Arianee and Vacheron present the first blockchain based digital identity for a mechanical watch

Present The first digital certificate of authenticity for a watch on the blockchain. Today, we are at VIVATech and we are presenting with Maison Vacheron Constantin, the first certificate of authenticity based on the blockchain, using the Arianee protocol for a watch from a major watchmaking house. Starting today, all Vintage watches sold by Vacheron Constantin will be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and ownership, secured by Arianee. The solution we are piloting today with Arianee has several features, and focuses primarily on the consumer. The goal is to strengthen the trust that we have with the watch owner, to offer transparency, traceability and information about our products, to create a perpetual link between our product and the Maison, to improve it and to ensure that our products and relationships last thanks to what we propose and the new communication we establish with our clients We believe in blockchain technology, which has the potential to deeply reinvent the relationship between our Maisons and our customers. That’s why we chose to learn by doing, testing through the first pilot with Maison Vacheron Constantin. This is a world premiere, since no watch has ever been accompanied by a certificate of authenticity based on the blockchain. La Maison Vacheron Constantin is delighted to be at the forefront of innovation with this technology. It has always been in the history of the Maison, to combine tradition and innovation, and we are convinced today that these new technologies, with very precise use, can bring a lot to our customers, and can ensure that we always reinforce this link between our Maison and customers.

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