Armada – Dropshipping Blockchain Platform #EOSHackathon

Having run a drop shipping business a serious problem that we face when having international inventory as well as overseas logistics is tracking your product throughout the supply chain Whether knowing your inventory is valid and inspiring confidence in your consumer We plan to create Armada a platform based on the EOS blockchain which provides a set of tools that improves the track of trace of supply chain for small businesses facilitates easier Transparency through the supply chain for wholesalers as well as creates better understanding and confidence for your consumers we’ll be using the EOS Blockchain due to its scalability for a platform as well as the Transactional speed due to the amount of smart contracts and transactions we would be using and greater transparency for all parties involved My name is Kent full-stack engineer and business dev for this team and let me introduce you to the rest of the members Hi, I’m Alex. I’m a blockchain engineer I was one of the early members at Blockchain at Berkeley, and I’m currently a co-founder at ZS Blockchain And I’m excited to be working on this project. I’m Selena I’m currently a designer at Apple, and I will be the lead designer for this project hey. I’m Jackie Zhang I would be the front-end engineer and the project lead for this project In terms of my background I worked at JP Morgan for a few years. I also had two startups that have two exits Thank you, if you like this video And you want to support this idea becoming reality make sure to drop a like below or ask any questions in the comment section Thanks for your support as we try to revolutionize drop shipping with the EOS blockchain

31 thoughts on “Armada – Dropshipping Blockchain Platform #EOSHackathon”

  1. Best of Luck friends. I hope we all get our projects funded. The more awesome projects like yours and MINE 🙂 are needed for EOS blockchain to grow the way i dream about it.

  2. Dropshipping is an interesting subset of supply chain and if this product succeeds its applications are nearly limitless. Good luck to the team and I will be looking forward to the results.

  3. Congratulations guys. A lil bummed about not being selected but I think you guys got a good chance. Cheers..

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