me it
all happens to be the fact that
some the U.S. seems to be a lagging behind , when it comes to a lunatic to
ease open and it comes to love
developing in the black chain
developing in the growth of the
dig took a stand on on a government
regulation and on and on the
distant overall on adoption you
noted do really allow for more
of a to oh, of a it’s actually what’s
weird about it’s actually a
redshirt to tell it’s coming
across warren john nine through
a B.S. so , its ear and looks orange of a and one
latino be as I guess it does
look a little warns there and
might have to go to the color
filters a so , tse MCI Augustine Hairston S to go through and, you are a
tile only let me go back to what
I was of what I was thinking
you’re so ISO as a you know we’ll have to
look too far we look a little
bit across the ocean and were
deftly seen you know some major
chan of that are taking place over in
Asia, and it was actually theirs
are interesting article I sought
it popped up on yahoo calm re of regarding the launch of black
chain of based, identification
and really to provide access to
services on and this is over in Tovar in and sand South Korea so
as we know is we really look at
the article in what’s so
significant about you bring in
identif so the real goal on and this is
the mayor of Seoul lawn park one
soon , he wants sole ought to be to really launch of black chain is well as a I
initiatives on to become really
a major of epicenter is a smart
city , and so and the significance of that
obviously the adoption of black
chain on the adoption of Ai on
but then it that you in order to
rea on now really that you know I
think about you know what you
really means to log keep all
your identification on the black
chain, on the old decrease a potential
fraud a potential corruption of so
there’s a lot of things they can
quickly and seamlessly a be done by by pudding of
public ID cards on the black
chain a lever it the same time it’s
it’s almost like , an invasion of of a ride a sea
to an extent that now in the
matter what you do on is going
to be very very easily tracked
so o and on deftly seem to be an
unseen your insurer and solari as so you would deftly achieve a
more security of like excerpt be a Carolina
saying I think that that’s a
deftly unimportant I’d have more
security on so if you had docked
of as soon as you die and say
you’re in the book you in a
hospital, then it’s immediately
registered on the black chain so
everythi up here you know we see some of
the corruption that goes on all with thumb and a corruption that goes on
with Social Security or other,
you know even and in voting all
where you have the indefinite
feel every little thing you do is
easily up identified a specially
of your utilizing a I ought to
monitor and make those of minor
cha , to think that that’s really
interesting you know so I like
brain Cedeno crypto is deftly
taken over on and even though
we’re see and Asia is as far of more
interesting on again so we have
what’s going on over in Seoul on
but then you know if you go just
I’m and there was an article that
came out where Japan is going
after a big point exchanges off
for money laundering and I think
thi And the Financial Services
committee and some of the of
misinformation or the guy in a
misperception of digital assets
is of being utilized for all of
dark, market o , is that Japan can go after
these exchanges of it are making
a 10 to launder money so on
having the AMA am Els and then
they Ky counterterrorism, and then just
overall view anticorruption us
through one attempt of of
laundering money through these
exchange in the public because everything
is then traceable on once it’s
identified on the black chain
now again like those in the
beginn on in the digital asset space in
the black chain space, so you
know folksy man and making sure
of that their that the
corruption of the digital asset space in
Asia and in Japan in a
particular so , what what’s what’s really of
which really interesting to be
on that though on is that this
same article the other talking
abou and the GE 20 summit on is
coming up release and so on with that you no big a
component of a dingy 20 summit
is still looking at a digital
asset are crypto all regulations so obviously as
this is a global phenomenon
where we see the expansion of
digital asset and really to a scale that may
have been on anticipated the
bade many of the of the
government’s war many the
government’s chose on and so with that it is
obviously then important on to
begin on to put in place certain
of certain criteria certain
regulation on in at least us at a baseline
of understood on action or
activity all within the digital
asset space they can be agreed
upon a so, and this is this as I’m just
going on now and a sack,
scrolling down and year and
things that itinerary before
popped up and , and you share the screen , your ego array and go back and year ago so I did you know
this this is interesting so here
we have taste on the United Nations
North Korea has stolen a live
$171,000,000 in crypto to know this is if it it’s just it’s just a
pretty mind-boggling of 1/2
billion dollars all worth of ID
dual acid stolen, and here it
says EU an so you know of obviously you’ll
only moment when it comes down
to an odyssey this wasn’t done
by individuals this was 100% a
gov of a country that is been you
know under a under under heavy
embargoes ID two of their
concepts of new to approve a
proliferatio that my only one we start
looking at in this, goes to some
other conversations that have
been had you know if you look at
the of on this highlights the fact that
there are certain countries
government sponsored that are
heavily focused on of being a
bad act and in that common agreement
between nations on it so you
obviously we’re seeing that you
coming from multiple different
the bad , Asian exchanges in particular
and and stealing money so then you can go over to what’s
going on in Iran go down to
Venezuela you go over I even to the day to
trade their calling it a trade
war on what the trade
negotiation that’s currently
going on betw and of to edit the wrong button and
clam still going here it did and didn’t take me off and was a clicking around and I
accidentally hit its stock
streaming and I’m hoping that
the victim to terminate the
stream here to reveal OK I’m still alive
perfect and time again for a
clicking around so lightly only go over to the
chat I cannot ignore the chaff
for too long year see what’s
going on and scroll up here and a shape that rain , let’s see here and I leave
off, make sure that I and see what everybody was
saying holy cow, tear you are a
thing of any good starting point
of , and food location as well that
goes back to original , and see here ago analyst George
ID you think the new remittance
of corn or from Saudi to India
will have a net and impact are
in the consistent with a bump up
and in price and I also don’t
know if they’re going to be
utilizing on ex rapid and
utilizing exce go back and read on that maybe
somebody as a Sump be back up
you know in regards to that I
believe that that that their
opening , with ended their rebel net
solution may be guys have some
of Cindy back on that now we can
analyze that a little bit
further , are they just testing and I
thought they they open the
corridor on again I’m not sure
this is of mach 314 am not sure
they’re , see Maxine waters is laundered
incredible amounts of money it’s laughable that she still
the chair so many of them have
laundered its amazing of that
these people are allowed to
remain in , and it’s it’s really instead
it’s disgusting you know that
they’re allowed to get away with
it year after year after year of
t and in the gear reelected, and
it’s just it’s mind-boggling you
know I’ll get you know many have
of tax fraud and yet taxi vision of you know
that you every every financial
crime imaginable has been
perpetrated up by by members of
by cert and I and sear, rebel has a patent on
making excerpt reprise goal of
isbister $100 to a really have a
pat on that and they should have and is as high as $1000 and be a
little bit nicer and ML to , amber wall and Tom Ivan logged
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we have denied of the digital no until 10 to oh that is enough
for the commercial a legal back
me look over here, and see
rector what’s up , and through years of $300 to
work for me a tie I do agree with that ship are $100 and be a nice start
women , are a year ago , go through this song and 11.
in a time here and KLL and I are a tendon what’s up , Moulton of that Perot vote
Mauldin of, ex current can
become ex rapid usage or action
usage and a idea that that’s a
good 0.2 and the fact that you a lot more
can be done of the way the way
it’s developed is sit so
impressive overall on a can be
super co of the developer to go to the
developer site, that they have
often you can go back and read
all the different of the aspects
of and what can be done in and what
amazes me those that you know
they have a native on exchange
platform built in on it so to
the that if you know it’s just it’s
to me every day that you not
just amazed by you know by that
fact and then even more amazed
by t of the excerpt the cloying and
then they try to claim that it’s
a bankers points and I say so
what would differ is as a make
of of currency and replacement of
banking which is never to happen
so you you know we will see a a
dissolving a fiat currency in a
in a move towards of digital
currency with the under a
paintings of on a digital assets and most
likely in the in the banking
space off for moving currency
it’s gonna be excerpt he and and
then we on and possibilities of of this
so that to me is gonna be a you
know super a super interesting
you know as we as we
continuously you know move of forward and
seeing how these things I’ve
developed a john dow of always
said Dunn rebel is some kind of
bad to haven’t seen it if somebody can
find it and be worthwhile to go
through and read it, analyze a
little bit on and really see
what to excerpt he was meant to have
a much higher price point and in order to love in order to
accommodate the of the amount of
liquidity that’s going to be
required if and when car if or
wh of excerpt he is a as adopted , as as orex rap is adopted by
the banks enough or form of
liquidity so, let’s see here
Anthony Jackson and it’s up and excerpting minutes into an edge chip and for sending Ajax over it, Nelly and I didn’t send you a year will continue as an E and
can come and hang out of let’s see here , a rate and still scrolling
down here and Peru and Peru and see what
is use post , will look a year ago math room
for will the fed create their
own U.S. digital dollar and a
lead that that is an amazing
questi of a victim and really as as you look in try to analyze
that we see in all the flak that
a Jp Morgan is getting , tempting to develop their own
jp employing on what went on in
order for them to to Val of a of
a digital a united digital asse , that has a utility are really
within its own network , will they did the fed then
tried to develop either own
code, and and have their own
U.S. digital dollar a day in my
opinion wh they can go out and hire people and start the process and take
years and years in development
in a war of they can look at
eight digital asset that is
already a , now be excerpt he and if we
let you look at the the possibility of a eight
Federal were U.S. dollar then
all of the art digital dollar of
being built on a platform and
that anno I don’t believe that we’re
going to adopt excerpt he is the
U.S. currency however, if everything is can be moving in a
direction of a digital acid and
black chain based on and that’s
the direction they want put the to be a I think that can be very
interesting but again it would
have to be built on on technology that’s developed
by a third party , ward that exists out there
that isn’t manipulated are
easily manipulated by a third
party I should say so and been
this case s on is the the cycle of of
printing based on what their
what their needs are , an ad and I did a poll of an
interesting article of based on
that taste on that exact concept, and
so really showing and paving the
way as to why a big point is
going to be or big boy digital
as , is is the wave of the future’s
so, let’s see here of a switch
from Brad darling house not sure
exactly where that’s referring , were to go as a good one , I don’t like the idea of a
patent on it then means a
company has control over the
token which defeats the purpose and I
agree up Anthony a guy thinking
you know that that that’s why
would like to see whether not they actually of
whether not they actually have a patent on it or if it’s just a
just a bunch of talk ID and I
yes of the fed won’t do their
own coin at least not on their
own on a new and maybe not all but
you let me know some feedback what
you think if they if they they
do all of that there’s that a
higher probability chance that
if th a different on an existing
protocol of maybe like an excerpt hear
something like that its Erp the design told a value
of $10,000 of Damien black to be a pretty
phenomenal , exurbia excerpt he was still
be the bridge the matter no
matter what direction on
everything takes a excerpt he is
a bridge cu so in C , U.S. digital dollar build on
excerpt you block I like that
idea Damien and some that’s a I
think that’s a possibility of a not so that’s in that to
deny government still create
things they license or buy
things and that’s the point as
to why to fed if they were tied to
develop a odd digital a digital
currency a digital U.S. dollar
it’s going to be licensed and
built on an existing platform a stake in Jenkins I believe
rebel one more banks on , ex for an ecosystem before the
Lao of anemia and that since
only of bats go back to this
patent on and let’s go in, to
analyze what exactly does that even
mean, that they have a patent to
increase they excerpt the price
and of the excerpt the price
then w would be of manipulated in that
in that sense on and that just
doesn’t make me it doesn’t toes
and make sense of it that be the the idea nine of their 0% chance of day is a government entity
would create and test a new
digital asset crypto from the ground up as a fed
point they don’t have the
desirability or years to do to
say I agree 100% with that an
open again th and I think this really I’d
excerpt the minute sums all
operate there a flooded to fed
to oh I think this is one reason why the fed and although believe what been
one of a digital a currency of
based on a a black chain
platform that they don’t control whether not there to get that
guide to get their of desire for
filled are not two on make sure
that doesn’t happen there’s a
lot on two and you know really
impact the upson downs and
swings of the economy on but I
like that I liked that the Prost
the though of them will be a lot trump
initiative and we’ve already
seen a body of the heads in this
space and so as we begin to see
a redu , then were going to see a lot
of a lot of a changes in the
space of a steer it can use excerpt the
ori th I know they’re using th,
and thinking th is already been
proven to be a easily of
manipula a bit it exists of that a
majority of the th is in all
relatively a small number of
hands, which could of then a
potentially be that the amount of of excerpt he
being held in escrow of could
allow for manipulation as well
but being that it is a it’s held
i and only a billion, released
every every month and that
number is going to keep
shrinking although it keeps going into
that fit was it a 55 month the
cycle and put back into the end
I was constantly in that five
year r and were in the minus off but
little bit less than a five year
cycle on and so you know exactly what’s gonna
hit the mark is not like I’m
also and you can dump a 60
billion of excerpt he on the market, but you could potentially put out a
billion but you know it’s
coming, so that witness it
necessarily be a huge
manipulation, plus th so glitzier, fed is based on a
debt system that that will be
crushed it will be crushed absolutely
decimated arraigned on 80% of
the teaches held in China and we
don’t want that kind of a
control w commonly see here , and lee’s George took away a lot torch way to weigh excerpt the
angel, is it a try and get it
back for and lost a wrench all beyond
those via a saw that the
conversation earlier, it seemed
that broke Mac Guthrie one for
their more , in many in many locations so
this is where we’re starting to
see on adoption and everywhere
but in the United States, I
believ the are allowing of the token is
a sham of stocks, is that is
that accurate or not, and
thought I’d read something about
that an , and then we see actually going
on over in Wyoming, the state of
Wyoming all were starting to
see, a an adoption of digital
ass tour move the U.S. tag and their
feet of a state like Wyoming is
actually the making an impact
upon the space so little by
littl I think that that’s of its
really significant as well , races that that’ll be
dissolved into the treasury , I believe that’ll happen after
2020 were to start scene of the
lack of significance of all the
fed you know especially conside , so between the fed and and the
executive of branch , deny its not to say Da won’t
be use its that the fed will not
create that be a pocket a light
that the confirmation that’s goo , john doe and woody think about
the meeting between Brad Gurley
house and a VIP of high finance
I and all the VIP I think that an Exe our pilot what’s going on
by to see one, I believe that is
a sign of the times if if rebel
as a company wasn’t making it to VIPs of high finance as you
stated what it have an interest
in sitting down and conversing
with him at all so he’s obviously of and in the
company, rebel is obviously on
making a tremendous impact upon
this pace the writings on the
wal bank still make to fontaine use
decisions on to uproot other entire of
communication platform to the movement of money that
was a cameras that so things
have to be rolled out gradually add believe there is more of
financial institutions that are
are either onboard or coming on
board of that are doing a slow
prog obviously the powers that be
from a global perspective on
understand on exactly what’s
happening in understand exactly
a directi to the fact that they’re having
that sit down on and as the and
I like to talk to a lot about
the IMF and representation of
the in attendance of Ide that there
is even more significance of
high I like the fact that you
were beginning to see a global
attent on I look at the digital asset
space and and and blocking
technology overall as it has an
opportunity on to a level of the playing
field and when I say level the
playing field I don’t mean level
the playing field of two bring
thos bug give everybody an
opportunity on an equal
opportunity to be part of a the world economy without the
handouts and that means that
within a digital asset based
economy, you’re able to then
allow tho can only take an individual and
individuals business so far on
in their impact being that and
the majority of those people do
no loans they don’t have access to
a loan to get a better vehicle or two of open up a small one to
a small office wore a small
store they don’t have access to
a funding got to put down on a
hous that makes baskets in Africa,
but previous to this there was
another person that would come
to that to come to them and pay
you and now imagine that person that
makes baskets UC and then exist in a inning of money in a in a
of in a digital asset they
cannot trade that digital asset
and they can buy things online
on whic they can potentially then set up
a web site they can have their
are whatever might be they can
accept money all look it done
you of digital asset utilizing
excerpt he your other of to sell
their goods to sell their services and any
of this individual making
baskets and now has their website
there’s no way in hell that in
before that they can get a
paypal account that they can get
the eye of to having access to digital
asset anybody now, has a, quote
unquote of te a quote unquote a credit or
the other their bank to the
point where they can now receive
of all funds and they can sell
their that is the leveling the playing
field and gives everybody an
opportunity ought to step up
that to me is really really
impressiv to owe you think about India is
an example of my know the exact
percentage of one banked in India, but what
I can tell you is that in India
is about 750,000,000 people that
live in absolute poverty so th tear rid of the fiat currency
and push all of these people
into the digital a currency into
a digital of , exchange in and really if an
artificially push people over
there they are ill prepared or
can afford on to be in that
digital on the other motivation there
would potentially be a country that’s trying to collect taxes
off from those be at the
exchange is where I they
couldn’t get that you previously on now and the other side of it
all you have countries like in
Nigeria where previous you know
before we think about nigeria’s
a , and so this is an opportunity
of regardless of what part of
the world are in on to actually
develop off in tech a solutions
of it if you look back and let sit
and look back into the nineties
of the nineties of the high tech
boom in order to do that, and t of then you can you really are a
lot of these up, companies are
able to then collect a VMI ceo
or or other all but that’s an
imm an excerpt EDT and steady on your show Friday
night at 10:00 PM that’s awesome
ring that’s that’s fantastic so, 2
minute 10:00 PM on Friday , auburn rain or rain is up his
excerpt e-mail extra for too
long on is going to have excerpt
EDT upon the show’s and that’s
awe looking for to Friday night , DNA of tour is the Internet
and values going to change the
world of the comers it is 100%
all we get away from these
credit ca and you’re getting your getting
hit by a 2 1/2 to 3% or in
sometimes even greater of them
3% charge every time somebody
uses a c and what that means to your
profit margins every time
someone use a credit card
odyssey have to calculate that
in a bid that tha and looking at this point that
sea of Starbucks makes Nigerian
coffee farmers dependent and
threatens not to buy knowing
they’re there you go so many of those
farmers are relying on a on cash
payout so many of the farmers
are small farms of their family
own and they rely on that production
so that it in your ideal
southern is a look or not to buy
for me anymore a Starbucks is it
all and now that they have quality
coffee, and they’re able to get
the word out, and they’re able
to receive an accepted dual
asset , and they can collect money via
digital asset when Anna think
that’s that’s the change that’s
the significance of leveling of
a so it’s it’s got a dangerous
when you have utilizing
terminology because a certain of
powers that be will monopolize a
certain w and now you’re free to utilize
the word you know or or in this
case level of the leveling above
the playing fields or anything l , let’s see here, and I scroll
down and I scroll right past
where the tone and a look at
here so and lot of lot a great
input to Anna lee Seung thanks for that
deftly under the guise of a game
and thumbs up yet do that they
beat fantastic, and a good the forgotten that never
sleeps of the dozen slate, Z
youth on by yourself read some
of the tirade so let me of an ego down
here II have to bring this up
only because of where coming up
on the hour Ann and I wanted to
ru common that seeing a nine , DT Beatty an excerpt even ana’s avenue see
excerpt the bananas in here, he
never slept , let’s see here light, Spanish
fly to a good to see here on Sunday
also government regulations II,
put this set in as a spot on
18211 of the take a look at this
I I think others of tons of host
itself about already on and this
has to do with Mr. Craig Wright
and he attempted on to get area the of bit cloying of toad on
and you know so we registered on
and so at the end of the day of
the copyright office doesn’t do
b on if there isn’t someone that’s
not making claim already a
somebody else can come in may
claim to it and if they say that
yes i then be a copyright office will
say fine you’re the one who
authored it now obviously you can take that is a a a EU
one where the other on some of
this some of the articles and
came out said immediately that the copyright
office does not recognize I
crave right is Satoshi although
that’s not all what was said
always s the ’cause he was so attempting
to utilize a well known and a
pseudonym which is set to ocean
a komodo any Ast and the asp the
a of that’s what they need to know
that’s what they can ask are you
claiming to be of the individual
the author of this and he sai if he isn’t of this individual
is putting himself in a very
very precarious a pig in a
position at this point on young making statement making
claims on now is doing it I as
public record on as part of this
of registration process with th to you II know you know I know
that that borders on util law if
if something does come out via I
think you’d be more above a leg a copyright I you III just think
that you know it’s just it’s
just crazy know the guys taken
to the nth degree here on and I
I’d why they waited all this time,
and then be you know it you it does, does it make any
sense, and so I think it’s ages,
crazy and on and II really in
the registration doesn’t matter to know it was it was lice and
of that to me is is deftly a
legal issue so you I like I like
what you pointed out because I
thin and that’s it but from what nick
is saying to the registration as
a matter their regional paper
was licensed through MIT’s licen and that’s where becomes the
idea or above a legal of battle
than a criminal of Casey know so
I just think you know someone’s
Go and only if of uniform to make
all these claims , if it’s not him yuppie was one
of them are part of it and all but still the other guy
it just doesn’t make any sense tech serve the minute the jungle
already on mass the Satoshi and thought Satoshi were a few
of the expiate the mafia and all its not mess and walk rewrites
and to have no idea I really don’t,
and I’m not not super concerned
about either, but many owl, have
to watch shown it’s a idea so I you know I know
that I remember a chip Nikkei Monday
are showing is talking about the
eldest son information, on a in
I don’t remember how the never it just kind of ended but our
member insane exactly of what
was then there’s a bunch
investigator you know others are talking
about it and there’s even be a
big gun to do about it and then
990 and any tour is Craig is a is an obvious narcissist yeah it
said yeah I agree with that
Satoshi is behind the scenes put
it out there on and see where it
g it just it’s completely
rational, and and legs said
narcissistic so it now with all of this one
final point and got a minute to
cover it in, nominee do this and
on and I really think that this
is getting into medical payments on
how soon before they start using
a JPN points on this is a really
significant up because it als and eight of many of these a
payment spaces and in Health
Care of our being bought by
financial institutions on
however offer Jp us since before the update of
the financial meltdown on and they paid a three to me
say it the Morgans buying know
of where to go live-demo CD for
500,000,000 of the pay $500,000,000 more
than 500,000,000 and it’s the largest odds since
they took over since buying Bear
Stearns, and the bank assets
awash in mutual and 2008 to oh
it’ I believe that the medical
payment the healthcare space is
huge on and in its huge from for
many different reasons on but
primar , at the medical level on this
is going to blow out there so
much money , spent not just in the United
States a medical SCI to see its
huge $96,000,000,000 in
transactions last year, but if
we love gl all what that really means they be Morgan on his smart
innocence from a bank odyssey
you know at this point there
obviously seen the writing on
the wall to on me now if you know that at
this point in your forecasting your business 10 years 15 years
from now you better start
getting into other businesses it still have to do with finance
because it one step out of that
other question is an intimate
its prime off for a digital
asset , it it’s possible and was a
bill for that you know II know I
don’t think it’s going to be
efficient, and again enough to
go bac of the needed the need to go
into law something like this but you know jp morgan’s
thinking along that path on in
my opinion that’s deftly a good
thing so on in terms of the
overall main tank a little bit, on those
lines so , Mac guy 314 put up something
good their U.S. cannot see that
Ali G what’s going on glad you
made on a glad you’re here and that sea of this to wrap up
here of auburn ring the same
systems ago was using is all
being watched by people you hire control Jan Ana say,
you can trust now more than cool
face bookings to Graham even
twitter I was I was mentioning
of th as the media lee identified of
the person that I was with an
denied and deftly not
comfortable with that and if
that’s something abused their privacy because
they’re giving us the free
platforms that if you read their
small prints on even like with
instant you know and that’s it , anyhow that’s the guy that
were at a narrower on this is
deftly OM an awesome of chat
tonight on saw some great dove
gray face anyhow to really appreciate
everybody taken the time to join on a deal AIDS, what’s the night
Wednesday evening taking your
Wednesday evening at 1010 to 11
of the spending of this year on
i , token taxonomy act and I have no
major updates yet, working on it
and I’m opened it to be able to
bring some of the lease some form of an
updated by Friday on my duty did
talk to love you talk to guys
and figure out on how are to get
this n all we have on it, more the week
and coming up so if a little bit
of of of of you break so we can
start thinking about that and , R.I. tell their ago, see a
like that, wild star with the of
the settings on a look that up
and when a change that, like
that s , some are eight that said that
on its today Wednesday tomorrow
night on 9 to 10, we’ve died Ian
I digital nomad investor 10:00
PM all you have got to excerpt
the with of of a, was an excerpt EDT
so excerpt EDTA is going to be
on auburn rain and 10:00 on Friday and then if you wanna join the
early Saturday morning at 8:00
AM all will be on ADM Saturday morning so that see guys with
that again appreciate everybody
being on on and until next time the bomb hotaling your crypto

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