As Old As It Gets… A Great Hunt, With The Oldest Coin (For This Location)

You know this location already. It’s another section near “the path”. I have my pick ax with me today. First target. A piece of wire. I will perform a short air test. I’m using a 20 (Euro) Cent coin. No depth at all… This is my setting. This is the realistic range. The pinpointer length… Is this normal, or have I bought a lemon? I have to use what I have with me. I’m not going to decrease the reactivity value in a trashy area. A piece of lead. Foil. There it is… …or maybe not. It’s a coin. A silver coin! “1 Kreuzer”. From 1763. No this is upside down. What a surprise! This is as old as it gets at this location. GPS (POI) #1. I marked its position. I think, this could be the oldest coin here. A flat piece of lead. A former musket ball? I will tag it too. A rusty “10 Pfennig” coin. 1948-2001. Fortunately (some of) the targets are shallow… Hmm, a weird shaped piece of lead. The weak signal gets even weaker with other setting. It looks like a chain. I think, it is made of aluminum. That’s a small ring. Don’t worry about the pick ax, I know what I’m doing. Part of a purse? A worm… I can’t recognize any shape or pattern. Foil. Something next to iron. ID tag from a dog. Something made of aluminum… With “ER” as the last letters. I think, that’s foil. It’s a button. Thorns everywhere… Trash. Something tried to hide. It’s a coin. “1 Reichspfennig”. 1897? That’s animal poo. Marking territory has reached another level… Trash. A button. This is how this place looks like. Another button. Look, a bottle. A big target. I don’t know if I should dig it… Hmm, it’s probably a waste of time. Alright… Could also be a pot full with coins. It’s a little bit deeper… Someone could have hidden something in his garden… …and never come back for it. I can already feel it. It’s round… …which is good. Hmm… It’s just a cooking pot. The missing handle. Maybe there is something inside… It’s black, someone made fire inside. I can’t smell anything. Maybe it’s burnt food. I will place it back. The signal will be exciting for someone else. Let’s get the bottle. Not bad… It’s a vinegar bottle (1920’s, 1940’s?). It’s a button with a pattern. Could be “older”… Unfortunately incomplete. Oh no, a small bug. It’s a lead seal. The bug goes back into his (…destroyed) home. 24 – it’s for me. Who is this? My friend the bumblebee? One second please. She is coming to me. Happy like a small dog. It’s very cold and windy today. I think, I will build her a shelter to warm up. I can feel, how the temperature increases. Till next time! I think, it “was” a small button. It’s on the surface. Something is not right. It sounded, like something flew through the trees and hit the stem. From this direction. Did someone threw something from top of the hill? Sorry, but I have to be aware… I don’t want to get “surprised” by a rock (or an arrow). It’s a tiny piece of foil. The pinpointer could not pick it up. I’m still keeping an eye on the “horizon”… It must be a button. What is this? Maybe I should rub it… You can come out! It’s a small weight. 20g – 0.7oz I’m changing the frequency and G.B. Those buttons never worked… Not a musket ball. Part of a pen. Hmm, from a strap?… It’s probably just a lid. A giant wind cap from an old smoking pipe. Imagine the pipe… It has a hole… Maybe it’s from a tractor ;). I see a pattern. Part of a pot? A worm. Another part of the same object. I found my own pick ax… Coke? The coil said “yes”. It’s a button. I thought, I saw a caterpillar. I will place it back… A washer made of iron. It’s a button. One more button. #20 I have to go. You can wait for pictures at the end if you like. Tired but happy. “1 Pfennig” coin.. 1948-2001. A button? Aluminum chain… Part of a pen? Big pieces of lead. ID tag from a dog. My seal. A button. A bigger button. “1 Reichspfennig” (1897). A button. Hard to read… Another button. Next one… One more. Hmm… The ring. The button with a pattern. The weight (notice the round stamp). A second stamp. The huge wind cap from a smoking pipe. Part of a pot? A second one (found apart). They fit together. Like new. “1 Kreuzer” (1763) silver coin. Karl Theodor (Palatine). Trash… And treasure. Detecting time: 1h:50min

62 thoughts on “As Old As It Gets… A Great Hunt, With The Oldest Coin (For This Location)”

  1. I'm being spoilt this week I have found another channel, mainly mudlarking, that I greatly enjoyed watching…….but you're still my favorite.

  2. Great video buddy must have been a very active place in years gone by. I’m still amazed by things you find in the forest

  3. Another adventure for the crew.  Looks like you and they found some more history.  Loved the bits of the "pot".  Pretty decorations on the pieces.  Nice to see the crew after another trip down the path.  Except for the jet and whizzing object it was quiet and beautiful.  Thanks again for the treasure you are…and for the thrill of the hunt.

  4. I don't know why, every time I try to watch on my laptop, the video gets very slow and stops. It may be cause it is 11 years old ?
    I have to watch it in my phone

    Hey, the good thing now you have enough vintage/antique buttons to sell on eBay

    "It could be a pot full of coins" or it could be a pot full of coffee ?

  5. It is so odd to bury a cooking pot, I doubt it was burnt food that would just be tipped out … unless… perhaps the owner was a fugitive and buried the pot to leave quickly and there was no time to let it cool to clean. But my imagination can be quite fanciful.

  6. As always, a great hunt and interesting finds! It is always nice when we have our little friends come and say hello to us. Thank you for looking after our friend the bee, as it came over to say hello and have a rest before moving on. We must remember the important roll that bees play in our world around us, so thank you for that! We have 23 of us that sit and watch your shows now, mostly family and a few friends. We wait sometimes until you post two shows and we watch them back to back, making an evening of it. Thank you again for all your hard work to bring us your shows. Take care and we'll see you in the next one.

  7. I'm curious to how you never get lost. I would if i spent all day in a forest looking at the ground

  8. Landscape obviously offered you a difficult hunt but didn't deter you. Thank goodness. Good finds. Surprising someone left their coffee pot!!

  9. Good idea, set someone else's heart a flutter.  I would "plant" the handle a few inches away just for fun!  I guess they were eating lentil soup with vinegar. That's how a German friend showed me how to fix it. Smoked sausage and just a bit of tasselesig for flavor. I see Ms. Bee has her yellow blouse and yellow and white skirt on.  She is a true friend. The buttons with the hump in the middle of the back with the shank, are called taumback buttons here.  Supposed to be from the 1700's, made of a pewter/tin mixture. Yours are in very good condition… great hunt.  Give my best to the team.

  10. Good morning…. amazing found Sir… I always watch your video adventure from Indonesia

  11. Bang!! A 1763 silver coin!!!! Bet your heart jumped on that one? Great finds as always! The funny looking lead piece looked like a leg? Thank you for the adventure and the chance to to meet Mr. Bee ? ???

  12. The bee was coming “to” you. Last week I was digging a good signal and the ground beneath my feet was buzzing. I imagined a nest of angry bees coming “for” me. Time to pack up and run!
    Great video … I am trying the one glove method as you do but so far I can’t discipline myself to keep my detector hand clean. The grip, buttons and display panel are always needing to be cleaned.
    Thanks for your work in producing your videos.

  13. Доброго времени суток!!!Хорошее видео и находки!!!Лайк и Удачи под катушку!!!

  14. Hi, it's always a pleasure to follow your hunts, I'd like to ask you a question, which MD would you like to have instead of XP Deus? (^_^)

  15. Well you certainly got that hunt buttoned up. The silver a good find and some other curious pieces. Thanks once again. Eagerly awaiting the next walk in the woods.

  16. Have watched this channel on and off having bought a Fisher 44 / tested it in the garden and not yet used it as permissions are needed / the need to go to deserted woodland appears to be because then you won't have problems as you have no permission to be there and nobody will bother you. am thinking of doing the same / or go to the beach areas like Poole Harbour when I have the time / about 45 minutes from where I live.

  17. hi put tone 1 to 202 , and tone 2 to 120 its perfect , réactivity 2 is good in not ferros pollution , 3/4/5 in pollution good luck.

  18. A good hunt my freind you should allways be aware when out bush stay safe and see you and your lil mates next video

  19. Wow! Another great video! Loved the decorated button but really liked the way you heated up the bumble bee to let her carry on❤️?

  20. Wie immer klasse ?? auch der "kleine aufgeregte Hund" dem du wieder auf die Sprünge geholfen hast ?. Ich liebe deine Videos.

  21. Lovely video as always ,,out of all the videos of M,Detecting i watch you are the ONLY one that is kind to all the insects and wild life .grate respect to you x

  22. Since you don’t speak in or vids,I have to assume you hunt in the same woods but in different parts….what was the best find yet?

  23. always very enjoyable to watch your videos. some nice little finds during your hunt I see.thanks for sharing

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