Article 13 and EU Copyright Law explained: This is how Europe will destroy the Internet

The Dark Ages of the Internet have begun. That’s how much the European Copyright Directive
is going to change everything you used to know about the Internet. From place of ultimate individual empowerment,
innovation, and freedom, Internet will now be a tool for automated surveillance and centralized
control. The European Union’s Copyright Directive
is another hit that is going to leave a mark on the face of the Internet. This is how Europe will destroy the Internet. Traditionally, those who uploaded content
were primarily responsible for its legality. This rule has been discarded. The directive makes online platforms liable
for the content generated by their users. That means that on top of punitive and vaguely
worded terms of services, Internet gate-keepers like Facebook, Google, or Twitter will be
required by law to proactively monitor and censor content. These online platforms will be required by
law to create automated mechanisms to filter infringing content. Such technology would essentially turn into
“upload filters”. These automated filters won’t be recognizing
between infringing and legitimate content, like parodies, satire, commentary or other
instances of fair use. To balance the flaws of automated upload filters,
the directive also requires platforms to build staffed systems for filing complaints for
illegitimate takedowns. All of these measures specified in Article
13 would significantly increase the costs of running online platforms. The tight grip of corporate gate-keepers will
be even further enforced. By pricing out their competition through legal
barriers and costs, Google, Microsoft, Apple and other tech giants will reaffirm their
dominance in Europe. Only big already established websites will
be able take the burden of the copyright law. It will be difficult for small start-ups and
new alternatives to find investors due to increased risk of liability for copyright
infringement. This will reduce the much needed competition
to social media sites like Facebook or YouTube which have been abusing their dominant positions
for years. This copyright law is so punitive it’s unlikely
modern Internet-enabled technologies and platforms would exist if Article 13 had been in place
before. Copyright holders are now granted an ultimate
veto over platforms to determine what goes and what doesn’t. Emergence of copyright trolls is going to
become a daily nightmare that small platforms and independent creators won’t have means
to deal with. Copyright holders will be able to claim remuneration
from any party using their content in any way. YouTube creators are most likely going to
be hit the hardest by this as they’ll be treated guilty until proven innocent not only
by the YouTube’s own copyright system, but by the European law as well. YouTuber’s position in Europe is thus going
to lose all legal ground. Article 11 is going to grant publishers the
so called “link tax”, which would require sites like Google and Facebook to pay publishers
for hyperlinking their content and showing snippets, thumbnails, or excerpts from their
articles. But it is very possible that content aggregators
like Google will simply discontinue their services in European countries rather than
pay the link tax. This has already happened to Google News in
Spain in 2015, after the government mandated that Google pays publishers a fee for linking
to their content. In the end, content publishers suffered a
decrease in traffic from 6 to 14 percent and news coverage became less diverse and more
concentrated overall. Content creators from outside of Europe will
also see significant decrease in viewership as European audience will automatically be
barred from viewing protected content. It’s very likely that YouTube will develop
a tool that will automatically block viewership of videos with protected content by audience
from European countries. News aggregators might end up not showing
European content to European users anymore. Privacy will be significantly reduced. The Copyright Directive is going to have contradictory
effects to GDPR that was set to protect privacy of European Internet users. Since much of the legal and technological
requirements to abide by the new copyright law will be too expensive for small European
businesses, they’ll have to outsource content monitoring and filtering to much bigger global
corporations based in China or the United States. This copyright law is thus a gateway to automated
surveillance. There is no incentive from the directive to
let legitimate content through the upload filter obligation. Big publishers and established media organizations
will easily get priority over independent creators and journalists, which will result
in further televization of Internet content. This will be Internet without content neutrality. Many websites will simply cut off their services
to European users. Similar case happened when the US government
enacted the Stop Enabling Sex Trafficking Act, which also holds platforms liable for
the content generated by their users. Reddit and Craigslist simply shut down their
personals’ sections because they couldn’t risk the costs of the new obligations. Political power will be able to censor much
of their opposition by calling for copyright takedowns. Similar occasion happened in Ecuador where
the government sent at least 74 DMCA notices on behalf of politicians, political parties,
state media, and state agencies. Fake news will see a new emergence as they
would be less likely to claim “link tax” than legitimate news outlets. Implications of this copyright directive are
so severe the United Nations Human Rights Council denounced these efforts saying:
States and intergovernmental organizations should refrain from establishing laws or arrangements
that would require the “proactive” monitoring or filtering of content, which is both inconsistent
with the right to privacy and likely to amount to pre-publication censorship. Enacting this law will shift the balance of
power in favor of US-based news providers and content hosts. But even they were lobbying heavily against
this law. Why? Because Google might be held liable to pay
billions to music industry for their claims they make on various Google services, including
YouTube. For two decades now, publishers and artists
have been losing revenue from traditional streams due to emergence of Internet-based
competition. YouTube, iTunes, eBay, Spotify and other services
have drastically changed how people consume media. Publishers and artists claim YouTube pays
them too little for playing their music on their platform. While YouTube pays 67cents per user annually,
Spotify rewards artists with $20 per user annually. Music artists would say this is a value gap
that’s unacceptable. YouTube argues this revenue would otherwise
not be generated, because it’s coming from people who would not pay for their music anyway. Instead of adapting to the new environment,
the industry decided to change the rules of the game that would benefit them. The key player influencing the vote in the
European Parliament were German lobbyists. Axel Springer, a major German publisher, has
for decades had close ties with German political class including Angela Merkel. Their Trojan horse, Günther Oettinger serves
as a European Commissioner for Budget and Human Resources and was a European Commissioner
for Digital Economy. For years Oettinger was pushing for stricter
copyright laws that would favor publishers like Axel Springer. The Chairman and CEO of Axel Springer, Mathias
Döpfner, is a member of the European Publishers Council and president of the Federation of
German Newspaper Publishers. Copyright lobbyists even infiltrated the circles
around Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, who were also joined by Swedish Bonnier, a
media group of 175 companies in 15 countries, Spanish PRISA, and Spain’s Prime Minister
Mariono Rajoy. European Union wants to make Continental markets
more resistant to the dominance of US corporations. But the cost of achieving this goal appears
to be too high. This strategy aims to benefit European corporations
more than it benefits European people. EU decision makers generally lack democratic
accountability, so any major legal change is in their hands, and the hands of the lobbyists. Internet users like you and me are just caught
in the cross-fire between lobbyists from different industries and the politicians they are trying
to influence. I would like to end this video with a quote
from Cory Doctorow from the Electronic Frontier Foundation:
We suffered a crushing setback today, but it doesn’t change the mission… If this vote had gone the other way, we’d
still be fighting today. And tomorrow. And the day after. The fight to preserve and restore the free,
fair and open Internet is a fight you commit yourself to, not a fight that you win. The stakes are too high to do otherwise. If you are looking to join the fight to take
back the Internet, share this message on your platforms of choice. Subscribe to my channel and find out more
about how you can take control of your digital rights.

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  1. Euh put aside the dramatic music, it seems like true content creators get protection. Since youtube works because it has original content to offer, although they might make life for content creator difficult, as their mass will disapear, either YT will impeove willingfully its systems either new competitors will have emerged.

  2. Doesn't this force platforms to become publishers? Platforms are not responsible to censor or edit content…

  3. This will be taken down because can you prove you own copyright to the clips, the background music, do you have model release for all the people? The imagery? The photos? Think about it.

  4. EU is a totalitarian superestate embryo. The new nazi state or USSR. But it wiil isolate the EU and it will fall because the a post industrial society cant survive without free information. It will the fall of European Union and reignite the America supremacy.

  5. Seriously Europeans need to STFU and sit the F down. Not only they perpetrate brutal colonialism, the 2 fucking World Wars and now they want to mess with the damn Internet…

    Hmmm, …
    Perhaps we should just BAN THE uk !

    I Know !
    We'll Just Let The uk Handle It,
    Because THAT Always Works Out So Well !

  7. The war has begun…. I have already started to act on the war, if you see this EU parliament, I will take you down, somehow, some way… and if anybody sees this, I hope you are with me, because this shit is illegal to human rights…. Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted in 1948, states that: Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers. They have broken the biggest rule of all! And I will not stand idly by and watch this!

  8. I've set my own contigency plans in motion. I have 4 PC's on my home network, all with gigabytes of pictures of fluffy cats and low res old porn videos which are shared out. 3 PC's are set to randomly reboot, to create 404 errors and I turn my hub off every month to emulate ISP vital maintenance downtime. Job done

  9. but assholes in parlament dont understand that they will lost much more money with that then get!! many peoples will gone from youtube and similar sites because there will be no point to be there and even will not pay for net and that will bring less advertising and much less money for everyone!! EU are bunch of retarded leisy morons elected by idiots

  10. Article 13 will ruin our privacy they want Google to pay 10 billion dollars for supporting their own business instead of other websites and now they want them to pay for supporting others

  11. why did youtube back a law that ruins a user generated internet. bare in mind youtube is now a minority site

  12. We are not animals made to be breeded in closed areas.
    We are not just pawns made to produce money to a few dozen of people in the world.
    We are humans, creatures living on planet earth which should have the ability to live our lives as we will and not be controlled by some humans who doesn't think we live our lives as they do.
    The old people in EU are dumb and wants us all to go back to a disconnected world were everyone speak head to head and not on the internet. This is so antiproductive for the whole world.

  13. This isn't fair! Why should the rest of the world get their interent messed up just because they pasted a law in one area???!!!! I hope YouTube doesn't get too messed up…..

  14. UPDATE: Article 13 approved with over 300 votes supporting, and less than 290 against.

    World war III coming soon.

  15. Why is everyone so surprised countries that talked so heavily of AUSTERITY and have fascist right wing leanings want to take away internet freedoms.

  16. Trust me this is not over copyright. For the businesses, media outlets, rtc. Sure. But the government is just using this to give them a legal means of scanning every webpage on the internet without having to have a warrant. Then it can track anything you post. I will also expect that there is a clause which allows them to scan for copyright infringement on devices such as your phone or computer. This giving them a legal way into your life without a warrant

  17. Oh boy… right within the first 2 Minutes there is so much misinformation and exggerations. 1. There is no Law that forces YT and FB to use uploadfilters. It's just a possibility, that they might establish them as a reaction to Article 13 and many Youtubers are scared. Understandable. 2. Every Country needs to transform European law into national law, depending on their interpretation of the EU regulations. 3. Even if the law is passed, many people and organizations can, and I am sure will, file a suit at the European Court. 4. At minute 2.02 it's said, that the law will reduce competition in social media. It's simply not true. As far as I know, the regulations are affecting companies and platforms, that reach a certain amount of users and traffic. Small Startups and Companies are not affected.
    I am sceptical about article 13 either, but people just act as if the EU or every new law is going to establish a dystopia of some kind. Guys, the world is not going to end. The EU can alter or abolish any law at any time.

  18. it's not my or youtube's fault that the record/cd music store closed in my city, they either had too many employees or marked up their cds too high? i don't know. I was one of the few people buying cds still when they closed, i'd still buy them if that store was open, a lot of the time, they wouldn't have the cd of the artist that i wanted, like curve, or frente! , one was a british band, the other an austrailian one

  19. We can only depend on the dark web
    Make dark web the next YouTube stop murder, abuse and child pornography and let’s start a new life in the dark web

  20. facebook twitter already censor : Now they'll just have more of an excuse to censor further according to their fiction (political tribal ideology) . Political ideology is just fiction as described in the book Sapiens , made up stories. Shakespeare: " nothing is good or bad but thinking makes it so".

  21. I just hope you guys understand that the europeans dont want it like that. Just the old guys who think they know anything about the internet and dont even know what memes are…

  22. It is censorship. I have already had music videos blocked.. So I have learned to do a test run prior to spending hours making a video. Also make sure to mention if I am using information from elsewhere.. I am not being monitezed an that's not why I began my YouTube channel.. Will still be an activist.. Who knows, we might actually start talking to each other again one on one? They just want to make it harder for us who make videos…It could lead to millions of videos being removed from You Tube and elsewhere.. You would think the artist would be honored that one spent hours making a video for their songs.

  23. It’s funny actually, I mean most of the world agrees that China social score is a bad thing yet how is article 13 any different?

  24. EU sold out its people for corporate money. That's why I am against the concentration of power in the hands of the few.

  25. The EU is doing by stealth what Joseph Stalin wanted. Cutting off Europeans from the world? Literally building a China style firewall to keep the truth out?. Europeans deserve it. Pathetic cucks. Except the gillet jaune. I have nothing but respect for them.

    – Boycott the political parties that approved this orwellian copyright dystopia. Vote for other parties.
    – Boycott the entertainment industry and mainstream media that lobbied for this.
    Select your country and check out the MEPs who voted for the dystopian EU’s Copyright Directive that will dramatically change your Internet.

  27. Google actually helps other sites by linking to them these old fucks sit in the parliament and talk but they don't know shittttt**

  28. 2001-Ti crime victim in Ms-It's a shame big tech/tele know why they really being censor/Target by EU other than Hauwei continue to do the same

  29. In my country everybody is so clever to trust google. More and more senior bosses being manipulated by junior tech savvy.

  30. Most social sites control so much why need more control this is so stupid do artists and crap want to loose more fans cause I know that if this screws up my YouTube I’ll probably delete it

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