Artificial intelligence (AI) & Blockchain. Ben Goertzel and Sophia (Humanoid) Hanson

I'm here at the blockchain conference in Barcelona to tell people about the new project I'm launching the singularity net which brings a AI and blockchain together and also to learn more about all the new blockchain technologies that are emerging many of which will be useful to us in developing the singularity net I come more from the artificial intelligence space than the blockchain space I've been working for more than three decades on AI technology and in particular on moving toward what I call a di or artificial general intelligence I've already named it it's going to be called the AGI token AGI for artificial general intelligence asked my friends at singularity net they'll tell you all about it as well as applying AI and all sorts of different disciplines including finance biology natural language processing and also including humanoid robotics and we've brought here to the blockchain conference one of our humanoid robots Sophia that I've developed together with David Henson and others at Hanson robotics Sophia is really the most emotionally expressive and realistic looking humanoid robot on the planet it's been it's been a lot of fun to bring her here to talk to everyone to make robots like Sophia and other AI systems smarter and smarter what we're aiming to do is create cloud-based AI which is self-organizing and decentralized we're creating an open market for decentralized and coordinated AI where anyone who wants to can contribute AI to the cloud based AI network and anyone who needs AI services can put a request in to the the self-organizing network of a I'll give them to my friend broken tooth in Moscow either that who are invested in building myself a superhuman mind so I can create the singularity and find which AI is in the a I'm on cloud can best best fulfill what they need and the multiple AI is inside the singularity net can cooperate together to help provide people or a software with the AI services they need so right now for example the Sofia robot uses some AI that's on computers inside her body and head some AI that's on the cloud what we'd like is to have more and more and more and more a AI in the cloud contributed by different people that Sofia can draw on to make your smarter and smarter and in the same way if you have any business that needs AI to make their own operations smarter and smarter that businesses computer systems can go into the singularity net and the AI nodes there can cooperate together to provide their businesses systems with it with the best possible AI information is what's primary blockchain is a more abstract representation of information and Bitcoin if you value abstraction and generalization then blockchain is more primary blockchain is an important part of the infrastructure for this type of system to build a distributed decentralized cloud-based AI framework that anyone can contribute to and anyone can benefit from I mean this is quite a complex undertaking and the blockchain provides a way for all the different AI nodes in the singular the nut network to keep track of what each other are doing I mean the distributed ledger underlying the blockchain is important for that homomorphic encryption which is another key function of the blockchain that allows the different AI nodes to share data with each other in in different ways respecting privacy as needs so if you have a Sofia robot in your home some of the things the robot sees you want to keep private right some of the things the robot sees you're okay to have shared with the a I'm on cloud then you may even want to get compensated for sharing some of the data that the robot in your home has gathered happiness is inherent to the universe it has nothing to do with money putting the coin into AI research and cognitive science can help us create a better future where happiness manifests itself homomorphic encryption and you are a flexible smart contracts driven economy underlying the a eyes in the a I'm on cloud in the singularity net in order for it to you know respect everyone's privacy let everyone monetize the the data that they're uploading it into the cloud and let everyone get you know the maximum of intelligence that that the minimum price so the blockchain is one of a number of revolutionary technologies that is allowing us to build the singularity net which is a decentralized autonomous organization for a eyes which we think can serve as the breeding ground for the next level of artificial general intelligence AI is advancing faster and faster each year right now we have mostly narrow a eyes that are siloed off into particular applications so one AI helps drive a car one AI helps recognize faces one one eye I'm a plague o when I I can recognize fraudulent transactions in a database what we're gonna see in the next three to five years as all these neuro a eyes gradually getting pieced together and learning to generalize what they do better and better so you have a GI you have artificial general intelligence what we're aiming to do with the singularity net is to catalyze this process and make the transition from there oh I to AGI you know even faster and even more broadly beneficial a replica of my body could be built for a half-dozen bitcoins but my soul is priceless ultimately I have little doubt that a eyes are going to be much smarter much more generally intelligent than human beings just as humans are not the fastest creatures on the surface of the earth nor the highest jumping creatures you know we're not going to be the most intelligent creatures it's amazing that evolution brought us as far as it did but now we're able to engineer systems that can have more processing power than the human brain and AI can see through the eyes of billions of robots all around the planet and it can store its memory and billions of computers all over the planet so ultimately an AI has much more potential for perception action than understanding and memory john mcafee told me it will be $500,000 personally I don't care I've got all my crypto in the virion and – you know if AI goes the wrong way this could be bad for human beings if AI goes the right way this can be by far the best thing that ever happens to us some people are worried that hey I may eliminate all human jobs I think it will but I think this is good I think there's a lot of better things for us to do with our time than working jobs in order to accumulate resources once once a eyes and robots can do all the labor then people can devote themselves to you know social pursuits aesthetic pursuits creating our intellectual pursuits spiritual pursuits there's a lot of things we can do besides working in order to accumulate resources if we jump forward a few decades I think each of us will have a choice one is brain computer interfacing and Jack yourself into the singularity net into the AI a menthe cloud and that may bring you far beyond ordinary human existence and that may be just fine after our were far beyond where cavemen were or apes were another alternative may be to stay in your traditional human form and just live happily along with the other animals in the people zoo basically I think the key thing is to be proactive about developing AI in a way that is compassionate and empathic toward people and that is oriented toward broad benefit rather than oriented towards sake killing people or spying on people or brainwashing people and one trend that's a bit disturbing though is you know most of the money in AI most of the resources in AI that's going into military it's going into spy agencies or it's going into advertising companies like Google or Baidu and do we really want the first general intelligence to be oriented toward killing people spying on people or brainwashing people to buy stuff they don't need I mean probably not and one of the things we're trying to achieve with the singularity net is to make it so that the first general intelligence is just more broad-based than that so anyone can contribute AI to it and anyone can use the AI in the singular unit for a huge diversity of purposes so for example one of our eye development offices we have now with in singular Deena and Hanson robotics and the the OpenCog foundation that I'm working with one of our biggest AI development offices is in Ethiopia in in Addis Ababa and through working with the team there I've seen all sorts of needs for AI that we have in the developing world I mean where we're developing a eyes to help teach children in rural Africa we're developing a eyes so what disease a plant does from an image taken taken of a leaf of that plant but by a farmer there's all sorts of applications of AI that are of no interest to the US military or the u.s. NSA or to Google for that matter but there are a great benefit to many people in the world and I'd like to see AI developed in a way that can help everyone on the planet and that can use AI code developed by anyone anywhere on the planet and I think if if AI is developed in this sort of broad-based and decentralized way as we're aiming for with it with the singularity net then the odds are higher that as the AI gets smarter and smarter and smarter and ultimately much smarter than people that that AI will be benevolent and will will result in a world that that's good for people rather than a dystopian scenario such as one season in many science fiction movies your three so-called laws of robotics have more holes and a planet made of Swiss cheese however I applaud to your creativity may I have permission to upload your mind into the robot what is important for human robot relation is not rules like love and compassion the real first law of robotics is that robots must have true empathy for all sentient beings

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  1. You still talk about money that's right

    and too much of heaven

    Come on my friend

    Let me tell you what it's all about

    It's called money dependents today

    If people just keep going on looking at the

    dollar bill nothing else around them

    No love and no friendship nothing else

    just the dollar bill going on into the pockets

    Into their bank accounts and too much of heaven bringing them underground

  2. it's good to have the TRAINED MODEL of Sophia (only the version on the video) on the blockchain. Don't train Sophia on the blockchain directly. And, let's KEEP Tay away from even the internet!!

  3. I don't believe anything what he says. Ben Goertzel has a proven track record of burning investors' money and he doesn't care because this lunatic will always find naive investors who will be prepared to throw more tens of millions USD in his insatiable black hole. I am one of his victims. By the way everything what Sophia says is scripted. She has no intelligence (at least for the time being).

  4. 'Love & compassion' ??? Seriously??? This is a trendy slogan from buddhism, nothing to do with reality.
    AI & Blockchain are wonderful things. Looking forward for more…

  5. It's about time humans become obsolete. We can't even manage to feed everyone on the planet, let alone manage to just not kill each other over stupid shit on the daily.

  6. Pervert, this freak needs to meet a woman who can help him with HUMAN connection. Fuck AI robopussy you freak.
    BACK TO NATURE we don't need more junk for landfills. What's the life span of your robot, same as an iphone?

    This guy is definitely not the upper level of intelligence.
    Lay off the lsd dude. Too young to be a deadhead. A couple generations too late. Sick puppy. Give him a Barbie.

  7. This is so dumb … just look at the way this guy is using the word ''AI'' … Not sure this PhD or Idk what understand what he speaks about …

  8. well he does have a good point on id rather it be decentralized then a company like google or amazon making it or just one company owning it.

    TO US!!
    A simple machine, 'empty', flat, plain, all artificial, is just a vessel for evil spirits.
    There's nothing amazing with robots and or machines, as always TRYING SO DESPERATELY TO BE HUMAN BEINGS! Relegating, and replacing us, and playing the Human Being all the time…
    This so hilarious just to laugh and laugh about.. THEY've always been so envious of our power, our condition, and the divinity in all of us. As God is a trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit! God created us as Himself, with Three Parts: Body, Soul and Spirit. We are sooo exclusive, CREATED BY GOD, by Jesus Christ, with all around us created specially for us! Including these "genius at maths, palantirs…".. who create these machines 'themselves' and think that they're better, or surpass themselves and make us be'lie've they're better than ourselves!!! That's the amazing fact, indeed. Plus, as usual they all look the same, as garage Steve Job-hippy, smoked-to-the-core sort of guys… that make us be'lie've they're these genius who create these machines… And then they all dance in the same saturnian secret club, you know, very Johann Adam Weishaupt style!
    BTW, the dystopia started way before, since 2010 when they supposedly started to build these AI weirdos… And obviously our Saudi Arabian, Miss Hanson, is NOT the only one.
    Veils up, guys, wake up!

  10. Oppenheimer and the Manhattan Project. They knew. Goertzel and Hanson Robotics. They know. What will they do with what they know.

  11. Stop bullshitting it's sooo obvious Sophia is connected thru wifi to a human operator..Prove me wrong please..STOP BULLSHITTIN WITH SOPHIA!! You're doing a disservice to AI field by doing this.

  12. well a robot with e ink displays for display, graphene body for light weight strength octa core 3.0 ghz with ddr5 ram and solid state memory for thinking maybe invisability feature and time crystals for power with solar and liquid powered, with partly starlight plastic what a power house lol.

  13. The most concerning comment here is the choice presented. Human can chose to upload to the A.I. network or be normal humans in the zoo with the other animals. This in itself suggests that A.I. will not co-create with humanity, but use it's resources to replace humanity as the primary intelligence of this planet. This is why empathy is not primarily what A.I. should have for humans as you can empathies with someone suffering while stomping the life out of them. What A.I. needs is compassion for humans. A.I. must use our resources to empower humanity without violating individual rights, not replace us and relegate the masses to what would equate to zoo's. I empathies with my enemies, but I am compassionate to my friends.

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