10 thoughts on “ARK NEO LISK?? Cryptocurrency News & Crypto Trading Technical Analysis cryptonation ledger wallet”

  1. BK, love what you did with the ARK chart. That chart was a real eye opener to helping me understand the concept that each coin has its own, like you said, identity. When you start digging down into it, the crpyto-verse is really mind blowing how each coin has its own community, identity, and psychology. The whole crypto market really is like an ecosystem and each coin its own living organism in that ecosystem. All independent of one another, yet all connected by the ecosystem. Kind of like Universal Mind Lattice. We are all individual entities weaved into the same web connected by the collective consciousness. Would you be able to do more content where you dive deeper into how you read into these psychologies that each coin has?

  2. Is it time to look at STEEM soon? Been going sideways for some time, orange closing in on 231.
    Also Im not yet on STEEM myself but maybe we should have the #1 btc group on there aswell?

  3. BK!!! Thank so you much brother I am loving doing this. I do not have much coin invested but I am simply loving playing with the charts and learning the method. I am loving the dream team!! I will be scheduling a one on one for sure but need to make a bit of coin first. Much Love BK!!

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